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  • Senate Beat

    A lot happened in a short time this week, and it goes without saying that Senate had a lot to talk about at their first meeting last Friday. We’ve seen some pretty inflammatory posters, alleging everything from Senate corruption (probably not true?) to Senate eating their own boogers (DEFINITELY true) to Kroger defunding Renn Fayre […]

  • Plainclothes CSOs are Just CSOs

    Since a few weeks before winter break, there have been 13 documented incidents of a suspect lurking at the doors and windows of residence halls and directing sexually harassing comments at students. The suspect, described as “white, male, average build and height, 20–30 years old” and as possibly driving a red sedan, has also been […]

  • The Board Will See You Now

    Last Friday, February 5, the student life committee of the Board of Trustees held an open meeting for the student body to address their concerns. The committee consists of Suzanne Cassidy ’65, Matthew Bergman ’84, Marcia Yaross ’73, Deborah Kamali ’85, Alex Martinez ’73, and Adrienne Nelson. To start, the committee explained the Board of […]

  • Return to Zero

    A Japanese warplane has recently taken up residence in the Cooley Gallery at the Reed Library, and is scheduled to be burned on February 19. It is the artistic vision of Katsushige Nakahashi, a professor of sculpture at the Kyoto City University of the Arts in Japan. The project was generated as a reaction to […]

  • Alum Dr. Demento Reminisces On Reed, Radio

    There are a few events that, here at Reed, we mark our calendars by: Renn Fayre, Spring/Fall, RKSK, and for those of us on campus during Paideia, alum Dr. Demento’s Paideia speeches. After graduating with a degree in music in 1963, Demento has been giving lectures at Paideia for 43 years now, since 1973. This […]

  • Doctor Demento Interview: Full Transcript

    TA: Did you get to see any amazing concerts when you were at Reed?   DD: Lots of folk music, I was on the music board—we had a variety of music from classical to jazz. Let’s see…the New Lost City Ramblers were a big folk act at that time…Not much in the way of rock […]

  • Hari Kondabolu Talks Institutional Diversity, Illuminati

    Hari Kondabolu stood at the front of Kaul Auditorium, squinting through spotlights to the edges of the half-full crowd. “This space is too big,” he said into the microphone. “Comedy needs lower roofs, smaller spaces.” A popular figure in today’s comedy scene—he’s performed on Letterman, Conan, and Comedy Central—Kondabolu has no qualms taking potshots at […]

  • Ad-Hoc Committee Addresses Inefficiencies of Current Legislative Process

    This Wednesday, January 27th marked the third and final forum held by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Community Legislation to discuss proposed reforms to the Community Constitution. The forum reviewed several potential referendums to the current legislation, which were primarily focused on the staff’s lack of voice in the legislative process and the streamlining of the […]

  • The Closeted Conservative

    Dear Reed, As an overlooked, and frankly under appreciated, political minority on campus, I feel I need to set the record straight. I’ve had it. I can’t stand it anymore. While I don’t know if this is the forum to do so, I’ve decided I must say something as I see a new generation of […]

  • [Two] from the archives

    January 29th, 2002 Issue Smoking Rights In SU, Pool Hall Extinguished: Decision by Multnomah County Officials Results in Splintering of Opinion Among Smoking and Non-Smoking students by Peter Zuckerman Cameron Leyda wants to go down fighting. The English major and self-proclaimed smokers’ advocate is furious that she can’t light up in the Student Union or […]

  • Tenure for Three

    Three professors sought and received tenure this semester: Morgan Luker, Sarah Schaack, and Nicholas Wilson. This cohort of professors all study or have researched in foreign countries. Morgan Luker, assistant professor of music, is an ethnomusicologist who studies the cultural politics of contemporary Latin American music. After completing his PhD at Columbia, he joined the […]

  • Box Takes Office

    During Senate elections in December, student senator Lucas Binion was elected Student Body President, and Josh Cox, formerly the assistant treasurer, was elected Vice President. “I’m equal parts excited for everything and horrified by everything. There’s so much pressure in terms of being the representative for the student body, but at the same time it’s […]

  • Senate Beat: Short & Sweet

    The meeting started on a somber note: they first addressed the notable absence of Senator Dan Kauffman. “He’s in Ohio dropping off a dead fish to someone,” Pres AshHatch lamented. Smoking Policy The recently proposed update to the Smoking Policy didn’t garner much response from the student body, to the surprise of the Community Affairs […]

  • CSO Turnover: A Cause For Concern?

