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  • Updated: Professor Irena Swanson’s Speech on Smoking Policy to the Faculty

    The following is the written version of a speech Math Professor Irena Swanson delivered at the faculty meeting on Monday, December 9. In her speech, Swanson asked that the faculty vote to make a behest the Community Affairs Committee to collaborate with the Student Senate on a new smoking policy. That motion passed 58 to […]

  • Reed Union Tackles Divestment

    Students protest the college’s investments in fossil fuels during Noize Parade on Dec. 2. For the second semester in a row, the Reed Union Committee hosted a community forum on sustainability at Reed. The union began with a short introduction from the Environmental Studies and Political Science Assistant Professor Chris Koski, who acted as moderator, […]

  • Vote: Student Body Polls Open

    Polls are now open until midnight on Sunday to vote for Student Body President, Vice President, four Senator seats, and Quest Board. You can vote using a link emailed to all students from Student Body Info. There will be tabling everyday of voting. You can stop by if you have questions or confusion about using […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries: Spring/Summer 2013

    The Judicial and Sexual Misconduct Boards publishes case summaries not violating confidentiality every semester as mandated by the Judicial Board Code. The following is a list of case summaries from the Spring of 2013 and Summer of 2013: Spring 2013 The Board heard a case against two students alleged to be subletting their Reed housing […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy & Paradox Price Changes

    Senators and students debated the scope of the proposed weapons policy at the Senate meeting on Friday, November 22. Senators also discussed recommended changes to Reed’s financial aid policy for international students, the defeat of a proposal for a new board plan, and recently funded sustainability projects. The Paradox managers also presented several price changes […]

  • It’s Faculty Evaluation Time…How it Works

    The season of Thanksgiving is also the season of evaluations, and the Committee on Advancement and Tenure has asked me to reach out to the student body through the Quest to explain how the evaluation system works and communicate how you can best play your part within it. The larger goal of the evaluation system […]

  • Student Body Candidate Profiles

    Elections Assembly will be held on Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union. Voting will begin on Dec. 5 and 6.   CANDIDATE FOR STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Danielle Juncal Greetings Reed Kollege Komrades! Word on the street is that this girl (Danielle Juncal ’15, English major, 4’11”, current SB Senator) is running for […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy, Reed Union on Sustainability

    Senate discussed the newly announced and upcoming Reed Union on sustainability, the approaching discussion about establishing a weapons policy, and a controversy about the allegedly heteronormative wording of advertisements for the Pool Hall Tournament at its meeting last Friday. Upcoming Weapons Policy Discussion Dean of Students Mike Brody said that “in the aftermath of a […]

  • “Daemon” RAW Invokes Old and New Spirits

    At first, no one inside Prexy could really make out what the digital, feminine voice was repeating. We turned to each other, mouthing different possibilities. Was it “diamond?” “Payment?” Those words couldn’t possibly make sense as the theme of Reed Arts Week, our celebration of creative experimentation and innovation. We all looked around, egg shells […]

  • Got a Dick? Go to Reed? Show it Off!

    Everyone loves a good dick pic. Even better than the prototypical dick pic is a Reedie dick pic: one that shines in dirty, unshaven greatness. With it’s self-explanatory website title,, it’s arousing serious conversational on campus. The site features a wide array of man-meat, though so far only nine brave souls have had the […]

  • Spring Fayre is Renn Fall?

