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  • A Funeral For Olde Reed During RAD

    On Sunday, April 17, the beginning of Reed Admit Day (RAD), Fucking Shit Up Kollective (FSUK) organized a funeral for Olde Reed. A white hearse drove a casket to the Quad and the funeral commenced with a brief introduction from Student Body President Lucas Binion and co-host, Daniel Kaufman. The event drew both current and […]

  • We’ll Always Have Paris

    Brian Deese, Senior Advisor to the President on issues including climate, resource management and, recently, Supreme Court appointments, gave a talk in Vollum lecture hall on Friday, April 15 about the recent Paris Agreement. The agreement was proposed to and adopted by nations belonging to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in […]

  • Race, Classics, and Coffee

    Disclaimer: I was present for  and a participant in this discussion. Also I ate a lot of the cantaloupe and goldfish and drank some (most?) of the coffee. A Facebook group called “Classics isn’t just white ppl, let’s talk abt it over coffee!” organized a gathering on Thursday, April 14, with students, auditors, recent graduates, […]

  • Money Not Spent

    This year, Funding Poll saw a shift from the prototypical Top 40 to a new system in which groups vie for a spot in the Top 30 groups, as dictated by student body votes. The new system endeavored to be able to fund groups more completely, albeit fewer of them, due to the great expense […]

  • Off-Campus Opportunities Unavailable to International Students

    As Reed careens towards summer break, heavy on many students’ minds is the question of summer internship and employment. For those lucky few who land paid internships, the road ahead might as well be paved in sunshine and lollipops. For the rest of us, internships can still be extremely useful gateways to future employment. It’s […]

  • Senate Beat

    Beyond the Borders of the Reed Bubble   International students make up about ten percent of the Reed student body. That’s one out of every ten people. And they’d like to get paid for off-campus work.   “For those of you who don’t know, international students come to many difficulties finding work here as students,” […]

  • The Lost Tradition of Glow Opera

    Traditions typically come and go, and although Reed retains a culture of tradition, some things eventually fade away. In Renn Fayres past, students put a ‘Glow Opera,’ which was “a play we put on usually on the Saturday night of Renn Fayre in which there’s no lighting, and all of the characters, props, and settings […]

  • Kookie Kollective

    Kyra Gutierrez, a first-year student, is single-handedly baking hundreds of cookies — and distributing them for free — to the Reed student body as part of Reed club Kookie Kollective. Founded by Gutierrez at the beginning of this year, Kookie Kollectiv has distributed cookies almost every Monday since the beginning of the semester. For Nitrogen Day, […]

  • Alumni Auditors: Friend or Foe?

    It’s 3:08 p.m. and students are trickling into classrooms on the top floor of Eliot. In 414, sitting front and center, with her notebook, pen, and textbooks at the ready, Edith* has been waiting anxiously for class to start. Her book report was finished weeks in advance, and she actually read the study questions and […]

  • OWL FIGHT 2016

    This is a satirical piece and not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings (but I still hate you MMA) ’Twas a classic tale of David and Goliath, except Goliath poured cougar piss on everyone and David lost. After their crushing defeat in last year’s Owl Fight, Reed MMA scraped together a victory this year against the […]

  • Natural History

    Alan Sonfist is a member of the Land Art movement and grew up in the concrete desert of the Bronx in the 1960s. He writes: “[Going to school] I passed smoldering garbage. There were no trees anywhere—the few that had existed were long dead—there were only concrete streets and brick buildings. The streets were divided […]

  • Senate Beat

    In an unusual move, the senate meeting this past Friday was moved from its home in the SU. In the wake of the shocking reappearance of the giant glowing orb that occasionally occupies the sky once in a blue moon, senators and students alike wandered out to the Great Lawn to shield their eyes and […]

  • Putin and Liberal Arts: Closer Than You Think

    This past weekend Reed saw the rare convergence of some of the most influential scholars of Russia. The event, titled “Understanding Putinism: Illiberal Russia through the Liberal Arts,” was an opportunity for many of these scholars to present work on the rise and effects of Putinism both in Russia and abroad. Presentations focused on a […]

  • DanceSafe Pursues MDMA Education Policy

    Reed scored another point for its staunchly progressive attitude towards drugs this Wednesday, as SSDP took over PAB 320 to host an extensive discussion on the risks and benefits of MDMA. Harm reduction advocate and DanceSafe founder Emanuel Sferios—who also recently created a “drug policy reform documentary” called MDMA: The Movie—gave a lecture on issues […]

  • Darkmatter Performs at Reed

    It’s not often that Vollum lecture hall is filled with raucous laughter and standing ovations—but then again, it’s not often that Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian, who together comprise the trans South Asian performance art duo Darkmatter, come to town. But before Vaid-Menon and Balasubramanian even took center stage, Ah Mer Ah Su, an Oakland-based […]

  • Senate Discusses Housing Crisis, Students in Outrage

      An Overview of the Problem Senator and Residence Life Liaison Chase Doremus opened the conversation by outlining three primary issues with Reed housing. First, the monthly rent for on-campus summer housing was raised from $350 to $500 with no notice to students. Although residence life has reduced the price back to $350 for this […]

  • The Times, Buildings, They Are A-Changin’

    The disparity in quality of on-campus housing has been a point of contention for Reedies since the dawn of time. Now, administrators have promised that Reed College is getting a facelift, with renovations to improve the cross-canyon dorms and the Sports Center on the horizon. In a recent interview with The Quest, Assistant Director of […]

  • “Do You Want Us Here or Not?”

