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Humans of Reed Tumbls into Existence

A new Tumblr blog materialized this semester with the mission of cataloguing an eclectic community of individuals: Humans of Reed, run by freshman Eren Veziroglu and inspired by the Tumblr blog Humans of New York, features portraits of students, along with a unique bit of personal insight and their responses to, “Why Reed?”

“Reed is this really mysterious place and there are a lot of unique people here,” Veziroglu says. “It’s cool to meet people and hear their stories. Reed is not a place you end up in – everyone has a reason to be here.”

Veziroglu hopes that through Humans of Reed he can supply prospective students with a window into the student body.

“When I was applying I was trying to read people’s blog posts to see who actually goes here,” Veziroglu says.

Veziroglu got the idea for Humans of Reed late last semester, and created it during the first week of this semester. Over the past several weeks, the blog has amassed over 70 followers. To start, Veziroglu featured people he knew. Sophomore Mark Angeles joked, “I agreed, since I’m a narcissist. Not really–he’s my dormie, and I love helping people out with projects, especially of the artistic sort.”

The first post on the blog is a photo of Angeles on his bike, with another bike strapped to his backpack behind him.

“It just so happened that when he took my picture, I had found this bike at the Bins to fix up, so I bought it, strapped it to my backpack and rode back to Reed with it,” Angeles says. “I wanted to avoid the whole ‘pics or it didn’t happen,’ and I remembered Eren needed a picture of me for his project. So I called him up and he came, and we took the pictures.”

Another of the seven students featured on the blog is junior Adrian Dannis, whom Veziroglu approached after seeing her around campus with her dog: a large black Newfoundland.

“It made me think about why I came (and stayed) at Reed,” Dannis says. “It was cool to have a nicely-shot picture of me and my dog I suppose.”

Veziroglu is keeping an eye out for more intriguing individuals on campus. At least one student has piqued his interest, whom he plans to approach:

“There’s this one guy that has a tattoo of some sort of math thing on his chest. It’s like a circle and has something to do with radians,” Veziroglu says.

He hopes that in the future, Humans of Reed will be listed on the admissions page of the Reed College website. Veziroglu has brought the idea to the Admissions Office, but says that they have yet to discuss it. He says his blog has been well received by the Public Affairs Office, where he works as a photographer.

Veziroglu admits that maintaining Humans of Reed is an excuse to use his camera. Besides shooting photos for the blog, he also runs his own photography business, EV Photography.

“Shout out to my Tumblr followers!” Veziroglu says.

If you would like to be featured on Humans of Reed, email Eren Veziroglu at

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