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  • Tracking Down the Pool Hall Custodian: An Unsatisfactory Ghost Hunt

    The pool hall is a different place at in the early morning hours. This is the first conclusion I reached at 4:30 AM on Thursday, Nov. 29, after I’d volunteered to write an article on a late-night custodian who plays pool in the pool hall with students on his break.

  • Pool Hall Smokers Respond to Crackdown

    The nonchalant student playing pool with a cigarette in hand is under threat of becoming an icon of the good olde days. Although Community Safety’s policy has always been that smoking is not allowed indoors—pool hall included—this year, CSO’s have begun to crack down on it. “A lot of people cling to a romantic or […]

  • Meet Your Candidates

    Get ready to vote. Read the profiles of this semester’s candidates for President, Vice President, Senate, and Quest Board.

  • Meet Your Renn Fayre Czars

    Johannes Harkins, Alma Siulagi, Peter McTigue, and Kriya Krisnabai-Gitanjal are all excited, seemingly undaunted by the huge, yet enviable, task that faces them – in five month’s time, they’ll be putting on Reed’s Biggest Party of the Year. They are this year’s Renn Fayre Czars. While the job is undoubtedly huge, they seem to be […]

  • Students to Vote on Constitutional Changes

    Prepare yourself: Proposed changes to the Community Constitution would modify the process by which changes can be made to the way Quest editors come by their jobs.

    Breathe. The changes. Will modify a process. The process regulates another process. That process is the one in which a darling little Quest writer kicks off the training wheels, makes Daddy proud, and becomes a Quest editor. But the appointments process is contentious.

  • Reedies Root Through Garbage: This Time, It’s for the Environment

    As part of a larger sustainability effort that has included an energy-savings contract and a curbside composting initiative, Reed College students have performed “trash autopsies” to help assess the waste habits of campus community members. The autopsies consist of investigators looking through trash cans to catalogue the types of waste being thrown away. The particular […]

  • Community Safety to Unveil Pool Hall Smoking Sign

    Last week, Vice President Ed McFarlane received a letter from the Multnomah County Department of Health. The Department of Health had received an anonymous complaint about smoking in the pool hall, which is illegal in any indoor area. This will add fuel to the fire that is the debate about smoking in the GCC pool […]

  • Graffiti Struggle Raises Gender’s Ghost in GCC Bathrooms

    With no easy solution to the ongoing struggle over graffiti in sight, students continue to mark up the walls in the lower-level GCC bathrooms. But between the two rooms, graffitiers’ approaches vary widely. In the left-hand room, which was a men’s room before the bathrooms were converted to gender-neutral status last year, the majority of […]

  • Comedian Under Fire for “misogynistic, racist, and homophobic” Comments

    Controversy roiled Saturday at a stand-up comedy show in the Student Union. During the set of comedian Sal Rodriguez, a student took the stage and grabbed the microphone from Rodriguez to criticize him for what she called his “blatantly misogynistic, racist, and homophobic” performance.

    Debate has continued since the event, with a discussion and support group hosted by the Feminist Student Union on Monday, and discussion of a possible honor case against Rodriguez. Rodriguez, for his part, said via email, “I apologize for nothing.”

  • CEP Captures Ecologically Damaging Canyon Kittens

    Students have eagerly adopted the numerous cats that live in the Canyon as a part of Reed lore, dubbing them “Canyon kittens,” but whether they’re a feline blessing or a grimalkin curse depends on who you ask. Canyon Specialist Zac Perry says that cats pose a threat to the health of the Canyon ecosystem. According […]

  • Curbside Composting Comes to Reed

    As part of an increased effort to move the campus towards more sustainable policies, Reed will begin to participate in the city’s public composting program. The curbside service will only apply to residents of the Birchwoods, Reed College Apartments, Garden and Farm Houses, and select Language Houses. Senator Marie Perez, whose Economics thesis investigates Portland’s […]

  • Students and Administration Talk Graffiti

    The issue of graffiti has captivated and frustrated members of the student body for the past two months. To address simmering tensions between students and the administration, Honor Council held an open forum on the place of graffiti on campus Wednesday afternoon. “The issue of graffiti has received a lot of attention recently,” said Alberta […]

