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  • Student Piano Silenced

    The piano in the Student Union was broken. It was four thousand dollars. With motives born out of the love students have for each other, the student body government recently bought a new piano for our shared space. Students used the SU piano everyday and in tribute, the KRRC posed with it in loving remembrance. […]

  • DHSM Passes

    A new Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy passed this week, after nearly a two-year process of writing multiple drafts and amassing community input. The final draft was first passed during Friday’s Senate meeting with a vote of 8-1. It was then sent to the faculty on Monday and passed with a vote of 75-6, […]

  • Title IX Complaint Filed Against Nude Revelers

    In an email sent out to the entire Reed community Tuesday afternoon, President Kroger announced that a Title IX complaint had been registered regarding the nudity of revelers outside the first Hum 110 lecture. In an interview Wednesday, Sept. 11, President Kroger stated that, because the nudity was relatively public, the investigation will include discussion with […]

  • Shaffer’s Departure Leaves ADSAPR Position Under Review

    Informed, unadulterated, hilarious, mentor, badass; these are all words students use to describe the former Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Jyl Shaffer. Having left Reed for the University of Houston on Aug. 16 , Shaffer is now working to process Title IX sexual discrimination claims. Although she no longer walks around Reed’s […]

  • Reed Welcomes Most International Class

    This academic year, Reed College welcomed the largest group of international students ever into its community—making the Class of 2017 the most internationally and ethnically diverse class of students in the history of the college. This group includes 11 exchange students from three different nations, 39 students on visas from 24 different nations, and seven […]

  • New HA Programming Creates Controversy

    This year Residence Life is rolling out a brand new model to foster helpful communication between freshmen and their HAs. One specific aspect of the new programming model involves having HAs meet individually with new students on their floors. “With first-year students we ask that the HAs meet with each of them once per quarter, […]

  • Thoughts About Thoughts: Convocation 2013

    The class of 2017 gathered together as a group for the first time last week for Reed College’s annual Convocation address. President John Kroger opened by welcoming the new class and saying a few words about the value of a liberal arts education. He understood that spending four years devoted to intellectual pursuits was an […]

  • Time Travel Expert Wins Vollum Award

    This year’s Vollum Award winner, Kip Thorne, delivered a lecture on black holes, gravitational waves, wormholes, and other weird stuff. At the end of the talk, he introduced the black hole firewall paradox. My goal is to describe the paradox and why it matters. Half of the paradox depends on the first exact solution to […]

  • CRS Case Summary

    The Community Rights Subcommittee (CRS) of the Honor Council is required by Honor Council code to send a summary report, not violating confidentiality, of any cases that arise to The Quest. This is a belated case summary from last spring.* Spring 2012   The CRS accepted a complaint brought by a member of Student Services […]

  • Alternative Renn Fayres Give Students an Option

    Renn Fayre is nearly upon us, and while this may cause many to vibrate with excitement, the chaos of Renn Fayre is not something that might appeal to every person on campus. In order to better accommodate these students, the Office for Institutional Diversity and Student Services is offering up a couple of options for […]

  • Reed’s Acceptance Rate Rises: Admissions Seeks to Grow Applicant Pool

    On March 26 Reed College offered admission to 1,356 of the 2,887 applicants for the class of 2017. The acceptance rate of 47 percent marks the class of 2017 as the least selective class since 2004 and comes on the heels of what had been an unprecedented period of increasing selectivity for the college. From […]

  • Three New Murals Approved

    Earlier this semester, Senate approved a proposal from the Art Collection Management Committee (ACMC, chaired by Dean of Faculty Pat McDougal and comprised of students, faculty, and staff) to change the on-campus murals process such that it is a more collaborative endeavor between the ACMC and the Senate mural reps. At the Senate meeting on Friday, April 5th, Senators David Azrael and Mathew Olson announced the approval of three new murals on campus—two new murals that will replace long-standing works, and one new mural in a previously unutilized space. These developments deserve a clear articulation of the new process, the new murals (and the artists behind them) and a description of what the new process means for on-campus murals in years to come. The new murals guidelines are posted on the Student Activities website.

