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  • Thieves Go High Tech in Bike Arms Race

    Reed College has a bike theft problem. In the 2011/2012 academic year the campus suffered 55 bike thefts, a 77% increase from the 31 bike thefts in the 2010/2011 academic year. The problem is not one that will likely go away. Director of Community Safety Gary Granger believes that bike thieves began using battery powered […]

  • Yearlong Leadership Academy to Partner Students with Local Leaders

    The Student Activities Office is adding a yearlong curriculum to its leadership and involvement series. The new program, dubbed the Reed Leadership Academy, or ReLAy, is set to begin in January. Twenty students will be partnered with mentors in the greater Portland community, some of whom will be alumni, and attend weekly one-and-one-half-hour-long discussion-based classes.

  • Senate Beat: Blowin’ Smoke

    Cigarette smokers at Reed may soon find that their favorite campus hangouts no longer welcome them. Much of last week’s Senate meeting focused on the possibility that smoking may be banned from campus. Many students enjoy lighting up in covered areas like the breezeway between the Biology building and the library, but these same areas […]

  • Top 40 Results – Fall 2012

    Top 40 results from Funding Poll.

  • John Kroger: Leading from Within

    “Have you read Foucault?” asks John Kroger. Reed College’s new President is explaining his reluctance to have an interview recorded on digital audio file. The idea reminds him of “Discipline and Punish,” the French philosopher’s treatment of the modern penal system. But then he gives himself a second guess: “Is that irrational?” Kroger, who most […]

  • O-Week Sees Rise in AOD Violations: Granger Says Revised Policy Not Driving Parties Off Campus

    This year’s O-Week saw a rise in the number of AODs given out to freshmen and upperclassmen, according to last week’s Community Safety Activity Report. CSOs handed out a total of 25 AODs during O-Week this year, compared to 16 last year. Alcohol-related violations increased the most this year, with freshmen accounting for most of the infractions. The number of marijuana and other drug-related violations remained the same.

  • SU Lofts May Feature Communal Chalkboards

    Plans to cover the newly painted Student Union lofts entirely in student murals have changed, and the lofts are now planned to display chalkboards in addition to murals. Members of the SU Student Committee raised concerns after an email sent to the student body in August said that the lofts were to be devoted solely to murals. The current proposal is to dedicate a small section of the loft walls to student murals and cover the remainder with chalkboards. This, says SU manager Emily Zhang, is in response to concerns that devoting the walls to murals would stifle widespread student expression.

  • The Class of 2016 Rises

    “Four of you have worked as professional ballet dancers (three women and one man). One of you has acted in movies with Jessica Lange, John Malkovich, and Chloë Sevigny…You gave tours of a historic home in full Victorian costume…We also have an entering Reedie with the first name Reed, and for mythological completeness, freshmen named […]

  • Colin Diver: Champion of the Honor Principle?

    Former president of Reed College Colin Diver championed the Honor Principle in a letter to The Boston Globe on Wednesday in response to a recent cheating scandal at Harvard University. “Recent allegations of widespread cheating in a course at Harvard have provoked much hand-wringing among Harvard professors and administrators,” Diver says. “Their diagnoses and prescriptions […]

  • Students Dunk Kroger at Activities Fair

    John Kroger sat awaiting his fate as students tried their aim at the target that would plunge the new president into the water below. It wasn’t long before they succeeded.

  • Senate Beat: A New Hope

    There is a shadowy body that regulates your Student Body funds, appointments, and general goings-on. What is this mysterious group? It’s the Reed College Student Body Senate. Coverage of their first meeting this year can be found in approximately exactly five paragraphs.

  • Science Outreach Program Branches Out

    Since its inception in 1995, Reed’s Science Outreach program has facilitated Reedie-taught biology lessons in Title I elementary schools.  This year, the program is making a significant change: It is introducing chemistry to its curriculum. “This is the first year we are officially merging the sciences together,” explained Cole Perkinson ’13. Perkinson, a Science Outreach […]

  • Cooley Gallery to Show Controversial Artist

    It isn’t uncommon to look at a work of art and wonder “is this supposed to be a penis?” but in Kara Walker’s cut-outs, the question may be justified. On September 4th, her exhibit More and Less opens in Reed’s Cooley Gallery. It will feature a new film in her signature style of silhouette puppetry, […]

  • New Theme Dorms Give Chittick an Annex

    On the morning of September 27th, residents of Chittick awoke to find a wing of their dorm amputated. The missing wing was a recent addition students of the new Art and Circus theme dorms had built in celebration of the new school year. For three days before the beginning of class, a small fort was […]

  • Intoxicants at Play in Majority of Sexual Assaults

    Alcohol or other intoxicants were involved in at least 70% of cases of sexual assault reported in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years, according to information collected by Community Safety. In a further 17% of cases, it was reported “unknown” whether intoxicants were involved. Out of 36 total reported cases in the two school years, […]

  • Canyon Escapes Near Brush with Fire Unscathed

    While much of Oregon faced the state’s worst wildfires in more than a century, the Canyon had a near brush with a blaze of its own. Two “unknown individuals” detonated a firecracker near the land bridge during the Weapons of Mass Distraction fire show on August 22, according to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger. […]

  • Senate Proposes AOD Policy Changes

    Senate unanimously moved April 26 to begin a process of revisions on the procedure to decide consequences for students who are caught violating Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) violations. The proposal, which will require review by Reed’s Community Affairs Committee as well as approval by Reed faculty and a Student Body referendum before it can […]

  • Thesis Comic to Run on Crowd Power

    Hello, all you lovely Reed People. According to some awesome person who stopped me with the words “Hey! You’re that comics girl!” in the Theater Building last month, you probably all know me as That Comics Girl. For the last six months, I’ve been holed up in Papaccino’s Coffee House working on my thesis comic. […]

  • Blue Like Jazz Sees Reed Through a Glass, Darkly

    Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and one screenwriter of the book’s film adaptation, confessed at the Reed premiere last Wednesday that he wouldn’t have been surprised if seventy percent of the audience had walked out. Steve Taylor, the film’s director; Miller; and the three actors present admitted to being nervous. While the only […]

  • Reedies: The Fulbright Program Awaits You!

