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  • Students Clash with Meghan McCain

    Tensions rose at a Gray Fund event in Vollum Lecture Hall during questions between students and columnist, author, and blogger Meghan McCain. McCain, who writes for The Daily Beast and appears as a contributor on MSNBC, and is the daughter of Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, spoke at Reed Tuesday night promoting America, You Sexy Bitch: […]

  • Senate Searches for Graffiti Wars Solution

    Senate is seeking an olive branch between students and administrators in the ongoing struggle over campus graffiti. This fall semester has been marked by a conflict in which students repeatedly graffitied the gender-neutral bathrooms while administration repeatedly painted over the walls. The painting over of graffiti stopped for about a week just before fall break, […]

  • Psychedelic Sounds Fire Up SU

    Students listen to The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka in the Student Union. Things got loud this weekend when two of indie rock’s biggest and most-loved bands descended upon the Student Union—in recording, that is. First, on Friday night, students had the opportunity to dance themselves clean at This Is Happening, a dance to LCD Soundsystem’s last […]

  • Trustee John Gray Passes Away at 93

    John Gray, Reed trustee and husband of the late Betty Gray, with whom he founded the Gray Fund, passed away on October 18. He was 93 years old when he died of cancer. Gray, a renowned Portland developer, sat on the Board of Trustees from 1961 to 2006, serving as chairman from 1967 to 1982. […]

  • Roof Climbers Cost Reed $10,000

    In 1895 Cambridge student Geoffrey Winthrop Young published The Roof Climber’s Guide to Trinity, inadvertently inventing the sport of stegophily. Unknowingly following in his footsteps, students have been climbing on the rooftops of Reed buildings for years. Recently, Community Safety reports of stegophily have increased and roof climbers have done thousands of dollars in damage. […]

  • Senate Beat: RD Patrols, Graffiti, and Sustainability

    A new program in which residence directors walk through dorms caused a stir at last week’s Senate meeting. The program, which has had Resident Directors patrolling dorms between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights for the past couple weeks, is intended to help promote integration of RDs into the community. But it also allows RDs to write up students who are using illegal drugs or alcohol and pass the information on to Community Safety—essentially giving them to power to issue AOD violations.

  • Proposal for the Repurposing of the Ministry of Propaganda

    For background on this proposal, read the relevant Senate Beat. Sunset Clause: This proposal will be in the fall of 2013. If at that time it appears the Ministry of Propaganda is no longer needed, the Ministry shall be disbanded. The Reed community recognizes the challenges of maintaining a physical environment consistent with the values […]

  • The Rocky Horror No Picture Show

    A chorus of “START THE FUCKING MOVIE” signaled the start of each showing of The Rocky Horror No Picture Show last weekend. The production, which defined itself as “a different kind of thesis,” ran from October 4-6 at the Black Box Theatre on campus. Thesis candidate Tristan Nieto directed the Rocky Horror No Picture Show […]

  • “Truth to Power” Graffito Fake; Administration Reconsidering Graffiti Policy

    A piece of graffiti in the Gray Campus Center that claims to have been made by controversial artist Kara Walker is a forgery.

  • Reed Senior Runs 27 Hours, Breaks Record

    Ethan Linck ’13, a Biology major, joined an elite group of record holding distance runners when he ran the 93-mile Wonderland Trail on Sept. 28. Linck completed the course in 27 hours, 19 minutes, 19 seconds, besting the previous record of 28 hours, 50 minutes. The run was Linck’s second attempt at the Wonderland Trail, […]

  • Youngest-Ever MacArthur “Genius” Fills Vollum

    Vollum was bursting at the seams on Tuesday, October 2 as both Reed students and other Portland community members crammed into the lecture hall for artist Kara Walker’s highly-anticipated lecture as a guest for the Stephen E. Ostrow Distinguished Visitors in the Arts series. Walker graduated with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1994 and became the youngest person ever to receive the MacArthur “Genius” Grant in 1997 at the age of 28. Both the lecture hall and the Vollum Lounge were so full that many were away due to lack of available seating.

