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Alex Blum



News editor, reporter, columnist, editor in charge of training new writers, and most other things too. He created the Cool Thesis of the Week column, which he wrote for two and a half semesters, along with writing news and guiding reporters in their stories. He has also worked as a reporting intern for the Portland Tribune and the Clackamas Review/Oregon City News, where he covered politics, business, and general Metro news. A political science major, he plans to start work on a thesis about constitutional law next semester. He loves dogs, pool, and the USA, and he keeps a secret stash of Oreos hidden somewhere in the Quest office. Follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexCBlum EDIT: As of spring 2013, Alex is an editor emeritus of the Quest, meaning he no longer does any work and his Twitter account is now devoted to half-clever one-liners.

Articles by Alex Blum: