The Reed College Quest

  • Glass, Silicone, and 11 Inches of Stainless Steel

    Reedies gathered around a table piled high with sex toys, many of them of unclear purpose, in Eliot Hall last Tuesday. The Joys of (Sex) Toys, hosted by ADSAPR Jyl Shaffer and Student Educators Taylor Bailey and Gabriele Slaughter, aimed to educate curious members of the Reed community on the history, types, and uses of […]

  • Curbside Composting Comes to Reed

    As part of an increased effort to move the campus towards more sustainable policies, Reed will begin to participate in the city’s public composting program. The curbside service will only apply to residents of the Birchwoods, Reed College Apartments, Garden and Farm Houses, and select Language Houses. Senator Marie Perez, whose Economics thesis investigates Portland’s […]

  • Students and Administration Talk Graffiti

    The issue of graffiti has captivated and frustrated members of the student body for the past two months. To address simmering tensions between students and the administration, Honor Council held an open forum on the place of graffiti on campus Wednesday afternoon. “The issue of graffiti has received a lot of attention recently,” said Alberta […]

  • Women’s Basketball Wins, in Spirit

    The first women’s basketball game in recent memory was held last Friday, Nov. 2, in the gym. As the game against Pacific University was merely a scrimmage, official score could not be kept. However, Reed scored 4 points to Pacific’s 49 in the first half, and 9 to Pacific’s 51 in the second half. According […]

  • Psychedelic Sounds Fire Up SU

    Students listen to The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka in the Student Union. Things got loud this weekend when two of indie rock’s biggest and most-loved bands descended upon the Student Union—in recording, that is. First, on Friday night, students had the opportunity to dance themselves clean at This Is Happening, a dance to LCD Soundsystem’s last […]

  • The Rocky Horror No Picture Show

    A chorus of “START THE FUCKING MOVIE” signaled the start of each showing of The Rocky Horror No Picture Show last weekend. The production, which defined itself as “a different kind of thesis,” ran from October 4-6 at the Black Box Theatre on campus. Thesis candidate Tristan Nieto directed the Rocky Horror No Picture Show […]

  • Gray Squirrel Lives the Life of the Mind

    A young and injured gray squirrel was thrust through a KRRC window by a man claiming to have ties to Reed on Monday, Sept. 19. Freshman David Satten-Lopez was told that, in exchange for caring for the squirrel, he would receive a free tattoo. For over two days, the squirrel attended class, studied on the […]

  • Admissions Office Codifies Dress Code

    An excerpt of the new Admissions Office Student Dress Code guide, “Wear This, Not That.” This year, the interns of the Admissions Office received a photograph of Ryan Gosling wearing a ripped Thrasher t-shirt and were told to not follow his example. These instructions came as a part of new booklets entitled “Wear This, Not […]

  • J-Board Understaffed

    Though designed to consist of twelve students, the Judicial Board is currently functioning with only eight members. While the Board has enough students to serve its role in full, head of Appointments Committee John Iselin and J-Board co-chair Lilli Parator say that the shortage of students has significantly impacted the time commitment required of current […]

  • Zumba Classes to Return Next Quarter

    Zumba, one of Reed’s most popular physical education classes of the last few years, was cancelled two weeks before the start of the fall semester.

  • SU Lofts May Feature Communal Chalkboards

    Plans to cover the newly painted Student Union lofts entirely in student murals have changed, and the lofts are now planned to display chalkboards in addition to murals. Members of the SU Student Committee raised concerns after an email sent to the student body in August said that the lofts were to be devoted solely to murals. The current proposal is to dedicate a small section of the loft walls to student murals and cover the remainder with chalkboards. This, says SU manager Emily Zhang, is in response to concerns that devoting the walls to murals would stifle widespread student expression.

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