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  • Thesis Christ

    You’ll often find Dylan Lowy ’16 watching basketball highlights or walking to and from the library in his Detroit Pistons jacket. In his senior thesis, history major Lowy explores the media portrayal of black activists playing in the NBA from the mid 1950s to the early 1980s, with a concentration on basketballers Bill Russell, Kareem […]

  • The Captain’s Log

    Back in the days of 40s Nights, Open Mic Nights, and a SLUR that actually brought a crowd, there also existed an outlet for those drunk nights at the Lutz. An outlet for friends who gathered to drink, revel, cry. That outlet was the Lutz Report. In the spirit of our first post, one memorializing […]

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Young Thug: Part 1

    It’s maybe the twelfth time I have revisited the video. Perched in the seat of a Porsche 911, our story’s hero—sporting his usual septum piercing and a dazzling, if not contextually confusing and irreverent, Egyptian cross necklace—bounces in time with his own creation. Young Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, demonstrates an incredible variety of kinetic cadence, […]

  • Earthy Undertones

    [Collective greeting], rejoice, for our own Reed College has been visited upon, as of last December the 14th, by a most holy of miracles. A bold hero swept into Hauser’s hallowed halls in a shower of nugs, bearing twin grocery bags of mother nature’s finest to the klamoring, kronically overkaffeinated denizens of the Stim Table. […]

  • Math Professor Innovates New Quilting Method

      EDIT 12/04/2015: Irena has alerted me to inaccuracies within this article. I have updated the article to reflect the factually correct information that it was Ernest Haight, not Ernest Hale who pioneered early quilting methods. Haight’s methods also work more generally than I mention. Also, Irena just discovered Rita Hutchens’ book on Tubular Piecing, […]

  • How To Survive The Reed Plague

    With an unrelenting headache and a cough that made me feel as if I was doing permanent damage to my lungs, I sat in the Health and Counseling Center (HCC) for approximately seven minutes before being examined. It would seem that the Reed plague had one twisted sense of humor, as my interview with HCC […]

  • Andrew Bray: Oceanographer Turned Reed’s Newest Math Professor

    While working with an oceanography research team, Andrew Bray realized that he had to learn statistics. Having just received an undergraduate degree focused on oceanography, he moved to Alaska for the aforementioned research position, in which he discovered the data analysis played no small role in his job. “Ten percent of the time was spent […]

  • The Man of a Thousand Fruits

    You may know him as Pan Dogust, Dad, Don Pasta, he who turnips the beet, or perhaps just that one fruit guy. Whatever name junior Dan Pogust goes by in your psyche, he has some ambitious plans for the Reed community’s near future. As one of the leaders of the Reed Horticultural Society (RHS) and […]

  • Lutz Report

    During Renn Fayre sometimes people will tell you to have a “Happy Renn Fayre,” like it’s a national holiday or something. What if it was? What if it was everywhere? Imagine it: the whole country shut down for three days, people singing along to Stop Making Sense in Times Square or wherever, the nation’s waterways […]

  • Former Reed Professor Shares Experiences Growing Up Trans

    Joy Ladin, a former Reed professor, shared her insightful truths acquired from her seven years of being out, or what she calls “living as myself,” in Vollum Lecture Hall last Wednesday, September 30 at 4:30 in the afternoon. “Gender of some kind is a sign of personhood,” Joy Ladin stated matter-of-factly during her talk “Growing […]

  • Community Safety Has No Policy on Online Interactions, But That May Change

    Recent interactions involving Community Safety on the internet have brought a new question to the forefront: what is Community Safety’s role when it comes to interacting with and monitoring students on social media and email, and how do we as a student body want to see that dynamic maintained? At the moment, there is no […]

  • Student Body Subsidizes 23 Students’ Summer Projects

      The Student Opportunities Subsidy (SOS) helped 23 Reed students achieve their goals this summer in projects ranging from bird watching cards to diabetes research. Last spring, Senate established the SOS grant program to provide more flexible options for students seeking financial assistance to pursue unpaid or low-paying summer opportunities. The grants were provided on […]

  • Measure 91 Creates Ambiguity for the Future of Marijuana Culture at Reed

      Despite the recent passage of Measure 91, Reed students continue to obtain marijuana in the same underhanded fashion. According to Samrath Bhattacharya ‘19, “There’s got to be at least one go-to person on every hall… or at least that’s what it seems like.” With marijuana already so accessible, it would seem that Reed students […]

  • Judging A Book By Its Cover

    Academics tend to focus on the contents of books, but this time the bindings themselves are on display in the Library. “Books and Their Covers: Bookbindings in the Reed Collection,” an exhibit on the external aspects of texts, will be housed in the glass cases just past the entrance of the library until November. In […]

  • If There’s a Word for This I Haven’t Found It Yet

    In a week, we will all be gone, and I already find myself dividing everything into the sum of its parts. Things I won’t miss: waking up at 10.55 for an 11 AM class everyday; dragging my feet through a compulsory intro bio class; the weird tension that sometimes accrues in friendships after a Big […]

  • History Class Examines Reed’s History of Protests

    Last week I was invited to sit in on Professor Shane Dillingham’s 1968 in Latin America history conference, a class focusing on youth culture and revolutions. The group was giving presentations on protest history at Reed College during the 1960s, each with a different emphasis, and drawing most research from Quest archives. “How does what’s […]

  • The Canyon Cats: Menace and Inspiration

    Many colleges have famous figures on campus, from Emma Watson at Brown to Stephen Hawking at Cambridge. Here at Reed College, we have the Canyon Cats. These allusive celebrities intrigue many with their stalking steps and wandering eyes. As one of these many admirers, I approached a member of the clan with an interview request, […]