  • Commons Theft Ramps up at Semester’s End

    Every day, approximately $100-200 of food is stolen from Commons. This is a recurring problem, and at the end of the semester, theft tends to be especially prevalent. One likely contributing factor is that students run out of board points, according to Vanessa van Staden, operations manager of Bon Appétit at Reed. “If the chef […]

  • Villain Sells Chemistry Handouts to Course Hero: Website Offers Study Material, for a Fee

    Members of the Chemistry department discovered early September that their class materials were being offered for sale on the academic assistance website Course Hero. These materials, which consisted primarily of course handouts and lecture slides, had been distributed to students enrolled in chemistry courses or posted to the Reed Chemistry webpage for download. Course Hero, […]

  • Philip Metres Sings Abu Ghraib an Aria

    When I first met Philip Metres, I was surprised by the ease with which he spoke of Abu Ghraib Arias, his heart-wrenching book of poems and winner of this year’s Arab American Book award for poetry. In the hours I spent listening to his experiences writing the book, however, I realized that this ease sprung […]

  • A Firsthand Account of the Demise of the Toaster in Commons, or: What Really Happened

    The culprit was asked for their account of the incident and agreed to give it on the condition that their anonymity be preserved. Said culprit will be referred to by the grammatically, though not politically, correct “he.” Any objections should be directed to the editors of The Quest. While the event occurred on Oct. 24, […]

  • Mongol Invasion Victory in the SU

    “INVASION” read the signs hung all about campus the week before Friday, November 9. At 7 PM that evening, about a hundred students gathered in the SU to celebrate Mongol customs, courtesy of a combined effort from the Chinese and Russian houses. In the first hour alone, the attendees ate an entire roast pig, hung […]

  • “Salvation is just words too”: A Reading of As I Lay Dying

    “Darl. Darl. Darl,” Lauren Nelson’s voice repeats as she stands on the altar in the chapel, dressed all in black, with glass encased tea candles burning down on the table beside her and Jimmy Curry IV, also all in black, looking on; it is a wake for Addie Bundren. Curry and Nelson, both freshmen, are […]

  • Housing Justice Movement Sees Dedicated Local Support

    Reedies, high school students, and other citizens of Portland were recently pepper-sprayed in two different protests addressing flaws in the US economic system. The students asked not to be named, due to potential legal action from the law enforcement. According to the press releases from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, in both instances the police […]

  • Women’s Basketball Wins, in Spirit

    The first women’s basketball game in recent memory was held last Friday, Nov. 2, in the gym. As the game against Pacific University was merely a scrimmage, official score could not be kept. However, Reed scored 4 points to Pacific’s 49 in the first half, and 9 to Pacific’s 51 in the second half. According […]

  • PDX Opera Presents Magnificent Don Giovanni

    Looking at the barren, monochrome stage or reading a plot synopsis detailing a slew of thoughtless sexual conquest won’t make Don Giovanni look like a rich production. Going to the Portland Opera’s production this weekend will change anyone’s mind. The superficial simplicity gives the show a special power. At any given moment the morality, genre, […]

  • Students Celebrate Four More Years of Obama

    Students camped out in Vollum Lounge on Tuesday night to watch the election unfold. It did not take long, however, for the outcome of the presidential election to be decided. At approximately 8:15 p.m. PST, the room erupted into applause. After winning Ohio, President Barack Obama won the presidency with 274 electoral votes; Romney had […]

  • Reed Signs $5.4 Million Energy Efficiency Contract

    Reed has signed a three-year $5.4 million energy efficiency contract with Ameresco Quantum, the energy efficiency company announced Wednesday. The effort is expected to reduce the college’s energy costs by $2.7 million over the next decade and annual carbon dioxide emissions by 1,202 metric tons, an eighth of the 9,500 metric tons Reed emits annually. […]

  • Is Secularism an Obstacle in the Search for Truth?

