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  • General Literature Major Remade Into Comparative Literature

    The General Literature major has been restructured into a new Comparative Literature major, with the intent to solve some of the organizational problems of the previous major. Additionally, it has been suggested to provide an option for students interested in gender studies or a similarly specific line of inquiry. The Ad Hoc Committee for Comparative […]

  • CSOs Bait Bike Thieves with GPS Tracker

    Bike theft is not new at Reed College, but the bike baiting program that the Community Safety premiered in early January certainly is. Working in conjunction with the Portland Police Department, the CSOs initiated a sting designed to catch bike thieves. The sting involved planting a bicycle recovered from the Reed College lost and found […]

  • New File-Sharing Policy Blocks Peer-to-Peer Traffic

    On March 26, 2013, Reed adopted a new Peer-to-Peer file-sharing policy. A server was installed that cuts off peer-to-peer file sharing traffic completely, though there is a system in place to allow students and teachers to use this technology for educational purposes.  Even with the new restrictions, any user can obtain clearance to use BitTorrent […]

  • Senate Beat: December 4, 2014

    “Anyone who tells you Voodoo doughnuts are the best is lying.” – Rennie Meyers Chase Doremus, Kathryn Loucks, Rebecca Forman, Tanner Hanson, and Katie Schmitz were appointed to the Judicial board, which now has a full board of 12 members. Applications are still open for Honor Council. The Student Union is expecting to receive a […]

  • Students #OutofRespect Stage Sit-in

    Approximately one hundred students gathered in front of President John Kroger’s office this Tuesday calling for a reexamination of the processes for reviewing sexual misconduct. From 1-5 p.m. the students participated in a work-in and sit-in under the rallying call #OutofRespect. The event stemmed from the recent revelation that Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Andrea […]

  • Admission Staff Resigns After Accusing VP of Sexual Harassment

    Investigation Found No Violation of DHSM Policy For many members of the community, particularly those that work in the Admission Office, this is a very sensitive issue. Please respect the wishes of students who do not wish to discuss this topic further. Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Andrea Hendrickson resigned November 4, 2014 after alleging that […]

  • Senate Beat: Codes, Codes, Codes

    This week, Senate discussed changes to the honor council and J-Board codes, and the Student Opportunity Subsidies (SOS) program—which the Quest will cover in next week’s “Senate Beat.” This “Senate Beat” covers the minor J-Board and Honor Council Code changes that were discussed at the Senate meeting last week. For an overview of large changes […]

  • Fall 2014 Elections Candidate Blurbs

    Student body elections will take place from Wednesday, November 19 to Friday, November 20th at Elections assembly, where the candidates will present short speeches and will take questions, will be in the Student Union at 7pm on Tuesday, November 18th. Presidential Candidates Ashlin Hatch ’17   Hey, I’m Ashlin, and I’m-a-runnin’ for SB Prez. […]

  • Real Talk about RKSK

    RKSK Initiation: you all know what I’m talking about. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, probably a lot of you don’t really think too hard about it. Many of you have concerns, and I’ll be the first to agree that they are all valid. I have gathered, though, that there are […]

  • Legalized Weed Wouldn’t Be Legal at Reed

    A sledgehammer arcs through the air and sets off a cold, glittering symphony of broken glass that echoes from 28 West to the Grove. Fragments of pipes and bongs that students have used to smoke marijuana coat the inside of a taped-up cardboard box, which a Community Safety Officer promptly tosses into a dumpster. The […]

  • Pacific NW Fossil Fuel Exports in Works, But They Can Be Stopped

    Legislators and policymakers in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia hold a key to preventing irreversible human-induced climate change—or at least postponing it. Because plans for fossil fuel export projects in the Pacific Northwest have stalled since their conception in 2012, Oregonians, along with residents of Washington and British Columbia, still have time to fight back. […]

  • Senate Beat: RKSK Initiation Sparks Debate

    Last week, Senate primarily discussed RKSK initiation, and addressed issues relating to honor and expectations of student conduct at both schools. Senate elected to unfreeze money allocated to RKSK for thongs to allow students to cover themselves after RKSK signator Swede Pearson discussed measures to make sure participants in and observers of initiation felt comfortable. […]