  • HUMPLAY RETURNS: An interview with the direktors of Humplay

    HUMPLAY MMXV will take place this year on Friday, April 17th at 7 p.m., in Vollum Lecture Hall. The CSOs are deeply concerned that there is only one ass for every seat in Vollum, so line up early (beginning at 12 p.m.) outside of Vollum to ensure you get a seat! There will additionally be […]

  • Oh My, Oh My: An Interview with George Cole

    I recently sat down with George Cole to discuss reformed meat products, Reed nudity, and his sunny outlook on life. Where did you grow up? I was born in California but I was raised here in Portland. What is your favorite commons meal? I actually have two. The first one is mac and cheese and […]

  • Senate Raises Student Body Fee, Stagnates on Policy Fronts

    Student Body Fee The Student Senate voted 7-1 in favor of raising the Student Body fee by $40 per year for a new yearly total of $300, during their public meeting on March 12. The vote followed the previous week’s lengthy discussion about the current intersection between the semi-regular Wage Review and the consideration to […]

  • Hatching a New Presidency

    For someone who was born in the same hospital and attended the same high school as Zac Efron, Reed Student Body President Ashlin Hatch looks remarkably little like the international celebrity sensation. Despite her lack of six-pack abs or impeccably gelled hair, Ashlin Hatch was open to a range of hard hitting questions, like whether […]

  • Living in Farm Haus

    Living in a theme community can be a great way to explore a specific interest, and to meet others who share your passions. If you’re thinking about applying for a theme or language housing, check out the house to get a feel for the community. To that end, six members of Farm Haus sent us […]

  • Attending January Academy, with Hope

    This year is the first year that Reed College held January Academy, a free 3-week long course at the end of winter break for students who felt that they would like to brush up on their academic abilities. In addition to the academic portion of January Academy, the students had multiple opportunities to interact with […]

  • Bus Stops; Life Goes On

    Tomorrow morning I am supposed to get on a Greyhound Bus and spend three days going from New York, my home, to San Francisco. Right now I am at the doctor’s office. It was supposed to be a regular check–up before going back to college; coincidentally, I had started feeling kind of sick the night […]

  • Home is Where the Suitcases Are, Part 1

    Homesickness is a funny thing. As with just about every feeling or experience, it’s different for everyone — in part because the concept of ‘home’ is different for everyone, but for me, it’s when I feel like I ought to be somewhere else than where it is I am. For some of us, returning home […]

  • Thesis Christ! Mick Song: Are transposable elements our enemies, friends, or frenemies?

    Ok, Mick. Give me second. What do you hate most about your thesis? Um, I feel like my thesis no longer reflects the person who I was when I chose to pursue this major. Intense. What would your thesis be if it was reflective of you now? It would probably still be about transposable elements. […]

  • Letter from Mike Brody to the Department of Education Regarding the Passage of Measure 91

    To Whom It May Concern, In my capacity as Vice President and Dean of Students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, I oversee professional staff, and collaborate with students and faculty colleagues to help foster a campus environment that supports our educational mission. That effort includes ongoing programs to prevent substance abuse, combat addiction, and […]

  • Gamergate Explained

    In August of this year, a man named Eron Gjoni published a lengthy series of blog posts alleging that his girlfriend had cheated on him with five other men. Gjoni’s ex-girlfriend is the video game creator and developer Zoe Quinn—known for creating Depression Quest, a text-based game about falling into, and recovering from, depression. In […]

  • The Freshman Experience: All I Know is Nothing

    When I was a kid—let’s go with circa third grade—I had a big thing for Lewis and Clark (the explorers, not our neighbors from across the river). Or at least my eight-year-old perception of Lewis and Clark. I’d spent my childhood hearing about explorers in the abstract, and then here were Lewis and Clark, bona […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Week 11

    SKYWALKER OG INDICA-DOMINANT HYBRID THC% N/A PURCHASED AT: N/A METHOD: Vape bowls, 1.1g joint, 2.8g joint TIME: 4:20PM, 8:30PM CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: Dabs MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “Take Care of Business” by Danger Mouse & Jemini A strong, obviously proud descendent of the mighty OG Kush and the less known but just as mighty among the […]

  • Introducing The Honor Chronicles

    The Night Owls go out every weekend helping to make sure campus is safe, but at the end of the night, Reedies help Reedies all the time—often without any thanks or acknowledgment. We all have a responsibility to take care of each other, to build a safe community, and to teach each new generation of […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: On the Waning of Your Interest

    There are two kinds of interest I mean. One is your interest in my articles, which may very well be waning as you think my humility might, though I cannot and will not speak anything against this lofty disinterest but will only let my words speak for whoever will accept them. The second kind, the […]

  • The Lutz Report

    People criticize Reed a lot but it’s so much better than anywhere else but you don’t realize that until you go into the outside world and realize how awful it is. There are things you can talk about at Reed that you can’t talk about anywhere else just because of how shitty a society we […]

  • Interview with Adam Groce

      New to Reed, Adam Groce is a visiting professor in the Math Department. He currently teaches Math 121: Introduction to Computing and Math 387: Computability & Complexity. Now that you’re here, what do you think of the environment at Reed and the kind of students you’re seeing in your classes? It’s great. The students […]

  • Arbitrary Taste

    Dear suppliant, Before I address the question that you did ask, I want to speculate on the questions that you did not ask. You are not wondering how to have a life while still having time to finish your work. You are not worried about filling your Maslow-ian needs while completing assignments of which you […]

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