The Reed College Quest

  • Eurydice Mixes the Tragic, the Comic, and the Shamelessly Greek

    For many, Eurydice represents one of the greatest stories of a promise broken and a love unfulfilled ever told in literary history. Indeed, Orpheus’ looking back at his beloved Eurydice is a scene that still resonates with readers today for its tragic pathos, and for its graceful evocation of love, loss, and the ties that […]

  • Pudding Emerges from Pamphlette Schism

    Mat Olson ’15 and Sean Howard ’13 are excited about the future, and justifiably so: they are planning the publication of The Pamphlette‘s first competitor in recent memory. Their paper, called The Pudding, is meant to be a humor paper that looks beyond the Reed bubble and reminds Reedies that laughs can be found everywhere. […]

  • Elusive Canyon Matriarch Captured

    This week, Ms. Tuxedo Patches, the canyon’s feline matriarch, was finally spayed after over a year of effort on the part of campus staff. Throughout her tenure in the canyon, Ms. Tuxedo Patches has birthed more kittens than campus staff has been able to keep track of, posing a significant problem to environmental health of […]

  • Meet Your Renn Fayre Czars

    Johannes Harkins, Alma Siulagi, Peter McTigue, and Kriya Krisnabai-Gitanjal are all excited, seemingly undaunted by the huge, yet enviable, task that faces them – in five month’s time, they’ll be putting on Reed’s Biggest Party of the Year. They are this year’s Renn Fayre Czars. While the job is undoubtedly huge, they seem to be […]

  • Villain Sells Chemistry Handouts to Course Hero: Website Offers Study Material, for a Fee

    Members of the Chemistry department discovered early September that their class materials were being offered for sale on the academic assistance website Course Hero. These materials, which consisted primarily of course handouts and lecture slides, had been distributed to students enrolled in chemistry courses or posted to the Reed Chemistry webpage for download. Course Hero, […]

  • Cooley Gallery to Show Controversial Artist

    It isn’t uncommon to look at a work of art and wonder “is this supposed to be a penis?” but in Kara Walker’s cut-outs, the question may be justified. On September 4th, her exhibit More and Less opens in Reed’s Cooley Gallery. It will feature a new film in her signature style of silhouette puppetry, […]

  • Hands, Feet, and Mouths Ravaged by Coxsackie

    Reed’s Health and Counseling Center issued an advisory last week that there had been an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease among the student body.

  • Isabel Wilkerson Declares Great Migration a Success

    A crowd of many creeds and many colors gathered last Saturday in Kaul Auditorium to hear Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson talk about the Great Migration, the largest and most significant internal migration the United States has ever experienced in its history. Wilkerson was brought to Reed by the Multicultural Resource as part […]

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