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  • Meatsmoke

    The Meatsmoke Crew is a volunteer collective of alumni, students, and friends dedicated to what leader Jeffrey “Moose” Price ’03 describes as “bringing together Reedies of all vintages through fun and the shared ritual of eating together.” Meatsmoke comes to campus to cook for the masses during Paideia, Renn Fayre, and Reunions each year, serving […]

  • Hari Kondabolu Talks Institutional Diversity, Illuminati

    Hari Kondabolu stood at the front of Kaul Auditorium, squinting through spotlights to the edges of the half-full crowd. “This space is too big,” he said into the microphone. “Comedy needs lower roofs, smaller spaces.” A popular figure in today’s comedy scene—he’s performed on Letterman, Conan, and Comedy Central—Kondabolu has no qualms taking potshots at […]

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Spring/Fall?

    It wouldn’t be the end of a Reed semester without the burning of some thesis drafts and the popping of some champagne, and with classes winding to a close, it’s almost time to bundle up and get excited for a fun and safe Spring/Fall. “Spring/Fall is first and foremost a celebration,” says Czar Sierra Swann. […]

  • Guardians of the Self-Referential Art Film

    This column will talk about what I thought were some of the most important movies of the past year. Not necessarily those I thought were the ‘best,’ or even my favorites, but movies that are definitely worth discussing. 2014 was an incredible year for film. Ask any film nerd, movie buff, or other movie-going person, […]

  • The Importance of Ordering the Soul: A Mathematical Dialogue

    Mick sees Josh studiously staring at a collection of five boxes. Upon further inspection, each box contains one distinctly numbered ball. Josh exchanges the balls in two of the boxes, and proceeds to write on his tablet. He then looks up, and senses the quizzical expression on Mick’s face. Josh: Come here! Read this. Josh […]

  • Two Men Under a Tree: A Mathematical Dialogue

    Josh: Let us revel in the joy of mathematics, Mick, for mathematics carries great joy in its learning. Mick: How do you mean, Josh? Josh: Mick, let me explain. Tell me, do you listen to music? Mick: Why, yes, Josh; the works of Mozart belong amongst the highest music of the spheres. Josh: What do […]

  • Intro to Music: Rhythm

    This week, I’m going to introduce some basic concepts and language of rhythm. Rhythm, broadly speaking, is the process and organization by which music is set in time. Just as pitch—which is a continuous attribute of sound—is discretized into twelve pitches, rhythm also fits into a system of separate, distinct categories. Additionally, just as pitch […]

  • Intro to Music: Chord Progressions

    To recap from last time: We have triads built from the major scale. Following the exact same procedure as what was described before, you could also construct the triads coming from the minor scale. A note about this: if you construct the dominant triad in a minor scale, you will end up with a minor […]

  • Applied Astrology

    For centuries people have looked up at the heavens and attempted to read their future in the stars. From the Sumerians to the Mayans to the column in your local paper, people have always been attributing actual events to the movement of stars and planets through careful charting and pure guesswork. In the interest in […]

  • Intro to Music: Pitch

    Let’s talk about music. Broadly speaking, there are five or so “essential” elements to music: pitch, how high or low the sounds are; rhythm, the placement of those sounds in time; timbre, how it sounds—voice vs. drum vs. guitar and so on; textual content, if there are words, and the interaction of the words with […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Week 5

    Lemon Kush INDICA-DOMINANT HYBRID THC% N/A PURCHASED AT: Green Oasis Dispensary 1035 SE Tacoma St, Portland OR METHOD: 1.3g joint TIME: 2:30PM. CONSUMED OF, DAY BEFOREHAND: Nothing. MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “Old English” by Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs and A$AP Ferg Lemon Kush was vibrant. Truly, the light and friendly yellow and green leaves and buds transferred […]

  • Location, Location, Location: Mad Men’s Westward Expansion

    By Ashley Brandt Mad Men has historically been a very “New York” show. The title itself is a reference to “Madison Avenue”, and throughout the first six seasons various Mad Men characters grapple with their relationship to the city. At the show’s outset (the premiere episode is set in 1960), a home in the suburbs […]

  • A Numerical Brainteaser Birthday Gift for Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 (2-24-1955 or simply, 2241955) and died on October 5, 2011 (10052011), at age 56. He was a computer entrepreneur and inventor. He founded Apple Inc. with two of his colleagues on April 1st, 1976 (4011976). As is well known, his inventions had a huge impact on the […]

  • How to Roast Your Own Muh’fuckin’ Coffee

    You spend too much money on coffee. Yes, you. I’ve seen you, getting your early morning jolt from Commons, stopping by the fucking Paradox between classes, and topping it off with a fucking no-soy caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I bet you thought that this was just the way your fucking life was going to have […]

  • Dance Like a Reedie

    A blues dancing epidemic has emerged on campus. There are Reedies dancing in Winch, in the SU, in Commons… anywhere there’s a flat surface. These dancers were infected at the Thursday night P.E. class titled “Lindy-Hop and Jazz Dance,” currently taught by Kayce Spear ‘03 and Jae Wilson. The class is a combination of faux […]

  • Restaurant Reviews (Continuation fro Previous Week)

    Continued from last week’s edition, here are a few more Southeast-area restaurants for you to check out. Broder (2508 SE Clinton) I don’t know about you, but there was I time when I didn’t think of the Swedes as having a particularly noteworthy cuisine. That changed when I discovered Broder. From the decor to the […]

