The Reed College Quest

  • Pool Hall Formal Draws Diverse Crowd

    Grandiose plans for this year’s Pool Hall Formal prefaced the event, with the goal of recreating an Olde Reed vibe. But the night proved to have the same focus as always: billiards, booze, and beauties, but not necessarily in that order, depending on which attendee you interview. Organizers had hoped to harken back to legendary […]

  • Commons Dishes Disappear at Uncommon Rate

    Since the end of September every commons dish sitting abandoned in the rain or hidden in the cupboard of a Birchwood has been eating into Reed College’s precious funds. Every year Bon Appetit covers $6000 worth of Commons dish theft before they begin charging Reed for the missing and damaged dishes. This year Commons dishes […]

  • Health Center Offers Acupuncture to Curb Cravings

    The Health and Counseling Center is now offering acupuncture for students who want to address their cravings. The treatments aim to reduce a wide array of issues, from substance addictions to compulsive internet usage. No appointments are necessary for the acupuncture treatments, which are available at the Health and Counseling Center every Tuesday from 5-6 […]

  • Juniors’ Genebot Startup Wins $2,500 Prize

    Connor LaBean ’14, right, and Ben Stephens ’14, left.  Last year, Connor LaBean ’14 excitedly approached his good friend, Ben Stephens ‘14, about an idea he had: a biotech automation robot or “genebot” that could do about anything involving liquid transfer, thus saving eons on time-consuming experiments involving genetic replication that are usually done manually. […]

  • Hippie Turns Half-Baked Idea into Americone Dream

    Vollum Lecture Hall swarmed with Reedies Thursday night to hear Jerry Greenfield speak about the often forgotten, socially responsible aspect of business. Some came to enlighten their minds with Jerry’s wisdom, while others came with grumbling stomachs and hopes of free ice cream. This Gray Fund sponsored event granted their wishes, as an ice cream […]

  • CEP Captures Ecologically Damaging Canyon Kittens

    Students have eagerly adopted the numerous cats that live in the Canyon as a part of Reed lore, dubbing them “Canyon kittens,” but whether they’re a feline blessing or a grimalkin curse depends on who you ask. Canyon Specialist Zac Perry says that cats pose a threat to the health of the Canyon ecosystem. According […]

  • Roof Climbers Cost Reed $10,000

    In 1895 Cambridge student Geoffrey Winthrop Young published The Roof Climber’s Guide to Trinity, inadvertently inventing the sport of stegophily. Unknowingly following in his footsteps, students have been climbing on the rooftops of Reed buildings for years. Recently, Community Safety reports of stegophily have increased and roof climbers have done thousands of dollars in damage. […]

  • Students, Honor Council Discuss Future of Smoking

    Students tired of walking through smoke on the way to the library gathered with smokers in the Student Union Thursday, Sept. 27 to discuss the future of smoking at Reed. Around 20 smokers and 8 non-smokers sat in a large couch circle to discuss how to smoke honorably at Reed and to gauge others opinions […]

  • “The Ultimate Prospie”

    President John Kroger was inaugurated with special gifts, a poetry reading, and many speeches last Friday, Sept. 21. He will be the fifteenth president of Reed College succeeding Colin Diver. The ceremony had a budget of $200,000, says treasurer Ed McFarlane, who estimates that it was slightly under budget. This included a fireworks show with […]

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