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  • Lewis & Clark Community Confused, Frustrated Over Response to Violence at West Ball

    In response to the incident at West Ball involving a Lewis & Clark student, Lewis & Clark community members discussed the lack of transparency, institutional action, and community discussion about sexual assault in the confused aftermath of the event on Friday, October 2. The discussion was held in response to the violence at West Ball […]

  • Senate Beat: Can you Codify Honor?

    “Sometimes honor doesn’t cut it,” student Molly Kimball said during last week’s Senate meeting. Given the events that transpired at the now infamous West Ball, students questioned the effectiveness of Reed’s Honor Principle and whether its purposeful openness encourages non-Reedies to take advantage. Reed students and staff members turned up in droves to last week’s […]

  • FAFSA Deadline Changes for Students in Need of Financial Aid

    This year, Federal Student Aid, an affiliation of the United States Board of Education, has changed the deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is a required form for students in need of financial aid, which takes into account variables such as family income and tax information. Starting in 2016, […]

  • Senate Beat: Hold onto your Butts

    Student Body President Ashlin Hatch was back to kick off the action in last Friday’s Senate Meeting. Vice President Nick Fiore announced Admission is looking to hire hosts to work during special events, “one-off events when we have lots of visitors.” “And you get paid for this,” Fiore said. “It’s not like a ‘volunteer out […]

  • Dish Replacement Budget Now Tied to Financial Aid Fund

    Under the directive of senior Kate Jentoft-Herr, what started as a fledgling idea of Greenboard’s has blossomed into Reed’s newest attempt to tackle its dish loss crisis. Inspired by a discussion in Greenboard last year on non-recyclable coffee cups in Commons, Kate met with Bon Appetit manager Debby Bridges to discuss sustainability. When Debby revealed […]

  • Lecturer Warns Against Dangers of Gendering Military Robots

    In her lecture on Monday, September 28, assistant teaching professor Heather Roff of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies argued that DARPA researchers are projecting human gender stereotypes onto humanoid robots through qualities such as voice tone and body shape, and that such gendering will have serious consequences for social norms and war tactics. […]

  • Film The Mask You Live In Engages Students in Discussion on Masculinity

    Covering topics such as the hardships and societal pressures of adolescence and gender roles, a brief discussion was held following the screening of the documentary The Mask You Live In in the PAB Wednesday, September 23. The event was hosted by the student group Reedies for Nonviolent Masculinity (RNM). Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newson as […]

  • Three Eastmoreland Sequoias Saved by Neighborhood Activists

    Shortly after the September 25 edition of the Quest went to press, the sequoia standoff just blocks from Reed’s campus was resolved diplomatically. After a week of community protests and tree-sits to prevent three giant sequoias from being felled by developer Everett Custom Homes, Everett CEO Vic Remmers and a neighborhood group called Save the […]

  • Students Stop Cycle Snatch

    Poli sci major Nicole Thompson ‘16 and psych major Sidney Buttrill ‘16 foiled a bike thief in the very act of velo-appropriation last Friday, September 25, leading to the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of the bicycle. Thompson was hurrying past the bike stands behind Eliot Hall on her way to the Public […]

  • Community Safety Examines Race and Gender in AOD Violations

    A report recently published by Community safety appears to point towards a discrepancy in the distribution of AOD violations across categories of race and gender. The report details the five-year history of violations of the alcohol and other drug (AOD) policy and includes information about types of violations, frequency, and demographics of students involved. “Our […]

  • Drunk Clarkie Arrested After Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Students, Violently Refusing to Leave Campus

    Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly spelt Guellord Ndagijimana’s first name as Guellard. This spelling was from our main source from the article, the reports from Community Safety. However, based on Guellord’s Facebook profile and booking on the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office website, this spelling was incorrect. In addition, a previous version of this article […]

  • The Orange Line Opens

    Portlanders have been “catching the Orange” in droves since Saturday, September 12. The newest Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) light rail line opened with great fanfare and now connects parts of the city previously lacking rapid transit. The Orange Line stretches from Union Station downtown, across the newly-built Tilikum Crossing transit bridge, through inner Southeast and […]

  • Nü Reed Kills Cold Drinking Water, ODB Roof Access?

