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  • Check yrself b4 u wreck yrself

    Nixon lied to you: the war on drugs has failed to protect you and abstinence-only drug education has made you ignorant, but Students for Sensible Drug Policy wants to be your knight in shining armor (minus the patriarchal bullshit). We want to help everyone stay safe regardless of the choices you make, so SSDP has […]

  • Education for the 21st Century, Part 2

    So, what can be done? Although Reed is currently far from the sort of progress its pedagogy must undertake—namely, the offering of an education that is at once critical, practical, and conscious of the dynamics of inequality, hierarchy, and oppression—there is reason to hope that we might attain this change sometime in the near future. […]

  • Greenboard Sustainability Tip

    As students, we spend a lot of time searching the internet. Did you know that if you use the search engine Ecosia, every search you make contributes to reforestation efforts in Burkina Faso, which in turn benefits the rest of the planet? So if you want to become a tree-producing machine, visit and make […]

  • When I Go to 28th

    I’m a Reed graduate and former sex worker. I was a first-generation college student from a poor family, and Reed cost money that I didn’t have. In order to pursue a better life for myself, I chose to commodify my sexuality. I worked as an escort and professional dom/sub to support myself during my years […]

  • Essentializing 82nd Avenue

    Recently, the “82/28: Exploring 82nd Avenue” art installation prompted backlash from various sections of the Reed community. Articles in The Quest have testified to some problematic elements of the project, highlighting the potentially triggering nature of the material. Yet what worries us about the piece has little to do with its “lewd” nature or its […]

  • Reedies 4 Reedies Encourages Donations

    We have something we want to tell you about. 2010 was a great year wasn’t it? Angry Birds successfully distracted us from all our obligations. We FINALLY found out what the hell was going on in Lost… kind of. Prince William officially went off the market (well, maybe not such great news for all of […]

  • Education for the 21st Century, Part 1

    What do I mean when I say “education for the 21st century”? Am I talking about teaching advanced sciences, with the purpose of creating better technology? No, I’m not. Am I talking about an education that looks backwards, that is modeled on how things were taught in the past? Definitely not. I’m talking about education […]

  • Seeking Submissions for SAPR Zine About Healthy Relationships

    The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program is seeking submissions for a fall semester zine centered around the topic of healthy relationships. The goal of this zine is to fill the gap in media and popular culture about what good communication, good consent, and mutual respect can and should look like in romantic and […]

  • JBoard Statement to Quest

    To the Reed community: In response to guidance from the Department of Education, Reed College opted to make several modifications to the way it handles complaints that allege sexual misconduct. These changes are included in the newly-added Section 10 of the Judicial Board Code. They were first proposed by the Community Affairs Committee, approved by […]

  • Why We All Should Join the Million Student March

    This year, I swallowed my first dose of student loans. It was innocent enough — $3,500 in federal loans with fixed interest rates at or below 5%. But according to Reed’s financial aid formula, I’ll be asked to take on more and more loans each year, raising my predicted debt at the end of my […]

  • New Professor Profile: Michelle Wang

    Reed’s recently appointed Assistant Professor of Art History & Humanities is energetic, inspired, and fitting in comfortably at her new abode. Michelle Wang, who received her B.A. from Swarthmore College and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, is clear on what she would like to devote her life to: the study of early Chinese art and texts. […]

  • Art is Not Above Honor

    Some of you may know me as the person who has taken up a crusade against the student mural on the Reed Theater Annex. I have been working almost non-stop since I first noticed the provocative art to get it removed, and now I am asking for your help. I would like to explain my […]

  • Sculpture students address the changing cityscape

    82nd Avenue: the boundary of eastern Portland features schools, restaurants, groceries, and goods, scattered alongside strip clubs and used car lots. Far from the boutiques and small bars of the Inner Eastside and the commerce across the river, 82nd is a different kind of hub. On Thursday, October 29th, we bring our interpretations of 82nd […]

  • Multnomah County Divests from Fossil Fuels. Reed should follow suit.

    On the morning of Thursday, September 24, as you sat there contently in commons, Jan [Mieszkowski] posted another existentialist joke on Twitter, [John] Kroger made himself a warm cup of coffee, and Multnomah County Board quietly voted to divest fully from fossil fuels. Later that non-eventful day, Portland City Council decided to withdraw from investments […]

  • Lutz Report

    During Renn Fayre sometimes people will tell you to have a “Happy Renn Fayre,” like it’s a national holiday or something. What if it was? What if it was everywhere? Imagine it: the whole country shut down for three days, people singing along to Stop Making Sense in Times Square or wherever, the nation’s waterways […]

  • Deterrence is Not the Only Option

    One of the things that sets Reed apart from other colleges is Community Safety. Historically, the trust between students and Community Safety Officers (CSOs) has afforded a wide range of privileges to the student body while offering a true sense of safety. Many, if not all, CSOs genuinely care for their community, and several have […]

  • The Orange Line Opens

    Portlanders have been “catching the Orange” in droves since Saturday, September 12. The newest Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) light rail line opened with great fanfare and now connects parts of the city previously lacking rapid transit. The Orange Line stretches from Union Station downtown, across the newly-built Tilikum Crossing transit bridge, through inner Southeast and […]

  • Judging A Book By Its Cover

    Academics tend to focus on the contents of books, but this time the bindings themselves are on display in the Library. “Books and Their Covers: Bookbindings in the Reed Collection,” an exhibit on the external aspects of texts, will be housed in the glass cases just past the entrance of the library until November. In […]

  • Nü Reed Kills Cold Drinking Water, ODB Roof Access?

