The Reed College Quest

  • The Sound Attendance: Ben Howard

    Ben Howard plays a familiar type of folk that can seem mine dry and overworked or delicate and heartwarming depending on who you’re talking to.

  • The Sound Attendance: Kanye West

    If you’re in need of a conversation starter this week, you’re in luck because a new Kanye West release just came out.

  • The Sound Attendance: Susanne Sundfør and Daddy

    NEW SINGLES Susanne Sundfør: The Silicone Veil. EMI Norway [SPACEY GLAM] For Fans Of: Joanna Newsom, Lana Del Rey I remember that the first time I listened to Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” I had a strange feeling that the song was made for me. It had taken the parts of pop that I […]

  • The Sound Attendance: Waiting for Gotye

    Though I made a hefty pilgrimage to the Gotye concert at Edgefield Ampitheatre in Troutdale on a loaded, bouncing TriMet bus that wafted KFC odors into the night sky, I clumsily missed the prescribed date.

  • The Sound Attendance: Dan Deacon and WHY?

    On his previous successful albums, Dan Deacon urged listeners to engage in action of the fanatical, flailing, human firework variety. At performances (RF 2010 anyone?) Deacon would install himself as ruler of the dance-floor regime, shouting out moves like the crowd was playing a giant game of Simon Says.

    On his new album, America, Deacon, of Baltimore, uses his eccentric noise to goad his listeners into action outside of the dance hall.

  • The Sound Attendance

    Welcome to The Sound Attendance: Crackerjack reviews of new releases covering bands fated to self-inflicted obscurity, to saccharine mainstream indie darlings, to Portland core (Reed core are you there??). Concert and haunted-house reviews are likely to be finagled when opportunity strikes, as are reviews of band websites and special releases. Know a local band you […]

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