    For all ten of you who use the weight room, you may have noticed a new, less cold water fountain. Does Nü Reed not believe in ice cold water during workouts? Townsend Angell of Facilities Services explains that the fountain was changed primarily due to the demand for more bottle filling fountains. And, thanks to […]

  • Senate Beat: Aw Skeet Skeet, Mount Bustmore, and Other Totally Real Things

     In a short but sweet Senate meeting, a myriad of reports concerning various committees and subcommittees were presented. The Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (SCAPP) had their first meeting last Thursday, covering hot topics including a gender and ethnic studies program in Reed’s curriculum, revamping Hum 110’s curriculum, and reorganizing Reed’s Group C […]

  • Financial Reform Brings Square to the Paradox, Drives Bakers Away

    With the start of a new semester, the Paradox has undergone significant changes, including the newfound acceptance of credit cards as well as the indefinite hiatus of the student baking program. Although these adjustments might appear superficial, both changes stem from a deeper issue — the Paradox’s financial troubles over the past few years. As […]

  • Early Autumn Bike Thefts Down From Last Year

    Since the implementation of Community Safety’s bike bait program, the amount of bike thefts has dropped to less than half of what it was this time last year, and has lead to several arrests.  According to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger, the number of missing bike cases during the first two weeks of the […]

  • Griffin Guides May Change Advising at Reed

    During Orientation this year, 54 students received an email stating that they were to attend a Griffin Guides Advising 101 rather than the regular Advising 101 session. This alternative session introduced a peer academic mentoring pilot program, in which a returning student works with a new student and the new student’s faculty adviser to guide […]

  • Bike Co-op, Fellowship Named for Reed Legend Mark Angeles ‘15

    A new name for the bike co-op and a new fellowship have been dedicated in honor of recently deceased Mark Angeles, who graduated last year. Mark, who died tragically on May 27 when a tow truck hit him while he was riding his bicycle, was an active manager of the co-op. He also instructed the […]

  • Admission Mistake Floods Reed with First-Year Students

    With an incoming class of 421 students, an increase of 74 over last year, availability of housing to upperclassman has decreased significantly. Residence Life Director Amy Schuckman estimates that the number of returning students who could be housed on campus decreased by about 100 this year. To make matters worse, the cost of housing in […]

  • Growing Seeds at Crystal Springs

    Thanks to many long months of planning and conversation on the part of the current ad-hoc Child Care Committee (Professors Gail Sherman, Kathy Oleson, Libby Drumm, and Jennifer Corpus, P.R. Managing Editor Stacey Kim, Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusive Community Santi Alston, Vice President and Treasurer Lorraine Arvin, and Dean of the Faculty Nigel […]

  • Excluded Student Jeremiah True Arrested by Portland Police

    Following weeks of campus disturbance, Jeremiah True, who started as a freshman at Reed College in the fall of 2014, was arrested by Portland Police on the evening of Thursday, April 16, on one count of disorderly conduct in the second degree, one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, and two counts of […]

  • Senate Beat: Discussion Continues Following DHSM Faculty Vote-Down

    Following the Reed faculty’s vote to reject the new draft of the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) policy, the student Senate lead a lengthy discussion concerning the DHSM during their public meeting on April 16. As explained by Student Body President Ashlin Hatch, the faculty’s decision was the result of two votes. One vote […]

  • Computers Stolen From Student Union

    April 9, 2015. A dark and stormy night, probably. The doomed computers were safely nestled in the SU Book Loft, or so they thought. Their last contact with Reed’s servers occurred just shy of 5 AM. After that, silence. Community Safety was contacted about the missing computers at noon that day, but the computers and […]

