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  • Yes, But Is It Organic?

    Small Farmers Face Barriers in Embracing Organic Farming As a society we have effectively removed ourselves from where our food comes from. Since 1953, the percent of Americans that live on farms has decreased from 14 percent to 2 percent.  Through industrialization and urbanization, we have mechanized the food industry, removing ourselves from an integral […]

  • Bill Nelson ’62: The Men Behind the Books

    Expert Trespasser, Folk Dancer, and Math Extrordinaire Bill Nelson has managed to be a master folk dancer, one of the most wanted (yet unorthodox) high school teachers, and an unprecedented bookseller, all while embodying his life philosophy of minimalism. As I sit down with Bill on the same porch he uses to display his books, […]

  • Art Exhibit Overview: Laura Heit’s “Two Ways Down”

    Every summer the Edith Feldenheimer Gallery in the Studio Art Building invites an artist to display work in the student space. This year, Laura Heit, an animator and professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was asked to install a recent work.  Heit’s work addresses topics ranging from the political to intimate spheres, (sometimes […]

  • An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age

    The pony-sized grey box with the words, “Rayjet: Just plug and ray!” written on it was not what I had in mind when I heard that Reed had just bought a laser. The 10.6 nanometer 80 watt C02 laser sitting in the Physics sub-basement is not some nuevo-diabolic weapon acquired by the school, but rather […]

  • When Sexual Intercourse Falls Short of Sex

    What is sex? I am genuinely asking this question. I googled “Sex” but all I got was “Cosmo’s sex tips” (terrifying) and “sex videos, sex pictures” (interesting, but not very informative). Webster’s dictionary defines sex as “sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.” This of course led me to look up “sexual intercourse,” which brought me […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Week 9

    PINEAPPLE INDICA-DOMINANT HYBRID THC% N/A PURCHASED AT: N/A METHOD: 1.8g joint. TIME: 7:25PM. CONSUMED OF, DAY BEFOREHAND: 1.3g joint, bong rips MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: METHOD: 0.8g joint MUSIC: MUSIC:  “aisatsana” by Aphex Twin Pretty pretty nugs. They are very stereotypically indica-dominant-hybrid in that they are roughly indica in color, roughly sativa in shape, and roughly indica […]

  • Freshman Experience: The Rampant Self

    I am writing this at 2 a.m. on a Monday morning. I was throwing a mini pity party outside and, as it happens at a small college, ended up running into a bunch of people I knew. I love 2 a.m. pity party meetings because most of the people you run into are in similar […]

  • Intro. to Music: Harmony and Chords

    This is the second part of my series on basic music theory. If you want to, you can go to the Quest website ( and find the first part. Where we were last time: we have twelve pitches in the interval of an octave, and we can assign letter names to these twelve pitches, so […]

  • More CSOs Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    The Reasons Behind the Extra Patrols Something is up in Asylum Block. The Community Safety Officers have been brightening Foster/Scholz/McNaughton far more frequently this year, as often as six times a day in recent weeks. We talk about it in passing in the common room. Visiting friends sometimes stop and ask us what’s up. It […]

  • The Ballad of the Wandering Vapyrist

    Strains of Vapyr Week 8 Once, or twice, it may have been Upon a time or upon a whim That a wandering vapyrist was seen And all the Venti followed him Aeolus ushered forth the fire And he kept well his sacred craft And in the face of cold desire He exhaled, choking, as he […]

  • Homer’s: Get Some Dank in Your Tank

    You’ve been there before: it’s 2 A.M. and you either need sustenance, caffeine, or some sort of medicine because you feel like you’re dying. The solution to most of the problems that you could be faced with can be found inside the three walls and shelves that enclose Homer’s Hut. But Homer’s cannot be fully […]

  • Freshman Experience: First Weeks

    Two nights before I went to Reed College, my best friend and I drove across Manhattan in the middle of the night. We bumped all the songs we’d been playing that summer and shared one of those last disgusting, unfiltered camel cigarettes. The night before I went to Reed, I walked four miles around my […]

  • Doug the Lichen – 11/22/13

  • Doug the Lichen – 11/15/13

  • Doug the Lichen – 11/08/13

  • Flavors of Donut: Voodoo Doll, Maple Blazer Blunt

    By The Grange VOODOO DOLL DOUGHNUT, Donutus revengeus 0.0% THC—0.0%CBD—0.0%CBN—40%Fat—40%Sugar—20%Protein PURCHASED AT: Voodoo Too, 1501 NE Davis St., Portland, OR METHOD: Mastication TIME: 4:20 a.m. CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: Coffee, West African Vodun MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Jimi Hendrix No two voodoo dolls look exactly the same, but there is surprising consistency in […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Pineapple Thai

    By Dankretius A Lament From Dankretius To those who would oppose my art, Belittle and begrudge my words, And sever my broadsheet arms That once lived in 2-wide splendor, Make yourselves clearly known To the task I here attempt: One of observation and acute Focus, appreciation with reasoned Correlations, using a method Of judgment and […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Durban Poison, Dogshitcherrypie, and Sour Diesel

    DURBAN POISON (FLOWER) SATIVA ~PURE~ 21% THC–0.13%CBD~~0%CBN PURCHASED AT: Five Zero Trees, 10209 SE Division St #100, Portland, OR 97266 METHOD: 1.3g joint, vaporizer TIME: 5:33a.m. CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: a few ice wax dabs MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “Low and Easy” by Spoonbill This was intense. Perhaps due to the late hour in which this strain […]

  • Brutus Tells All

    Colin Trevor (left) as Cassius and Andrew Watson (right) as Brutus. Photo by Stacia Torborg. Julius Caesar performs April 10, 11, and 12 at 7:30 in the PAB Studio Theatre. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Tickets are $3.00 can be reserved online at “Brutus is just as smart as Caesar. People totally like Brutus just […]