  • New Dean for Changing System

    Santi Alston Steps into new role as Assistant Dean of Student Services Santi Alston, former Program Coordinator for the Multicultural Resource Center, Assistant Dean for Inclusive Community and Sexual Misconduct Board member, was promoted to a newly created position at Reed College this semester: the Assistant Dean of Student Services. The position’s purpose is to […]

  • SOS Summer Grant Program Prepares to Roll Out Spring 2015

    Financial logistics aside, you should know that the Senate has a lump of about $14,000 that we are using for our pilot year of Senate Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) programs. SOS programs are a part of a recent Senate bylaw change that happened last Spring semester, and they will help us (the Student Body Senate) help […]

  • SCAPP Beat

      Last spring SCAPP (Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning) sent a memo to CAPP concerning faculty office hours. It outlined concerns brought to SCAPP by students who expressed feelings of discomfort or anxiety associated with approaching faculty members to schedule meetings if they did not hold office hours. It also noted that students […]

  • Senate Discusses New Search for Dean and Addresses Clarkie Encounters

    This week, Senate primarily discussed the problematic presence of Lewis and Clark students at campus events. Announcements: Senate has chosen to give out stipends for summer experiences (e.g. internships) as the first student opportunity subsidy. You can read more about this in “rainingmoney.gif” elsewhere in this issue. Renn Fayre czar appointment applications are now open […]

  • Senate Beat: 3 New Majors, Money, and a Place to Put Your Butts

    This week, Senate released Top 40 results, made a final decision on student space allocations, and deliberated over student opportunity subsidies. In committee reports this week, Student Body President Danielle Jucal ‘15 stated that Senate is working on bringing cigarette butt receptacles back to campus, and relayed the Krogerian announcement of three new academic majors […]

  • Reedies March in Solidarity With People’s Climate March

    Sunday, September 21 was world history’s largest day of climate change action. 2,646 events took place in 156 countries. Activists in London, Taipei, Paris, Jakarta, Delhi, Bogota, Melbourne, Portland, and many more cities hosted marches and demonstrations to call for government action to curb carbon emissions, address climate change, in solidarity with the central march […]

  • Senate Beat: Shoot the Jokes!

    This week, Senate heard grievances related to the prevalence of joke groups in funding poll, passed a firearms policy, and discussed fineries of the forthcoming student opportunity subsidies, or SOSs i.e., Senate could give you money to be on Senate if you need financial support. Da Business: Taylor Lee was appointed as Senate secretary, Barsha […]

  • Annual Fund Upsets Some Alumni, Vocal Minority Says ‘Do Not Call’ Means ‘Do Not Call’

    An effort by the Annual Fund to remove certain alumni from the Phonathon Do Not Call list if they did not request otherwise sparked a debate in the closed Reed community Facebook group last month. The Annual Fund sent postcards to those who had been on the list for ten or more years, a total […]

  • Senate Will Fund Paradox up to $1000, Suggests S.B. Endowment Uses

    Senate voted to reimburse the Paradox up to $1000 in potential losses this summer and reported developments in deciding how to manage interest that the student body endowment generates. Summer Loss Agreement Senate approved a summer loss agreement with the Paradox that would guarantee reimbursement up to $1000 this summer in the case of losses […]

  • Reed Projects $250,000 Annually in Energy Savings

    Over the past few years, Reed’s campus has quietly been changing to become more energy-efficient. Though many of the changes have hardly been visible, hidden away in the elusive steam tunnels or evident only in the change of a shower head, these changes have also significantly reduced Reed’s environmental impact. Almost three years ago, Reed […]

  • HUMPLAY Cancelled: Vollum Infested with Bees

    Despite rumors of cancelation due to “problems with bees,” HUMPLAY will for sure happen this year! (Friday, April 18 in Vollum Lecture Hall at 7 p.m., with a pre-show open rehearsal the night before at 9 p.m. for those who want to avoid the large rowdy crowd.) Direktors Elaine Andersen, Emma Cytrynbaum, Taylor Pope, Mikela […]

