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  • Admission Staff Resigns After Accusing VP of Sexual Harassment

    Investigation Found No Violation of DHSM Policy For many members of the community, particularly those that work in the Admission Office, this is a very sensitive issue. Please respect the wishes of students who do not wish to discuss this topic further. Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Andrea Hendrickson resigned November 4, 2014 after alleging that […]

  • Legalized Weed Wouldn’t Be Legal at Reed

    A sledgehammer arcs through the air and sets off a cold, glittering symphony of broken glass that echoes from 28 West to the Grove. Fragments of pipes and bongs that students have used to smoke marijuana coat the inside of a taped-up cardboard box, which a Community Safety Officer promptly tosses into a dumpster. The […]

  • Annual Fund Upsets Some Alumni, Vocal Minority Says ‘Do Not Call’ Means ‘Do Not Call’

    An effort by the Annual Fund to remove certain alumni from the Phonathon Do Not Call list if they did not request otherwise sparked a debate in the closed Reed community Facebook group last month. The Annual Fund sent postcards to those who had been on the list for ten or more years, a total […]

  • Senate Beat: New Animal Policy

    Senator Adrian Dannis ’14 introduced a new Animal Policy draft at the Senate meeting Tuesday that would allow Community Safety and Facilities to designate off-leash areas for dogs and expand current college policy to encompass non-canine support animals. The policy draft, in part a response to the changes regarding support animals the Justice Department made […]

  • Update: Senate Accepts CAC’s Last-Minute Smoking Policy Concessions

    Senate voted at its February 23 meeting to disapprove the CAC’s smoking policy draft and to approve its own version. Senate voted 6 to 3 today to approve a set of smoking policy concessions offered by the Community Affairs Committee in an emergency meeting that the CAC convened Wednesday afternoon, after Senate voted at its public […]

  • Senate Attempts to Dodge Faculty Showdown in Smoking Policy Debate

    Senator Andrew Watson (center) speaks at the special February 14 Senate meeting on smoking policy in the Chapel. Senate made a subtle gamble to tip the legislative scales in its favor on Tuesday as it moved to amend the Community Affairs Committee’s most recent smoking policy draft to bring the proposal closer in line with […]

  • Startup or Journal? Student-Founded Table Talk Blurs Lines

    If Maya Frodeman ’15 and Ben Moe ’15 have the anxiety typical to first-time startup founders who have yet to find funding, they don’t show it. Posters for their startup-cum-journal, Table Talk, which seem to have appeared on every step and in every bathroom on campus in recent weeks, describe the venture as “Reed’s new […]

  • Senate Makes Student Body Endowment Reform a Priority

    Student Body Vice President Rennie Meyers ’15 announced at the Senate meeting on Tuesday that Senate intends to reform the bylaws governing the $300,000 student body endowment before summer. “My goal is to get it done by the end of the semester,” she said. At the Tuesday meeting, Meyers invoked a proposal made by ex-Student […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy & Paradox Price Changes

    Senators and students debated the scope of the proposed weapons policy at the Senate meeting on Friday, November 22. Senators also discussed recommended changes to Reed’s financial aid policy for international students, the defeat of a proposal for a new board plan, and recently funded sustainability projects. The Paradox managers also presented several price changes […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy, Reed Union on Sustainability

    Senate discussed the newly announced and upcoming Reed Union on sustainability, the approaching discussion about establishing a weapons policy, and a controversy about the allegedly heteronormative wording of advertisements for the Pool Hall Tournament at its meeting last Friday. Upcoming Weapons Policy Discussion Dean of Students Mike Brody said that “in the aftermath of a […]

  • Senate Beat: Revising the Dog Policy and New Appointments Bylaws

    Senate passed new Appointments Committee bylaws at the Senate meeting last Friday, and Director of Community of Safety Gary Granger discussed his work on a revision of the campus Dog Policy.  Dog / Animal Policy Granger said that the current dog policy is outdated and has unrealistic expectations about enforcement. “It’s old. It requires me […]

