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  • Portland & Native American Voices: Dark Past, Bright Future

    Bursting colors, dancing feet and beautiful Native American song filled the Chapel on March 28, as part of the 2012 Vine Deloria Jr. Lecture Series. Representing the Multnomah County Native American community, traditionally garbed young children, and other members of the Native American Youth and Family Center of Portland (NAYA), celebrated the dances they perform […]

  • Quest, Senate Debate Quest Reform

    Current and former Quest editors brought forth a proposal for Quest reform to last Thursday’s Senate meeting. The proposal, brought forward by Senator Shabab Mirza, would replace the system of electing editors in place since 1921 with one in which outgoing editors will appoint their replacements. The Quest Board argues that elections are an arbitrary […]

  • Title IX Investigation Absolves Sports Center, Rugby Still Not Satisfied

    A Title IX investigation into alleged inequitable treatment of women’s teams and facilities by the Sports Center concluded on March 23, but the Women’s Rugby team says the investigation failed to address their concerns. The investigation, which found Reed to be in compliance with Title IX, was opened in February after the Women’s Rugby team […]

  • Hands, Feet, and Mouths Ravaged by Coxsackie

    Reed’s Health and Counseling Center issued an advisory last week that there had been an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease among the student body.

  • The Reedies for Somalia End of the Year Event

    At the beginning of this year, a group of freshman sat together on the grass in front of Commons trying to figure out what they could do to help alleviate the hunger crisis in Somalia. They became Reedies for Somalia. Since then, a lot has happened. Reedies for Somalia has raised awareness of the situation […]

  • Student Presidential Finalists Interviewers

    The Quest sent questions to the students chosen to interview presidential candidates. Of the fifteen students that were picked, seven sent responses. Molly Case ’12 Major and Hometown: Economics major from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Why you volunteered for the lottery: I think that the Presidential position is one of enormous importance and influence at Reed, and […]

  • Stalk up on some Tarkovsky

    by Lyle Daniel, Max Carpenter and Sammie Massey Three films of Andrei Tarkovsky’s sparse but numinous repertoire will be shown by the Russian House over the coming week in celebration of the monumental director’s 80th birthday. One of these showings, The Mirror, already passed, on Tarkovsky’s true birthday April 4, but there are two other […]

  • Prospies Flown to Reed

    For a select number of recently accepted students, an additional treat came with their confetti and Welcome To Reed video: an invitation to stay on Reed campus for two days, eating Commons food, observing classes, and venturing out into Portland—all expenses paid by the college. As Assistant Dean of Admissions and alumna Swati Shrestha put […]

  • History Gets a Slap on the Buttocks: Reed Theatre Does the Plague

    “It’s a beautiful play about people in an extreme situation,” says Assitant Professor Kate Bredeson, director of One Flea Spare, written by contemporary playwright Naomi Wallace. One grasps the gravity of the situation by the second scene, in which thesis candidate Kenji Yoshikawa, playing the character of Bunce, urinates in a porcelain vase to preserve […]

  • Senate Beat: Jyl Shaffer is crowned “Sassy,” People Talk a Lot About AppComm

    This week’s Senate meeting opened with Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Jyl Shaffer, responding to her characterization as “totally adequate,” moving that she also be known as “sassy.” Dean of Students Mike Brody wondered if this title would carry over to the next ADSAPR, leading to Jyl express mock concern for her […]

  • Hum Play: The Fanfiction of Ancient Greece and Rome

    “Hum Play is nothing but a cocaine dream,” joked Hum Play Direktor Gabbie Slaughter ’14 in one of many misleading comments about this year’s Hum Play. The play, which shows on April 13, is difficult to put into words. “[Professor] Wally Englert called it ‘Aristophanic,’” said Dean “Dad” Schmeltz ’14, another of this year’s direktors. […]

  • Samhita Mukhopadhyay on “Why Feminism Still Matters”

    At 6:00 p.m. on March 21st, Samhita Mukhopadhyay delivered a PowerPoint presentation and lecture entitled “Why Feminism Still Matters” in Vollum Lounge, sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center. Mukhopadhyay is the Executive Editor of, an “online community for feminists and their allies,” and the author of a 2011 book, “Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining […]

