The Reed College Quest

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    In September 2016, as I began writing a thesis about community and infrastructure in Portland hip-hop communities, I started Low-Key Faded: NW Hip-Hop at Reed. My goal was to provide space and funding for local hip-hop artists and communities to put on free public shows at Reed. To this end, I approached several local artists […]

  • Curing Cancer with Hedgehogs

    I met up with Erin McConnell on a bright afternoon over some iced tea. Erin, a senior biochemistry major, is a delightful and expressive young woman with a love of books and the Russian language. She happily took time out of her busy schedule as chemistry social chair and her coordinating duties at Random House, […]

  • We’ll Always Have Paris

    Brian Deese, Senior Advisor to the President on issues including climate, resource management and, recently, Supreme Court appointments, gave a talk in Vollum lecture hall on Friday, April 15 about the recent Paris Agreement. The agreement was proposed to and adopted by nations belonging to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in […]

  • Putin and Liberal Arts: Closer Than You Think

    This past weekend Reed saw the rare convergence of some of the most influential scholars of Russia. The event, titled “Understanding Putinism: Illiberal Russia through the Liberal Arts,” was an opportunity for many of these scholars to present work on the rise and effects of Putinism both in Russia and abroad. Presentations focused on a […]

  • This Week’s Top Music Picks

    Need album suggestions? So fed up with music than you need an entirely new genre? Read below. A Laced Odyssey Brooklyn-based rappers Flatbush Zombies released their much-awaited debut studio album last month, titled 3001: A Laced Odyssey. The trio steps out of mere underground renown, crafting an exciting head trip with airtight production, dark soundscapes, […]

  • Letter: Housing Accomodations at Reed

    My name is Leilani Ganser. I am a first year at Reed and I have been disabled since I was 14. I have a rare disease called CRMO, or Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis, wherein my own immune system attacks my bones as if they were a growing cancer. As a result of this disease, my […]

  • Letter from the Editors

    Historically, students with disabilities have received favorable cohort numbers in the housing lottery to ensure that they would receive on-campus housing with appropriate accommodations. However, students have reported being notified that they will not be guaranteed a favorable cohort as it would be disadvantageous to other students. This presents a number of problems. Students with […]

  • Foundations

    I am peeling ginger and carrots over the sink alone with my anatomical cadence a homebody to my candor earlier this morning I tugged these roots from wet soil with my cut fingers which now sting under tepid water a soft breath warms my ankle— interrupts my concentration I am patting my pup’s pink belly […]

  • March Madness

    March is for underdogs. As the weather turns warmer, the basketball court begins to look like a ballroom. Cinderella goes to the dance and has a shot at the crown, despite her beginnings and status. Small, rarely-heard-of colleges like Florida Gulf Coast and Wichita State see their basketball teams lined up next to bigwigs like […]

  • Morning Rituals Of Vaguely Grotesque Baby

  • Not the Trees!

    In 1922, Beatrice Olson wrote in The Griffin that “the most distinctive feature of the permanent structures on the Reed College campus is their subtle impression of beauty.” To John Peterson, who wrote for The Quest in the early nineties, those permanents structures were not the edifices in which students live and learn, but were […]

  • Fuck the Poor: The Gentrification of Reed College

    The fact that summer housing for this year has been raised by 43 percent without notifying the student body speaks loudly of the bureaucracy at Reed College. The students who tend to stay on campus over the summer, as I have done in previous years, are usually self-sufficient individuals who may not receive financial support […]

  • Cycles: Three Poems

           I. erosion she palms the space she is in for living forms of twin matter sullying the water with her fingers she whispers to the Bluefin tuna on the shoals feeds them sediment scraped from the backs of her teeth they circle her ankles in quiet solace Massachusetts isn’t cruel to her […]

  • This Week’s Top Music Picks

    PIMP, PIMP: HOORAY! An hour or so before midnight on Thursday, March 3, Kendrick Lamar dropped a surprise album aptly titled untitled unmastered, providing an unexpected, but much-needed source of procrastination from the typical Thursday night frenzy of problem sets. The album is mostly demos from last year’s wildly successful To Pimp a Butterfly and […]

  • New Information on the Judicial and Title IX Boards

    The Judicial Board hears cases concerning alleged violations of the Honor Principle, community rules, or college policies, rules, regulations, or contracts by members of the student body. Allegations involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship abuse—including dating or domestic violence—shall be heard by the Title IX Board. These Boards shall hear cases brought by current […]

  • SAPR Stewards Recruit New Volunteers

    You may have seen Stewards walking around in pairs at SU events, wearing bright yellow t-shirts. We are here to be a sober and confidential resource at SU dances who can offer support with any situation. We are here to lower the barrier to getting assistance and to act as a bridge to the CSOs […]

  • Restorative Justice at Reed

    Content Warning: Restorative Justice is a campus justice process involving Title IX complaints. The following letter involves discussion of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. To the Reed Community: Reed students have a unique legacy of activism, student autonomy, and self-determination around consent, campus justice, and sexual assault. With the leadership of student groups, Reed has […]

  • Doug the Lichen: Chet M.