    By Thomas Burns ‘98 I am often struck by how well-suited Reedies are for the US Fulbright Program, and surprised more students and alumni don’t apply. A Fulbright Scholarship is an opportunity to design a nine-month overseas project or course of study that you are passionate about in the country of your choice. Fulbright provides […]

  • Senate Beat: Honor Class and Renn Fayre Funding

    At the start of this week’s Senate meeting, it seemed like the meeting would result in nothing more than a droll presentation of student bureaucracy. This Quest reporter was privileged to be one of four students watching the Senators at work (this is not counting the burner who quickly scurried off as the gavel struck […]

  • Elections Postponed One Week: Shortage of Senatorial Candidates

    Spring semester Student Body elections have been postponed for one week. Only two candidates had turned in petitions to vie for the six open seats on Senate in time for the original deadline, Wednesday April 11. The deadline was subsequently extended two days, but no further candidates submitted petitions. Elections had originally been scheduled for […]

  • Student Body Wage Changes

    Student body position wage changes made on Thursday, April 12. Position Current Per Sem. Current Per Month (per member) Proposed Per Sem. Proposed Per Month (per member) JBoarda 5500 137.5 5500 137.5 Appeals Board Student 0 0 100 25 JBoard co-chair 2000 250 2000 250 JBoard secretary 720 60 1440 120 Presidentb 1425 285 1425 […]

  • President Diver Reflects on His Decade at Reed

    How is President Colin Diver feeling now that his final semester at Reed is coming to an end? “Mixed emotions,” he says. It “almost depends on which hour or which minute you ask the question.”  On one hand, he is sometimes “very nostalgic and sad . . . I’m going to miss the people here, […]

  • Senate Receives Wage Recommendations

    The Student Body Wage Review Board presented its recommendations to Senate on Thursday, April 5. The set of recommendations is “moderate” according to Senator Shabab Mirza, who worked on the SBWRB before being elected to Senate, since it would only cost the student body $1,741 per semester. Many positions would receive a raise under the […]

  • Portland & Native American Voices: Dark Past, Bright Future

    Bursting colors, dancing feet and beautiful Native American song filled the Chapel on March 28, as part of the 2012 Vine Deloria Jr. Lecture Series. Representing the Multnomah County Native American community, traditionally garbed young children, and other members of the Native American Youth and Family Center of Portland (NAYA), celebrated the dances they perform […]

  • Quest, Senate Debate Quest Reform

    Current and former Quest editors brought forth a proposal for Quest reform to last Thursday’s Senate meeting. The proposal, brought forward by Senator Shabab Mirza, would replace the system of electing editors in place since 1921 with one in which outgoing editors will appoint their replacements. The Quest Board argues that elections are an arbitrary […]

  • Title IX Investigation Absolves Sports Center, Rugby Still Not Satisfied

    A Title IX investigation into alleged inequitable treatment of women’s teams and facilities by the Sports Center concluded on March 23, but the Women’s Rugby team says the investigation failed to address their concerns. The investigation, which found Reed to be in compliance with Title IX, was opened in February after the Women’s Rugby team […]

  • Hands, Feet, and Mouths Ravaged by Coxsackie

    Reed’s Health and Counseling Center issued an advisory last week that there had been an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease among the student body.

  • The Reedies for Somalia End of the Year Event

    At the beginning of this year, a group of freshman sat together on the grass in front of Commons trying to figure out what they could do to help alleviate the hunger crisis in Somalia. They became Reedies for Somalia. Since then, a lot has happened. Reedies for Somalia has raised awareness of the situation […]

  • Student Presidential Finalists Interviewers

    The Quest sent questions to the students chosen to interview presidential candidates. Of the fifteen students that were picked, seven sent responses. Molly Case ’12 Major and Hometown: Economics major from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Why you volunteered for the lottery: I think that the Presidential position is one of enormous importance and influence at Reed, and […]

  • Stalk up on some Tarkovsky

    by Lyle Daniel, Max Carpenter and Sammie Massey Three films of Andrei Tarkovsky’s sparse but numinous repertoire will be shown by the Russian House over the coming week in celebration of the monumental director’s 80th birthday. One of these showings, The Mirror, already passed, on Tarkovsky’s true birthday April 4, but there are two other […]

  • Prospies Flown to Reed

    For a select number of recently accepted students, an additional treat came with their confetti and Welcome To Reed video: an invitation to stay on Reed campus for two days, eating Commons food, observing classes, and venturing out into Portland—all expenses paid by the college. As Assistant Dean of Admissions and alumna Swati Shrestha put […]

  • History Gets a Slap on the Buttocks: Reed Theatre Does the Plague

    “It’s a beautiful play about people in an extreme situation,” says Assitant Professor Kate Bredeson, director of One Flea Spare, written by contemporary playwright Naomi Wallace. One grasps the gravity of the situation by the second scene, in which thesis candidate Kenji Yoshikawa, playing the character of Bunce, urinates in a porcelain vase to preserve […]

  • Senate Beat: Jyl Shaffer is crowned “Sassy,” People Talk a Lot About AppComm

    This week’s Senate meeting opened with Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Jyl Shaffer, responding to her characterization as “totally adequate,” moving that she also be known as “sassy.” Dean of Students Mike Brody wondered if this title would carry over to the next ADSAPR, leading to Jyl express mock concern for her […]

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