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  • Hari Kondabolu Talks Institutional Diversity, Illuminati

    Hari Kondabolu stood at the front of Kaul Auditorium, squinting through spotlights to the edges of the half-full crowd. “This space is too big,” he said into the microphone. “Comedy needs lower roofs, smaller spaces.” A popular figure in today’s comedy scene—he’s performed on Letterman, Conan, and Comedy Central—Kondabolu has no qualms taking potshots at […]

  • Comments on recent discussion of staff policies and sexual harassment

    I want to thank the students who organized the sit-in and the forum last week. The events permitted the discussion of serious questions about how sexual harassment involving staff is handled at Reed. I am submitting this letter as an individual; these are my thoughts, and should not be misconstrued as an official statement. I […]

  • Senate Beat: December 4, 2014

    “Anyone who tells you Voodoo doughnuts are the best is lying.” – Rennie Meyers Chase Doremus, Kathryn Loucks, Rebecca Forman, Tanner Hanson, and Katie Schmitz were appointed to the Judicial board, which now has a full board of 12 members. Applications are still open for Honor Council. The Student Union is expecting to receive a […]

  • Letter from President John Kroger

    Dear Reed Student Senate: Thanks to you and other community members for your thoughtful letters to me and others published in the Quest today. I very much appreciate your deep concern for the safety and well-being of community members. I think your letter and those of other community members raise, at the very least, three […]

  • Letter: I Believe What I Want About This

    These are my thoughts, and mine only. I’m writing not as a representative of Senate, or the Admission Office, or anyone other than myself. These thoughts are also not sanitized, and not politically neutral. When I look at the definition of sexual harassment in the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy, it makes me feel […]

  • Letter from Sasha Peters

    To the editors: On Tuesday I sat outside President Kroger’s office as part of the #outofrespect sit-in for twenty minutes. I would have sat in longer, but I had to be at work. My boss let me leave early to participate. Before I left, one of my supervisors approached me with some questions. They asked […]

  • Letter from the Student Senate

    Dear President Kroger and the Reed Community, The Student Body Senate would like to express its deep disappointment with respect to the handling of the complaint of sexual harassment from a former Admission Office employee to the Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid.  While opinions vary among senators, this letter broadly reflects the sentiment […]

  • It’s Faculty Evaluation Time Again… How it Works

    The season of Thanksgiving is also the season of evaluations, and the Committee on Advancement and Tenure has asked me to reach out to the student body through the Quest to explain how the evaluation system works and communicate how you can best play your part within it. The larger goal of the evaluation system […]

  • Admission Staff Resigns After Accusing VP of Sexual Harassment

    Investigation Found No Violation of DHSM Policy For many members of the community, particularly those that work in the Admission Office, this is a very sensitive issue. Please respect the wishes of students who do not wish to discuss this topic further. Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Andrea Hendrickson resigned November 4, 2014 after alleging that […]

  • Senate Beat: Codes, Codes, Codes

    This week, Senate discussed changes to the honor council and J-Board codes, and the Student Opportunity Subsidies (SOS) program—which the Quest will cover in next week’s “Senate Beat.” This “Senate Beat” covers the minor J-Board and Honor Council Code changes that were discussed at the Senate meeting last week. For an overview of large changes […]

  • Performing Positive Masculinity

    Notes from an illuminating discussion of non-violent masculinity On September 28th 2014, Reedies assembled in Vollum Lounge to discuss examples of nonviolent masculinity and other issues of consent. All the examples or suggestions are just that, examples or suggestions that are always up for critique and discussion. This is the beginning of an ongoing process. […]

  • Elephant (or Lawyer) in the Room:

    Campus SaVE Changes, the Sexual Misconduct Board and the New Role of Lawyers in Sexual Misconduct Adjudication On October 20th, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) published its finalized regulations on implementing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, including guidance on the provisions of the Campus Sexual Violence Act (Campus SaVE). While for […]

