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Students Dunk Kroger at Activities Fair

Senator John Iselin ’14 serves the masses at the traditional Senate Activities Fair Barbecue.

John Kroger sat awaiting his fate as students tried their aim at the target that would plunge the new president into the water below. It wasn’t long before they succeeded.

Elsewhere on the quad, student groups tabled to promote their clubs and activities. Prospective members were enticed with shouting and free food as Director of Student Activities Kristen Holmberg announced via megaphone that Student Body President Brian Moore was next in the dunk tank.

Student Body President Brian Moore ’13 sits in the dunk tank at Activities Fair.

Students flocked to one corner of the quad, where an ice cream truck was providing free ice cream, courtesy of Reedies for Reedies and the Student Activities Office.

On the other side of the quad, Reedies lined up for free barbecue and popcorn as music pumped through the warm air.

Members of student groups recruited with the goal of being “top-sixed,” hoping to receive funding as one of the groups in the Top 40. After students vote for their favorite groups, the Top 40 will face Funding Circus before they receive student body funds from Senate’s Finance Committee.

Weapons of Mass Distraction set up a free-standing aerial rig where acrobats performed on aerial silks. The aerial acrobatics sect of WMD is looking to become an independent group in the near future.

Frontiers for Human Rights, a new student group this year, advertised their goals of raising awareness of current issues and combating apathy.

The Reed College Creative Review handed out issues of their most recent magazines from the past two years, showcasing the short stories, poems, and artwork of students who submitted to collaborative literary magazine.

Other organizations, like the language houses, tempted students with treats from various cultural backgrounds. Students were welcome to sign up for their celebratory events regardless of their own ethnic background or language fluency.

SEEDS (Students for Education, Empowerment, and Direct Service) promoted their community service partnerships for the coming year. Such opportunities included project Eye-to-Eye, LASER (Lane After School Education with Reed), and SMART (Start Making a Reader Today), among many other tutoring and support services for local children and families.

As the afternoon went on, and student group tablers became progressively more sunburnt and sweaty, the crowd dissipated and the quad grew quiet. Reedies carried home lists of interested students and memories of Dean of Students Mike Brody and numerous CSOs slipping into the water of the dunk tank.

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