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  • Growing Seeds at Crystal Springs

    Thanks to many long months of planning and conversation on the part of the current ad-hoc Child Care Committee (Professors Gail Sherman, Kathy Oleson, Libby Drumm, and Jennifer Corpus, P.R. Managing Editor Stacey Kim, Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusive Community Santi Alston, Vice President and Treasurer Lorraine Arvin, and Dean of the Faculty Nigel […]

  • Excluded Student Jeremiah True Arrested by Portland Police

    Following weeks of campus disturbance, Jeremiah True, who started as a freshman at Reed College in the fall of 2014, was arrested by Portland Police on the evening of Thursday, April 16, on one count of disorderly conduct in the second degree, one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, and two counts of […]

  • Senate Beat: Discussion Continues Following DHSM Faculty Vote-Down

    Following the Reed faculty’s vote to reject the new draft of the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) policy, the student Senate lead a lengthy discussion concerning the DHSM during their public meeting on April 16. As explained by Student Body President Ashlin Hatch, the faculty’s decision was the result of two votes. One vote […]

  • Computers Stolen From Student Union

    April 9, 2015. A dark and stormy night, probably. The doomed computers were safely nestled in the SU Book Loft, or so they thought. Their last contact with Reed’s servers occurred just shy of 5 AM. After that, silence. Community Safety was contacted about the missing computers at noon that day, but the computers and […]

  • Growing Freshman Class Pushes Returning Students Far Down Waitlist

    Additional Reporting by Alison Fortune It’s that time of year again: the scents of panic and stress drift through the air, speeding up the heart rates of anyone who dares take a breath. The housing lottery — and its infamously long waitlist — is back again, but this time it’s even worse than previous years. […]

  • Faculty Reject & Delay Senate-Drafted DHSM

    On April 13, the Faculty voted to not approve the Senate Initiative changes to the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) Policy, leaving the College out of compliance with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and without newly written sections that protect against relationship abuse and stalking. Forty-three faculty members voted to not approve, twenty-five […]

  • Reed Investment Club Pursues Policy on Ethics

    Reed Investment Club debated last week what their ethical responsibilities are when buying stocks. The previous week, the club voted to invest in Marathon Oil Corporation, a company that refines, transports and sells petroleum products. This investment was pitched by investment club Vice President Ben Scott. Club member Maggie Davis called for the discussion, wanting […]

  • Increased Wages on the Horizon

    The Wage Review Board, consisting of Mitchell Linegar and Kieran Hanrahan, recently released their report with recommendations about how to adjust the wages of appointed student body positions. The WRB recommended two options, both of which include doubling the amount of money the Senate currently spends on wages, according to their report. In their report, […]

  • Spring 2015 Student Body Elections Candidates

    Student Body Elections are will be up on starting 9:30 p.m. on Thursday April 23 and will close at midnight on Wednesday April 29. You can hear from the candidates and ask them questions at Elections assembly, Thursday April 23 at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Union. There are four open seats on the Student Senate, […]

  • Reed Sued by Expelled Student

    In the wake of the faculty’s recent rejection of the new Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) policy, a former Reed student has filed a lawsuit against Reed College alleging gender discrimination on April 14. In an email sent to the entire student body Wednesday afternoon, Vice President and Dean of Students Services Mike Brody […]

  • Jeremiah True ’18 Excluded from Campus, Honor Case Pending

    With headlines ranging from The Daily Beast‘s “Rape Culture Troll Threatens Reed College” to Daily Caller‘s “Student Barred from Class for Disputing Rape Statistics”, Jeremiah True ’18 and his story have trended locally and nationally. Now, he is excluded from campus with a pending Honor Case against him. His controversial petition to be restored to […]

  • Continuing the Discussion: Student Group Inclusivity

    On March 4, students gathered in Eliot 314 with the purpose of discussing the issue of inclusivity among student groups. Hosted by the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), the forum focused on the experiences that students have had with regards to race, class, and gender identity interaction within student-run campus organizations. The forum aimed to identify […]