  • Julius Caesar: A Review

    Red banners unfurl from the second level of the Diver Studio Theatre as platform-heeled Romans swarm the stage amid riotous shouts of “Caesar! Caesar!” The glamorous general himself, a Bowiesque Caesar played by Kevin Snyder, emerges with a flourish of confetti and purple sequins. His command is absolute, the crowd loves him, and they all […]

  • Herb of the Week: Nettle

    “If they would eat nettles in March, and drink Mugwort in May, So many fine maidens would not go to the clay.” – Funeral Song of a Scottish Mermaid As promised, I bring you the first installment of Reed Apothecary’s Herb of the Week: Nettle, Urtica dioica. If you stopped by at Canyon Day last […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Space Queen, Norwegian Kush, and Jack Herer

    Surprisingly fruity for such a savory smelling bud when pulled through the whip of a nice vaporizer. Bowls that lasted for 3-6 tokes packed with other strains (on a below suggested temperature) last for 12-14 tokes with Space Queen even on a higher temperature, all without accumulating too much ashen plant matter, thus avoiding ash mixing with the vapyrs, a charred impression on the lips, and a smoker’s taste on the tongue.

  • VVeed: Literature and Relevancy

    She went to bed high so that she wouldn’t dream. In the morning she woke up and looked at tweets on her phone in bed. After several minutes completely mediated by the screen, she thought: “Thats true” as well as “Not that profound”. Out of bed and looking into the refrigerator, she listens to Ira […]

  • VVEED: An Introduction

    Weed, the “every day” term for a “variety of senses” is a surprisingly flexible concept, (can lead to confusion) and no one minds the blanket term, Weed. It’s all about not being like other plants in the garden. This very special [flower] is can a nonically, almost (meta)physically unwanted, (ex: is an accepted weed still […]

  • An Obscure Home for Advanced Computation

    Tucked on the outskirts of Reed’s campus, past the DoJo and the Arts building, sits a modest, seemingly displaced house. Set apart from the neighborhood surrounding Reed, its purpose is unclear; a sign on the front of the house reading “Center for Advanced Computation” is the only indication of its status as Reed’s computer science […]

  • BLESS DA 40oz: A History

    Perhaps the most difficult transition to college life for me was the sudden lack of my favorite malt liquors: where had the West Coast hidden the St. Ides and Private Stock I knew and loved back East? In their place I found Steel Reserve, as well as the familiar Colt 45 and OE, but these were small comforts.

  • Fellowships: The Top 10 Questions list

    So, you’ve heard about Fellowships, but never really thought about how they might be relevant to you. This article will address the top questions that you never knew to ask. Curious? Interested but overwhelmed? Inspired? The Fellowships’ Adviser is here to help you navigate the process!  10.  What’s the point? Fellowships provide opportunities for you […]

  • A Postcard from Thesis Hell

    Okay, Reed, I really need talk to you. About a girl. Her name is Thesis. Jeez, just thinking about Thesis gets me all excited, but, like there’s a problem. I’ve been calling it my Thesis problem. We started dating at the beginning of last semester, and we’ve been trying to have sex for, well, most of that time, and it just hasn’t ever worked out. I mean, the mutual active consent is all there, you know, like, we’re down to fuck each other. It’s just that, see, the problem is, like, I just…fuck, I’ll just say it: I can’t find her vagina.

  • Bar Reviews: Church & The Lutz

    The location sucks. Nestled in the triangular no-man’s land created by the intersection of the Banfield Expressway (I-84, for the unitiated) and NE Sandy, Church faces the single most saddest distribution plant (Pepsi Cola, to be exact) I have ever seen, period. A strange entity in this desolate area, Church draws a quasi-yuppie, liberal elite crowd that has a penchant for wool herringbone trousers and cordovan wingtips–and for good reason.

  • Tea Bus Brews Harmony

    A small school bus attracted curious passersby on Monday, from its spot on the corner of the Quad. A sign that read “Free Tea” convinced them to climb inside. Thirty-year-old Colorado College graduate Guisepi Spadafora has been serving free tea out of his bus (named Edna Lu) for five and a half years. He says […]

  • Jerg’s Math Column: General Stuff

    In this weekly column, Josh will talk about interesting math concepts that we all can enjoy. Central to the practice of mathematics is the notion of generality: after noticing a pattern that happens in two different things, one will attempt to articulate this pattern, which will allow you to talk about the pattern in general. […]

  • Thesis Christ! Sammi Massey

    Religion major Sharon (aka Sammi) Massey thinks that the scholarship on Syrian Jews in New York City has been missing a large chunk of historical analysis. She had heard and read in popular media about this community of Syrian Jews being fiercely insular, but these observations did not line up perfectly with what her Syrian […]

  • Gallery Returns to Soviet Era

    For the past few weeks Soviet propaganda posters and films have filled the Cooley Gallery. Images of Comrade Lenin, framed by calls to revolution and unity, line the walls as part of the latest exhibition, “Reality Principle: Construction of a New Life”, which explores the idea of the “new Soviet citizen” through graphic arts and […]

  • Thesis Christ! Andrew Watson

    Income inequality in the United States has been on the rise since the mid-1980s. Until that point, the gap between the rich and the poor had been slowly declining, as it had been theorized it should by Simon Kuznets in the 1950s. According to Kuznet’s theory, income inequality rises rapidly when an economy is developing, […]

  • Language Scholar Profile: Matías Borg Oviedo

    Putting its poshness and hotel-esque interiors aside, Reed’s Spanish House is one of the few language houses with two language scholars. This week, The Quest decided to interview Matías Borg Oviedo, one of this year’s two Spanish Scholars to get to know him a little better.   Q: Where are you from? Have you ever […]

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