The Reed College Quest

  • Portland & Native American Voices: Dark Past, Bright Future

    Bursting colors, dancing feet and beautiful Native American song filled the Chapel on March 28, as part of the 2012 Vine Deloria Jr. Lecture Series. Representing the Multnomah County Native American community, traditionally garbed young children, and other members of the Native American Youth and Family Center of Portland (NAYA), celebrated the dances they perform […]

  • Stalk up on some Tarkovsky

    by Lyle Daniel, Max Carpenter and Sammie Massey Three films of Andrei Tarkovsky’s sparse but numinous repertoire will be shown by the Russian House over the coming week in celebration of the monumental director’s 80th birthday. One of these showings, The Mirror, already passed, on Tarkovsky’s true birthday April 4, but there are two other […]

  • Opinion: Migrant Farm Workers Suffer in Oregon

    We talk a lot about where our food comes from and whether it is organic or fresh, but what about the question of who picked it? On Wednesday night, I was reminded that the apples and berries we buy and eat in Oregon are often picked by young children who have been pulled out of […]

  • Kony Comes to Reed

    The virally famous and controversial documentary Kony was shown in the Reed Chapel by the Invisible Children organization on Monday. The event, co-sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center, filled only about 1/3 of the Chapel. Some students had expected a larger turnout given the flaming discussion the movie is currently igniting over internet forums. The […]

  • Camp Aardvark: Bringing Developmental Disabilities into the Reed Arena

    Camp Aardvark, the brainchild of Alice Alsup and Gabriel Forsythe-Korzeniewicz ’12, is an effort to bring Reed into alliance with Portland’s developmental disability community. Alsup and Forsythe-Korzeniewicz plan to run a one day camp for children with developmental disabilities on the facilities of the Autistic Children’s Activities Program (ACAP) late this semester. Camp Aardvark has […]

  • Inside The Pamphlette

    The Pamphlette staff. From left, Hailey Jones, “Boots” Beutelle, Ann-Derrick Gaillot, Jeff Blum, and Sean Howard. Despite the prevailing notion that Pamphlette writers are bedecked student clowns, it turns out that they are relatively normal students, whose appearances cannot be distinguished from that of other Reedies. It is also false that they serve as court […]

  • A Not Just O-Kay Performance

    “Oh, look at all this greenery!” poet Sarah Kay exclaimed on-stage in the Reed Chapel. She was referring to the lushness outside, a stark contrast to the Manhattan streets she grew up on. “I’m a city kid,” she explained. Gray Fund hosted a gripping spoken word performance by Kay last Thursday. The question-and-answer session afterward […]

  • Not-So-Simple 600

    Bon Appetit’s new Simple 600 menu option offended Reed students who claimed that the meal could upset students with eating disorders. Several students scrawled disapproving remarks on the Simple 600 table advertisements. One Sharpied message read: “Dear Bon Appetit, your Simple 600 meal could trigger students who have or have had eating disorders.” Comment cards […]

  • Ghosts of Paideia’s Past

    Paideia has undergone significant transformations since its original conception in 1967 by Michael Lanning, who was then a freshman at Reed. Lanning had proposed a 6-week break from classes during which students could earn credit for Unstructured Independent Study (UIS), which later acquired the current moniker, Paideia (a term that harkens back to Classical Athens […]

  • Prognosis? Still Demented

    This past weekend Reed College received an annual visit from the Doctor. Barry Hansen ’63, widely known as Dr. Demento, has shared his rich reservoirs of music and comedy with students, professors, and Portlanders during each Paideia since 1973. Attendees can always count on experiencing a rare line-up of offbeat songs. Hansen has earned himself […]

  • An Ultimate Loss: Freshman Frisby Boys Reflect

    Reed’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Berserk, found little success and much pain at the PSU Frisbee Tournament this past Saturday. Men and women from Oregon State, Lynfield, Willamette and Reed gathered in competitive spirit despite the gloomy weather. Berserk player Michael ’15 reports that the team came ready to perform, but nobody anticipated the unusual amount […]

  • Ex-Nun Waxes Poetic

    The audience beneath the soft chapel lighting quieted down when Crystal Williams stood up to introduce poet Madeline DeFrees to Reed last Thursday. Williams, Dean for Institutional Diversity and Professor of Creative Writing, thanked the present students, faculty and visitors for coming to the event and then listed Defrees’ many accomplishments. The 92-year-old, Oregon-native DeFrees […]

  • A Theism at Reed: Oh For Christ’s Sake

    Maybe you had heard them singing in praise on Thursday nights under the blue bridge. Or maybe you have no idea that they even exist. Regardless, the Christian group at Reed has grown into a large, closely knit community over the years. There are currently about 30 members in Oh For Christ’s’ Sake, which is […]

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