  • “Watch ‘The Throne’”

    Hosted by the Northwest Film Center, the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) is Oregon’s biggest film event, regularly attracting 38,000 movie-goers to watch 140+ international films and shorts every February, according to their website. Screened at this year’s 39th annual PIFF, The Throne has been crowned as “a box office sensation” and is Korea’s Oscar […]

  • Death to False Id-owls

    The first of two fake Doyle Owls—concrete casts created to delude, deceive, and dazzle credulous students—was duly destroyed as a false idol the night of February 12. It was a little under a year old. The false owl first appeared last April, when the group who then possessed the Real Beast stoked confusion across campus […]

  • “This Is A God Dream”

    The Life Of Pablo is a life well fucking lived. From birth to death, it is scattered, unpredictable, and undeniably fulfilling. It sounds simultaneously unfinished and perfectly crystallized. Whether or not there is a method behind the madness, The Life of Pablo is the kind of crazy that one can’t help but stand in awe […]

  • The Establishment And Revolt Towards Destruction

    The concept of “the Establishment” is not new. It is, in fact, quite established. This is a problem, yet the problem itself demonstrates the very nature of the establishment. I’ve been recently meditating upon that nature, since a prolonged neglect of the topic after last giving it serious thought some time ago. Recent media debate […]

  • Doug the Lichen

  • Ships Ahoy!

    Regarding student autonomy:   Part I Students have ridiculously short memories. Faculty, and increasingly, the administration, know that akll they need to do is wait four years in order to change what they don’t like. It hurts that students aren’t interested in the sb handhhoook; the most important bastion of studetn institutionaly memory and autonomy […]

  • The Captain’s Log

    Back in the days of 40s Nights, Open Mic Nights, and a SLUR that actually brought a crowd, there also existed an outlet for those drunk nights at the Lutz. An outlet for friends who gathered to drink, revel, cry. That outlet was the Lutz Report. In the spirit of our first post, one memorializing […]

  • Fall 2015 J-Board Case Summaries

    The Title IX Board adjudicated a complaint alleging a student had violated the DHSM and the Honor Principle by sexually assaulting another student. The Board found that the respondent did not violate the DHSM, but violated the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (AOD) by smoking marijuana on multiple occasions. The Board additionally found that the […]

  • The Closeted Conservative

    Dear Reed, As an overlooked, and frankly under appreciated, political minority on campus, I feel I need to set the record straight. I’ve had it. I can’t stand it anymore. While I don’t know if this is the forum to do so, I’ve decided I must say something as I see a new generation of […]

  • [Two] from the archives

    January 29th, 2002 Issue Smoking Rights In SU, Pool Hall Extinguished: Decision by Multnomah County Officials Results in Splintering of Opinion Among Smoking and Non-Smoking students by Peter Zuckerman Cameron Leyda wants to go down fighting. The English major and self-proclaimed smokers’ advocate is furious that she can’t light up in the Student Union or […]

  • Earthy Undertones

    [Collective greeting], rejoice, for our own Reed College has been visited upon, as of last December the 14th, by a most holy of miracles. A bold hero swept into Hauser’s hallowed halls in a shower of nugs, bearing twin grocery bags of mother nature’s finest to the klamoring, kronically overkaffeinated denizens of the Stim Table. […]

  • A Report Card on Missing Commons Dishes

    In the spring of 2015, four members of Greenboard met with Debby Bridges and James Burback of Bon Appétit to discuss the possibility of providing a non-paper cup alternative for hot beverages in Commons. Currently, even if you intend to sit in Commons to finish your drink, your only options are to bring your own […]

  • A Letter to the Editors of the Reed College Quest

    We would like to bring the Reed community’s attention to a local organization called Right to Dream Too (R2D2), a program for houseless Portlanders. We’re a student group trying to raise awareness about this community, the support it provides for homeless individuals, and the pressing issues affecting its prospects for survival. Right to Dream Too […]

  • Check yrself b4 u wreck yrself

    Nixon lied to you: the war on drugs has failed to protect you and abstinence-only drug education has made you ignorant, but Students for Sensible Drug Policy wants to be your knight in shining armor (minus the patriarchal bullshit). We want to help everyone stay safe regardless of the choices you make, so SSDP has […]

  • Education for the 21st Century, Part 2

    So, what can be done? Although Reed is currently far from the sort of progress its pedagogy must undertake—namely, the offering of an education that is at once critical, practical, and conscious of the dynamics of inequality, hierarchy, and oppression—there is reason to hope that we might attain this change sometime in the near future. […]

  • Greenboard Sustainability Tip

    As students, we spend a lot of time searching the internet. Did you know that if you use the search engine Ecosia, every search you make contributes to reforestation efforts in Burkina Faso, which in turn benefits the rest of the planet? So if you want to become a tree-producing machine, visit and make […]

  • When I Go to 28th

    I’m a Reed graduate and former sex worker. I was a first-generation college student from a poor family, and Reed cost money that I didn’t have. In order to pursue a better life for myself, I chose to commodify my sexuality. I worked as an escort and professional dom/sub to support myself during my years […]

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