  • Reed Games Student-Faculty Ratio

    Screenshot from Reed College website homepage. Source:  The homepage of the Reed College website has boasted a new 9:1 student-faculty ratio since January—a number that, were it true, would indicate Reed’s lowest student-faculty ratio in over 40 years. Amid the sizable freshman class (403 new students matriculated last fall, in comparison with the 359 […]

  • Senate Debates Keeping Paradox Open Through Summer

    Students and senators debated the merits of funding the Paradox to stay open during the summer, and ideas for putting the Endowment for Student Body Autonomy to use during the Senate meeting on Tuesday. Senate proposed providing up to 1000 dollars in funding to the Paradox so that they are able to stay open during the summer. But disagreement among those present at the meeting put this proposal back on the drawing board for Senate to further consider.

  • Faculty Chases Animal Policy up a Tree

    The Faculty discussed the Senate-approved Animal Policy at their April meeting on Monday, but did not vote on it. They did make minor changes to the policy’s language, which will be sent back to Senate. The Faculty will vote on the Animal Policy at the next meeting if Senate approves. The effort to open a […]

  • Paradox Loses Hundreds of Dollars to Thievery

    Thieves have stolen hundreds of dollars this semester from the cash register behind Paradox Manager Anna Baker (right) and employee Chloe Truong-Jones (left). An unidentified thief stole approximately 180 dollars from the Paradox’s Olde Shop on Monday night, leaving employees with an empty cash register the next morning. This theft comes on the heels of several […]

  • Senate Beat It, Just Beat It

    Liat Kastner ’16 will be the new Sustainability Coordinator, a position created last year for the purpose of directing sustainability initiatives on campus.

    Senator Andrew Watson ’14 said Director of Facilities Operations Townsend Angell reported a campus-wide drop in electricity use in 2013 from 2012 levels. Facilities has been making updates to campus infrastructure since last year.

  • Annual Ukraine and Russia Alumni Trip Canceled

    Current tensions between Russia and Ukraine had a direct impact on the Reed community last month, when the Alumni and Parent Relations office canceled an alumni trip to Eastern Europe. The Russian department has offered the trip in partnership with the Alumni and Parent Relations Office for the past decade, with former Russian professor Judson […]

  • Reed’s Herbal Apothecary

    Do you roll out of bed and think “Hey, fuck the medical-industrial establishment, the medicalization of non-male bodied spatio-temporal paradigms, and non-holistic conceptions of what it means to be ‘well’”? Do you like herbs and knowing more about them? Tinctures, salves, lotions, soaps, essential oils, medicinal tea? Making fun(ny) feminist art posters and educational literature […]

  • Senate Beat: Animal Policy Passes; Student Body Endowment Reform

    Announcements The topic for the Reed Union to be held this semester will be “Questioning the Curriculum: Gender Studies and Ethnic and Race Studies at Reed.” The union will be chaired by professor Margot Minardi, and will begin with a panel consisting of professor Paul Currie and students Delali Ayivor and Anika Ledlow. As part […]

  • A Cue for Reason

    Speaking now is a fascinated lover, yet honest critic, of the pool hall. I aim to show you how the pool hall is back in leather chaps with an attitude of kick-ass reform! Formal has held firm as a Reed institution these many years, but it has recently received some negative comments regarding the way […]

  • Tessa Hull’s GCC Mural Replaced

    This spring break, the mural proposed last spring by student artist Santiago Leyba and later approved by the Art Collection Management Committee and the student Senate, was installed in the Gray Campus Center (replacing the large wall painting by Tessa Hulls). Tessa Hull’s work was painted in 2006 as part of her Studio Art thesis. […]

  • Faculty Meeting: New Smoking Policy Passes

    SMOKING A new smoking policy passed last Thursday at the Faculty meeting when quorum was not met, effectively allowing the policy approved by the Community Affairs Committee and Senate to pass. The policy prohibits smoking within 10 feet of all campus buildings, and between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. During the meeting, […]

  • Title IX Complaint Prompts KRRC to Erase Select Graffiti

    Student members of the KRRC spent the weekend painting over pieces of graffiti in the KRRC studio and record library in response to a Title IX complaint filed at the end of last semester. The complainant alleged that graffiti in the KRRC was misogynistic, sparking an investigation by the administration. An investigation led by Director […]

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