    A central focus of Community Safety has always been active involvement in the Reed community, and many students find it reassuring to interact with officers they know, or at least recognize. However, there are a number of obstacles to building familiarity between CSOs and students, the most significant of which is the tumultuous rate at […]

  • CAT Still Piloting Online Evaluation

    The basics of faculty evaluation At the end of the semester, evaluations will be going out as usual. To outline the basics, there will be three forms: Numerical evaluations (bubble sheets) which ask questions about the class with bubble answers; Feedback to professor forms (white sheets) which provide anonymous feedback directly to the professor; and […]

  • Senate Beat: Short and Sweet

    The Elections are Coming Reed’s student senate will have several openings next semester and this is your chance. Well, maybe not your chance, but somebody’s chance. Three senate seats, the positions of president and vice president, as well as the Quest Board are up for election. Petitions are due November 25 at midnight, so batten […]

  • Meth Masquerading as Molly

    Reed’s chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is maintaining its focus on harm reduction in the face of an apparent increase in drug misrepresentation this year, SSDP signator Logan Tibbetts explains to the Quest. The group acquired additional testing kits and supplements last year, and is now moving into a more active phase […]

  • Students Retort: Thou Shalt Not Prescribe Our Portion Sizes

    Last week, an insert appeared in Commons’ centerpieces with the intention of educating diners about “healthy” portion sizes. The insert features a photo of a portion of food next to a photo of a tennis ball, along with information regarding the increasing portion sizes in America and the importance of balance. The insert stirred controversy, […]

  • Reed/Lewis and Clark Forum Addresses Race, SU Dances, RKSK

    This Monday, Lewis and Clark’s student body hosted Reed students at a joint forum to discuss our past, present, and future relations. The topics of discussion at the forum included racism, campus cultures and policies, intercollegiate relationships, and consent and bystander intervention. An analog forum was scheduled on Reed’s campus for this Wednesday, but was […]

  • Students Get Paid for Learning to Code

    The internships for the Software Design Studio (SDS) program are coming to a close this semester, marking the one year anniversary of the program designed to teach Reed students how to code by guiding them through real projects in paid internships. The program comes at a time when there is significant progress in the establishment […]

  • Kroger Makes A Spooky Senate Appearance

    John Kroger, in the SU, with a Wrench   The spirit of Halloween was alive at last week’s Senate meeting (better late than never?). “Spooky Senate” decked out the SU with devilish decorations, including a spooky skeleton hanging from the ceiling, a piñata, and spooky guest John Kroger. Senate’s Annual Spooktacular set off with a […]

  • Review Committee Proposes Smoking Policy Changes

    Smoking Policy Changes The committee reviewing the effectiveness of the Smoking Policy reported their recommendations at last week’s Senate meeting. The original policy states that no smoking can occur within 10 feet of a building’s footprint, which includes overhangs and porches. It completely banned smoking on campus bridges and smoking between 7am–7pm on campus pathways. […]

  • New Dance Major Comes To Reed

    For many years, Reed students interested in focusing their academic attentions on dance have either had to do so on the side of their major or via another discipline, most commonly dance–theatre. Now the college has approved a standalone dance major that will provide students who are passionate about dance with an opportunity to ngage […]

  • KRRC Attempting to Expand Across Portland

    Reed’s campus radio station, KRRC, is currently attempting to expand beyond the college’s boundaries. The ultimate goal of this expansion is to transform the KRRC station from one that provides music for Reedies into one that provides music for a larger Portland audience.  Charlie Perez, the current manager of and signator for KRRC, refers to […]

