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Deadlines for the following positions have been extended to March 2. Apply at

Election Czars

The Elections Czars are responsible for organizing and facilitating Student Body elections. The Czars will distribute election petitions, organize Elections Assembly, organize the Quest’s Election issue, advertise polling times, man polling stations and count votes. Candidates should have strong organizational skills. Candidates are encouraged to apply with a partner.

Nitrogen Day Czars

The Nitrogen Day Czars are responsible for organizing Nitrogen Day by coordinating and facilitating various activities for students to take part in. Candidates should have strong organizational skills and be creative.

Student Diversity Committee

This newly-formed student committee seeks to redefine attitudes toward differences within the student body and the greater community by opening up space for student-friendly, accessible discussion and other forms of outreach. The Student Diversity Committee will work parallel to the Faculty Diversity Committee.


China Education Initiative Information Session
Thursday, February 24
5pm, GCC-D

China Education Initiative is an innovative non-profit working to address educational inequality in China by enlisting the most promising future leaders in the effort.  CEI recruits, trains, and supports top graduates from China and the United States to work side-by-side as full time teachers in China’s most under-resourced schools. As the first and only organization to partner outstanding recent college graduates from China and the United States in a long-term service initiative, CEI’s approach provides an innovative model for strengthening Sino-US relations and building bilateral solutions to global problems. Free dumplings at the info session!

The Russian House Presents: Maslenitsa
Friday, February 25
4-7pm, Quad & SU

Celebrate the coming of spring with pancakes, tea, Russian folk singing, and an effigy of Lady Maslenitsa, representing winter. LET’S BURN IT! Join us Friday, February 25 from 4-7 in the Quad and the SU. Be there or miss a giant burning effigy/pancake party. (Tip: Be there.)

Gondwanan Adventures: Trip Report Night @ The Backpack Co-op
Friday, February 25
7pm, Reed Backpack Co-op

Designed with the Reedie who would rather be having adventures in mind (or at least living them vicariously), the Backpack Co-op is introducing a new semi-regular series of trip reports from community members.  Join Backpack Co-op Mngrs. Ben and Ethan for the inaugural episode, with an emphasis on the wild South Pacific. Featuring slides and stories from Ben’s epic bike tour of New Zealand and Ethan’s three seasons in New Guinea, there will be snacks and color photographs from two disparate Gondwanan relicts. Direct any questions to

Renn Fayre Theme Unveiling
Saturday, February 26
12am, SU
2/26. Midnight. SU.

Monday, February 28
8-11pm, Vollum Lecture Hall

BE IN HUMPLAY!! SPEND TIME WITH OTHER AWESOME PEOPLE! GET ETERNAL GLORY! These are drop-in auditions, meaning you do not need to show up right at the beginning or stay the entire time. No experience or preparation required! Bring low inhibitions, high enthusiasm, and a willingness to be LOUD!!!

Horror or, Her Mirror
February 24, 25 & 26
7:30pm, Mainstage Theatre

Based on Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, Horror Or, Her Mirror revises Ibsen’s unities of time place, and character to create a blood-soaked multimedia fantasy. Drawing from such diverse sources as fairy tales, tarot cards, military court transcripts, and Catholic liturgy, Horror is a psychedelic meditation on falling in love, and moving on, in the age of global terror. A play by Reed alumnus Jesse Van Buren. Directed by Rosalie Lowe. Thesis performance by Ariana Karp. Visit for ticket reservations.


Live in the Farm House & Garden House Co-ops!
The Farm House will be an off-board plan cooperative next year! The Garden House will continue to be! Apply to the Farm House and Garden House on IRIS between February 21 and March 4. Please come to dinner or an open house to show your interest. Dinner at the Garden House will be this Thursday at 7pm and Tuesday at 6pm. Visits to the Farm House will be from 3-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Join these consensus-based communities!

Write for the Pamphlette!
The world-famous Pamphlette is looking for ambitious, talented, young writers to join our team.  Please send a hilarious sample article of 200 to 600 words to

Submit to Rude Girl!
The theme for the next edition of the Rude Girl zine is “Reclamation.” How does feminism relate to Reclamation? Can we reclaim words, objects, or spaces? Do we use irony productively? Is there a difference between reclamation and appropriation? Rude Girl is a zine put together by Reed’s Feminist Student Union. Anyone (that means YOU) can submit anything. You can submit your work by emailing it to or dropping it by MS #108 by March 11th. All genders welcome!

Make Art for the P-Dox!
These walls are looking empty, and we know that you babes are really creative. So come one, come all, and show off your stuff! Shoot Becca Roberts, Anna Montgomery, or Cale Weismann an e-mail, or stop by either shop and ask for info. Contact us at

Work/Volunteer as a Spring Semester Intern at Lane Middle School with LASER!
Want to get outside the bubble?  Want to volunteer?  Have federal work-study (or not)?  Like working with kids?  Then you should check out LASER!  LASER stands for Lane After School Education with Reed. This SEEDS program places Reedies in Lane Middle School as after school mentors or classroom interns. Lane is located just 2 miles southeast of Reed, 87% of Lane’s student body is in the free or reduced lunch program, and Lane’s mascot is a quasar (How cool is that?!?!). Spend a few hours every week getting classroom experience, volunteering with kids, learning about Portland Public Schools, and getting VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE or WORK STUDY MONEY, and PIZZA.  If interested, check out the SEEDS website for LASER (or contact SEEDS intern Kathryn Thauberger ( for more information.

Heads up for the Gryphon Cup!
Reed will be hosting its annual fencing tournament, the Gryphon Cup, on Sunday, April 24! The tournament is open (and free!) to all Reed students with at least one quarter’s fencing experience. Test your mad skills against fencers from other schools! Drop-in on our regular fencing classes (Monday & Thursday, 6:45-8:30pm) for some extra practice. Contact Arien at to register (required) or for more info.

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