  • A Bright Day for the Canyon

    The sound of English Ivy being ripped from the ground mingled with jovial conversation in the north corner of the canyon on Saturday, October 6th. The discarded weeds fell into piles along with the nightshade, Himalayan blackberries, and other undesirables as the forces of good united for Fall Canyon Day. Around thirty students, faculty, staff, and […]

  • Library Graced with Man and His Dulcimer

    Melodic tunes waft through the air near the library, these days, courtesy of Portland resident John Harkwood playing his dulcimer. His large white poodle, Elvis Voltaire d’Artagnan, keeps him company. Although he mostly plays the guitar, as well as the mandolin, Harkwood picked up the dulcimer a few months ago, and has been coming to Reed this year to play. “It’s a research project to see how young people interact with old instruments,” Harkwood says.

  • Students, Honor Council Discuss Future of Smoking

    Students tired of walking through smoke on the way to the library gathered with smokers in the Student Union Thursday, Sept. 27 to discuss the future of smoking at Reed. Around 20 smokers and 8 non-smokers sat in a large couch circle to discuss how to smoke honorably at Reed and to gauge others opinions […]

  • Reedies Find Solace in Calligraphy Revival

    Over thirty Reed community members sat shoulder to shoulder in Vollum 120 last Thursday afternoon, carefully writing and rewriting the alphabet. Their instructor, Inga Dubay, projected her own handwriting onto a screen while she described how to form the lowercase letter “l.” “It’s like an ‘i,’ but longer. I always like to exhale when I do the down stroke,” she advised.

  • The Kollektiv Unklad

    Many young buttocks were displayed last week as freshmen streaked through campus, chanting the celebrated phrase, “We have no names, we’re part of the kollektiv!” Last Thursday night, RKSK initiated the freshmen, as it always does, with a lesson in group solidarity. The kollektiv’s first destination was Reed’s library, through which freshmen strolled more or […]

  • Smoking Haven No Longer

    As smoking on campus has risen to prominence in campus dialogue, a first action has been taken in the pool hall. Smoking will no longer be allowed in the pool hall during tournaments, announced pool hall manager Wren Kominos-Marvell during the tournament the night of Thursday Sept. 27. CSOs will also be increasing their monitoring […]

  • Dry Spell the Cause for Extended Sprinkler Use

    “Well, it was a lovely, sunny afternoon,” reminisced Mark Angeles, ‘15, “I was leaning against a lamppost outside the library.” Angeles recalled having his laptop and a newly checked out library book right in front of him when he started to hear “a mysterious hissing noise,” right before he was shot full in the face […]

  • Brommunity Safety: CSBros

    Just who is Brommunity Safety, and what do they want? Surrounded by hotdogs and rootbeer supplied by members of the group, Director of Community Safety Gary Granger says one thing is certain: “They’re not mocking us.” Brommunity Safety is made up of “fans of community safety that want to help with community safety events,” says […]

  • Ezra Klein Knocks Congress

    Ezra Klein thinks a lot of things are terrible, foremost among which might be the United States Congress. He started his presentation last Friday with a graph that showed just where the approval rating of Congress – which is currently at about 9% – relation to many other events and institutions, like Nixon during Watergate, […]

  • Linguist Traces Development of Spanish

    The Spanish House’s common room provided a comfortable setting for Eva Núñez Méndez and her modest audience of Spanish aficionados–curious passersby from the exotic halls of Sequoia, ceseantes and seseantes from vibrant Buenos Aires, and your reportero from The Quest. Méndez, an associate professor of Spanish at Portland State University who earned a Ph.D. in […]

  • Remembering Reed’s Presidents’ Areté

    Muriel Wyatt started Reed College as a freshman in 1943. Her mother attended Reed under William Foster, Reed’s very first president, but dropped out during World War One to get married and attend secretarial school. When Wyatt’s mother moved to Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband and her growing family, President Foster made the trip down […]

  • Judicial Board Case Summaries – 2011–2012

    The Judicial Board is required by the J-Board Bylaws to send “a summary report, not violating confidentiality,” of the previous semester’s cases to The Quest. These are the belated case summaries from last fall and the summaries from last spring. —Editor Fall 2011  The Judicial Board adjudicated a complaint brought by a student against another […]

