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  • Winners of 2015 Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Contest

    The English Department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Contest.  First Prize was awarded to Hannah Looney for her poem, “Get Thee to the Gunnery.” Honorable Mention was awarded to Antonia Silva for her poems, “La bruja sin nombre” and “moondance in a barcelona thunderstorm.” Entries […]

  • Growing Seeds at Crystal Springs

    Thanks to many long months of planning and conversation on the part of the current ad-hoc Child Care Committee (Professors Gail Sherman, Kathy Oleson, Libby Drumm, and Jennifer Corpus, P.R. Managing Editor Stacey Kim, Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusive Community Santi Alston, Vice President and Treasurer Lorraine Arvin, and Dean of the Faculty Nigel […]

  • Student Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) Report

    A Brief History of the Student Opportunity Subsidy Program During the spring semester of 2014, Senate changed a bylaw to establish a new way for Senate to fund student projects and experiences. Paul Messick (former Student Body Vice-President and current student member of SOS Committee) proposed that there ought to be a mechanism through which […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries – Spring and Summer 2014

    In accordance with Section 8 Part A of the Judicial Board Code, each semester the Judicial Board publishes “summaries, not violating confidentiality” of the cases it has heard the previous semester, to give the community a sense of what issues have been adjudicated by the Board and how the Board has responded. We encourage everyone […]

  • Reedies for Reedies FAQ

    History of R4R The History of Reedies for Reedies begins in the fateful year of 2010, when a group of Reed seniors wanted to foster a community of giving amongst current students, with the mission statement: “In recognition of the value of a Reed education, the Class of 2010 Scholarship will provide support to an […]

  • Nigel Nicholson on Honorable Dialogue

    Dear Reed community, Many, if not most, of you are aware that one of our students prompted a heated debate on campus before spring break, and that the situation also precipitated public attention from social media as well as some mainstream media. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Reed cannot […]

  • HUMPLAY RETURNS: An interview with the direktors of Humplay

    HUMPLAY MMXV will take place this year on Friday, April 17th at 7 p.m., in Vollum Lecture Hall. The CSOs are deeply concerned that there is only one ass for every seat in Vollum, so line up early (beginning at 12 p.m.) outside of Vollum to ensure you get a seat! There will additionally be […]

  • Oh My, Oh My: An Interview with George Cole

    I recently sat down with George Cole to discuss reformed meat products, Reed nudity, and his sunny outlook on life. Where did you grow up? I was born in California but I was raised here in Portland. What is your favorite commons meal? I actually have two. The first one is mac and cheese and […]

  • Sexual Misconduct Board Ruling Disclosure

    I am disclosing the following because I care about the people in this community and their safety, and because I want my community to know the truth about what happened to me. In the spring of 2014, I brought a Sexual Misconduct Board case against Spenser Silbey. He was found responsible for committing five separate […]

  • Lost Accountability: Are Students Ignored by the Administration?

    I am disappointed. An inclusive institution requires a leadership capable of listening, discussing and addressing differing opinions especially if these positions are presented with respectful and polite means. Recently, our community, that is Reed, has gone through a difficult time regarding opposing views and the lack of regard to community members and their own personal […]

  • Continuing the Discussion: Student Group Inclusivity

    On March 4, students gathered in Eliot 314 with the purpose of discussing the issue of inclusivity among student groups. Hosted by the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), the forum focused on the experiences that students have had with regards to race, class, and gender identity interaction within student-run campus organizations. The forum aimed to identify […]

  • Wage Review Board Recommends Senate Double Wage Spending

    After surveying over two hundred students, the Wage Review Board has made its final recommendations to Senate. We recommend that Senate almost double the amount of money it spends each semester on monthly stipends for student body positions. Read the Wage Review Board’s full recommendations here: After issuing a pre-survey survey to the student body […]

  • It’s Faculty Evaluation Time Again… But This Time It’s Different

    At least for many of you. This semester over half of the student body will see a difference in the way that faculty evaluations are done. The questions asked remain the same, and we hope that your commitment to the process will remain as impressive, and extraordinary as ever, but we are piloting a new, […]

  • Cinderella: It’s Ella now I guess?

    It was probably Ella all along. I just never thought about which name most easily lends itself to adding “Cinder” to the front of it. I felt really dumb. Cinderella made me feel dumb the entire way through, or at least the audience I saw the movie with did. Surrounded by small children (and the […]

  • On Recent Events in Oklahoma

    Some members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity at the University of Oklahoma chanted the following words: “There will never be a nigger at SAE. There will never be a nigger at SAE. You can hang him from a tree. But he’ll never sign with me. There will never be a nigger at SAE.” […]

  • Protected Free Speech: A Guide for the Perplexed

    By now, most Reed students are probably acquainted with what has become this year’s Spring Crisis: Jeremiah True ’18 was permanently ejected from Pancho Savery’s Humanities 110 conference because, according to Savery, True’s actions in conference had engendered a hostile learning environment for survivors of sexual assault, and could no longer be tolerated. In a […]

  • “Corinthian 15” Student Debt Strike Is A Strike for All Students

    On Monday, February 23, 15 former students of the Corinthian College network announced that they are engaging in a debt strike and refusing to pay back their student loans. The students are part of “Debt Collective,” a spinoff of the Occupy movement that has been working to build an online community of Corinthian and other […]

  • What is a Healthy Relationship?

