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    In September 2016, as I began writing a thesis about community and infrastructure in Portland hip-hop communities, I started Low-Key Faded: NW Hip-Hop at Reed. My goal was to provide space and funding for local hip-hop artists and communities to put on free public shows at Reed. To this end, I approached several local artists […]

  • Curing Cancer with Hedgehogs

    I met up with Erin McConnell on a bright afternoon over some iced tea. Erin, a senior biochemistry major, is a delightful and expressive young woman with a love of books and the Russian language. She happily took time out of her busy schedule as chemistry social chair and her coordinating duties at Random House, […]

  • In/Describable

    Art has the power to radically challenge the beliefs of its audience. In Reed’s spring faculty show In/Divisible, the cast and crew did just that, creating a play that challenged their audience’s beliefs about the draft. The show was inspired by professor of theatre Elliot Leffler’s observation that “we were approaching the 15-year mark of […]

  • How Homer’s Hut Stacks Up Against Woodstock Grocers

    This table compares prices of various “college student products,” like Ben & Jerry’s and kombucha, so you can be better informed for your next grocery trip. In the “difference” columns, positive numbers indicate that Homer’s Hut charges more. Although Homer’s most often has the highest price, keep in mind that the managers aren’t out to […]

  • The Art of Tarot

    With a new understanding of the divination process after Synchronicity Tarot Club’s April 7 event, I felt it only appropriate to initiate this discussion by reading a one-card spread to offer perspective on how I should proceed with this article. As I shuffle my tarot deck, I feel a sense of connection with the cards. […]

  • Browsing With Brandon

    Suspenseful, hilarious, and oddly romantic, Vertigo’s Y the Last Man is a great series for readers seeking a comic that steers away from typical superhero tropes, a unique approach to the world of graphic novels that Vertigo—an imprint of DC Comics—is so well known for.   In the first volume, Y the Last Man: Unmanned, […]

  • Madrid Indie Band Plays Portland

    It’s Saturday night, and like millions of concertgoers across the country, I’m lining up outside a 21 and over club, hoping desperately that my underage friend will get in. She’s borrowed a fake for tonight, and though it looks nothing like her (and is, in fact, printed on cardboard), she’s going for it anyway, despite […]

  • Browsing With Brandon

    CW for The Killing Joke: Violence, Assault against Women, and Frightening Scenes. “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.” The above quote is delivered by none other than psychotic pranking extraordinaire the Joker, […]

  • Browsing With Brandon

    Content Warning for the graphic novel Ghost World: Cursing, Pedophilia, Anti-Semitic Comments, Homophobic Statements, and Potentially Triggering Discussions on Loss Of Virginity.   As you can see by the content warnings, Ghost World is not the most palatable of comics. Created by famous cartoonist Daniel Clowes, Ghost World is a coming-of-age tale following two adolescent […]

  • Browsing With Brandon

    Reviewed as “your new sci-fi obsession,” it’s no surprise that I felt like some higher power was drawing me to the recently published epic premier volume of the series Descender. In a world inundated by complex science fiction graphic novels, finding a series without barriers to entry, such as genre-specific jargon, can prove a lofty […]

  • Beer Nation Hosts Renn Fayre Pep Rally Garden

    Beer Nation would like to invite you to join us next Friday, March 11 for our Renn Fayre Pep Rally Garden. If you’re over 21, you will have already received an email with times, prices, and the volunteer signup sheet—get excited! For those of you who aren’t yet of age, we will have free kegs […]

  • Browsing With Brandon

    An excellent segway into the scaley and gargantuan universe that is Godzilla, the second edition of the graphic novel Godzilla—written and illustrated by Kazuhisa Iwata—is a wonderful homage to the film Godzilla 1985. Published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995 as a compilation of a six-issue mini-series from 1988, the cover of the second edition […]

  • Zamanfou: Mousefish

  • Zamanfou: “Don’t Shit on Me”

  • Doug the Lichen: Chet M.

  • Death to False Id-owls

    The first of two fake Doyle Owls—concrete casts created to delude, deceive, and dazzle credulous students—was duly destroyed as a false idol the night of February 12. It was a little under a year old. The false owl first appeared last April, when the group who then possessed the Real Beast stoked confusion across campus […]

  • Zamanfou: The Vapocrypha

  • State of The Nation

    Classy, controversial, and unfunded. The student body has spoken and Beer Nation has been ousted from Top 30, and thus won’t receive money without going through Finance Committee. This unpopularity, though not unheard of, reveals an obvious and drastic switch in student body perceptions; last year Beer Nation ranked 12th and received $15,000 in the […]

  • Meatsmoke

    The Meatsmoke Crew is a volunteer collective of alumni, students, and friends dedicated to what leader Jeffrey “Moose” Price ’03 describes as “bringing together Reedies of all vintages through fun and the shared ritual of eating together.” Meatsmoke comes to campus to cook for the masses during Paideia, Renn Fayre, and Reunions each year, serving […]

  • Doug the Lichen

  • Zamanfou: Beastiary

  • Browsing with Brandon

    Let me begin by recalling that I initially found Sweet Tooth Volume 1: Out of the Deep Woods in an attempt to fill the gaping hole left in me after I turned the final page of the Locke and Key series. My craving for another graphic novel that could match the grim, fantastical nature of […]

  • Ships Ahoy!