  • Wage Review Board Recommends Senate Double Wage Spending

    After surveying over two hundred students, the Wage Review Board has made its final recommendations to Senate. We recommend that Senate almost double the amount of money it spends each semester on monthly stipends for student body positions. Read the Wage Review Board’s full recommendations here: After issuing a pre-survey survey to the student body […]

  • Policy Responsibilities, Burden of Governance

    In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education sent out a “Dear Colleague” letter that warned of “schools’ responsibility to take immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment and sexual violence.” Now, Reed and other higher education institutions across the country are working to comply with federal legislations about reporting sexual misconduct on college campuses. […]

  • Reed Freshman Founds Educational Program in China

    Humaneness 101, despite its name, is not another required course about dead, white men that Reed College attempts to shove down our throats: in fact, it is quite the opposite. Humaneness 101 is an education program started by freshman Ivy He which focuses on teaching animal ethics and sustainable environmental practices to middle school students […]

  • Senate Raises Student Body Fee, Stagnates on Policy Fronts

    Student Body Fee The Student Senate voted 7-1 in favor of raising the Student Body fee by $40 per year for a new yearly total of $300, during their public meeting on March 12. The vote followed the previous week’s lengthy discussion about the current intersection between the semi-regular Wage Review and the consideration to […]

  • Freshman Excluded from Conference, Petition Sparks Controversy

    On Wednesday, March 18, Jeremiah True ’18 sent the Reed Facebook group ablaze with a link to his petition entitled, “Restore Jeremiah Josias Luther George True to His Humanities 110 Conference.” True was excluded from his Humanities 110 conference on Saturday, March 14 by Professor of English & Humanities Pancho Savery. Savery decided to […]

  • Student Body Position Stipends Could Be Need-Aware

    Students brainstormed ways in which student body position pay could be more need-aware, during last week’s “spooky” Senate meeting. Though Senate has marked out this time for discussion of the planned raise in the Student Body Activities Fee, most comments focused on the issue of increasing student body position wages, a topic that Student Body […]

  • Faculty Hears Reports on Admissions and Diversity

    President’s Report President John Kroger presented new data from the Office of Admission this term. This application term has seen an 80 percent increase in the number of applicants from two years ago, from 2890 applicants in 2013, to 3950 in 2014, to more than 5300 in 2015. Kroger acknowledged that it is difficult to […]

  • Faculty Push DHSM Vote to April

    On Thursday February 26, the faculty called an impromptu meeting to discuss further edits to the draft of the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy (DHSM) that was scheduled to be voted on this past Monday. Due to their call for additional extensive edits, they did not vote on the DHSM. It has been pushed […]

  • SCAPP, Student Diversity Committee, and DiversIfY Talk Collaboration

    The Student Committee for Academic Policy and Planning (SCAPP) touched base with Student Diversity Committee member Flavia Bortoleto and DiversIfY liaison Sabrina Smith about ways in which the student groups could collaborate on projects related to academic matters. Last semester, SCAPP met with Smith and Rosa Leal from DiversIfY to work on a proposal for […]

  • Student Senate Proposes Increase in Student Body Activities Fee

    The Student Senate began discussions of increasing the student body activities fee, during their public meeting on Thursday February 26. The fee, currently $260 for the entire year for each student, funds Top 40 organizations (including Renn Fayre), Finance Committee (which funds SU dances and student projects) and student body position wages. Student Body President […]

  • Claudia Rankine Engages Crowd in Chapel

    When Claudia Rankine stood at the lectern at the front of the Reed Chapel and prepared to read from her newest book Citizen: An American Lyric, she began by thanking the audience who packed itself into the minimal standing room available (seats filled up ten minutes before the reading). She thanked them for showing up […]

  • Senate Beat: There And Back Again – The DHSM Story

    The Senate meeting began with a total of five non-senator students in attendance. This was meager turnout even by regular public meeting standards. The student group was largely outnumbered by the Student Services staff regulars who, in their folding chairs and out of the spotlight, marveled at the new rocking chair sofa in the middle […]

  • Men’s Rugby Scores in Vegas

    Reed’s proudly scruffy Men’s Rugby team performed admirably in the Feb. 12–14 Las Vegas Invitational tournament, winning three out of their four games and finishing third of six in the division — one place higher than the last time Reed entered. On their first day of play, Reed crushed the Columbia team 17–5 and UPenn […]

  • Who You Gonna Kaul?