    UPDATE: Student Body Vice President, Josh Cox ’17, recently announced that the Summer Housing cost will return to its previous price of $350/months. The mood in Eliot 314 was tense on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 9 as administrators and house advisors (HAs) met, along with a handful of Reed senators, to discuss a last-minute […]

  • Student Opportunity Subsidy Grants

    Updates: “The deadline has been extended to March 27th so apply while you still can!” (Austin Magleby ’19). For those students looking to broaden their academic or employment horizons this summer, Student Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) Grants are a great option; these grants are a crucial resource for students whose employment does not pay sufficiently or […]

  • Senate Beat

    Last week’s Senate meeting focused on a proposal to implement a restorative justice process for sexual misconduct cases. As was announced by Student Body President Lucas Binion prior to the start of the meeting, this discussion involves topics that some may find uncomfortable. Please be aware that the following article makes mention of sexual misconduct, […]

  • Not the Trees!

    In 1922, Beatrice Olson wrote in The Griffin that “the most distinctive feature of the permanent structures on the Reed College campus is their subtle impression of beauty.” To John Peterson, who wrote for The Quest in the early nineties, those permanents structures were not the edifices in which students live and learn, but were […]

  • “Witness Bahrain”

    On Friday night the Reed Socialist Alternative hosted a screening of Jen Marlowe’s documentary Witness Bahrain in Eliot. The film was followed by a Skype call with Marlowe herself, in which the audience of about six students were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the film. Here’s what you missed. In 2012, a year […]

  • New Information on the Judicial and Title IX Boards

    The Judicial Board hears cases concerning alleged violations of the Honor Principle, community rules, or college policies, rules, regulations, or contracts by members of the student body. Allegations involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship abuse—including dating or domestic violence—shall be heard by the Title IX Board. These Boards shall hear cases brought by current […]

  • SAPR Stewards Recruit New Volunteers

    You may have seen Stewards walking around in pairs at SU events, wearing bright yellow t-shirts. We are here to be a sober and confidential resource at SU dances who can offer support with any situation. We are here to lower the barrier to getting assistance and to act as a bridge to the CSOs […]

  • Senate Beat

    Smoking Policy Despite the smog that shrouds Reed’s policies, the process for attempting to change policy is surprisingly simple. Reed faculty can send a behest to the Community Affairs Committee—CAC acts as a middleman—to write a new draft of the policy. The CAC does so and delivers the draft to Senate. Ideally, if the planets […]

  • Restorative Justice at Reed

    Content Warning: Restorative Justice is a campus justice process involving Title IX complaints. The following letter involves discussion of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. To the Reed Community: Reed students have a unique legacy of activism, student autonomy, and self-determination around consent, campus justice, and sexual assault. With the leadership of student groups, Reed has […]

  • New Club Aims for Free Sanitary Products

    This semester will see the establishment of a new, three-person student group that goes by the name “Period Kollectiv.” Securing fourth place in Funding Poll, Period Kollectiv, whose members are Kathryn Loucks, Anjali Claes, and Sara Keleman, aims to provide menstrual products in public restrooms on campus for free.   Loucks says her reasons for starting Period […]

  • Senate Beat

    It’s that point in the semester when everyone is working on a big project. Everything is already in progress and nothing big has really been completed yet. Maybe this is what Student Body President Lucas Binion was referring to as, “the Doldrums of February.”   Committee Updates Treasurer Rachel Kennelly announced that the application for […]

  • AOD Policy Review

    The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Policy is under review this semester, spurred by a recent increase in student complaints surrounding the language and enforcement of the policy. The AOD Committee, comprised of staff, faculty, and students, will be discussing and rewriting sections of the policy. In particular, the committee intends to make the language […]

  • “Bullseye, Clean Up Your Act”

    “I’m sick; you’re sick; we’re all sick of arsenic!” a group of protesters chanted. The crowd approached the Bullseye Glass factory last week on February 16 with banners and signs. Parents and children alike attended the protest, many in surgical and gas masks. The group was comprised of families and individuals living in the area, […]

  • HCC Offers Support Group for Trans/Gender Nonconforming Students

    The Health & Counseling Center (HCC) is taking its first steps towards fostering a relationship with student groups at Reed. On the forefront of their agenda, the HCC is now offering a Trans/Gender Nonconforming Peer Support Group, which was requested by students, for students, and will be led by students with the facilitation of a […]

  • Fire at Reed Faculty House

    This Monday morning February 22, a fire broke out at 3836 SE Knight St., a Reed-owned faculty house at the corner of SE 39th Avenue. Known as “The Dollhouse” to alumni and once rented to students, the late 19th Victorian was later purchased by Reed for faculty housing. The duplex, named the Hedger House, was […]

  • New Film Theme Dorm: Silver Screen

    Tomorrow marks the end of a lot of things: the fifth week of the semester, Salt & Straw’s PB&J Chocolate flavor,and the annual collection of the year’s four most dismal weeks into a month we call “February.” It also marks the deadline to apply for theme dorms, including one of this year’s new additions, a […]

  • State of The Nation

    Classy, controversial, and unfunded. The student body has spoken and Beer Nation has been ousted from Top 30, and thus won’t receive money without going through Finance Committee. This unpopularity, though not unheard of, reveals an obvious and drastic switch in student body perceptions; last year Beer Nation ranked 12th and received $15,000 in the […]

  • Meatsmoke

    The Meatsmoke Crew is a volunteer collective of alumni, students, and friends dedicated to what leader Jeffrey “Moose” Price ’03 describes as “bringing together Reedies of all vintages through fun and the shared ritual of eating together.” Meatsmoke comes to campus to cook for the masses during Paideia, Renn Fayre, and Reunions each year, serving […]

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