  • Blunts and Donuts

    On April 20, at both 4:20 a.m. and p.m., for the third year in a row, Director of Community Safety Gary Granger provided “blunts” in the form of Voodoo donuts in the Student Union. Granger has been putting on the event since 2011 with the intention of engaging students about the Alcohol and Other Drugs […]

  • First Biannual Bioinformatics Workshop Provides Insight Into a Booming Field

    The first biannual bioinformatics and genomics workshop took place at Reed from April 13 to 14. A slate of specialists was invited to lead modules on a wide-array of key topics in whole genome analysis. More than two dozen undergraduates from Reed and Lewis and Clark College had the opportunity to study bioinformatic and genomic […]

  • A Crash Landing Into the New World

    All retro sci-fi worlds need an unidentified flying object, and this year’s New World-themed Renn Fayre will have its very own crashed spaceship, courtesy of the Russian House and Erica Edmondson. The spaceship, which is Edmondson’s design, is one of the almost fifty projects that will be featured in this year’s Renn Fayre. This is […]

  • Bookworm Awarded $1,000

    Reed’s First Annual Book Collecting Contest awarded $1000 to first place winner Mack Sullivan ‘13. Richard Aldersley ‘13 was awarded $500 for second place. Francois Paultre ’13 received $250 for third place. The six other students who entered all received honorable mentions. Book collecting made its way out of the depths of the library archives […]

  • Two Math Professors Hired: A Look Inside the Professor Selection Process

    The Mathematics Department received 770 applications for two tenure-track professors in pure mathematics. Angélica Osorno,  who received her Ph.D. from MIT and currently teaches at University of Chicago will teach at Reed in the fall semester, and in the spring of 2014 she will participate in a semester-long program in algebraic topology, her specialty, at […]

  • Women’s Soccer Gains Footing

        While many Reedies hold some pride in their un-athleticism, some desire the presence of physical activity in their lives. Sydney Scarlata is one of them. Having swam and played soccer all throughout high school, freshman Sydney Scarlata was “burnt out” from varsity sports, and saw Reed as a respite from the intense competition […]

  • Student Body Elections Candidate Profiles

    The profiles of this semester’s candidates for Senate and Quest Board, accompanied by photographs of said candidates.

  • Communism, Atheism, and Daycare

    Campus may soon be bolstered by the addition of a Child Development Center by spring 2014. The center would provide daycare with an educational focus for children ranging in age from infancy to four years. After 40 faculty members went to the Physical Plant committee in November 2011 to assess the feasibility of a child […]

  • Improved Band Practice Room Fosters Resurgence of Reed Bands

    Two years ago, the Band Practice Room was nearly defunct. Now, it and Reed bands are flourishing. There is a thriving band scene at Reed currently, bolstered in part by an improved Band Practice Room (BPR) and an upsurge in student club involvement. Two years ago the BPR was nearly defunct and twigs were occasionally […]

  • The Pool Hall Cleans Up

    Smoking in the Pool Hall has finally stopped, and the Pool Hall managers have led a thorough cleanup effort to erase its remains. “About 12 people came to the pool hall the Wednesday of Spring Break to assist in the clean up effort,” says Pool Hall Manager Molly Kimball ’16. They weren’t necessarily regulars, Kimball […]

  • Reedies for Reedies Encourages Student Philanthropy

    With expectations of raising between $8,000 and $10,000 this year, scholarship fund Reedies for Reedies says that financial goals are not the committee’s priority, encouraging philanthropy at Reed College is. Reedies for Reedies replaced the Class of 2010 Scholarship in spring 2010 and stresses, according to their mission statement, that “In recognition of the value […]

  • Lena Lencek’s GEOCHROMES Shows in Vollum

    Lena Lencek, Professor of Russian and Humanities, says that she’s been drawing and painting since she was born. Her first show was held in a gallery in Portland in the Early 80’s. Since then, she’s also illustrated a children’s book, and whenever she travels, her sketchbook is her travel diary. It’s always been something she’s […]