  • Letter from Mike Brody to the Department of Education Regarding the Passage of Measure 91

    To Whom It May Concern, In my capacity as Vice President and Dean of Students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, I oversee professional staff, and collaborate with students and faculty colleagues to help foster a campus environment that supports our educational mission. That effort includes ongoing programs to prevent substance abuse, combat addiction, and […]

  • Fall 2014 Elections Candidate Blurbs

    Student body elections will take place from Wednesday, November 19 to Friday, November 20th at Elections assembly, where the candidates will present short speeches and will take questions, will be in the Student Union at 7pm on Tuesday, November 18th. Presidential Candidates Ashlin Hatch ’17   Hey, I’m Ashlin, and I’m-a-runnin’ for SB Prez. […]

  • Gamergate Explained

    In August of this year, a man named Eron Gjoni published a lengthy series of blog posts alleging that his girlfriend had cheated on him with five other men. Gjoni’s ex-girlfriend is the video game creator and developer Zoe Quinn—known for creating Depression Quest, a text-based game about falling into, and recovering from, depression. In […]

  • Real Talk about RKSK

    RKSK Initiation: you all know what I’m talking about. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, probably a lot of you don’t really think too hard about it. Many of you have concerns, and I’ll be the first to agree that they are all valid. I have gathered, though, that there are […]

  • Legalized Weed Wouldn’t Be Legal at Reed

    A sledgehammer arcs through the air and sets off a cold, glittering symphony of broken glass that echoes from 28 West to the Grove. Fragments of pipes and bongs that students have used to smoke marijuana coat the inside of a taped-up cardboard box, which a Community Safety Officer promptly tosses into a dumpster. The […]

  • Introducing The Honor Chronicles

    The Night Owls go out every weekend helping to make sure campus is safe, but at the end of the night, Reedies help Reedies all the time—often without any thanks or acknowledgment. We all have a responsibility to take care of each other, to build a safe community, and to teach each new generation of […]

  • Pacific NW Fossil Fuel Exports in Works, But They Can Be Stopped

    Legislators and policymakers in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia hold a key to preventing irreversible human-induced climate change—or at least postponing it. Because plans for fossil fuel export projects in the Pacific Northwest have stalled since their conception in 2012, Oregonians, along with residents of Washington and British Columbia, still have time to fight back. […]

  • Senate Beat: RKSK Initiation Sparks Debate

    Last week, Senate primarily discussed RKSK initiation, and addressed issues relating to honor and expectations of student conduct at both schools. Senate elected to unfreeze money allocated to RKSK for thongs to allow students to cover themselves after RKSK signator Swede Pearson discussed measures to make sure participants in and observers of initiation felt comfortable. […]

  • New Dean for Changing System

    Santi Alston Steps into new role as Assistant Dean of Student Services Santi Alston, former Program Coordinator for the Multicultural Resource Center, Assistant Dean for Inclusive Community and Sexual Misconduct Board member, was promoted to a newly created position at Reed College this semester: the Assistant Dean of Student Services. The position’s purpose is to […]

  • SOS Summer Grant Program Prepares to Roll Out Spring 2015

    Financial logistics aside, you should know that the Senate has a lump of about $14,000 that we are using for our pilot year of Senate Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) programs. SOS programs are a part of a recent Senate bylaw change that happened last Spring semester, and they will help us (the Student Body Senate) help […]

  • What if Art is a Car Crash and We’re All Just Rubbernecking

    All four scenes, including three video channels and the fourth wall they’re being projected onto, take place in a parking lot. The projected parking lots are former Pontiac dealerships, purchased and refurbished by Jesse Sugarmann, an artist based in California, whose anachronistic bailout of one of GM’s sacrificial darlings commemorates the “life and death” of […]

