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A Letter from Honor Council on the Honor Process

We, the student members of the Honor Council, wish to express to the Reed Community our appreciation for your commitment to honorable, reasoned, and respectful discourse. All members of the Honor Council were present for the Community Forum with President Kroger, and we appreciated the (generally) respectful and genuine expression of your ideas and opinions. In many of the so-called “crises” the community has suffered these past few years there has been a tendency to blame individuals rather than searching for possible solutions. This situation is no different, but we would like to encourage the community to aspire to a more constructive and solution-oriented discourse.

As part of this, we would like to remind students of the options that are open to them through the Honor Process.

The Honor Council offers several resources for students. One option is the Community Rights Subcommittee (CRS). CRS pursues honor issues impacting the community at large in cases where no individual is willing or able to take action on his or her own behalf. In such an instance, the persons involved would submit a request to the CRS members. If accepted, CRS would pursue the case according to the Honor Process, acting as representatives for the community at large.

Another option for community members who are negatively affected by another’s conduct is formal mediation. Formal mediation can take place between all members of the Reed Community, no matter their position in the college. If an individual wishes to seek formal mediation against any offending community member, that individual needs to fill out a mediation request form (found in a labeled envelope on the Honor Council Office door) and slip the form under the door. We will attempt to contact the individual as indicated and ask him or her if they wish to participate in formal mediation. Mediation is always a voluntary process, and the individual asked to respond may decline. If the individual agrees, both the complainant and the respondent will sit down with a mediator and discuss their differences and potential solutions until both parties agree to a resolution. At this point, the mediation ends. The contents of the mediation are confidential unless all members of the mediation agree otherwise.

Finally, Honor Council strives to further honorable dialogue about issues affecting our community. If there is a campus wide discussion you think should happen, Honor Council members are happy to listen to your thoughts and possibly plan such an event. As trained facilitators, we are willing to help with discussions whether or not they are affiliated with Honor Council.

Honor Council student members hold weekly office hours, which are as follows:

Mondays, 6:00-7:00 : Laura and Alberta

Tuesdays, 6:00- 7:00 : Orestis and Katrina

Wednesdays, 6:00- 7:00 : Adrian, Emily, and Wyatt

We welcome your thoughts and opinions, and will strive to give you advice on any topic that we may be of service. Additionally, If you just need someone to listen to you, we are a confidential resource.

Thank you,
Student Members of the Honor Council

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