  • Another Thief Takes the Bait

      The bait bike buzzed on Wednesday, October 21 as someone broke its lock and took the bike south of campus; it was stolen for the fifth time and recovered later that day. Community Safety Field Manager Nano Douglass woke up to a text from the bike’s GPS tracker just past 7 a.m. He saw […]

  • Renn Fayre Czars Discuss Safety, Institutional Memory, and Inclusivity

    Renn Fayre is a distant dream for most students, but for juniors Sierra Swann, Arlo Feldhaus, Alex Pan, and Hannah Graunke, it is very much a reality. As the newly appointed 2k16 Renn Fayre Czars, it is their job to plan, coordinate, and implement the three-day festival—no easy feat, but so far they’re happy to […]

  • Is 82nd too Lewd for Reed? 82nd meets 28th: Art Exhibition Brings Controversy to Reed

    As part of Intermediate Sculpture and Multimedia, a course taught by Visiting Assistant Professor Marc Ganzglass, six students recently transformed the Theater Annex, the overlooked space across from 28 West, into a microcosm of SE 82nd Avenue, a street known for its in-your-face advertisements, strip clubs, and drug deals. While sexualized images of women may […]

  • Renn Fayre Czars announced; Senate discusses Lewis & Clark interactions, adding taxidermy to SU

    VP Nick Fiore reached out to Lewis & Clark’s student body government about having a joint forum to discuss the events that transpired at Reed’s West Ball, where a L&C student (Guellord Ndagijimana) allegedly assaulted several Reed students and acted aggressively toward CSOs and police officers. Ndagijimana was arrested and had his student visa revoked; […]

  • Multnomah County Divests from Fossil Fuels. Reed should follow suit.

    On the morning of Thursday, September 24, as you sat there contently in commons, Jan [Mieszkowski] posted another existentialist joke on Twitter, [John] Kroger made himself a warm cup of coffee, and Multnomah County Board quietly voted to divest fully from fossil fuels. Later that non-eventful day, Portland City Council decided to withdraw from investments […]

  • Ndagijimana Deported

    Guellord Ndagijimana, the Lewis & Clark student arrested on September 26, was deported Wednesday night after serving seven days in jail. Ndagijimana is from Rwanda, according to his profile on Lewis & Clark’s website. As was reported in the October 2 edition of The Quest, Ndagijimana was pepper sprayed by CSOs and later tasered and […]

  • Mitchell S. Jackson’s Discussion on Survival and Literature

    Highly regarded author Mitchell S. Jackson gave unique lecture this past Tuesday, October 13 in Vollum Lecture Hall. Jackson reflected on his ability to apply rules of literature to his past experiences as a drug dealer attempting to escape a life of violence and crime. Jackson tackled wide-ranging topics such as the socio-economic struggles of […]

  • Liat Kastner on climate change, reusable cups, and being a friendly dictator

    As Student Sustainability Coordinator, senior Liat Kastner has taken advantage of her free reign to pursue sustainability projects that add up to an impressive resumé. If her responsibilities extended from Reed to the whole world, she says she would be somewhat of “a friendly dictator.” Kastner is an environmental and political science major currently working […]

  • Lewis & Clark Community Confused, Frustrated Over Response to Violence at West Ball

    In response to the incident at West Ball involving a Lewis & Clark student, Lewis & Clark community members discussed the lack of transparency, institutional action, and community discussion about sexual assault in the confused aftermath of the event on Friday, October 2. The discussion was held in response to the violence at West Ball […]

  • Senate Beat: Can you Codify Honor?

    “Sometimes honor doesn’t cut it,” student Molly Kimball said during last week’s Senate meeting. Given the events that transpired at the now infamous West Ball, students questioned the effectiveness of Reed’s Honor Principle and whether its purposeful openness encourages non-Reedies to take advantage. Reed students and staff members turned up in droves to last week’s […]

  • FAFSA Deadline Changes for Students in Need of Financial Aid

    This year, Federal Student Aid, an affiliation of the United States Board of Education, has changed the deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is a required form for students in need of financial aid, which takes into account variables such as family income and tax information. Starting in 2016, […]

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