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  • Smoking Indoors Could Mean Pricey Penalty for Reed

    The cigarette butts that dot Reed’s campus now carry a potential fine of $500 each. After two anonymous complaints were filed in November for smoking violations, a Multnomah County public health inspector visited campus on March 8. The enforcement officer will return unannounced between March 23 and April 22 to re-inspect. Reed will be fined […]

  • Senate Blog: Paideia, Strategic Planning, and Triggering Events

    The committee on triggering events met for the first time today, March 8, to discuss guidelines for student groups to follow before putting on events. According to Senator Nina Liss-Schultz, the goal of the committee is to provide students with information about the content of an event before it happens; rather than to censor content. […]

  • Reed Leads with Nation’s First Tango Music Institute

    Reed College will be hosting the country’s first Tango Music Institute this summer from June 23 – 30. The intensive music camp is designed to teach fifty proficient musicians to perform using the unique tango performance practice technique on their personal instrument. The Tango Institute is an inaugural event not only for Reed College, but […]

  • Gender Studies Makes Steady Progress

    A gender studies major may still be a distant possibility at Reed, but a group of faculty are working to ensure that the discipline still has a place at the college. Reed’s Gender Faculty Consortium, a group of professors interested in gender-related issues, has been busy building an intercollegiate association on gender studies and organizing […]

  • Professors Brush up on Teaching Skills with Center for Teaching and Learning

    A new series of teaching seminars for professors commenced last month with a workshop led by  Mariatte Denman, Ph.D, associate director for the Humanities at the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning. These seminars are part of a larger effort to establish a Reed Center for Teaching and Learning after the college was awarded a […]

  • Health Center Offers Acupuncture to Curb Cravings

    The Health and Counseling Center is now offering acupuncture for students who want to address their cravings. The treatments aim to reduce a wide array of issues, from substance addictions to compulsive internet usage. No appointments are necessary for the acupuncture treatments, which are available at the Health and Counseling Center every Tuesday from 5-6 […]

  • The True Dean, Nigel Nicholson

    Nigel Nicholson will become Reed’s newest Dean of Faculty on June 1, 2013. Nicholson was one of three candidates subjected to round after round of interviews addressing their standpoints on academic mission, which policies to change, new majors, fund allocations, diversity, and all other topics relevant to the post. What stood out about Nicholson? Senator […]

  • Administrators and SB Presidents Discuss New AOD Review Panel

    Around thirty or forty students turned out Wednesday night for a discussion of last semester’s revisions to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. The discussion, hosted by Residence Life, featured dormitory Residence Directors, Director of Community Safety Gary Granger, Dean of Student Services Mike Brody, Student Body President Ari Galper, and former Student Body President […]

  • Beavers Take Free Reign of Canyon

    While Reedies were busily studying for midterms, the beaver families living in Reed’s canyon have been quietly transforming the canyon’s east end back into the marsh that Reed Lake once was. Each night at dusk, around three beaver families migrate from their dens near the Amphitheatre to the east end of the Canyon to feed […]

  • Humans of Reed Tumbls into Existence

    A new Tumblr blog materialized this semester with the mission of cataloguing an eclectic community of individuals: Humans of Reed, run by freshman Eren Veziroglu and inspired by the Tumblr blog Humans of New York, features portraits of students, along with a unique bit of personal insight and their responses to, “Why Reed?” “Reed is […]

  • Senate to Hire Student Sustainability Coordinator: Hopes Administration Will Follow Example

    When it comes to prospies with a passion for sustainability, the Admissions Office has plenty of material for promotional mailings: a $5.4 million energy efficiency contract the college signed last fall, the ecological gem that is the Canyon, and a performing arts building with a green roof on the way. But Environmental Health and Safety […]

  • Reed Reclaims Facebook Page in Social Media Push

    With almost 5,000 likes, the Reed College Facebook page has blossomed in recent weeks, courtesy of the work being done by the Public Affairs Office. As unlikely as it sounds, only recently have Reed-affiliated groups regained control of Reed’s online media presence from non-Reed groups. Before, when someone searched Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook for a […]

  • Funding Poll Results

    The results from this semester’s Funding Poll in infographic form.