    For all ten of you who use the weight room, you may have noticed a new, less cold water fountain. Does Nü Reed not believe in ice cold water during workouts? Townsend Angell of Facilities Services explains that the fountain was changed primarily due to the demand for more bottle filling fountains. And, thanks to […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries Spring 2015

      01 The Judicial Board adjudicated a complaint brought against a student alleged to have acted disrespectfully to community members by repeatedly smoking marijuana in a dorm room and by behaving rudely during a dorm room search. The Board found that the student had violated the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Policy and Smoking Policy. […]

  • Financial Reform Brings Square to the Paradox, Drives Bakers Away

    With the start of a new semester, the Paradox has undergone significant changes, including the newfound acceptance of credit cards as well as the indefinite hiatus of the student baking program. Although these adjustments might appear superficial, both changes stem from a deeper issue — the Paradox’s financial troubles over the past few years. As […]

  • Early Autumn Bike Thefts Down From Last Year

    Since the implementation of Community Safety’s bike bait program, the amount of bike thefts has dropped to less than half of what it was this time last year, and has lead to several arrests.  According to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger, the number of missing bike cases during the first two weeks of the […]

  • Griffin Guides May Change Advising at Reed

    During Orientation this year, 54 students received an email stating that they were to attend a Griffin Guides Advising 101 rather than the regular Advising 101 session. This alternative session introduced a peer academic mentoring pilot program, in which a returning student works with a new student and the new student’s faculty adviser to guide […]

  • A Letter of Apology from Gary “Stranger Danger” Granger

    From Gary “Stranger Danger” Granger, Head of Community Safety AKA Minister of Mischief* To All Reed Community Members: It is I, Gary “Stranger Danger” Granger, and I would like to apologize for the racially charged remarks I made at the first Senate meeting this fall. Honor compels me to make this apology and I hope […]

  • Admission Mistake Floods Reed with First-Year Students

    With an incoming class of 421 students, an increase of 74 over last year, availability of housing to upperclassman has decreased significantly. Residence Life Director Amy Schuckman estimates that the number of returning students who could be housed on campus decreased by about 100 this year. To make matters worse, the cost of housing in […]

  • Professor Pete Rock’s Spells Project Takes Off

    At first glance, creative writing professor and novelist Pete Rock’s Spells show at Blue Sky Gallery in northwest Portland looks like any other photography exhibit. But what makes Spells unique is that it isn’t just another photography show, novel, or video. Rather, Spells is a little bit of each, and it’s a project that continues […]

  • Winners of 2015 Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Contest

    The English Department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Contest.  First Prize was awarded to Hannah Looney for her poem, “Get Thee to the Gunnery.” Honorable Mention was awarded to Antonia Silva for her poems, “La bruja sin nombre” and “moondance in a barcelona thunderstorm.” Entries […]

  • Growing Seeds at Crystal Springs

    Thanks to many long months of planning and conversation on the part of the current ad-hoc Child Care Committee (Professors Gail Sherman, Kathy Oleson, Libby Drumm, and Jennifer Corpus, P.R. Managing Editor Stacey Kim, Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusive Community Santi Alston, Vice President and Treasurer Lorraine Arvin, and Dean of the Faculty Nigel […]

  • Student Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) Report

    A Brief History of the Student Opportunity Subsidy Program During the spring semester of 2014, Senate changed a bylaw to establish a new way for Senate to fund student projects and experiences. Paul Messick (former Student Body Vice-President and current student member of SOS Committee) proposed that there ought to be a mechanism through which […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries – Spring and Summer 2014

    In accordance with Section 8 Part A of the Judicial Board Code, each semester the Judicial Board publishes “summaries, not violating confidentiality” of the cases it has heard the previous semester, to give the community a sense of what issues have been adjudicated by the Board and how the Board has responded. We encourage everyone […]

  • Reedies for Reedies FAQ

    History of R4R The History of Reedies for Reedies begins in the fateful year of 2010, when a group of Reed seniors wanted to foster a community of giving amongst current students, with the mission statement: “In recognition of the value of a Reed education, the Class of 2010 Scholarship will provide support to an […]

  • Spring 2015 Student Body Elections Candidates

    Student Body Elections are will be up on starting 9:30 p.m. on Thursday April 23 and will close at midnight on Wednesday April 29. You can hear from the candidates and ask them questions at Elections assembly, Thursday April 23 at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Union. There are four open seats on the Student Senate, […]

  • Nigel Nicholson on Honorable Dialogue

    Dear Reed community, Many, if not most, of you are aware that one of our students prompted a heated debate on campus before spring break, and that the situation also precipitated public attention from social media as well as some mainstream media. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Reed cannot […]

  • HUMPLAY RETURNS: An interview with the direktors of Humplay

    HUMPLAY MMXV will take place this year on Friday, April 17th at 7 p.m., in Vollum Lecture Hall. The CSOs are deeply concerned that there is only one ass for every seat in Vollum, so line up early (beginning at 12 p.m.) outside of Vollum to ensure you get a seat! There will additionally be […]

  • Oh My, Oh My: An Interview with George Cole

    I recently sat down with George Cole to discuss reformed meat products, Reed nudity, and his sunny outlook on life. Where did you grow up? I was born in California but I was raised here in Portland. What is your favorite commons meal? I actually have two. The first one is mac and cheese and […]

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