  • Orwellian Smoke Detector Rumors Don’t Live Up to Hype

    Ominous, Orwellian rumors have been circulating about the capabilities of campus smoke detectors. These rumors dictate that the smoke detectors are tools of oppression used to monitor what you, YES YOU, are doing in your room, specifically if you are smoking. You now are probably thinking, “Well no shit Sherlock! Of course smoking will set […]

  • Narked at Lewis & Clark

    Instead of going to Grimes ball, I for some reason decided to trek out to Lewis and Clark, where nothing was happening, to visit a good friend of mine. This was my first mistake. Within an hour of my arrival, a group of Clarkies and I started to walk off campus a block or so, […]

  • Bill Nelson ’62: The Men Behind the Books

    Expert Trespasser, Folk Dancer, and Math Extrordinaire Bill Nelson has managed to be a master folk dancer, one of the most wanted (yet unorthodox) high school teachers, and an unprecedented bookseller, all while embodying his life philosophy of minimalism. As I sit down with Bill on the same porch he uses to display his books, […]

  • Comfort, Race & Responsibility

    How College-sponsored events reflect the interests and stakes of the student body Pancho Savery, professor of English & Humanities, spoke before an attentive crowd of students in Vollum Lecture Hall on the evening of September 18 and proclaimed, “A specter is haunting America, and that specter is black death.” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. […]

  • The Place Where You Live—Finding Identity in the Reed Canyon

    Where do you live? It’s a question you’ve been asked. And if you’re like me, it’s a question you haven’t known how to answer since the day you first stepped foot on Reed Campus. But how do you define the place where you live? Is it also the place you call home? Is it the […]

  • Comic Feature: Akira

    Manga is a medium that is enormously popular for a lot of reasons, and the majority of you will have picked up at least one manga series at some point. Manga series are known for their exaggerated, highly stylized characters and elaborate backgrounds and locations. They’re known for broad genres that have their own unique […]

  • The Lutz Report

    Trigger Warning: Lots of “curse words” lulz. Welcome to the Lutz Report. This column is an ethereal beast that comes and goes with the seasons/workloads. Apparently this shit was started by Joel Franklin when he was at Reed; now he’s a physics prof. If you’ve never been graced by his heavenly lectures that make you […]

  • An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age

    The pony-sized grey box with the words, “Rayjet: Just plug and ray!” written on it was not what I had in mind when I heard that Reed had just bought a laser. The 10.6 nanometer 80 watt C02 laser sitting in the Physics sub-basement is not some nuevo-diabolic weapon acquired by the school, but rather […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Week 9

    PINEAPPLE INDICA-DOMINANT HYBRID THC% N/A PURCHASED AT: N/A METHOD: 1.8g joint. TIME: 7:25PM. CONSUMED OF, DAY BEFOREHAND: 1.3g joint, bong rips MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: METHOD: 0.8g joint MUSIC: MUSIC:  “aisatsana” by Aphex Twin Pretty pretty nugs. They are very stereotypically indica-dominant-hybrid in that they are roughly indica in color, roughly sativa in shape, and roughly indica […]

  • Review: Batman: Cataclysm and Batman: No Man’s Land

    I grew up immersed in comic books and comic book culture; my earliest memory reading involves sitting on my parents’ bed with an issue of Batman and my dad guiding me slowly through the pictures and the phonics. My experience, however, is not the majority of reader experiences. I can understand that coming into the […]

  • A Watershed in Sustainability

    This month marks a watershed moment in sustainability both at Reed and around the world. Saturday’s annual Reed College Community Day will include Canyon exploration groups, a nonprofit fair displaying local environmental organizations to be joined by anyone, a beehive–making session, and a nature crafts and games circle, among other activities. On Sunday, members of […]

  • Senate Beat: Shoot the Jokes!

    This week, Senate heard grievances related to the prevalence of joke groups in funding poll, passed a firearms policy, and discussed fineries of the forthcoming student opportunity subsidies, or SOSs i.e., Senate could give you money to be on Senate if you need financial support. Da Business: Taylor Lee was appointed as Senate secretary, Barsha […]

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