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Divestment Movement and Trustees Finally Meet Face to Face

Members of the Divest Reed campaign met with President John Kroger and the Board of Trustees on Friday, February 7 to discuss the potential for Reed to divest its endowment from fossil fuels. A group of community members and local activists gathered outside in the snow to show their support. The trustees were receptive to […]

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Number of Applicants Jumps 36 Percent

More applicants applied to Reed College this year than any other year in the college’s history. 3,950 high school students applied, a 36 percent increase from last year’s total and a 13 percent increase from the college’s previous record. According to Dean of Admissions Keith Todd, this increase is due in part to several major […]

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Updated Community Affairs Smoking Policy Draft

We, as a community, believe in the right of all members of the Reed College community and all visitors to campus to be able to conduct their affairs without unwillingly being exposed to second­hand smoke. The purpose of this policy is to express the need to protect this right while recognizing the individual freedom of those who choose to smoke. This policy does not replace the Honor Principle; it articulates a community norm that requires each individual to recognize a certain right and to act accordingly.

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Student Senate Smoking Policy Draft

We, as a community, believe in the right of all members of the Reed College community and all visitors to campus to not be exposed unwillingly to second-hand smoke. The purpose of this policy is to protect this right, balancing it with the individual rights of those who choose to smoke. This policy, however, in no way replaces the honorable conduct expected by the Honor Principle among community members, and simply supplements the need for each individual to recognize, accept, and respect the extraordinary responsibility placed on him or her by the Honor Principle in order for the community to function effectively.

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Old Bones Return Home: Gary Snyder ’51 Accepts Award


Despite the snowstorm, poet and Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Snyder ’51 drew a sizable crowd to his reading last Friday evening, where he accepted the Thomas Lamb Eliot Award for Lifetime Achievement. Snyder is one of the first three alumni to receive the award, along with ex-Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig ’65 and award-winning […]

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New Vice President Gets to Know Us


Lorraine Arvin, Reed’s new vice president and treasurer, arrived at Reed four weeks ago. She comes during the last semester of Ed McFarlane’s 41-year term in the position, and will work alongside him for the remainder of spring. After McFarlane announced last year that he would be retiring, a search committee chose Arvin as his […]

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Startup or Journal? Student-Founded Table Talk Blurs Lines


If Maya Frodeman ’15 and Ben Moe ’15 have the anxiety typical to first-time startup founders who have yet to find funding, they don’t show it. Posters for their startup-cum-journal, Table Talk, which seem to have appeared on every step and in every bathroom on campus in recent weeks, describe the venture as “Reed’s new […]

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Community Affairs Committee Smoking Policy Draft

The CAC made the following proposal at the February 11 Senate meeting, when Senate also introduced a proposal of its own. No vote was made on either proposal. It is the aim of the CAC for Senate to pass a policy for presentation to the Faculty at their March 3 meeting. Preamble: We, as a […]

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Faculty Meeting Addresses Smoking, Title IX, Admissions Data

Thanks to the efforts of our new Faculty Correspondent, Aaron Ramcharan, the Quest will bring you coverage of the faculty’s monthly meetings this semester. CAC Work on Campus Smoking Policy Professor of English and Humanities Laura Leibman spoke as chair of the Community Affairs Community (CAC) about the current policy being worked on with regards […]

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“Go Forth and Suck” Says Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian


Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian began his lecture last Friday night with D.J. Detweiler’s remix of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” the chorus of which is played alternately on recorders and air horns and is exactly as bizarre as it sounds. Its significance became apparent only after Ohanian outlined his lecture on the platform that net neutrality […]

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