  • Seniors Let It Ride on a Spot in Their Bibliographies

    Reading aloud from John Gray, Ph.D’s bestselling Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus in a friend’s common room one night after the library had closed, Johnny Flores ’13 joked about the potential relevance of the work to his thesis on the linguistic construction of ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ identities for homosexual men. Gray, who […]

  • Bear Wilner-Nugent ‘95 Challenges Kroger to Debate Over Paideia Controversy

    Criminal defense lawyer Bear Wilner-Nugent ‘95 challenged President John Kroger last month to a public debate on “Reed’s drug policies under the administration and how they do or do not relate to the US drug policy.” Wilner-Nugent, who has long been critical of Reed’s drug policy, issued the challenge after recent censorship of Paideia classes, […]

  • Pudding Emerges from Pamphlette Schism

    Mat Olson ’15 and Sean Howard ’13 are excited about the future, and justifiably so: they are planning the publication of The Pamphlette‘s first competitor in recent memory. Their paper, called The Pudding, is meant to be a humor paper that looks beyond the Reed bubble and reminds Reedies that laughs can be found everywhere. […]

  • Reed Emissions Replaces Reed Releases

    Reedies were met with a surprise on February 4: Reed Releases reincarnated under the name Reed Emissions. The Facebook profile and Tumblr blog that helps Reedies make anonymous posts of romance, anger, and regret (among other things) was initially shut down on Facebook for violating its Terms and Conditions, possibly because it created a “false […]

  • Senate Appoints New Treasurers

    Waiting for a microphone at the start of last week’s Senate meeting, before President Kroger and students faced off on the topics of censorship and student autonomy, Appointments Committee chair Annam Swanson announced that freshmen Oliver Silverton-Peel and Alejandro Chavez-Lopez had been appointed vice and assistant treasurers. Over the course of the next three hours, […]

  • Lacking Time, But Seeking Love, Reedies Speed Date

    This article is also available as an online radio story. Whether on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day date or just looking to meet new people, dozens of Reedies filed into the Student Union on Saturday afternoon for Reed’s first speed dating event. Students attempted to make small talk, get to know each other, and […]

  • Juniors’ Genebot Startup Wins $2,500 Prize

    Connor LaBean ’14, right, and Ben Stephens ’14, left.  Last year, Connor LaBean ’14 excitedly approached his good friend, Ben Stephens ‘14, about an idea he had: a biotech automation robot or “genebot” that could do about anything involving liquid transfer, thus saving eons on time-consuming experiments involving genetic replication that are usually done manually. […]

  • Hippie Turns Half-Baked Idea into Americone Dream

    Vollum Lecture Hall swarmed with Reedies Thursday night to hear Jerry Greenfield speak about the often forgotten, socially responsible aspect of business. Some came to enlighten their minds with Jerry’s wisdom, while others came with grumbling stomachs and hopes of free ice cream. This Gray Fund sponsored event granted their wishes, as an ice cream […]

  • Kroger, Reedies Discuss Paideia Censorship at Community Forum

    Students, faculty, and alumni filled the SU at 4 PM on Friday to discuss the controversy surrounding President John Kroger’s recent cancellation of two Paideia classes and censoring of a third over content relating to drugs and alcohol. Over a hundred Reed community members gather to hear Kroger speak, ask him questions, and express their […]

  • Senate’s Letter to President Kroger

    Dear President Kroger, As representatives of the Student Body, we wish to express our frustration regarding your decision to cancel and alter several of the classes that were offered during the week of Paideia. While opinions vary among the senators, this letter reflects broadly the sentiments shared by a majority of the Student Body Senate. […]

  • Goodbye Commons Runs. Hello DeliveReed.

