The Reed College Quest

  • Shaffer’s Departure Leaves ADSAPR Position Under Review

    Informed, unadulterated, hilarious, mentor, badass; these are all words students use to describe the former Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Jyl Shaffer. Having left Reed for the University of Houston on Aug. 16 , Shaffer is now working to process Title IX sexual discrimination claims. Although she no longer walks around Reed’s […]

  • Women’s Soccer Gains Footing

        While many Reedies hold some pride in their un-athleticism, some desire the presence of physical activity in their lives. Sydney Scarlata is one of them. Having swam and played soccer all throughout high school, freshman Sydney Scarlata was “burnt out” from varsity sports, and saw Reed as a respite from the intense competition […]

  • English Ivy Still Dominates Canyon

    The Reed Canyon is suffering from an ivy infestation. Not long ago, “every tree in the Canyon used to have ivy to the top of it,” Zac Perry, head of the Canyon Restoration Project says. English ivy was allowed to propagate largely undisturbed for 80 to 100 years, and the Canyon became infested and required […]

  • A Tour of Reed’s Secret Garden

    Behind an innocuous door on the top floor of the Biology building is a state-of-the-art, 1,000 square foot, climate-controlled greenhouse. The greenhouse is warm and humid, with sliding tables on which small plants are beginning to grow, and orange lights illuminate the rooms day and night. Biology Professor David Dalton has been working at Reed since 1987 and has born witness to many of the changes to the greenhouse over the years. He says the greenhouse was originally just a “south-facing room” with cement benches that was built along with the Biology building in the 1950’s. The structure stayed the same until more additions were made in 1990. In 2001, with the renovation of the Biology building came a further expansion of the greenhouse and the “state-of-the-art” setup students enjoy today. The greenhouse now has four main rooms, and the lighting, temperature, and cooling are all controlled by a central computer.

  • Beavers Take Free Reign of Canyon

    While Reedies were busily studying for midterms, the beaver families living in Reed’s canyon have been quietly transforming the canyon’s east end back into the marsh that Reed Lake once was. Each night at dusk, around three beaver families migrate from their dens near the Amphitheatre to the east end of the Canyon to feed […]

  • Reed Reclaims Facebook Page in Social Media Push

    With almost 5,000 likes, the Reed College Facebook page has blossomed in recent weeks, courtesy of the work being done by the Public Affairs Office. As unlikely as it sounds, only recently have Reed-affiliated groups regained control of Reed’s online media presence from non-Reed groups. Before, when someone searched Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook for a […]

  • Chez Commons: Stripadillas in the Void

    Oh chicken strip quesadilla! Affectionately dubbed “stripadilla” by upper-middle-class Reed students from the white-washed flickering halls of Sullivan I to the hive–like conglomerations of cellular living units of FSM, this deep-fried bundle of carbohydrates is a paradox within itself. One teary-eyed senior, reflecting on his earlier years, recalled his first time ordering a stripadilla. “What […]

  • Community Safety to Unveil Pool Hall Smoking Sign

    Last week, Vice President Ed McFarlane received a letter from the Multnomah County Department of Health. The Department of Health had received an anonymous complaint about smoking in the pool hall, which is illegal in any indoor area. This will add fuel to the fire that is the debate about smoking in the GCC pool […]

  • Roof Climbers Cost Reed $10,000

    In 1895 Cambridge student Geoffrey Winthrop Young published The Roof Climber’s Guide to Trinity, inadvertently inventing the sport of stegophily. Unknowingly following in his footsteps, students have been climbing on the rooftops of Reed buildings for years. Recently, Community Safety reports of stegophily have increased and roof climbers have done thousands of dollars in damage. […]

  • Students, Honor Council Discuss Future of Smoking

    Students tired of walking through smoke on the way to the library gathered with smokers in the Student Union Thursday, Sept. 27 to discuss the future of smoking at Reed. Around 20 smokers and 8 non-smokers sat in a large couch circle to discuss how to smoke honorably at Reed and to gauge others opinions […]

  • After Absence, Student Handbook Makes Online Debut

    At a school as overwhelming as Reed, many wish there was a guide for it. Such students need despair no longer: After a yearlong hiatus, Reed’s missing Student Body Handbook is back.

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