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  • Senate Beat: Honor Class and Renn Fayre Funding

    At the start of this week’s Senate meeting, it seemed like the meeting would result in nothing more than a droll presentation of student bureaucracy. This Quest reporter was privileged to be one of four students watching the Senators at work (this is not counting the burner who quickly scurried off as the gavel struck […]

  • Prospies Flown to Reed

    For a select number of recently accepted students, an additional treat came with their confetti and Welcome To Reed video: an invitation to stay on Reed campus for two days, eating Commons food, observing classes, and venturing out into Portland—all expenses paid by the college. As Assistant Dean of Admissions and alumna Swati Shrestha put […]

  • Senate Beat: Nitrogen Day, Academic Advisers, and Sexual Harassment Policy

    Senate addressed Nitrogen Day funding, plans to evaluate academic advisers, and the revised Discriminatory Harassment Policy in its meeting this week. The meeting began with Chris Cogell, Signator of the blues-dancing club, checking in with Senate to make sure off-campus guests could come to an event being held this weekend in the sports center. Senate […]

  • Op-Ed: A Different Voice in the Recent Discussion on AOD

    The arrests of two students and the Administration’s involvement in those arrests has been, and will very likely continue to be, a hot topic on campus. I am voicing no opinion not already heard when I say that I feel horrible for the students who were arrested, and that it is incredibly important that we, […]

  • Response to “Ask Mike”

    Mike: In last week’s segment of Ask Mike!, you responded to a question concerning the lack of participation in student government and Senate’s role in increasing said participation. In your response, you stated, “I don’t think it’s really on Senate or any other distinct group [to increase participation] so much as it is the responsibility […]

  • New Lives For Theater Building and Prexy

    As construction on the new Performing Arts Center continues, various administrative bodies at Reed are discussing what to do with the spaces it will make obsolete. Until November 7th, the Physical Plant Committee will be accepting proposals from groups across campus on what to do with the theater building and Prexy. The Physical Plant Committee […]

  • Eyewitness Account: Thief Caught Red-Handed in Reed Bookstore

    At around 12:20pm on Tuesday the 27th, I walked into Marianna Mullen’s office to ask her questions for a Quest article on the Bookstore thefts that occurred over the summer (see page X). At the same moment she received a call from the CSOs, who told her that an anonymous tip had just called dispatch, […]

  • Bookstore Responds to Thefts With New Cameras

    At 1:30pm on Tuesday September 27th, a man was arrested by the Portland Police from the Reed College grounds for attempting to steal a textbook from the Reed College Bookstore. The CSOs and Bookstore staff were notified of the possible theft by an anonymous source not one hour before the perpetrator arrived at the scene […]

  • Shira Tarrant Addresses Men, Feminism, Sexual Assault Debate

    On Tuesday night, Shira Tarrant, a nationally distinguished expert on gender and sexual politics, spoke to a crowd of students and individuals from outside Reed in Vollum Lounge. The title of the discussion was Politics and Pleasure: Men, Feminism, and Social Change, though part of her lecture was devoted to giving suggestions on ways one can take an active role in stopping or prohibiting sexual assault and violence; the latter of which has become a controversial issue among students this past semester.


  • Bursting the Bubble: Debriefing on Libya

    The democratic revolutions sweeping through the Middle East have come to a violent hurdle. While the first weeks of protest in Tunisia and Egypt were relatively non-violent, in the recent weeks, rulers in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and Libya have cracked down with greater force to suppress the anti-government efforts. In Yemen, nearly 200 people have […]

  • Canter on the AOD Debate

    I hope the recent news reports have helped move the conversation about the AOD policy and its implementation forward. The responsibilities of a news journalist are manifold, but when done rightly, seem to lead to a single conclusion: propagating information so that the readership can become as educated as possible about the issues.

  • AOD Implementation Strains Bonds between Students, CSOs

    Last week, four anonymous students—three of which were falsely rumored to have been evicted from their campus housing—voiced concerns about AOD policy and its implementation on campus to the Quest. Among their concerns was allegedly inappropriate behavior on behalf of patrolling CSOs, behavior that, according to them, goes against the letter and spirit of Reed College’s AOD policy. According to these sources, CSOs have been targeting specific groups of students who they suspect to be in violation of the AOD policy without any evidence of misbehavior. As well, they cite instances of being unaware of AOD violations that have been administered to them, and overall displeasure with the policy and its enforcement.

  • Administration Denies Dorm Evictions

    Rumors that students have been evicted from their Reed dorms or apartments due to Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) policy violations have been circulating campus this week. According to Mike Brody, Vice President and Dean of Student Services, there is no truth to these rumors at all. Brody and Pete Meagher, Associate Dean for Student […]

  • New Position Created By Health & Counseling

    Sometime within the next few weeks, health and counseling services will begin accepting positions for two new student jobs on IRIS. The positions, one designated for each gender, requires students to roam the campus on Friday and Saturday nights

  • Senate Suspends Sustainability Committee Line Item for Spring Semester

    During the Fall of 2009, Senate agreed to allocate two percent of the Study Body Funds to the Sustainability Committee, a faculty-heavy group that is tasked with supporting the school’s quest to making our lives more green in whatever way it sees fit. These funds, on two different occasions (in the Fall of ’09 and […]

  • Bursting the Bubble

    World News: – On February 11th, after 18 days of protest, the autocratic President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down from the position of power he had been holding for the past 30 years. His departure marked the initial success of the second revolutionary movement in the Middle East – the first coming in Tunisia, where […]

  • Senate, Granger Announce Plans to Update Implementation of Emergency Response System

    Five years ago, before Justin Bieber sold over 4.5 million records and when Pink actually had cultural significance, the Reed Senate decided to make the new Emergency Notification System opt-in for all the student body. This meant that to get emails, text messages, or phone messages sent to you from the CSO Office during an […]

  • Many Ways to Communicate with CSOs, One Result

    In his first year at Reed, Director of Community Safety Gary Granger has spent a lot of time repeatedly emphasizing one point: communication with him and/or his CSO staff will help ease students’ concern about CSO engagement. If you don’t communicate with them, there’s no way Gary will be able to know how you feel. […]

  • The future of academics right at your fingertips: Reed faculty test-drive Apple iPads

    The role of technology at Reed – as it is at any institution steeped in tradition and expectation – is often approached tenuously. This year, a number of Reed faculty and students are doing a significant portion of their academic work on the Apple iPad – the new tablet product from Apple that the company […]

  • Commons Announces Marked Drop in Dish Expenditures

    Bon Appetite – the catering company that serves us food in the family room we call Commons – is contractually required to buy $6,500 worth of new dishes every year. In the past years, however, this cost has been much higher. Last year was the worst yet: the total cost for replaced commons dishes was […]

  • Reed Faculty and Staff Bring It On Bikes

    If Adidas employees challenged Reed College employees to an athletic challenge, who do you think would win? What about the Nike staff challenging our Reed professors in this sports feat? Do you think our faculty and staff could defeat any of these companies filled with jocks?

  • Reed Alum Clears Streets for Locomotion

    Wide streets, smooth, flat roads, beautiful weather along the Pacific Ocean, and hardly a drop of rain in the sky. It is the sort of climate anyone on a bike would dream of. Perhaps no city is better made for the fixie ride dream than Los Angeles. At least that’s what Bobby Gadda thought. After […]

  • The Paradox Stabilizes, Has Options Available

    One of the places where Reed students get their daily dose of caffeine, the Paradox Café embodies the sort of ethic and energy that defines the Reed experience. The art on the walls is student made (and for sale), pastries are on many occasions made by Reed students, and drip coffee is sold via honor […]

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