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  • Setting Boundaries: Obtaining a No-Contact Order from Community Safety

    What happens if you feel someone in the community has, or is, acting dishonorably toward you or others? Well, of course, the Honor Council can mediate, and the J-Board can help you in situations where mediation isn’t appropriate—but did you know that you also have the right to a no-contact order for situations where neither […]

  • Byzantine Story Told in Tongues: Horror or Her Mirror Reviewed

    Her face covered in a black hood, a woman in military fatigues speaks at the urging of the devil at her side. As she tells us the set description of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, light tosses the image of a dead woman on dual screens built into the set. She is played by the same actress […]

  • Sustainability is Dead

    News from last week confirmed my long-standing suspicion that both the college administration and the student body have given up on sustainability as a topic of meaningful substance and as a goal worth working towards. Both Colin and Student Senate have forsaken that instrument of environmental justice, the sustainability committee, opting not to further fund […]

  • Postcard from Thesis Hell

    I dove so deep that I can’t find my way out. I wander through a dark coral reef of obscure journals and ambiguous data, unable to make any sense of my journey. I had a plan—once—I know I did. But it was lost among the anemones and sea cucumbers. Now, I struggle to make something […]

  • Forthcoming Blue Like Jazz Movie to Paint Reed as Intellectual, Wild

    “Movie stories don’t live well in the middle of human experience,” he says as the camera pans over extras dressed as Renn Fayre participants, decked out in animal costumes and sparkly wigs. “When [the protagonist] goes away to [Reed] College, it’s not kind of a liberal college, it’s the most godless campus in America.” That’s […]

  • Sweat, Panic, Write, Repeat: Reflections on Thesis Parades Past

    The sky burst into colors that cool day in December. Confetti, champagne, and obscenely bright spandex transformed the entrance to the library into a sea of raving madmen. I tried take in every sight and sound, but the sheer mass of information sent me reeling. I know that I stumbled through the crowd dodging the […]

  • Police Shut Down Dance Party

    Neighbor’s Noise Complaint Ends Reedies’ Fun The La Resistance dance party in the Student Union was shut down around midnight Friday Nov. 12 when a neighbor called the Portland Police after complaining to Reed, said Gary Granger, director of community safety. Daft Ball, the Daft Punk-themed party held the following night, however, did not disturb […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Post-rock

    As lighting rent the sky, the five members of Giants rushed into the boathouse bearing lamps and guitars. In a tiny building more often used for auctions and American Legion dances, this band, illuminated only by the soft glow of a few old lamps, let loose soaring chord structures that rivaled the storm’s blast; to […]

  • Senate Votes Support of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

    Student Senate voted Tuesday, Nov. 2 to support the addition of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Emily Due, Andrew Barney, and James Shelstad, members of the Blue Heron Infoshop, brought the issue to Senate as part of their initiative

  • Community Safety Releases Rules of Engagement, Seeks Feedback on First Draft

    It seems two documents, the Alcohol and Drug Policy and its implementation plan, are not enough to guide the treatment of drugs at Reed. A draft of Rules of Engagement for community safety officers dealing with drug and alcohol violations have been released by Gary Granger, director of community safety, in order to draw comments […]

  • Bylaw Revision Vote Fails

    Student Senate bylaw revisions failed to pass the two-thirds requirement three times at a public meeting Tuesday after lengthy discussion.

    The proposed changes would have vacant Senate seats filled by runner-ups from the last election only before fall or spring break,

  • Advice from a Thesising Queditor

    It’s completely black and my alarm is screaming. I throw off the covers and stagger across a floor covered with discarded pieces of clothing and old papers. The cat runs under my legs as I stumble into the kitchen, meowing for attention and a bit of food, but the only thing on my mind is […]

  • New Student Committee on Diversity at Reed

    Senate Formally Addresses Issues Student Senate unanimously voted to create a student diversity committee at a meeting Tuesday, October 12. The ten-student committee will present issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion to Student Senate, and will write a report on the state of diversity at the college every semester. “The committee should be charged with […]

  • KRRC Streams Online, May Yet Lose License

    Unlike Olde Reed, KRRC is not dead. Open your computers and turn to Reed has a student radio station and it’s streaming online, said station signators Alexa Ross and Jack Diboise. Yet not all is rosy with KRRC; though the station is professionally equipped and has more than seventy shows scheduled, station managers found […]

  • Centennial Planning Underway as Reed Turns 100

    Reed turns one hundred in fall of 2011, and it’s going to party all year long. The celebration officially starts at Reunions 2011 in June, and runs until Reunions 2012; in between Reed will throw two huge parties, publish three books, and complete a $200 million fund-raising campaign. The first classes at Reed opened on […]

  • Get Out of the Library: A Call to Battle

    Last Thursday generated a lot of stories: speeches were given, slogans were chanted, and somewhere along the way naked freshmen crowded into a U-Haul and streaked the Lewis & Clark Library. Most of that isn’t noteworthy – this shit has happened at Reed for far longer than the three years I’ve been here. But that […]

  • Never Have I Felt So Old as I Did Then

    They swarmed like flies around the half-consumed corpse of a cow, downing cheap beer and making eyes ineffectively at one another in hope of emotionless trysts. I’ve spent a number of gorgeous, ridiculous nights at comparable events, but on Saturday there was no there there. All we had to show were disconnected, ineffectual smiles and […]

  • An Experiment in Production: “Uncanny Valley” Collaboration Inspirational for Students, Company

    “I can see a light,” says the scout, stepping cautiously across the memory field in his white jumpsuit. He steps deeper into his memory, and three ghostly figures join him on stage. Then he’s gone. “We’ve lost his signal!” cries ground control, and the team leaps into action. This is the second phase of “Uncanny […]

  • Senate Takes Stock

    Student Senate is keeping closer tabs on student organizations this semester. Top 40 groups will be required to compile an inventory of their current possessions before accessing capital improvement funds

  • TriMet Fare Jumps 5 Cents

    Students, start saving your nickels. On Sept. 1, fares on TriMet Adult, Honored Citizen, and LIFT tickets increased 5 cents, according to a press release from TriMet. The cost of Adult and LIFT 1-month passes rose $2, and the price of Honored Citizen passes increased $1. Fares are typically increased every few years to cover […]

  • Madness and Terror: A Former Treasurer’s Recollection of Funding Hell

    Vollum 120 looked more like a war-torn battlefield than a classroom by the time we finished with it. Senators that had given up were passed out on the floor, and those still standing were red-eyed with exhaustion. Dirty paper plates, empty champagne bottles, and the remnants of a fifth of whiskey cluttered the room. It […]

  • Ass’t Treasurer Position Open

    Classes have started, but the key position of student body assistant treasurer remains open, said Cori Savaiano, head treasurer of the student body. Typically the assistant treasurer position is filled at the end of each semester. “None of the previous applicants were qualified enough for the position,” said Austin Campbell, vice president of the student […]

  • The Masses Seethed Forward: A Vision of Nu Reed

    I had no intention of going to Noise Parade midday on Friday. I felt old and sluggish, disinterest in the affairs of new Reedies who would never know the pleasure of the Book of Ships or chant the first line of the Iliad. The event was even printed in the Orientation schedule; a genuine noise […]

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