  • Senate Beat: Gun Policy Discussion Upcoming; Appointments Committee Bylaws Changes Tabled

    Senate discussed and ultimately tabled a proposal to codify operating procedures for Appointments Committee, which appoints students to various campus committees and positions from Student Handbook editor to Student Sustainability Coordinator, in its meeting last Friday, November 1. Student Body President Ari Galper ‘14 closed the meeting with the news that a campus gun or […]

  • Alumni Board Votes to Drop Paideia Issue

    The Alumni Board voted on Saturday, April 13 to not pursue further action regarding President Kroger’s canceling several Paideia classes in January. Alumni Board President Chantal Sudbrack ’97 says that “the motion had roughly 75 percent support for no further consideration as a body.” The Board first discussed the Paideia controversy during their February 2 […]

  • Unsatisfied with Union, Divestment Movement Turns to Transparency

    Unsatisfied with last month’s Reed Union on climate change and denied a list of the college’s investment managers by the Board of Trustees Investment Committee, Fossil Free Reed, Reed’s nascent divestment movement, has set its sights on a new target. Before the group, spearheaded by members of Greenboard and founded as part of’s national […]

  • Senate to Hire Student Sustainability Coordinator: Hopes Administration Will Follow Example

    When it comes to prospies with a passion for sustainability, the Admissions Office has plenty of material for promotional mailings: a $5.4 million energy efficiency contract the college signed last fall, the ecological gem that is the Canyon, and a performing arts building with a green roof on the way. But Environmental Health and Safety […]

  • Review: John Kroger’s Convictions

    John Kroger: Reed College President. Ultimate Prospie. Diehard white shirt wearer. Iron-willed mafia prosecutor.

  • Colin Diver: Champion of the Honor Principle?

    Former president of Reed College Colin Diver championed the Honor Principle in a letter to The Boston Globe on Wednesday in response to a recent cheating scandal at Harvard University. “Recent allegations of widespread cheating in a course at Harvard have provoked much hand-wringing among Harvard professors and administrators,” Diver says. “Their diagnoses and prescriptions […]

  • Canyon Escapes Near Brush with Fire Unscathed

    While much of Oregon faced the state’s worst wildfires in more than a century, the Canyon had a near brush with a blaze of its own. Two “unknown individuals” detonated a firecracker near the land bridge during the Weapons of Mass Distraction fire show on August 22, according to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger. […]

  • Title IX Investigation Absolves Sports Center, Rugby Still Not Satisfied

    A Title IX investigation into alleged inequitable treatment of women’s teams and facilities by the Sports Center concluded on March 23, but the Women’s Rugby team says the investigation failed to address their concerns. The investigation, which found Reed to be in compliance with Title IX, was opened in February after the Women’s Rugby team […]

  • Student Presidential Finalists Interviewers

    The Quest sent questions to the students chosen to interview presidential candidates. Of the fifteen students that were picked, seven sent responses. Molly Case ’12 Major and Hometown: Economics major from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Why you volunteered for the lottery: I think that the Presidential position is one of enormous importance and influence at Reed, and […]

  • Op-Ed: Senate Too Slow on Student Body Wages

    Senate has demonstrated that it remains a sluggish bureaucracy. Student Body Wage Review Committee has failed to deliver a report on student body wages by the time it said it would. Not only do Honor Council members effectively make $1.73 an hour for their work, according to Quest research, but the Senate Secretary effectively makes […]

  • Senate Moves Against Bottled Water

    Senate ratified Greenboard’s “Take Back the Tap” resolution to “effectively ban the sale of bottled water on campus” during its March 15 Senate Meeting. Greenboard said it received one hundred forty-six signatures in support of the resolution and encountered only one staunch opponent of the measure. However, the resolution only “strongly discourage[s] the use of […]

  • Chez Commons: Bagels with Vanitas

    I see the torus of dough that is breakfast, and staring at me it suggests not just dough but void not-sitting in the center of the ouroboric coil. The bagel subverts its thing-ness with this suggestion of no-thing. Does a bagel have buddha-nature? The answer is neither yes nor no; it is not. It is, […]