  • Sustainability Committee Sits on $13,000

    Though Reed’s Sustainability Committee has $13,000 in reserve, it does not have any plans to spend it. The committee, founded in the spring of 2009, has been “a dead horse” for much of its life, says Senator Marie Perez ’12, Senate liaison to the committee. The Sustainability Committee has not yet met this year, and […]

  • “The Ultimate Prospie”

    President John Kroger was inaugurated with special gifts, a poetry reading, and many speeches last Friday, Sept. 21. He will be the fifteenth president of Reed College succeeding Colin Diver. The ceremony had a budget of $200,000, says treasurer Ed McFarlane, who estimates that it was slightly under budget. This included a fireworks show with […]

  • Gray Squirrel Lives the Life of the Mind

    A young and injured gray squirrel was thrust through a KRRC window by a man claiming to have ties to Reed on Monday, Sept. 19. Freshman David Satten-Lopez was told that, in exchange for caring for the squirrel, he would receive a free tattoo. For over two days, the squirrel attended class, studied on the […]

  • Administration Frowns at Inaugural Drinking Game

    While the school seemed charged with energy in the days preceding President John Kroger’s inauguration, a number of students just couldn’t get that excited about the event. That is, until a certain game helped them see inauguration through a new lens: the lens of cheap and poor-tasting alcohol. An “Inauguration Drinking Game,” which instructed participants […]

  • Kroger Discusses Portland, Curriculum, and Drugs

    John Kroger has demonstrated his ability to deliver a speech, but at the Kroger Forum Wednesday, Sept. 19 students got to know the president more personally in a session ahead of his inauguration. For an hour in the Vollum Lounge, Kroger opened himself up to any student questions. Of the fifteen or so attendees, one […]

  • Answers Elude Rick Bass: Prolific Writer Kicks Off Visiting Writers Series

    “I don’t know what it is, but it is magic,” Rick Bass, author of over 30 books of fiction and nonfiction, told his audience in the Psych Building the night of Thursday Sept. 20. Bass kicked off Reed’s annual Visiting Writers series not with a bang, but with a thoughtful stare. Bass was trying to […]

  • Alumni Map Reed’s Future

    Unbeknownst to students, the alumni flooding campus last weekend were here not only to celebrate President Kroger’s inauguration, but to plot the future of the college as a whole. The Reed Leadership Summit, previously known as Volunteer Weekend, met Friday and Saturday. President of the Alumni Board Chantal Sudbrack ‘97 says it was bigger than […]

  • Admissions Office Codifies Dress Code

    An excerpt of the new Admissions Office Student Dress Code guide, “Wear This, Not That.” This year, the interns of the Admissions Office received a photograph of Ryan Gosling wearing a ripped Thrasher t-shirt and were told to not follow his example. These instructions came as a part of new booklets entitled “Wear This, Not […]

  • Reedies Find Runaway Kickstarter Success

    Reed success stories are plentiful, but when there’s a trend in the way Reedies pursue that success, it’s even more noteworthy. To date, at least ten Reedies have realized their creative projects through Kickstarter, an online funding platform. The concept of Kickstarter is simple: Explain your project, offer rewards to backers in exchange for pledged […]

  • J-Board Understaffed

    Though designed to consist of twelve students, the Judicial Board is currently functioning with only eight members. While the Board has enough students to serve its role in full, head of Appointments Committee John Iselin and J-Board co-chair Lilli Parator say that the shortage of students has significantly impacted the time commitment required of current […]

  • ODB Fumigates for Bed Bugs

    Whilst studying Ancient Egypt in Hum 110 last week, some freshman residents of Old Dorm Block might have felt a little closer to the study material than they cared for. One of the ten biblical plagues, that of lice and nits, descended onto Kerr in the terrifying form of the common bedbug. Rooms had to […]

  • Insects Invade Dorms

    On-campus residences are dealing with a new nuisance. Living halls like Canyon House, Aspen, Sitka, ODB, and the Birchwood Apartments have had encounters with ants, bed bugs, and silverfish. Wasp’s nests have been found on dorms across campus. “I’m not bothered by [them]. I’m bothered by the fact that they are there,” says Paloma Martinez-Miranda […]

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