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  • Bursting the Bubble

    Air traffic controllers across the nation are getting busted for sleeping on the job, but that’s not the only transgression those guys who are supposed to be keeping an eye on the sky have committed lately: just this Tuesday, an air traffic controller in Ohio was discovered watching a movie, Cleaner, while he was supposed […]

  • Bursting the Bubble

    Police are hunting for a serial killer who is plaguing New York. The death toll reached eight victims on Tuesday when three bodies were found on a Long Island beach. This is terrifying news for those among us who are diehard fans of Law & Order and have watched every single episode of SVU. Where […]

  • Reed’s Resident Underground Celebrity Pens Tell-All Book

    Monday nights on the Reed campus are usually pretty stressful, and this Monday’s dreary April weather certainly wasn’t making things any more pleasant. Drizzly and grey, students trucked dutifully from classrooms to the library to Commons and back, faces drawn and pallid from lack of sun exposure. The previous Friday’s glorious burst of sunshine looked, […]

  • Fulbright Scholarships and Reedies: Why You Should Apply

    So what exactly does one do after graduating from Reed? That seems to be a question plaguing most rising juniors and underclassmen as each academic year comes to a close. Internships, jobs, grad school: all of these options, while exciting and promising for some, might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking for adventure; maybe you want to travel the world. Reed wants nothing more than for its students to pursue their dreams as far as they can, and that’s why the college is eager to expose eligible students to the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship—among other equally exciting fellowship and scholarship opportunities—this month.

  • Bursting the Bubble

    Eighty-four-year-old James Gronseth of Portland, OR is joining the Peace Corps. He’s going to be stationed in Botswana, where he will use his hospital administration background to help improve treatment for HIV and AIDs patients. The average age of a Peace Corps volunteer is 28, so Gronseth says he’s “bringing age diversity.” Well said, gramps. […]

  • Bursting the Bubble

    In case you missed it, Charlie Sheen went totally and completely batshit crazy. He’s in denial: said Sheen, “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning!” I’ll leave that to you to decipher, because I have absolutely no idea what that means at all. Guess I’m not a winner. (If you haven’t seen it yet, YouTube the “Charlie […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Moombahton

    Have you ever been to a skipping party? Until today, I’d never heard of them before. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t all that hip in high school (oh, hey, free periods spent in the library), but apparently while I was sitting in my morning calculus class and longingly looking out the window at the sunny […]

  • Renn Fayre Theme Strikes the Motherlode

    “Do you know those guys?” a friend asks me as we cross campus for pre-party festivities at another friend’s apartment. We’re passing by a group of completely unfamiliar looking youngsters who look suspiciously underage – it looks like tonight’s festivities are about to be enjoyed by some of Cleveland High’s finest as well. But right […]

  • Common Inspires, Evangelizes

    “Greatness,” said Common from the podium in Kaul Auditorium on Wednesday evening, “is about finding your path and believing in it.” As part of their initiative to procure higher-profile performers, speakers, and events, Gray Fund invited rapper Common to give a lecture this week on his keys to success. Common, born Lonnie Rashied Lynn Jr., […]

  • Trustees Approve Plans for New Performing Art Bldg.

    Upon hearing the announcement that the performing arts building was a go, President Colin Diver was so elated that “he was practically levitating,” said a member present at the meeting. Last Saturday, the Reed College board of trustees gave final approval for the construction of a new performing arts building. Part of a list of […]

  • Sexy Senior: Salim Moore

    Name: Solomon Salim Moore
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Pasadena “The Dena” (a.k.a The hardest place on Earth)
    Major: Art History!

  • Portland While You Were Gone

    While most of you pretty young things spent your winter break at home kickin’ it with your homies/parents/grandparents/dog/sofa, all sorts of interesting things happened in this great state of Oregon. Here are some highlights of what you missed: • A former CIA agent who was serving a 23-½-year sentence after being imprisoned as a Russian […]

  • Videogame Consoles Stolen, Honor Principle feels Violated

    On Monday, Dec. 7, Andrew Choi and Rebecca Richman reported three video game consoles belonging to Reed’s resident video game collective, Handling Controllers Collaboratively (HCC), stolen. Choi and Richman were in the middle of arranging a video game rental program with the campus bookstore at the time of the theft. If all went according to […]

  • Subgenre(s) of the Week: Nintendocore (feat. Holiday Pop)

    As the holidays are fast approaching and light radio stations spin seasonal tunes 24/7, it was tempting to go easy with this week’s subgenre installment and discuss my mother’s favorite artist: Josh Groban, that pop-era star so fiendishly notorious for his overwhelmingly sentimental rendition of Christmas songs (especially among the middle-age mom set). But I […]

