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A Bright Day for the Canyon

The sound of English Ivy being ripped from the ground mingled with jovial conversation in the north corner of the canyon on Saturday, October 6th. The discarded weeds fell into piles along with the nightshade, Himalayan blackberries, and other undesirables as the forces of good united for Fall Canyon Day. Around thirty students, faculty, staff, and neighbors got down and dirty in an effort to clean up and protect the canyon. CAVE, the Ladies Pie Society, and the Brewers Guild all contributed to feeding and hydrating the Canyon Day participants as they did their noble work.

“Canyon day has historically been Reed’s effort to regain control of the canyon,” said Zac Perry, Reed’s riparian restoration specialist. In just seven hours, Canyon Day volunteers do what would take weeks with Perry’s normal crew. But for him, it’s not just about the work that gets done.

A contractor who lives near Trader Joe’s came back to work after a cider break with wide eyes. “He was so nice,” he said about a Reedie, “I’ve never had such a clear conversation about Catholicism.” Perry said that neighbors often have misconceptions about Reedies. But “when they leave, they have a totally new impression,” Perry says. “It’s really about seeing the community come together,” He said, “That’s what makes it worth it.”

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