    Regarding student autonomy:   Part I Students have ridiculously short memories. Faculty, and increasingly, the administration, know that akll they need to do is wait four years in order to change what they don’t like. It hurts that students aren’t interested in the sb handhhoook; the most important bastion of studetn institutionaly memory and autonomy […]

  • Thesis Christ

    You’ll often find Dylan Lowy ’16 watching basketball highlights or walking to and from the library in his Detroit Pistons jacket. In his senior thesis, history major Lowy explores the media portrayal of black activists playing in the NBA from the mid 1950s to the early 1980s, with a concentration on basketballers Bill Russell, Kareem […]

  • The Captain’s Log

    Back in the days of 40s Nights, Open Mic Nights, and a SLUR that actually brought a crowd, there also existed an outlet for those drunk nights at the Lutz. An outlet for friends who gathered to drink, revel, cry. That outlet was the Lutz Report. In the spirit of our first post, one memorializing […]

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Young Thug: Part 1

    It’s maybe the twelfth time I have revisited the video. Perched in the seat of a Porsche 911, our story’s hero—sporting his usual septum piercing and a dazzling, if not contextually confusing and irreverent, Egyptian cross necklace—bounces in time with his own creation. Young Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, demonstrates an incredible variety of kinetic cadence, […]

  • Earthy Undertones

    [Collective greeting], rejoice, for our own Reed College has been visited upon, as of last December the 14th, by a most holy of miracles. A bold hero swept into Hauser’s hallowed halls in a shower of nugs, bearing twin grocery bags of mother nature’s finest to the klamoring, kronically overkaffeinated denizens of the Stim Table. […]

  • Math Professor Innovates New Quilting Method

      EDIT 12/04/2015: Irena has alerted me to inaccuracies within this article. I have updated the article to reflect the factually correct information that it was Ernest Haight, not Ernest Hale who pioneered early quilting methods. Haight’s methods also work more generally than I mention. Also, Irena just discovered Rita Hutchens’ book on Tubular Piecing, […]

  • How To Survive The Reed Plague

    With an unrelenting headache and a cough that made me feel as if I was doing permanent damage to my lungs, I sat in the Health and Counseling Center (HCC) for approximately seven minutes before being examined. It would seem that the Reed plague had one twisted sense of humor, as my interview with HCC […]

  • Andrew Bray: Oceanographer Turned Reed’s Newest Math Professor

    While working with an oceanography research team, Andrew Bray realized that he had to learn statistics. Having just received an undergraduate degree focused on oceanography, he moved to Alaska for the aforementioned research position, in which he discovered the data analysis played no small role in his job. “Ten percent of the time was spent […]

  • The Man of a Thousand Fruits

    You may know him as Pan Dogust, Dad, Don Pasta, he who turnips the beet, or perhaps just that one fruit guy. Whatever name junior Dan Pogust goes by in your psyche, he has some ambitious plans for the Reed community’s near future. As one of the leaders of the Reed Horticultural Society (RHS) and […]

  • Lutz Report

    During Renn Fayre sometimes people will tell you to have a “Happy Renn Fayre,” like it’s a national holiday or something. What if it was? What if it was everywhere? Imagine it: the whole country shut down for three days, people singing along to Stop Making Sense in Times Square or wherever, the nation’s waterways […]

  • Former Reed Professor Shares Experiences Growing Up Trans

    Joy Ladin, a former Reed professor, shared her insightful truths acquired from her seven years of being out, or what she calls “living as myself,” in Vollum Lecture Hall last Wednesday, September 30 at 4:30 in the afternoon. “Gender of some kind is a sign of personhood,” Joy Ladin stated matter-of-factly during her talk “Growing […]

  • Community Safety Has No Policy on Online Interactions, But That May Change

    Recent interactions involving Community Safety on the internet have brought a new question to the forefront: what is Community Safety’s role when it comes to interacting with and monitoring students on social media and email, and how do we as a student body want to see that dynamic maintained? At the moment, there is no […]

  • Student Body Subsidizes 23 Students’ Summer Projects

      The Student Opportunities Subsidy (SOS) helped 23 Reed students achieve their goals this summer in projects ranging from bird watching cards to diabetes research. Last spring, Senate established the SOS grant program to provide more flexible options for students seeking financial assistance to pursue unpaid or low-paying summer opportunities. The grants were provided on […]

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