  • Letter from a Queditor: Tell Someone They’re Beautiful

    Since its debut in 1995, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been an annual event drawing millions of viewers each year. Featuring the infamous models of the lingerie and sleepwear conglomerate strutting down the runway in fantastical undergarments, the controversial show has been attacked by media critics, parents organizations, and women’s groups as both a […]

  • En-Szu Takes a Trip to the Cinema and Writes about Her Findings

    Tangled, Disney Rating: PG Running Time: 92 minutes It’s hard to believe that Disney has only made fifty “canon” animated feature films in the company’s history as the monopolizer of animated movies, but everyone’s favorite production company is clocking in the big five-oh with Tangled – and it’s not to be missed. Not only are […]

  • Black Friday 2010: A Recap

    Still stuffed from Thanksgiving meals, families across the country rise early on the morning following the celebration of giving thanks for the now-hallowed American tradition known as Black Friday. Sleeping in their cars overnight in parking lots, some consumers even skipped out on family after the Cowboys-Saints game to get an extra edge in catching […]

  • Queditorial: Babies, Be Nice

    It’s nearly the end of the semester and work is starting to get a lil’ crazy. Though Reedies don’t yet have what has been dubbed “April syndrome,” or that really gloomy feeling you get towards the end of the year when a) it’s been raining for 100 days straight b) you are fed up with […]

  • Paradox To Increase Prices

    Espresso drink prices rise $0.25 The Paradox Cafe, Reed’s in-house coffeeshop, has been forced to raise blended coffee prices for the first time in years as the result of recent increased price rates in the coffee industry. Effective November 10th, espresso drinks (espressos, americanos, macchiatos, lattes, and mochas) will cost 25 cents more. Stumptown Coffee […]

  • Being on Quest Board: Reflections from a Queditor

    When I first was asked to join Quest Board for this semester last spring, I had no idea what I was really in for. Never did I imagine I would be sacrificing my Tuesday nights to slave over layout until the wee hours of the morning, proceeding to fall asleep at my desk while attempting […]

  • Reedies Bring James Joyce Back to Life: THE DEAD Opens on Main Stage

    Musicals are rare here at Reed, and musical theses are rarer still. That’s why Stephen Bennett’s thesis play, The Dead, is a must-see this semester. Based on the short story “The Dead” from James Joyce’s epic work Dubliners, The Dead tells a tale of personal enlightenment and offers deep and compelling insight into the human […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Crunkcore

    We live in an age where our postmodern sensibilities have translated into flourishing musical creativity. This, paired with the death of radio, has lead to the creation of nearly every subgenre imaginable. But how do you keep track of them all? Each week, we here at the Quest do our best to help you make […]

  • Conservative Bloggers Attack Reed Alumna, Congressional Candidate Suzan DelBene

    During a particularly tight political race in Washington this fall, the media has pulled out all the stops in getting dirt on candidates. Unfortunately, multiple conservative bloggers have taken to criticizing Suzan DelBene – Reed trustee and alumna – by using her affiliation to the College as a means of attacking her candidacy. Running as a Democratic candidate for Washington’s eighth congressional district this year, DelBene’s ties to Reed have been the subject of much excoriation from the Republican community.

  • Home Made Dreams Big, But Falls Short

    There comes a point when art being avant-garde for the sake of being avant-garde becomes overly abstract, and loses the interest of the audience. While Home Made starts out as a beautifully intimate portrait of human exploration, it begins to waver and veer off in unexpected, but not necessarily appreciated, directions. The piece begins to […]

  • Portland Fashion Week: Locals Dress to Impress and Strut Their Stuff

    When someone mentions Fashion Week, the cities usually associated with the biannual event are New York, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and other large, hyper-metropolitan cities known for producing design houses famous worldwide. Every fall and spring, the who’s-who of the fashion world don their finest threads and hobnob with celebrities as they watch the upcoming […]

  • Two Honor Council Positions Open After Appointees Opt Out

    As you may have noticed – thanks in no small part to heavy advertisement and persistent email notifications – there are two Honor Council positions open this semester. The vacancies are the result of two students, both sophomores, deciding to decline the position for personal reasons. Vasishth Srivastava was offered the opportunity to continue working […]

  • Tech Watch: iPads and Chemistry Clickers at Reed

    Fall is always an exciting season – it’s a fresh new start. You know it’s not really fall unless something changes – new haircut, new lifestyle, new whatever. We look to fall to reinvent ourselves every year. Here at Reed, we’ve got lots of new stuff – new students, new office locations, new staff and […]

  • Can you find the Health Center?

    Reed is mixing things up by playing a little switcheroo this year with office locations! If you were around last year, you may have encountered some major confusion with the new arrangements, but never fear – we’ve got it all spelled out for you right here. So now you really don’t have any excuse for […]

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