    Students ascended the dance floor last Saturday night, eager to experience the cathartic release that Daft Ball is known to provide. In the midst of the dance, the theme for this year’s Spring/Fall was announced: Ye Olde Reed Renn Fayre. “Olde Reed is a rebirth of an idealized vision of what Reed is,” Renn Fayre czar […]

  • Ed McFarlane Reflects on Reed Experience

    Since 1973, Reed has seen the addition of several new buildings and residence halls, the passing through of whole generations of faculty, and a sustained commitment to a rigorous academic program. Vice President and Treasurer Ed McFarlane has witnessed it all; after over 41 years in his position at Reed, he will retire in June. […]

  • Senate Beat: Revising the Dog Policy and New Appointments Bylaws

    Senate passed new Appointments Committee bylaws at the Senate meeting last Friday, and Director of Community of Safety Gary Granger discussed his work on a revision of the campus Dog Policy.  Dog / Animal Policy Granger said that the current dog policy is outdated and has unrealistic expectations about enforcement. “It’s old. It requires me […]

  • Reed Endowment Bigger than Ever

    Reed’s endowment has just climbed to $500 million, a testament to the college’s enduring viability. In 2008 the endowment was at about $460 million, but Reed, like most of the world, was wracked by the recession. In 2009 the endowment bottomed out at $350 million, before climbing to the half-billion figure where it currently sits. […]

  • Sustainability Soirée, Eh?

    Prefaced by a preliminary reminder about the long past stolen land on which the meeting took place, a circle of people interested in, as member Austin Weisgrau says, “fighting fucked up shit environmentally” gathered for Greenboard’s Sustainability Soirée last Friday night in the GCC. The meeting took the form of several short presentations given by […]

  • Trustee Gives Investment Club $50,000

    Investment Club came into existence just last spring, but it already has a $50,000 donation from trustee George James ’77 to work with. This student organization now has the opportunity to decide where to invest this money. “The club should raise awareness of and help students develop an understanding of the world of finance, which […]

  • Senate Beat: Gun Policy Discussion Upcoming; Appointments Committee Bylaws Changes Tabled

    Senate discussed and ultimately tabled a proposal to codify operating procedures for Appointments Committee, which appoints students to various campus committees and positions from Student Handbook editor to Student Sustainability Coordinator, in its meeting last Friday, November 1. Student Body President Ari Galper ‘14 closed the meeting with the news that a campus gun or […]

  • Big Buck Hunter Graces SU

    The Canyon is Reed College’s crown jewel. We’re blessed with stewardship of a thriving ecosystem. But, despite having this sanctuary right here on campus, Reed grants its students no opportunities to recreationally kill any of the myriad creatures that make their homes in the Canyon. Not even Nutria. Partially filling this void, senior philosophy major […]

  • Strategic Planning Open Forum Schedule

    These forums are an opportunity for community members to provide input and ask questions related to the work of the various groups. An information piece will be available one week prior to each forum, and they will be posted on the strategic planning web pages at under “Documentation.”   Working Groups ABCG: Thursday, November […]

  • Letter: Sustainability Committee Accepting Project Proposals

    The Sustainability Committee is now accepting project proposals from environmentally minded members of the Reed community. Funding is available for initiatives designed to directly alter Reed’s resource consumption or waste output (i.e. garden projects, waste reduction schemes, infrastructure changes), or by helping foster a culture of sustainability at Reed (i.e. events, speakers, educational workshops). This […]

  • Meet Your Renn Fayre Czars

    Second quarter has only just begun, but is it ever too early to be thinking about that Anthesteria at the end of the tunnel, the biggest party of the year? Certainly not for the people planning it. Juniors Marisa Barone, Lisa Frueh, Patrick Graham, and Jack Johnson are this year’s Renn Fayre Czars. Czar Johnson […]

  • RKSK Welkomes New Komrades

    Despite the recent Title IX komplaint, RKSK carried on with business, or kommunism, as usual. For those who missed the gaggle of naked Reedies hollering, “we have no name, we’re part of the kollective” akross kampus last Thursday, initiation was mayhem and spontaneous revelry that inkluded water balloons, flour, and what may have been lube. […]

  • Reed Defines ADSAPR Position

    Last Thursday, the Honor Council and members of the working group of students, faculty, and staff met to talk about the priorities of the Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. The position is currently vacant and community feedback was solicited to compose a formal job description in an open forum in the Student […]