  • Senate Beat: An Inquiry into Values

    Senate opened the floor on Thursday to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger and the dozen students in attendance to discuss Community Safety’s plan to have Student Patrol Officers report AOD violations. Senator Marie Perez claimed that Community Safety is hiring Student Patrol Officers because doing so is less expensive than hiring more Community Safety […]

  • Senate Beat, with Love and Squalor

    Senate discussed the implications of AOD violations for Housing Advisers, and a meeting between Student Body President Brian Moore ’13 and Student Body Vice President Aidan Sigman ’13 and Colin Diver regarding recent student arrests at its meeting on Thursday. Senate also voted to unfreeze Reed Shooting Sports Collective’s funds, which had been frozen after […]

  • Alumni Switchboard Connects Reedies with Success

    A project to connect current career-seeking Reedies with alumni, and donate $40 to Reed for each connection made in the process, is rapidly gaining momentum. Reed Switchboard, which launched just before Working Weekend three weeks ago, has already grown from fourteen to twenty alumni, and from $10,000 to $16,000 in pledged donations to Reed over […]

  • KRRC Rises from the Ashes

    “This place has grown on me like a fungus,” says graffiti on the KRRC station’s walls, “and I’m allergic to penicillin.” The line captures one Reedie’s love for KRRC, and in light of the station’s recent rise to the seventh slot on this semester’s Funding Poll Top 40, it’s clear that K-Rock has grown on […]

  • Senate Beat and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    On Thursday Senate discussed next year’s theme dorms, Appointments Committee bylaw changes, free condom availability, approved the Top 40 budget, and allocated funds to Women’s Rugby for an event. Senator Dana Loutey ’12 addressed a proposed gender neutral bathroom in the chemistry building and said that she had sent out an email to chemistry majors […]

  • Op-Ed: A Senate Divided?

    Senate spent over an hour last Thursday arguing about a wage increase for Honor Council members from forty-five to one hundred dollars per month. This would have been well and good—Senate is deliberating important matters during public meetings, rather than in closed executive sessions—if not for the loss of decorum and apparent division, which fell […]

  • Senate Beat; or, The Whale

    On Thursday Senate discussed Honor Council and Appeals Board wage increases and increasing cigarette prices at the Paradox. Head Treasurer Adhikarimayum “Khagi” Khagemba ’14 also announced he would be resigning this month. Mark Hintz ’12, Paradox Manager, recommended raising the price of all cigarette brands carried by the Paradox by twenty-five cents, except Pyramids, which […]

  • Senate Beat: Breaking Dawn

    The majority of Tuesday’s lightly-attended Senate Town Hall meeting was spent discussing the Quest Board selection process. However, President Brian Moore ’13 reviewed a bylaw change requested by faculty. Moore later said in an email, “In effect Community Rights Subcommittee will publish summaries of all mediation attempts, not just successful mediations. This has the advantage […]

  • Engagement in the Community? What Community? Senate, Students Fail to Cure Collective Apathy

    “Reedies are the first to complain and the last to do anything,” said Student Body President Nora McConnell-Johnson in a recent interview. McConnell-Johnson claimed that the student body is partially at fault for failing to engage itself in student government and student groups. “Reedies have time that they could be using. They have to want […]

  • Canyon Day Brings Community Together

    On Saturday, dozens of members of the Reed community equipped with machetes, pruners, and shovels assaulted an impenetrable swathe of invasive blackberries on the East side of the Canyon. From nine to six, volunteers resurfaced trails, planted native plants, and grappled with blackberry canes, among other nonnatives like clematis and English ivy, sometimes more than […]

  • Performance Suggests Das Racist Might Not Be Joking

    The visuals, an amalgam of movie and television clips and Tim and Eric-esque psychedelic imagery, were well-done; the group was enthusiastic and a master of their medium; the beats were pumping; and the crowd was totally into it. Das Racist pranced around the stage as a mob of students oscillated before them. But Kaul was, […]

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