    By the end of her show in Kaul Auditorium last Wednesday, Kate McKinnon had Reed all figured out. After our own homegrown improv troupe, Fellatio Rodriguez, warmed up the crowd,  the renowned SNL comic and soon-to-be Ghostbuster bounded onstage and began exploring her new surroundings. After admitting she’d known nothing about Reed before being invited […]

  • SCAPP Beat: SCAPP gets a blast from the past with archival work

    Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (SCAPP) Chair Phoebe Bauer asked a simple question: What are the academic issues that SCAPP should address, and what are the committee’s priorities for the semester? Committee members went around the room and answered Bauer’s question, with responses varying from the structure of group requirements to the necessity […]

  • KRRC Seeks FCC Approval for FM Broadcast

    KRRC, Reed’s radio station, may soon acquire a permit to have a Low-Power FM (LPFM) station, if they can defeat a petition seeking to bar them from the frequency they are requesting. KRRC has had broadcasting ability on and off since 1958, often depending on student commitment to bring it back after interest has come […]

  • Senate Beat: Senate Passes Draft of Proposed Changes to DHSM

    Committee Reports Senator Lucas Binion reported that the Student Opportunity Subsidy Committee is continuing to advertise their new summer grant initiative. Vice President Nick Fiore (reluctantly) read the allocations of Top 40. During reading Fiore jokingly confessed “I can’t read anything.” He continued to read out allocations that totalled to $111,000. The most money was […]

  • Faculty Meeting Beat: February

    Faculty meetings happen on the first Monday of each month. They consist of five reports (President’s Report, Dean’s Report, a report from the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, a Committee on Advancement and Tenure report, and a report Community Affairs Committee) as well as time for new business.  President’s Report President John Kroger gave […]

  • Senate Beat: Senate Discusses J-Board Code Edits with Staff

    This Senate Beat is brought to you by your former Student Body President because the Quest writer originally assigned to Senate Beat thought that Senate meetings were too boring to write about. In the stench of the Student Union and under the dim glow of the overhead lights, President Ashlin Hatch called the meeting to […]

  • About the Student Body Wage Review Board

    Wages for student body positions could rise significantly next year if the Senate-appointed Wage Review Board (that’s us) and Senate agree that such a change is advisable. Raises to student body wages are nothing new—the Wage Review Board surveys students who hold student body positions and recommends adjustments every couple of years. However, a tentative […]

  • Trigger Warnings Spark Debate on Reed Facebook Page, Across the Nation

    Over the course of 750 Facebook comments one week during winter break, dozens of alumni, students, and faculty vigorously debated the merits of trigger warnings, often delving slightly off–topic as internet comment threads tend to do. On December 17, 2014, Professor of German & Humanities Jan Mieszkowski posted a link to an article from Inside Higher […]

  • General Literature Major Remade Into Comparative Literature

    The General Literature major has been restructured into a new Comparative Literature major, with the intent to solve some of the organizational problems of the previous major. Additionally, it has been suggested to provide an option for students interested in gender studies or a similarly specific line of inquiry. The Ad Hoc Committee for Comparative […]

  • CSOs Bait Bike Thieves with GPS Tracker

    Bike theft is not new at Reed College, but the bike baiting program that the Community Safety premiered in early January certainly is. Working in conjunction with the Portland Police Department, the CSOs initiated a sting designed to catch bike thieves. The sting involved planting a bicycle recovered from the Reed College lost and found […]

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