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Bursting the Bubble


While the revolutionary spirit is still ablaze in the Middle East, nowhere have the protests gotten more violent than in Lybia. In this country (surrounded by Tunisia to the West and Egypt to the East) protestors have been violently attacked by militias supported by the government using military supplies. The number of causalities has already risen over 200 (with many human rights organizations fearing that this number is grossly underestimated) and the vicious rulers, led by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, have vowed to continue the bloodshed for however long it takes for them to maintain power.

A massive earthquake struck New Zealand on Tuesday, killing at least 65 people in the countries second largest city, Christchurch. Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key remarked that this is one of the countries “darkest days” and that there will be much to overcome as they deal with this natural disaster.

Protests have started in Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker’s attempts to pass a bill that will strip public workers from their union rights. Though Walker says the bill is in place to balance the state’s budgets, the tens of thousands of protests in Madison have accused the Governor of trying to consolidate the states power in the hands of the few, wealthy, elite.
In an emergency financial restructuring plan, the Detroit public school system has been ordered to shut down half of its public schools. The decision is part of a series of implementations that hope to wipe out the districts $327 million deficit by 2014. If they are not successful, the district may have to declare bankruptcy.


Though unenthusiastic about the prospect, Bill Murray has recently commented on the possibility of agreeing to be in a third Ghostbusters movie, continuing the series that he stared in from the 1980s. The script has already been written by Ivan Reitman, and there have been circulating rumors that Ashton Kutcher would be the newest member of the Ghostbusters team.
In case you missed it, Bieber Fever is sweeping the nation. Not only is Never Say Never – the 3-D documentary film chronicling teen pop sensation Justin Bieber’s rise to fame – a huge commercial success, musical artists are lining up to feature JBiebz in their newest albums. And I’m not talking about other teenybopper artists: Young Jeezy and Chris Brown are boasting tracks using the young singer to boost their careers (and record sales).

Rihanna’s released a new fragrance called Reb’l Fluer. That only makes her the 234093802489th celebrity to do that. Why do people act like it’s such a big deal again?
Shakira is being sued! Reggaeton artist Nejo claims that Shakira never paid him or gave him credit for writing her song “Loca.” Not to worry, Nejo – I’m sure whatever settlement they give you will pretty much leave you good for life.

Lillian McEwen, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s ex, released a book entitled D.C. Unmasked and Undressed. It contains a tell-all account of their relationship in explicit detail. If you don’t want to think about Thomas as having a physique “like velvet covered cement,” it is recommended you pass this one up.


Portland police are on the lookout for a suspect who reportedly stabbed his mother’s boyfriend…in the buttocks. The wound isn’t life threatening, but gosh – that’s gotta hurt your pride!

Portland cab drivers are seeking to form a unionized cab company. Finally! PDX cabbies are the best. If you’re willing to put up with the ramblings of drunky-drunk passengers on Saturday nights, you deserve a union.

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