  • Senate Moves Against Bottled Water

    Senate ratified Greenboard’s “Take Back the Tap” resolution to “effectively ban the sale of bottled water on campus” during its March 15 Senate Meeting. Greenboard said it received one hundred forty-six signatures in support of the resolution and encountered only one staunch opponent of the measure. However, the resolution only “strongly discourage[s] the use of […]

  • Multilcultural Resource Center Announces Racial Profiling Listening Project

    By Andrew Barney and Sita Goetschius, MRC Interns After the recent student arrests, a question was posed at the following Senate meeting about racial profiling by Community Safety. To continue the discussion, the Multicultural Resource Center hosted a Tuesday Talk on Racial Profiling at Reed and Beyond attended by students, staff, and administrators. We found […]

  • Kony Comes to Reed

    The virally famous and controversial documentary Kony was shown in the Reed Chapel by the Invisible Children organization on Monday. The event, co-sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center, filled only about 1/3 of the Chapel. Some students had expected a larger turnout given the flaming discussion the movie is currently igniting over internet forums. The […]

  • National Book Award Poet Unites Humanity

    Thursday evening before Spring Break, Nikky Finney visited the Chapel to read her poetry for the Visiting Writer Series. Finney, the Provost’s Distinguished Service Professor of English at the University of Kentucky, has written four books of poetry and a short story cycle. Her most recent book, Head Off & Split, published in 2011, earned […]

  • Thad Hall on The Impacts of the Two-Party Political System

    Thad E. Hall of The University of Utah visited Reed on March 21st as part of the public policy lecture series. His main point was drawn and quartered somewhere between the effects of extremism in politics, trends in the two-party system, and the use of abortion as a polarizing issue. Though his main focus was […]

  • Senate Beat: Nitrogen Day, Academic Advisers, and Sexual Harassment Policy

    Senate addressed Nitrogen Day funding, plans to evaluate academic advisers, and the revised Discriminatory Harassment Policy in its meeting this week. The meeting began with Chris Cogell, Signator of the blues-dancing club, checking in with Senate to make sure off-campus guests could come to an event being held this weekend in the sports center. Senate […]

  • Exactly Five Minutes With Math Professor Joe Roberts (a.k.a. Joe Bob)

    Q: When did you start working at Reed? JR: 1952. Q: You teach Number Theory and Analysis, right? JR: Well, I guess we trade everything around except for Computer Science and Statistics. Over the years most of us teach everything except those two subjects. Q: And how did you get started at Reed? JR: The […]

  • House Advisers to be Dismissed After Multiple AODs

    Under new expectations and guidelines for dismissal for House Advisers being drafted by Residence Life, House Advisers may be put under probation or dismissed for “multiple minor violations of the alcohol and other drug policy and/or egregious use of alcohol that endangers the wellbeing of the individual or others.” A “verbal and/or written warning and/or […]

  • “Border safety” Project Provokes Controversy

    A blue VW golf pulls up to the unexpected orange barrier in Reed’s east parking lot. It’s late morning on Tuesday. A man in a day-glow vest and sunglasses steps up to the car’s window. “Can I see your papers?” The car doesn’t have the paperwork he’s looking for, so the man hands out an […]

  • Student Patrol Officers Will Not Report AODs

    Amid student ire, Community Safety announced last week that it would not proceed with plans for a controversial Student Patrol Officer program that would have had student volunteers reporting AOD violations on other students to Community Safety. Appearing at last week’s Senate meeting, Director of Community Safety Gary Granger cited widespread discontent about the issue […]

  • Camp Aardvark: Bringing Developmental Disabilities into the Reed Arena

    Camp Aardvark, the brainchild of Alice Alsup and Gabriel Forsythe-Korzeniewicz ’12, is an effort to bring Reed into alliance with Portland’s developmental disability community. Alsup and Forsythe-Korzeniewicz plan to run a one day camp for children with developmental disabilities on the facilities of the Autistic Children’s Activities Program (ACAP) late this semester. Camp Aardvark has […]

