The Reed College Quest

  • Towards a More Perfect Union: Community Gathers for Reevaluation of the Honor Principle

    A Reed Union on the state of the Honor Principle occurred Monday night before a crowd of over 400 students, faculty, staff and alumni, nearly filling Kaul Auditorium.

    The Union, the first since 2007, was proposed by members of Honor Council to discuss the “state of the Honor Principle.” Reed Unions are described by the college as “moderated discussion featuring panels of experts in dialogue with members of the audience” and are intended to serve as a Reed-wide forum for addressing topics of importance to the community.

  • Four Loko Canned: College Students Everywhere May Start to Remember Their Saturday Nights

    Facing mounting pressure from the FDA, outspoken government representatives, and concerned citizens groups, makers of the popular malt beverage Four Loko announced on Tuesday that they will pull the caffeine from the convenience store staple. The current formula for each standard can contains 12% alcohol, 660 calories, and a caffeine, guarana, and taurine stimulant cocktail […]

  • Reed Adopts Statement of Diversity

    In a significant decision Saturday October 2, the Reed Board of Trustees approved the college’s first official Statement of Diversity at their annual fall summit. The positive vote from the trustees heralded the final hurdle for a document nearly two years in the making. While the Statement underwent a number of revisions before finally reaching […]

  • Trustees to Talk Greywood at Fall Meeting

    The Reed Board of Trustees will convene for their first meeting of the 2010-11 fiscal year on Friday, October 1. The trustees will spend Friday afternoon in committee meetings, followed by dinner with Reed administrators and the student body president and vice president. On Saturday they will come together for a series of formal plenary […]

  • Harvard Says “Farewell” to Final Exams

    In a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science at Harvard on May 11, attendees passed a simple motion stating that “unless an instructor officially informs the Registrar by the end of the first week of the term” that they intend to offer a final exam in a given course, “the assumption shall be […]

  • 5 Songs to Get You Through Your Hum Paper

    In an effort to match up the readings with the paper topics, the new syllabus has bumped up the deadline for the first Hum paper to this Saturday. If you’re anything like I was as a freshman, you have sixteen million ideas swirling around in your head and nothing on paper. Or maybe you have […]

  • Reed welcomes new Community Safety Director

    After over a year of vacancy, Gary Granger joined the Reed community in July as the new Director of Community Safety. Though not a Reedie himself, Granger already seems to have a handle on the rigorous, if not slightly silly, atmosphere here.

  • Head of Residence Life Resigns Suddenly

    In a surprise announcement on Friday morning, Assistant Dean of Residence Life Serilda Summers submitted her immediate resignation just as returning students began moving into their dorms for the fall 2010 semester. Associate Dean for Student and Campus Life Pete Meagher sent a statement to the Housing Advisers and other effected staff announcing the change, […]

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