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An Ultimate Loss: Freshman Frisby Boys Reflect

Reed’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Berserk, found little success and much pain at the PSU Frisbee Tournament this past Saturday. Men and women from Oregon State, Lynfield, Willamette and Reed gathered in competitive spirit despite the gloomy weather. Berserk player Michael ’15 reports that the team came ready to perform, but nobody anticipated the unusual amount of injuries that Reed would suffer during the two rough games in which they played. Michael reports on the first game against Oregon State in which Reed got to an early lead before losing a key player in the final point. He explains that Oregon State was winning 9-8 but then they got to 10 points in the last play after junior Julius Monello sustained an eye injury. Monello’s injury, Michael relays, was dramatic because at first the crowd thought that he was merely emotionally torn by the imminent lost. As Julius continued to hold his hand over his eye, Michael says, everyone realized that blood was seeping from between his fingers. Michael recalls how coaches and players rushed onto the field to see if Julius was okay before having him driven home by a senior player’s girlfriend. Michael adds that another player, Luke, had a concussion in the second game, which also ended in a loss. Ultimately, Michael says, “the other teams were a bunch of ‘hucking’ fooligans.”

The team has fared better in past tournaments. Two freshman players, Michael and Miguel, recall the excitement of their first and more successful tournament in Humbolt, CA. Reed won the first four games of the tournament against such teams as the “Humbolt Bongwater” but then lost in the finals to the Humbolt State Alumni team.

Between tournaments, freshmen discuss Berkserk’s player dynamic and the presence of the coach and Reed alumnus Shane Rubenfeld, who played for Berkserk and then for University of Oregon as a graduate student before joining Rhino, an elite national club team based in Portland.

Freshmen describe a typical practice. They begin with a “dynamic workout” for warm-up. Then, they go into practice squads, during which the team is divided into the “Grumpy Gandalfs” and the “Disc-gruntled Dumbledores.” In the middle of practice the two squads perform more focused drills before coming together in the end for a scrimmage in which to implement the new lesson of the day. “If we aren’t focused enough,” Miguel notes, “Shane makes us do sprints.” Team Berserk looks forward to the Sun Dodger tournament next weekend and the Eugene tournament in two weeks.

Printed: 11/10/11

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