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Arizona State Scrounges $6 Million in Uranium Fuel, Reed Reactor Benefits


ASU’s Defunct Reactor Program Supplies Reed with Used Fuel

Last month, the Reed College Research Reactor received roughly 6 million dollars worth of new uranium fuel elements. “This is easily the most significant event in the history of the reactor since it first went critical in 1968,” said Stephen Frantz, Reactor Director.

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Levin Resigns from Senate, Azrael to Fill Empty Post

Last Sunday, Zach Levin announced he was resigning from his position as a student senator. “This decision was not easy. I realized that this semester is going to require more of me than I initially expected and I do not have the time or the energy that I would want (and expect myself) to put […]

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Trustees Approve Plans for New Performing Art Bldg.

Upon hearing the announcement that the performing arts building was a go, President Colin Diver was so elated that “he was practically levitating,” said a member present at the meeting. Last Saturday, the Reed College board of trustees gave final approval for the construction of a new performing arts building. Part of a list of […]

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“External Review” of AOD Policy Announced

On Monday evening, the Reed community received an open letter that seems to have raised more questions than it initially intended to ask. The letter, distributed in the form of a community-wide email, comes two weeks after a week in which seventeen Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) policy violations were reported by Community Safety. The […]

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A Eulogy

Reedies Remember Xeno Taylor-Fontana On Monday night at sundown a real human connection occurred in the East Orchard of the Reed canyon. Many people gathered to commemorate the loss of an esteemed member of this community, Xeno Taylor-Fontana. This is not an obituary or a summary of the aforementioned event. This is meant as an […]

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Senate, Granger Announce Plans to Update Implementation of Emergency Response System

Five years ago, before Justin Bieber sold over 4.5 million records and when Pink actually had cultural significance, the Reed Senate decided to make the new Emergency Notification System opt-in for all the student body. This meant that to get emails, text messages, or phone messages sent to you from the CSO Office during an […]

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An Open Letter to the Reed Community

Dear Reedies, I am writing this letter to you because I want to explain why I am resigning from the Judicial Board and, more importantly, because I want our community to start thinking critically about the relation between sexual assault, the honor process, and the Judicial Board. During my three semesters as a J-Board member, […]

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CSO Directives Questioned by Students


A Response to “Granger Responds to Recent Jabs, Increase in AODs” No, Gary Granger is not a cyborg assassin. However, a growing number of students perceive his implementation of the AOD policy as highly dishonorable. It has been obvious over the last year or so that the way the CSOs interact with students is changing. […]

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Printing Fees Drop

Beginning this semester, we’ve decreased printing fees by 20 percent, lowering the cost from 10 cents to eight cents per side. Wait, what? Can that be right? In this economy, with prices rising for… everything? Ever since Reede was Olde, printing has been charged at 10¢ per side. Why change it now? Well, there are […]

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Senate Beat

The meeting opened with the President’s message and the on to Committee Reports!
Basically, no one had anything to report. We didn’t get an update on what the Trustees talked about while on campus

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