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Conservative Bloggers Attack Reed Alumna, Congressional Candidate Suzan DelBene

During a particularly tight political race in Washington this fall, the media has pulled out all the stops in getting dirt on candidates. Unfortunately, multiple conservative bloggers have taken to criticizing Suzan DelBene – Reed trustee and alumna – by using her affiliation to the College as a means of attacking her candidacy. Running as a Democratic candidate for Washington’s eighth congressional district this year, DelBene’s ties to Reed have been the subject of much excoriation from the Republican community.

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Reed Awaiting Large Donations, Hoping to Broaden Donor Pool

President Colin Diver is unable to predict whether Reed’s fundraising effort this year will prove successful. The money, however, already has a purpose: Reed needs the funds to finance yearly expenditures.

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Bylaw Revision Vote Fails

Student Senate bylaw revisions failed to pass the two-thirds requirement three times at a public meeting Tuesday after lengthy discussion.

The proposed changes would have vacant Senate seats filled by runner-ups from the last election only before fall or spring break,

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Advice from a Thesising Queditor

It’s completely black and my alarm is screaming. I throw off the covers and stagger across a floor covered with discarded pieces of clothing and old papers. The cat runs under my legs as I stumble into the kitchen, meowing for attention and a bit of food, but the only thing on my mind is […]

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On-Campus Events, 10/28-11/03

Black History: An Origin Story Tuesday, November 2 7:00pm, Vollum 110 The Black Student Union has teamed up with the Asian SU, Latino SU, and Native American SU to create a DIY ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) Studies program.  During our first session Margot Minardi will present a lecture/discussion entitled: “Black History: An […]

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Want to Run for Office?

Beginning on Tuesday, October 25th, petitions will be available for candidates wishing to run in the upcoming election. Open terms beginning in the spring semester include President, Vice President, four year-long Senate seats, and Quest Board. Students may run for multiple positions, but may only hold one. Petitions can also be used to submit recalls, […]

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Want to Be a Czar?

Paideia Czar Be in charge of planning Paideia! It is suggested (although not required) that applicants apply in pairs. Applications are due at midnight on Oct. 31st; interviews to take place the evening of November 3rd. Winter Formal Czar Plan the winter dance, a Reed tradition! It is suggested that applicants apply in pairs. Applications […]

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Reed Alum Clears Streets for Locomotion


Wide streets, smooth, flat roads, beautiful weather along the Pacific Ocean, and hardly a drop of rain in the sky. It is the sort of climate anyone on a bike would dream of. Perhaps no city is better made for the fixie ride dream than Los Angeles. At least that’s what Bobby Gadda thought. After […]

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Home Made Dreams Big, But Falls Short

Home Made.

There comes a point when art being avant-garde for the sake of being avant-garde becomes overly abstract, and loses the interest of the audience. While Home Made starts out as a beautifully intimate portrait of human exploration, it begins to waver and veer off in unexpected, but not necessarily appreciated, directions. The piece begins to […]

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A Word from Your Friends at Beer Nation

Seeing as it is nearly time for our first event of the year, (Oktoberfest is coming up on this Friday, the 29th), it seems like a good time to introduce ourselves to all the new blood at Reed and to remind everyone of what exactly we do.

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