  • Portland Video Game Developers Code Love

    Imagine yourself in the following situation: It is 1995. You, a twenty-one year old college student, have been abroad for a year traversing Europe. You return from your trip to your cozy family home in Oregon, hoping to greet your mother, father, and younger sister despite the fact that it is a quarter past one […]

  • Parties No Longer Permeate Ping Pong Place

    The Ping-Pong Room, once known for its raucous metal and hardcore concerts, now rests quiet and underutilized. While students occasionally stop by between classes for a round or two of ping-pong, as it stands, the space scarcely retains its former glory. “For the last two or three years it’s been a really sedate room,” recalled […]

  • For Cheese’s Sake: Cheese 110

    Out of a funding poll riddled with spoofs less humorous than infinite cheese puns (anyone else feta-p?) Edamerged what some would call the dairy best: the Cheese Club, Reed’s first official Gruyèthering of cheese-cherishing Munsters. Organized by Emily Curtis, Justin Fishman, and Harrison Martin, the club convened for the first time in Winch last Wednesday […]

  • Commons Dishes Disappear at Uncommon Rate

    Since the end of September every commons dish sitting abandoned in the rain or hidden in the cupboard of a Birchwood has been eating into Reed College’s precious funds. Every year Bon Appetit covers $6000 worth of Commons dish theft before they begin charging Reed for the missing and damaged dishes. This year Commons dishes […]

  • Two Freshmen Win $5,000 in Lottery

    The odds proved very profitable for two freshman in the start of this fall semester. Last month, Freshman Jack Lent and his friend (who would like to remain anonymous) won $5,000 from a single Scratch-It lottery ticket bought at the 7-Eleven on 28th and Steele. At midnight on Sept. 11, Lent and several others bought […]

  • Honor Council Announcement

    By request of Vice President/Dean of Student Services Mike Brody and in concordance with our mission to educate community members about Honor and the Honor Process, we feel we must inform the student body of a change that has been made to the procedure. Until recently, the traditional procedure for an Honor Case heard by […]

  • Alumni Gain Access to JSTOR

    Olde Reed may be dead, but now they can access JSTOR from their shallow grave. Last month, Reed expanded JSTOR access to alumni, giving them the same JSTOR usage available to current Reedies. On the first day of this change alone, 200 alumni called in to Parent and Alumni Services frantically asking for help with […]

  • Strategic Planning Begins

    This September marked the beginning of Strategic Planning, a year and a half-long process of assessing Reed and determining what the future should look like. Eleven working groups were formed from student, faculty, and staff volunteers, which will discuss various aspects of the college. In January, the working groups will create a mini report that […]

  • KRRC Applies to Get Back on Air

    The eclectic sounds of the KRRC may soon be returning to the airwaves with its very own FM radio station. Thanks to Obama’s initiative, “The Local Community Radio Act of 2010,” there is now FM radio space available for non-profits and educational institutions who apply and are approved. Senate has allotted Reed’s radio station $10,400 […]

  • Bike Theft Saga

    On Sept. 14, sophomore Ben Steele walked out of his off-campus house to find a small piece of a U-lock with a jagged edge; his bike had been stolen. “I had already lost one bike on campus as a freshman,” says Steele. “My friends had been teasing me about locking this one to a tree, […]

  • Reed Partners with Switchboard

    With a huge smile and a poofy skirt, junior Kaori Freda was a walking advertisement for Reed Switchboard (also known as the “Craigslist of Reed) at this September’s Activity Fair. Little red hearts drawn on curious students’ faces transformed the student body into the face of Switchboard. This week, the partnership between Reed and the […]

  • Talking about Nüde Reed: Honor Council Forum

    A multitude of individuals from all corners of the Reed community converged in Vollum Lounge last Thursday, Sept. 19, to engage in a discussion sponsored by Honor Council on Nudity, Tradition, and Title IX. This was the first time that the entire community has had an opportunity to ask their questions, voice their opinions, and […]

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