The Reed College Quest

  • Op-Ed: Why The Quest Needs to be Elections-Free

    Rob Shryock is a former Queditor of Fall 2011. Between the time this article is written and when it is printed there will likely have been a vote on the proposal to allow members of the Quest Board to appoint their own successors, rather than have them be elected. The fact that this proposal will […]

  • Senate Beat: Jyl Shaffer is crowned “Sassy,” People Talk a Lot About AppComm

    This week’s Senate meeting opened with Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Jyl Shaffer, responding to her characterization as “totally adequate,” moving that she also be known as “sassy.” Dean of Students Mike Brody wondered if this title would carry over to the next ADSAPR, leading to Jyl express mock concern for her […]

  • The Success of the Centennial Campaign: What it means for Reedies

    The Centennial Campaign was the most massive fund-raising attempt in the history of Reed, and it has largely been successful. 185 million dollars has been raised since the inception of the fund, and President Colin Diver is confident that the goal of $200 million will be met by the end of the campaign on December […]

  • Second Mugging Raises Alarms

    On December 7th, a second mugging at gunpoint occurred on the Reed Campus. A student and her mother, while entering the Reed campus near the Prexy parking lot, were robbed at gunpoint by two men. The robbers took a cell phone, a purse, a small amount of cash, as well as credit cards. Much like […]

  • Bookstore Cameras Spot Alleged Thief

    On December 28th, a man entered the Reed College Bookstore with a briefcase, which he apparently used to steal over a thousand dollars worth of textbooks. The act was caught on camera, and the suspect’s picture was turned over to the Portland police. The same individual returned to the bookstore on January 4th for unknown […]

  • Armed Robbery at Naito/Sullivan

    Perhaps the most alarming statistic about the armed robbery that took place on campus on Wednesday, November 16 is the fact that the perpetrators hung out on campus for several hours beforehand, stopped by the library, and were noticed by at least four or five Reedies. These Reedies informed the CSOs after the robbery that […]

  • Captured! Doyle Owl Changes Hands, Four Injured In Struggle

    The Doyle Owl has new owners. After a long fight Saturday night, the Owl was eventually taken by a team made up of various members of Frisbee and PIG dorm. A high-speed chase ensued. According to one student involved in the chase, a silver mid-2000’s Honda CRV had the owl in it, three cars pursued […]

  • Renn Fayre Czar Choice Disputed

    The circumstances of Appointments Committee’s choice of Renn Fayre Czars is being contested by some members of Senate as well as members of the larger Reed community. Student Body President Nora McConnell-Johnson called the selection process a “disservice to the student body” and “unfair.” There seem to have been two major issues with the selection: […]

  • How to Roast Your Own Muh’fuckin’ Coffee

    You spend too much money on coffee. Yes, you. I’ve seen you, getting your early morning jolt from Commons, stopping by the fucking Paradox between classes, and topping it off with a fucking no-soy caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I bet you thought that this was just the way your fucking life was going to have […]

  • New Winter Break Housing Policy Enacted

    Residence Life is now allowing any and all students to say over winter break for a price of $250. In the past, only students who lived outside the United States have been able to stay at Reed over winter break. This policy left domestic students who could not afford to go home or who had […]

  • Remembering Steve Jobs, Reed’s Most Famous Dropout: 1955-2011

    Photo from Reed Special Collection Prof. Richard Crandall (left) presented Jobs with the Vollum Award in 1991.   Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th from pancreatic cancer. Jobs revolutionized technology across the board, founding both Apple and Pixar. Jobs is notable at Reed for being our most famous non-graduate. He enrolled at Reed for […]

  • Reed Commemorates First Century in Style

      Food! Glamour! Fireworks! Sharon Jones! Even more food! The Centennial weekend celebrated Reed’s “sweet 100” and showed us the best of Reed in a celebration filled with all the things Reedies love. The Centennial Weekend kicked off with an impressive variety of finger food, including chicken skewers, miniature tacos and sandwiches, dumplings, and desserts. […]

  • Unusually Abundant Bike Thefts Shake Campus

    When asked if this year’s bike thefts exceeded the normal  amount, Gary Granger’s response was simple: “Um, yeah!” There have been 40% more bike thefts this year than there were at this time last year (14 vs 10). Thieves have not just been taken unlocked bikes or cable-locked bikes; they are actually cutting U-locks. Thefts […]

  • AOD/SA Meetings Present Marked Change In Tone

    “Since the beginning of the school year, three freshmen have been found alone and severely intoxicated,” said Community Safety Director Gary Granger. “One of them was found in the canyon.” The room fell silent. And then, questions. “Three?” “Really?” “Are you joking?” To quote Mike Brody, students were “viscerally dismayed” that Reedies had been left […]

  • CSO Of The Week: Cheyne Morton-Carnahan

    Cheyne Morton-Carnahan Night Shift Interview by Robert Shryock   So how do you pronounce your name? Like Shane.   How do you like working night shift? I am the Dark Knight, keeping watch over the time when the rest of the Reed community has eased into the land of Nod (or at least should be). […]

  • CSO Of The Week: Dhyana Cabarga

    Dhyana Cabarga Community Safety Officer Day Shift   Why did you become a CSO? After doing all my work-study with the Community Safety Department I had forgotten how to forage in the wild, having become so acclimated to CSOs my survival was dependent on them.   Where is your hometown? Chapel Hill, NC.   What […]

  • Long Lines, Weighed Salads, and Breakfast Cocina

    “Last year, I only had twenty minutes to get from the physics building, to Commons, and then to the third floor of Elliot,” said junior Julia Fisk. “I was late sometimes, but I usually made it. I just feel bad for people who have to do that this year.” A new computer system at Commons […]

  • New and Forgotten Groups

    Some student groups hang around so long they become synonymous with Reed: DOTU, CAVE, RSSK. Still other groups form and dismantle on a whim, zipping in and out of existence over the years. Here is a compilation of the new groups that Reedies have managed to dream up, as well as a couple of recently […]

  • An Introduction to Senate and Getting Shit Done at Reed: How an Idea Becomes a Reality

    In third grade, we all learned about how a bill becomes a law to the tunes of Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill”. Unfortunately, Schoolhouse Rock didn’t make a Reed College equivalent, because not many Reedies understand how to create change on their own campus. It’s probably a good thing nobody has made a catchy […]

  • Medical Amnesty for AOD: What It Is, How It Came To Be, and What You Should Know

    Last year, Reed began to implement its old AOD policy in extremely different ways: students who might, in the past, simply have had their alcohol or illegal substances confiscated by a Community Safety Officer, now received an “AOD violation” for drinking or substance use if caught. This change kicked off a year of heated debate. […]

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