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Reed Emissions Replaces Reed Releases

Reedies were met with a surprise on February 4: Reed Releases reincarnated under the name Reed Emissions. The Facebook profile and Tumblr blog that helps Reedies make anonymous posts of romance, anger, and regret (among other things) was initially shut down on Facebook for violating its Terms and Conditions, possibly because it created a “false identity profile,” according to the new operators of the site. After its termination, Reed Releases’ moderators found the project too time-consuming and fraught with “unmanageable moral responsibilities,” though the group did not explain exactly what those responsibilities were.

The resurrection of “Reed Releases” caused some initial misunderstanding. The version entitled “Reed Emissions,” which students saw after break, is not run by the same creators as the terminated account. To avoid confusion, the new managers renamed the project.

Reed Emissions fills the same function as Reed Releases, being a site on which students can anonymously submit personal or romantic gestures to be publically posted, like earlier sites such as Columbia Compliments.

“Both Releases and the Emissions seem to be much more personal and anonymous than Missed Connections. If you want to, you don’t have to even submit your name or an e-mail,” the moderators of Reed Emissions said.

The managers of Reed Emissions are also working to resolve some of the issues that brought about Reed Releases’ termination. They are considering ways to address Facebook’s policy regarding false identity profiles, so that Reed Emissions can have both a Tumblr blog and a Facebook profile.

As for “the moral responsibilities” that brought the original Reed Releases to its demise, the team says, “we do our best to make sure that the things that go out into the internet aren’t going to seriously hurt anyone, or make anyone extremely uncomfortable.”

Despite these hurdles, the moderators of Reed Emissions maintain that the site has unique value to Reedies.

According to the moderators, “People are more honest about things they wouldn’t typically say both in real life and on missed connections.”


The article has been updated to include the following correction: A previous version of the article stated that, “Reed Releases reincarnated under the name Reed Releases”. It has been corrected to, “Reed Releases reincarnated under the name Reed Emissions”.

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