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Senate Receives Wage Recommendations

The Student Body Wage Review Board presented its recommendations to Senate on Thursday, April 5. The set of recommendations is “moderate” according to Senator Shabab Mirza, who worked on the SBWRB before being elected to Senate, since it would only cost the student body $1,741 per semester. Many positions would receive a raise under the recommendations, as seen in the table below, but several would receive significant pay cuts, including all three treasurers and the Senate Secretary.

The SBWRB collected information on average hours worked per week for student body positions as well as the subjectively measured emotional intensity of the position. Most emotionally intense was Judicial Board, ranked at an average of 9.2 out of 10. Honor Council voting members rated their job at 7.3, while senators gave an average of 5.6. SBWRB chose to raise the salary of the Student Body President (rated at 8.0) and lower the salary of the Vice President (rated at 5.0) because of the difference in emotional intensity, despite the fact that the President was already making a higher hourly wage.

Recommendations from the Student Body Wage Review Board

Under the SBWRB’s recommendations, all student body positions would continue to receive effectively far less than the minimum hourly wage, which is currently $8.80 in Oregon. Several who currently receive no money, however, would receive stipends: the Renn Fayre Czars would receive $110 per month, the Appeals Board member would receive $30, and the Print Shoppe Manager would receive $20.

Quest Editor pay would rise to $80 per month, translating to an effective hourly wage of $1.25. This is given the assumption of 5 editors dividing The Quest’s wages, though last semester’s board had 8 editors and this semester’s has 6. A senator works fewer hours per week and receives $140 per month, though the job is rated as less emotionally intense compared to Quest Editor.


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  1. Chris W. says:

    While these were the recommendations at the time of printing, please note that the actual passed figures at the last senate meeting vary a bit from this.

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