    Have you ever craved a tasty Commons dinner but lacked the will-power leave the comfort of your dorm room? As of Monday, February 4, DeliveReed is helping to solve this problem for Reedies all over campus. Now, Commons and Bookstore treats are just a few keystrokes away: fill out an online order form with your […]

  • An Interview with the Brand-Spanking New Student Body President

    Once one enters Ari Galper’s room on Bragdon 2, the floor where he is currently HA, it becomes immediately obvious how he was elected student body president. The room is spotless, everything in its place without a hint of excess, full of calming colors and dried flowers. Now that the scene has been set, here’s what he had to say about his new responsibilities.

  • Glass, Silicone, and 11 Inches of Stainless Steel

    Reedies gathered around a table piled high with sex toys, many of them of unclear purpose, in Eliot Hall last Tuesday. The Joys of (Sex) Toys, hosted by ADSAPR Jyl Shaffer and Student Educators Taylor Bailey and Gabriele Slaughter, aimed to educate curious members of the Reed community on the history, types, and uses of […]

  • Kroger Faces Backlash after Paideia Controversy: Alumni Board Director resigns

    The Reed community has reacted en masse to Reed President John Kroger’s cancellation of two Paideia classes and the alteration of another. Last Friday, The Quest published an article revealing Kroger’s censorship of the classes. A day after the article’s publication, Kroger issued a statement saying he “learned about these classes right before Paideia began […]

  • Portland Opera Presents an Untamed Tosca

    Tosca plays at Keller Auditorium on Saturday, February 9th at 7:30 pm. Student rush tickets are available 1 hour before the show for $10 with ID. When Tosca begins, the audience joins an adventure. The curtain goes up without an overture and a cathedral towers over an escaped convict, the former consul of Rome. A […]

  • Radio Journalism, Seed Money Attract Students to Working Weekend

    Hundreds of students took the chance last Saturday to attend an event they had been receiving emails about for weeks on end: Working Weekend, a program put on by Career Services, the alumni committee Life Beyond Reed, and Alumni & Parent Relations (APR), to provide current students with insight and connections from Reed alumni in […]

  • President Kroger’s Statement

    As you know, I made the decision to cancel two Paideia classes. One involved the smoking of unregulated depressants, and the other was on how to trip on hallucinogens. The first class raised significant health and safety concerns; the second both health and legal issues. The college staff also asked a student to modify a […]

  • Flags to Display Prayers: Buddhists will not be offended

    Students walking along the pathway between the Gray Campus Center and the Canyon this week will pass flags with prayers for everything from “Need Blind Admissions,” to “Commons George Appreciation Day. The flags are part of a project by SEEDS, the Multicultural Resource Center, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, International Student Services, Residence Life, and […]

  • Paideia Classes Censored at Kroger’s Request

    A week before his Paideia class, Austin Weisgrau ’15 received an email informing him of a change in his curriculum. Entitled “Kombucha and Other Fermentation Basics,” the class was to focus on brewing kombucha, but would also cover the basics of fermenting sauerkraut and alcoholic beverages. However, the email, from Paideia Czar Julia Selker, informed […]

  • Elusive Canyon Matriarch Captured

    This week, Ms. Tuxedo Patches, the canyon’s feline matriarch, was finally spayed after over a year of effort on the part of campus staff. Throughout her tenure in the canyon, Ms. Tuxedo Patches has birthed more kittens than campus staff has been able to keep track of, posing a significant problem to environmental health of […]

  • FSU Panel Discusses Gender, Stuff

    “Pretend that Reed has a gender studies program,” read the banner in Gray Campus Center advertising the Feminist Student Union’s Gender and Stuff Panel, or G.A.S.P. Although Reedies often do a lot of writing about gender, it never really sees the light of day because gender isn’t the focus of our classes, said Stella Jones […]

  • Committee Explores New Ethnic Studies Program

    Ethnic studies is being considered as a new major at Reed. An exploratory committee of faculty members is currently discussing questions such as the structure of the major, hiring new faculty, and cost—among other issues.

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