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Renn Fayre 2K11: An Introduction to Black Lodge

Every Renn Fayre, Reed’s campus is transformed: the sidewalks become covered in glitter, strange sculptures grow up from the ground, and new spaces emerge, overflowing with music. Black Lodge is one of those spaces. You enter the lodge and are bathed in the violet glow of black lights. The bass pulses through your chest and you lose yourself in a mass of dancing Reedies.

Every year, we look all over the Pacific Northwest to bring you the best electronic music DJs we can find, and this year is no different. Some of your old Black Lodge favorites will be returning, and we’ve found several other excellent DJs who will be new to Renn Fayre this year. We hope to provide you with all the trance, house, breakbeat, electro, techno, and down-tempo ambient music you could possibly want at Renn Fayre. (This list is not exhaustive.) And if you’re not a fan of Glo Opera, we welcome you to join us during classical hour. Expect a finalized lineup to be released around the middle of this month.

This year’s big news—which you might have already read in student body info—is that we’ve moved! Historically, Black Lodge has been held in Winch-Capehart, but we’re moving Black Lodge to Gym II for a number of reasons. Gym II is more spacious than Winch-Capehart, allowing us to undertake larger interior projects. Additionally, our beautiful sound system will no longer disturb tired Reedies trying to sleep in their rooms.

As was the case last year, the four of us will need a little bit of help decorating and cleaning up Black Lodge. If you’re interested in helping us set-up, maintain, or take down Black Lodge, email

Your Black Lodge Czars

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