  • Senate Beat: Quest Reform and the Sexual Misconduct Policy

    Senator David Azrael ’13 speaks during the April 12 Senate meeting. Quest Reform For the second time this month, Senate discussed the Quest board’s proposal for a new system in which editors are appointed rather than elected. The Quest board provided an updated draft of the proposed Quest bylaws, in which changes were made to […]

  • Alumni Board Votes to Drop Paideia Issue

    The Alumni Board voted on Saturday, April 13 to not pursue further action regarding President Kroger’s canceling several Paideia classes in January. Alumni Board President Chantal Sudbrack ’97 says that “the motion had roughly 75 percent support for no further consideration as a body.” The Board first discussed the Paideia controversy during their February 2 […]

  • Reedies Discuss Obligation, Sanctity, and External Pressure at Union

    Three months after President Kroger canceled or altered three Paideia classes, Reed community members filled out the pews in the Chapel on Friday for the Reed Union entitled “Student Autonomy: Its Possibilities and its Limits.” President Kroger attended but only spoke up twice: once to explain that he could stay for the entire Union because […]

  • Unsatisfied with Union, Divestment Movement Turns to Transparency

    Unsatisfied with last month’s Reed Union on climate change and denied a list of the college’s investment managers by the Board of Trustees Investment Committee, Fossil Free Reed, Reed’s nascent divestment movement, has set its sights on a new target. Before the group, spearheaded by members of Greenboard and founded as part of’s national […]

  • Hum Play 2K13 Has Some Novel Concepts

    The direktors tout that Hum Play this is year will be “dirtier, raunchier, and uncircumcised, as it should be.” The show will be in Vollum Lecture Hall on April 26th at 7 p.m. A sub-free show will be the day before at 9 p.m. There is a one-butt per seat policy so students will be […]

  • Senate Beat: New Murals, Pool Hall Improvement, and Divestment

    Announcements A total of ten applications were received for the position of Student Sustainability Coordinator, from which Dove Henry ’14 was chosen. The position of editor for the senior yearbook, the Griffin, was given to Natasha Lelchuk ’15. Student Body Vice President Paul Messick reported that the SIN code is still in the process of being […]

  • New Community Safety Hires Measured for Kilts

    The new Assistant Director of Community Safety, Chris Linn. Community Safety recently hired a number of new part time and on-call CSOs. Director of Community Safety Gary Granger’s standard of excellence? “Whether or not they’ll wear a kilt to Renn Fayre.” On-call CSOs are on staff in order to cover the occasional vacant shift. Granger […]

  • English Ivy Still Dominates Canyon

    The Reed Canyon is suffering from an ivy infestation. Not long ago, “every tree in the Canyon used to have ivy to the top of it,” Zac Perry, head of the Canyon Restoration Project says. English ivy was allowed to propagate largely undisturbed for 80 to 100 years, and the Canyon became infested and required […]

  • Minds For Revolution Reunites Psychology and Humanities

    Minds for Revolution, a new organization started by Lina Shadrac ‘15 and Erica Meadow ’13, seeks to add a historical and social perspective to psychology at Reed. “Psychology has an incredibly problematic history as a discipline,” Meadow says. “Psychologists and psychiatrists have been involved in the performance of non-consensual lobotomies, the pathologization of gay people, […]

  • Reed’s New Philosophy Society

    On March 28, approximately 15 students—along with Philosophy Professor Troy Cross—gathered for the first meeting of Reed’s Philosophy Society. The intimate confines of Winch provided the perfect setting for the passionate intellectual conversation that lasted far longer than the presentation itself, and the first gathering of this new society took on the feeling of a […]

  • Times Columnist Kristof Lectures on Empowering Women

    New York Times reporter and columnist Nicholas Kristof spoke to a packed Kaul Auditorium on Monday about his book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, which he co-authored with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn. Both the book and Monday’s lecture draw their title, said Kristof, from a Chinese saying: “Women hold up […]

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