The Reed College Quest

  • Thursday Evening Train Track Spectacular

    Men and women stood patiently throughout the subterranean platform. They stood on the edges past the yellow lines, waiting for the train to come. Some ate pizza from small boxes. Some listened to music. The train would come soon. When would that train come. Phoebe ran down the stairs from above, bouncing eagerly like a […]

  • Save the Ping Pong Room

    Dear Senate & Punks & Rock & Rollers & Other Freakazoids, What is this nonsense about the Ping Pong Room?? I don’t mean to be brash. But I don’t mean to be timid, either: moving the MLLL to the Ping Pong Room is a BIG MISTAKE, at least with the current lack of tenable on-campus […]

  • Poetry Night Opens Up

    It is dark outside of the Student Union. Everyone inside sits on couches arranged in a semicircle, quiet, engrossed. The group this night is small; it is clear that poetry night at Reed College is not immune to the usual fatigues that plague other student groups. This was the scene the 28th of November, and […]

  • Reedies Root Through Garbage: This Time, It’s for the Environment

    As part of a larger sustainability effort that has included an energy-savings contract and a curbside composting initiative, Reed College students have performed “trash autopsies” to help assess the waste habits of campus community members. The autopsies consist of investigators looking through trash cans to catalogue the types of waste being thrown away. The particular […]

  • Gray Squirrel Lives the Life of the Mind

    A young and injured gray squirrel was thrust through a KRRC window by a man claiming to have ties to Reed on Monday, Sept. 19. Freshman David Satten-Lopez was told that, in exchange for caring for the squirrel, he would receive a free tattoo. For over two days, the squirrel attended class, studied on the […]

  • Hate Speech Cause of GCC Bathroom Erasure

    A sample of graffiti from the GCC bathroom prior to its erasure.Fifteen years’ worth of graffiti are gone from a downstairs bathroom in the GCC. The formerly colorful walls of the gender-neutral room, formerly a women’s restroom before changes last spring, were covered in blank white paint over the summer. “These restrooms were covered with […]

  • Reed Teams Toughen Up

    What words come to mind when you think of sports at Reed? Recreational? Intramural? Mandatory? Some sports groups on campus are adding the word “competitive” to this list. Last year, “The Reed College Berserk,” Reed’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, placed 9th at the USA Ultimate Division III National Championships. Ultimate Frisbee Coach Shane Rubenfeld says, “[the […]

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