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The Sexual Intellectual

  • Survey Will Measure Campus Climate

    By Kathy Oleson, Melissa Osborne, and Crystal Williams Dear Reed Community, In a couple of weeks, you’ll receive an invitation to participate in the Reed College Campus Climate Survey. You’ll see flyers posted around campus and you’ll hear your professors, colleagues, and friends talking about the survey. And, we hope, you will be among those […]

  • Ask The Fucking Know-It-All: Godzilla-Women and Virgins

    Q: Hey, Tristan, So my straight male friend, a pretty confident, good-looking guy without really any problem getting girls, came out to me the other day as having a giantess fetish. He loves looking up these photoshopped photos of super tall women walking all over cities like Godzilla or lifting up men in their fingers. […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual Does Cosmo

     Trigger Warning: rampant sexism/heteronormativism “Shhh. What He Doesn’t Need to Know” These days women talk way too much to their (strictly male and monogamous) mates. To pick up the slack in your jaw and your relationship, our leading sexperts have decided to add the old air of “mystery” back into your love life by telling […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual: Dating Nomenclature

    If there’s anything about English that fails me (besides its skimpy range of emotional terms and having the worst names for genitals in the history of language), it’s the lack of an appropriate way to designate people that you are dating. This phrase in and of itself comprises several shades of significance: “dating.” I am […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual Talks “Sexy Consent”

    The first golden rays of Renn Fayre are peeking out from the horizon; Hum Play and Stop Making Sense are forthcoming while students scurry to the bins and back to make their props, costumes, and projects ready for the Gold Rush. However, not everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. A black cloud has hung over […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual, AKA The Fucking Know-It-All: “Confessions of a Premature Ejaculator”

    So… I have this friend. He’s a pretty decent looking guy and doesn’t have much trouble sealing the deal when it comes to people he’s attracted to, but…well, he has this “problem.” It’s not necessarily a medical condition or any kind of psychological disorder but, sometimes, he gets a little too excited by foreplay and […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual, AKA The Fucking Know-It-All: An Ode to Going Down

    Lewis Black, the angry yet eloquent sociopolitical comedian once said, “Curling should be taken out of the Olympics and replaced with oral sex – it’s harder than curling, and if you’re any good at it, you deserve a medal!” I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Black. Unfortunately my written appeals to the IOC have all […]

  • The Sexual Intellectual, AKA The Fucking Know-It-All: Sex Tips for Guys

    I’m not out to teach you the ultimate secret to sex like some kung-fu sex master or a Men’s Health magazine will promise to. After speaking to some close and sexually active female friends, though, I have devised some guidelines for men in approaching sex.

  • The Sexual Intellectual, AKA The Fucking Know-It-All: Sex Tips for Girls Revisited

    This past summer I came across a book entitled “Sex Tips for Girls” in the bargain bin of a vintage store called Smut. The cover sported a pair of fishnetted legs in red heels, enough to capture my attention and interest (as it should any het male). Penned by humorist and journalist Cynthia Heimel (whose […]

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