    Reed wears its atheism proudly, and, according to Reed’s own surveys of its incoming classes, has one of the most secular student bodies in the nation. “Radical secularism in our modern western culture is bankrupting the university,” said Mary Poplin, a professor of education at Claremont Graduate School. She went on to explain that the […]

  • Senate Discusses Bike Theft

    Junior Andrew Watson got a bike for his birthday last April—but he didn’t get to keep it long. He says the gift was recently stolen from behind Eliot Hall, where he had locked it. He is concerned that there is not enough to prevent thieves from stealing bikes on campus. “There’s no actual impetus for […]

  • Residence Life Refuses Chicken Coop Proposal

    Student efforts to add a chicken coop to the student garden adjacent to the Farm Co-op were shut down by Residence Life and Facilities Services. In their proposal to Residence Life, students who use the garden asked permission to purchase four adult hens and house them beside the student garden. Students intended the effort to […]

  • Undocumented Journalist Tells Reed His Story

    Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer-winning journalist and immigrant rights advocate, spoke in Kaul Auditorium on Oct. 24, sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center. Vargas, who lived in the United States for almost 20 years as an undocumented immigrant, revealed his status in a controversial essay in The New York Times Magazine last year. Vargas last came […]

  • Students Clash with Meghan McCain

    Tensions rose at a Gray Fund event in Vollum Lecture Hall during questions between students and columnist, author, and blogger Meghan McCain. McCain, who writes for The Daily Beast and appears as a contributor on MSNBC, and is the daughter of Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, spoke at Reed Tuesday night promoting America, You Sexy Bitch: […]

  • Senate Searches for Graffiti Wars Solution

    Senate is seeking an olive branch between students and administrators in the ongoing struggle over campus graffiti. This fall semester has been marked by a conflict in which students repeatedly graffitied the gender-neutral bathrooms while administration repeatedly painted over the walls. The painting over of graffiti stopped for about a week just before fall break, […]

  • Psychedelic Sounds Fire Up SU

    Students listen to The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka in the Student Union. Things got loud this weekend when two of indie rock’s biggest and most-loved bands descended upon the Student Union—in recording, that is. First, on Friday night, students had the opportunity to dance themselves clean at This Is Happening, a dance to LCD Soundsystem’s last […]

  • Trustee John Gray Passes Away at 93

    John Gray, Reed trustee and husband of the late Betty Gray, with whom he founded the Gray Fund, passed away on October 18. He was 93 years old when he died of cancer. Gray, a renowned Portland developer, sat on the Board of Trustees from 1961 to 2006, serving as chairman from 1967 to 1982. […]

  • Roof Climbers Cost Reed $10,000

    In 1895 Cambridge student Geoffrey Winthrop Young published The Roof Climber’s Guide to Trinity, inadvertently inventing the sport of stegophily. Unknowingly following in his footsteps, students have been climbing on the rooftops of Reed buildings for years. Recently, Community Safety reports of stegophily have increased and roof climbers have done thousands of dollars in damage. […]

  • Senate Beat: RD Patrols, Graffiti, and Sustainability

    A new program in which residence directors walk through dorms caused a stir at last week’s Senate meeting. The program, which has had Resident Directors patrolling dorms between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights for the past couple weeks, is intended to help promote integration of RDs into the community. But it also allows RDs to write up students who are using illegal drugs or alcohol and pass the information on to Community Safety—essentially giving them to power to issue AOD violations.

  • Proposal for the Repurposing of the Ministry of Propaganda

    For background on this proposal, read the relevant Senate Beat. Sunset Clause: This proposal will be in the fall of 2013. If at that time it appears the Ministry of Propaganda is no longer needed, the Ministry shall be disbanded. The Reed community recognizes the challenges of maintaining a physical environment consistent with the values […]

  • The Rocky Horror No Picture Show

    A chorus of “START THE FUCKING MOVIE” signaled the start of each showing of The Rocky Horror No Picture Show last weekend. The production, which defined itself as “a different kind of thesis,” ran from October 4-6 at the Black Box Theatre on campus. Thesis candidate Tristan Nieto directed the Rocky Horror No Picture Show […]

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