  • Presidential Finalists to Visit Reed

    Newly chosen finalists in Reed’s search for a new college President are “tentatively scheduled” to visit Reed on March 28 through 31 and April 2 through 5, according to an email sent to the community on Tuesday. The Presidential Search Committee spent eighteen hours in meetings last weekend interviewing semi-finalists and narrowing the pool to […]

  • Senate Beat: An Inquiry into Values

    Senate opened the floor on Thursday to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger and the dozen students in attendance to discuss Community Safety’s plan to have Student Patrol Officers report AOD violations. Senator Marie Perez claimed that Community Safety is hiring Student Patrol Officers because doing so is less expensive than hiring more Community Safety […]

  • Ideals High, Policies Low in 20-Year-Old’s Portland Mayoral Bid

    “My office has no specific location in Portland. You will find me in every neighborhood, bus line, and park.” This text lies where a street address would normally be found on Cameron Whitten’s website. Whitten, only twenty years old, is running an insurgent candidacy for mayor of Portland, which will be voted for this fall. […]

  • Blue Like Jazz’s Second Premier to be at Reed

    Blue Like Jazz, the film adaptation of the New York Times bestseller of the same name, will hold its second public premiere in Kaul auditorium on April 11 after premiering at the South by Southwest film festival on March 13. The book, Christian author Donald Miller’s semi-autobiographical recount of exploring his spirituality while auditing classes […]

  • Isabel Wilkerson Declares Great Migration a Success

    A crowd of many creeds and many colors gathered last Saturday in Kaul Auditorium to hear Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson talk about the Great Migration, the largest and most significant internal migration the United States has ever experienced in its history. Wilkerson was brought to Reed by the Multicultural Resource as part […]

  • Labors of (Free?) Love: A look a student body wages, continued

    Student Body positions, such as on Student Body Senate, on Judicial Board, and on Honor Council, are a confusing mix of volunteer work, academics and wage labor, as discussed in last week’s Quest. Although many important positions are paid far less than minimum wage, there are striking disparities between the effective wages of different positions. […]

  • Inside The Pamphlette

    The Pamphlette staff. From left, Hailey Jones, “Boots” Beutelle, Ann-Derrick Gaillot, Jeff Blum, and Sean Howard. Despite the prevailing notion that Pamphlette writers are bedecked student clowns, it turns out that they are relatively normal students, whose appearances cannot be distinguished from that of other Reedies. It is also false that they serve as court […]

  • Senate Beat, with Love and Squalor

    Senate discussed the implications of AOD violations for Housing Advisers, and a meeting between Student Body President Brian Moore ’13 and Student Body Vice President Aidan Sigman ’13 and Colin Diver regarding recent student arrests at its meeting on Thursday. Senate also voted to unfreeze Reed Shooting Sports Collective’s funds, which had been frozen after […]

  • A Not Just O-Kay Performance

    “Oh, look at all this greenery!” poet Sarah Kay exclaimed on-stage in the Reed Chapel. She was referring to the lushness outside, a stark contrast to the Manhattan streets she grew up on. “I’m a city kid,” she explained. Gray Fund hosted a gripping spoken word performance by Kay last Thursday. The question-and-answer session afterward […]

  • The Success of the Centennial Campaign: What it means for Reedies

    The Centennial Campaign was the most massive fund-raising attempt in the history of Reed, and it has largely been successful. 185 million dollars has been raised since the inception of the fund, and President Colin Diver is confident that the goal of $200 million will be met by the end of the campaign on December […]

  • Working for the Timé: Student body work falls between volunteering, academics, and wage labor

    Although students who work as tutors, librarians, and SU cleaners are paid on an hourly basis, many student positions are paid with a monthly stipend, including the most important jobs in student body government. Senators, Judicial Board members, Honor Council members, and others fall into this category. When calculated as an hourly wage, many of […]

  • Alumni Switchboard Connects Reedies with Success

    A project to connect current career-seeking Reedies with alumni, and donate $40 to Reed for each connection made in the process, is rapidly gaining momentum. Reed Switchboard, which launched just before Working Weekend three weeks ago, has already grown from fourteen to twenty alumni, and from $10,000 to $16,000 in pledged donations to Reed over […]

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