  • Restaurant Review

    Welcome to Reed, freshling! Portland is home to a great food culture, and Southeast in particular, with its quiet residential neighborhoods and tree-lined boulevards, has numerous delicious and accessible options. You’ve likely already discovered nearby institutions like Tom Yum, the Delta, and Saburo. We at the Quest have compiled a list of some of our favorite […]

  • Crossword

  • Subgenre of the Week: Dutch house

    We live in an age where our post-modern sensibilities have translated into flourishing musical creativity. This, paired with the death of radio, has led to the creation of nearly every subgenre imaginable. But how do you keep track of them all? Each week, we here at the Quest do our best to help you make […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: “Disney Shit”

    This week’s subby is a quicky but goodie. Surely, by now, you’ve seen Rebecca Black’s  YouTube gem “Friday” and its subsequent parodies (if not, I would highly recommend watching before continuing reading). It’s terrible, and we all know it. And yet, I really don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Yes, “Friday” is the […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Plunderphonics (feat. Kanye West)

    We live in an age where our post-modern sensibilities have translated into flourishing musical creativity. This, paired with the death of radio, has led to the creation of nearly every subgenre imaginable. But how do you keep track of them all? Each week, we here at the Quest do our best to help you make […]

  • Judgment Day Approaches: Postcards from Thesis Hell, Heaven

    Postcard from Thesis Hell Having been the poster child for overcoming stress culture at Reed for the past two and a half years, I assumed I’d be the last person to write this thing. And if I did, I thought it would be some moralizing, holier-than-thou, this-isn’t-hell-it’s-all-in-your-head type of thing. But after spring break—which should […]

  • Crossword Solution

  • Dissecting “Barbra Streisand” : A Highly Specific Sub-Genre

    Andrew Choi What does “Barbra Streisand” mean to me? Oh god, where do I even begin? For starters, Barbra Streisand is deliciously danceable disco-house with a New York ethos attached to it. But that’s Choi the douchebag DJ talking. On a more personal level, Barbra Streisand is about take-out food; specifically, pizza. You could say […]

  • Crossword Puzzle

  • Subgenre of the Week: Moombahton

    Have you ever been to a skipping party? Until today, I’d never heard of them before. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t all that hip in high school (oh, hey, free periods spent in the library), but apparently while I was sitting in my morning calculus class and longingly looking out the window at the sunny […]

  • Postcard from Thesis Hell

    I dove so deep that I can’t find my way out. I wander through a dark coral reef of obscure journals and ambiguous data, unable to make any sense of my journey. I had a plan—once—I know I did. But it was lost among the anemones and sea cucumbers. Now, I struggle to make something […]

  • Sexy Senior: Salim Moore

    Name: Solomon Salim Moore
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Pasadena “The Dena” (a.k.a The hardest place on Earth)
    Major: Art History!

  • Subgenre(s) of the Week: Nintendocore (feat. Holiday Pop)

    As the holidays are fast approaching and light radio stations spin seasonal tunes 24/7, it was tempting to go easy with this week’s subgenre installment and discuss my mother’s favorite artist: Josh Groban, that pop-era star so fiendishly notorious for his overwhelmingly sentimental rendition of Christmas songs (especially among the middle-age mom set). But I […]

  • En-Szu Takes a Trip to the Cinema and Writes about Her Findings

    Tangled, Disney Rating: PG Running Time: 92 minutes It’s hard to believe that Disney has only made fifty “canon” animated feature films in the company’s history as the monopolizer of animated movies, but everyone’s favorite production company is clocking in the big five-oh with Tangled – and it’s not to be missed. Not only are […]

  • Burlesque CHERishes Has-Beens and Stanley Tucci

    Sequins, tits, a scruffy Southern man, a sassy gay man, Cher and Christina Aguilera. That’s Burlesque in a nutshell. Running at an hour and a half, Burlesque is the perfect escape from end-of-the-semester blues. It isn’t much more than that, though. Cher plays Tess, the fiercely independent owner of the Burlesque Lounge who can’t seem […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Electrofunk

    We live in an age where our postmodern sensibilities have translated into flourishing musical creativity. This, paired with the death of radio, has led to the creation of nearly every subgenre imaginable. But how do you keep track of them all? Each week (well, most weeks) we here at the Quest do our best to […]

  • Quedline Liveblog: Issue 12

    And we’re back after a two-week hiatus. What’s happened since then? Well, we (“we” being your current Queditors) won the Quest Special Election, ditched making an issue last week, ate turkey, planned a twelve-page issue, then decided that we didn’t have enough content for a twelve-page issue. So not too much, all things considered. Here […]

  • Subgenre of the Week: Post-rock

    As lighting rent the sky, the five members of Giants rushed into the boathouse bearing lamps and guitars. In a tiny building more often used for auctions and American Legion dances, this band, illuminated only by the soft glow of a few old lamps, let loose soaring chord structures that rivaled the storm’s blast; to […]

  • Quedline Liveblog: Issue 11

    9:04pm: Well, we don’t have a lot of content for this week (read: any), so um, four page paper? I mean, our best article is on snacks… Yeah, looks like issue 11 will be a four page paper. Also, this. 9:07pm: Wait, back to an eight page paper now? Depends who voted for the Wu-Tang […]

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