    “What does a healthy relationship look like?” asked one of my residents halfway through a healthy relationships workshop. As college campuses across the country (have been forced to) join the battle against sexual assault, discussions on intimate partner violence continue to take a back seat. When we do talk about abusive relationships we often focus […]

  • Honor at the Doyle Owl Fight

    Last semester, Honor Council held a forum for the community to discuss honorable behavior at owl fights. We received feedback, ideas, and concerns from both students and members of Community Safety, and after the forum, Gary Granger drafted a four-page interim directive proposing “guidelines for engaging groups regarding Doyle Owl crowds.” The student members of […]

  • Senate Spring 2015 Budget

    Senate is responding to a request at our last public meeting to publish our semester budget. We know that some of these categories and numbers might be confusing, and there’s a lot more detail that we could go into for every item, but for the sake of brevity and because of time crunch, we are […]

  • A Proposal for Bon Appetit

    When you walk into Commons the first thing you approach is the menu, which sets you up facing away from the soup and salad and towards the dessert table. You then wend your way to the grill or daily planet or wherever your meal of choice is being served. Three out of the five hot […]

  • Jupiter Ascending: Treat Yourself

    Ignoring the massive privilege of going to a college as nice as Reed — let alone going to any college — it can be difficult to be a Reedie. Classes start out slow, but as each semester drags on, difficulty and pressure ramp up at an alarming rate. While engaging classes can mitigate this pressure […]

  • Jim Kahan Performing Arts Summer Fellowship

    Jim Kahan (Reed 1964) was an active folk dancer as a Reed student, and as an alumnus he has continued that participation and expanded his interests to include all the performing arts. The stipend is made possible by his generous gift to Reed College. The fellowship will, in its first year of existence, provide a […]

  • Claudia Rankine Engages Crowd in Chapel

    When Claudia Rankine stood at the lectern at the front of the Reed Chapel and prepared to read from her newest book Citizen: An American Lyric, she began by thanking the audience who packed itself into the minimal standing room available (seats filled up ten minutes before the reading). She thanked them for showing up […]

  • Letter: Senate Should Attend Upcoming Forum on Political Neutrality at Reed College

    The two-year-old student campaign for the divestment of fossil fuels is an issue for which the Student Body Senate should take some responsibility. The upcoming forum on political neutrality represents precisely such an opportunity. As fossil fuel emissions accelerate worldwide, the United States government continues to militate against the effective regulation of fossil fuel industry. […]

  • Living in Farm Haus

    Living in a theme community can be a great way to explore a specific interest, and to meet others who share your passions. If you’re thinking about applying for a theme or language housing, check out the house to get a feel for the community. To that end, six members of Farm Haus sent us […]

  • Attending January Academy, with Hope

    This year is the first year that Reed College held January Academy, a free 3-week long course at the end of winter break for students who felt that they would like to brush up on their academic abilities. In addition to the academic portion of January Academy, the students had multiple opportunities to interact with […]

  • Egg-cellent! An Eggspedition to Yolk Food Cart

    Sometimes, mornings suck. Maybe you’re really, really hungover; maybe you’ve got a huge hum essay due in that you haven’t really started; maybe you’re just feeling a little bleak and can’t really figure out why. Sometimes, all you need is a damn good breakfast. Toasty bread + melty cheese + salty meat + crispy, gooey, […]

  • Fossil Free Reed Explores Alternative Means of Approaching Divestment

    The movement to divest university endowments from fossil fuel companies just got a booster shot in late December, when a new candidate for your year-end dollars came onto the scene: the Multi-School Fossil-Free Divestment Fund ( The fund, a collaborative initiative between sixteen university divestment campaigns, leverages the greatest power we as alumni supposedly hold: […]

  • Fellowships and Awards: What are they and why should you care?

    Fellowships and Awards are funding opportunities that you can apply for to help cover the costs of things you want to do outside of Reed. Do you want to spend a year traveling the world? Study overseas? Teach English abroad? Study a foreign language? Conduct research in another country? Do a creative project in another […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries – Fall and Summer 2014

    The Judicial Board publishes redacted case summaries every semester. In accordance with Section 8, Part A of the Judicial Board Code, these summaries do not violate confidentiality. The following is a list of case summaries from cases that were adjudicated during the summer and fall of 2014. Any enquiries regarding Judicial Procedure and/or the Judicial […]

  • New Need-Aware Grants Available for Summer Opportunities

    The short version: Senate is funding summer opportunities with grants up to $2,000 Grants are need-aware Two rounds of applications No scrubs Look in student body info for link to application or apply here: This spring, senate and the student opportunity subsidy committee are awarding need-aware grants up to $2,000 — termed “Student Opportunity […]

  • Fifty Shades of Please Just Don’t See This Fucking Movie

    When E.L. James’ Twilight-fan-fiction-based novel Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves in June of 2011, it was met with scathing criticism – Huffington Post called it “a sad joke”, The New York Times said it was “dull and poorly written”; and your one high school friend (no, acquaintance) who actually bought and read it, […]

  • Birdman Isn’t the Only Best Movie of the Year

    Most wide-release movies today suffer from what we could call an originality problem. Regardless of quality, remakes and sequels pour out of studios as part of a desperate quest to maximize profits and drain every original idea down to the last cent. The four-part Hunger Games series — whose third movie Mockingjay is the highest […]

  • About the Student Body Wage Review Board

    Wages for student body positions could rise significantly next year if the Senate-appointed Wage Review Board (that’s us) and Senate agree that such a change is advisable. Raises to student body wages are nothing new—the Wage Review Board surveys students who hold student body positions and recommends adjustments every couple of years. However, a tentative […]

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