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Student Groups Hustle Members, Tops Sixes in SU

Instead of smelling like cigarettes, the SU smelled like food and fun!

On Friday, January 27th, student groups came together in the Student Union to raise awareness about their clubs in the Activities Fair that marks the beginning of every semester.

While not a particularly exciting event to begin with—relative to the Activities Fair in the Fall—the event was made worse by the fact that it took place in the crowded and cramped Student Union when it was perfectly nice, if a little cold, outside. While the precaution is understandable, considering Portland’s unpredictable weather, it was quite a disappointment, as it wouldn’t have been too hard to move all the tables outside a half-an-hour or so before the event.

Julia Selker '15 and Jeanie Lee '15 tend the mycophilic Fungus Among Us table.

That aside, the event wasn’t all negative. The Activities Fair was filled with the bribes that groups use to get people to Top 6 them. These bribes seem to have become the driving factor for attendance! (Personally, I have no problem with that as I found the cookies, brownies, and candy to be quite delicious—though that only makes sense as, had the snacks been bad, my vote may have changed!)

Carnivorous Alternatives to Vegetarian Eating (CAVE) even had a full-on barbecue and the MLLL (Comic Book Reading Room) displayed some very good comics to entice more people to Top 6 their club.

This attitude has permeated the event to such an extent that there was even popcorn and a chocolate fountain to be found off to the South end of the Student Union that had no apparent connection to any particular group. Again, no complaints!

In the next few days it’s likely we’ll see a horde of posters spontaneously appear around campus, promoting various groups. Despite that, though, many view Funding Poll cynically, saying that the results change little from semester to semester because there are some groups that will always be in demand. I personally think it would be kind of awesome to see some newer groups top the charts. That said, good luck to all the groups participating this semester!

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  1. Shabab says:

    Factual error: the barbecue was put on by Senate, as is custom at Student Activities Fair every semester
    Also, I suspect the chocolate fountain was courtesy of the Student Activities Office, since I know they have done that at past fairs.
    Kudos to Jeremy for covering an event that showcases all the wonderful things Reedies organise!

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