  • Growing Freshman Class Pushes Returning Students Far Down Waitlist

    Additional Reporting by Alison Fortune It’s that time of year again: the scents of panic and stress drift through the air, speeding up the heart rates of anyone who dares take a breath. The housing lottery — and its infamously long waitlist — is back again, but this time it’s even worse than previous years. […]

  • Faculty Reject & Delay Senate-Drafted DHSM

    On April 13, the Faculty voted to not approve the Senate Initiative changes to the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) Policy, leaving the College out of compliance with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and without newly written sections that protect against relationship abuse and stalking. Forty-three faculty members voted to not approve, twenty-five […]

  • Reed Investment Club Pursues Policy on Ethics

    Reed Investment Club debated last week what their ethical responsibilities are when buying stocks. The previous week, the club voted to invest in Marathon Oil Corporation, a company that refines, transports and sells petroleum products. This investment was pitched by investment club Vice President Ben Scott. Club member Maggie Davis called for the discussion, wanting […]

  • Increased Wages on the Horizon

    The Wage Review Board, consisting of Mitchell Linegar and Kieran Hanrahan, recently released their report with recommendations about how to adjust the wages of appointed student body positions. The WRB recommended two options, both of which include doubling the amount of money the Senate currently spends on wages, according to their report. In their report, […]

  • Spring 2015 Student Body Elections Candidates

    Student Body Elections are will be up on starting 9:30 p.m. on Thursday April 23 and will close at midnight on Wednesday April 29. You can hear from the candidates and ask them questions at Elections assembly, Thursday April 23 at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Union. There are four open seats on the Student Senate, […]

  • Reed Sued by Expelled Student

    In the wake of the faculty’s recent rejection of the new Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) policy, a former Reed student has filed a lawsuit against Reed College alleging gender discrimination on April 14. In an email sent to the entire student body Wednesday afternoon, Vice President and Dean of Students Services Mike Brody […]

  • Jeremiah True ’18 Excluded from Campus, Honor Case Pending

    With headlines ranging from The Daily Beast‘s “Rape Culture Troll Threatens Reed College” to Daily Caller‘s “Student Barred from Class for Disputing Rape Statistics”, Jeremiah True ’18 and his story have trended locally and nationally. Now, he is excluded from campus with a pending Honor Case against him. His controversial petition to be restored to […]

  • Continuing the Discussion: Student Group Inclusivity

    On March 4, students gathered in Eliot 314 with the purpose of discussing the issue of inclusivity among student groups. Hosted by the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), the forum focused on the experiences that students have had with regards to race, class, and gender identity interaction within student-run campus organizations. The forum aimed to identify […]

  • Wage Review Board Recommends Senate Double Wage Spending

    After surveying over two hundred students, the Wage Review Board has made its final recommendations to Senate. We recommend that Senate almost double the amount of money it spends each semester on monthly stipends for student body positions. Read the Wage Review Board’s full recommendations here: After issuing a pre-survey survey to the student body […]

  • Policy Responsibilities, Burden of Governance

    In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education sent out a “Dear Colleague” letter that warned of “schools’ responsibility to take immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment and sexual violence.” Now, Reed and other higher education institutions across the country are working to comply with federal legislations about reporting sexual misconduct on college campuses. […]

  • Reed Freshman Founds Educational Program in China

    Humaneness 101, despite its name, is not another required course about dead, white men that Reed College attempts to shove down our throats: in fact, it is quite the opposite. Humaneness 101 is an education program started by freshman Ivy He which focuses on teaching animal ethics and sustainable environmental practices to middle school students […]

  • Senate Raises Student Body Fee, Stagnates on Policy Fronts

    Student Body Fee The Student Senate voted 7-1 in favor of raising the Student Body fee by $40 per year for a new yearly total of $300, during their public meeting on March 12. The vote followed the previous week’s lengthy discussion about the current intersection between the semi-regular Wage Review and the consideration to […]

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