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  • Student Body Position Stipends Could Be Need-Aware

    Students brainstormed ways in which student body position pay could be more need-aware, during last week’s “spooky” Senate meeting. Though Senate has marked out this time for discussion of the planned raise in the Student Body Activities Fee, most comments focused on the issue of increasing student body position wages, a topic that Student Body […]

  • Student Senate Proposes Increase in Student Body Activities Fee

    The Student Senate began discussions of increasing the student body activities fee, during their public meeting on Thursday February 26. The fee, currently $260 for the entire year for each student, funds Top 40 organizations (including Renn Fayre), Finance Committee (which funds SU dances and student projects) and student body position wages. Student Body President […]

  • Senate Beat: There And Back Again – The DHSM Story

    The Senate meeting began with a total of five non-senator students in attendance. This was meager turnout even by regular public meeting standards. The student group was largely outnumbered by the Student Services staff regulars who, in their folding chairs and out of the spotlight, marveled at the new rocking chair sofa in the middle […]

  • Senate Beat: Senate Passes Draft of Proposed Changes to DHSM

    Committee Reports Senator Lucas Binion reported that the Student Opportunity Subsidy Committee is continuing to advertise their new summer grant initiative. Vice President Nick Fiore (reluctantly) read the allocations of Top 40. During reading Fiore jokingly confessed “I can’t read anything.” He continued to read out allocations that totalled to $111,000. The most money was […]

  • Senate Beat: Senate Discusses J-Board Code Edits with Staff

    This Senate Beat is brought to you by your former Student Body President because the Quest writer originally assigned to Senate Beat thought that Senate meetings were too boring to write about. In the stench of the Student Union and under the dim glow of the overhead lights, President Ashlin Hatch called the meeting to […]

  • Senate Beat: December 4, 2014

    “Anyone who tells you Voodoo doughnuts are the best is lying.” – Rennie Meyers Chase Doremus, Kathryn Loucks, Rebecca Forman, Tanner Hanson, and Katie Schmitz were appointed to the Judicial board, which now has a full board of 12 members. Applications are still open for Honor Council. The Student Union is expecting to receive a […]

  • Senate Beat: Codes, Codes, Codes

    This week, Senate discussed changes to the honor council and J-Board codes, and the Student Opportunity Subsidies (SOS) program—which the Quest will cover in next week’s “Senate Beat.” This “Senate Beat” covers the minor J-Board and Honor Council Code changes that were discussed at the Senate meeting last week. For an overview of large changes […]

  • Senate Beat: RKSK Initiation Sparks Debate

    Last week, Senate primarily discussed RKSK initiation, and addressed issues relating to honor and expectations of student conduct at both schools. Senate elected to unfreeze money allocated to RKSK for thongs to allow students to cover themselves after RKSK signator Swede Pearson discussed measures to make sure participants in and observers of initiation felt comfortable. […]

  • Senate Discusses New Search for Dean and Addresses Clarkie Encounters

    This week, Senate primarily discussed the problematic presence of Lewis and Clark students at campus events. Announcements: Senate has chosen to give out stipends for summer experiences (e.g. internships) as the first student opportunity subsidy. You can read more about this in “rainingmoney.gif” elsewhere in this issue. Renn Fayre czar appointment applications are now open […]

  • Senate Beat: 3 New Majors, Money, and a Place to Put Your Butts

    This week, Senate released Top 40 results, made a final decision on student space allocations, and deliberated over student opportunity subsidies. In committee reports this week, Student Body President Danielle Jucal ‘15 stated that Senate is working on bringing cigarette butt receptacles back to campus, and relayed the Krogerian announcement of three new academic majors […]

  • Senate Beat: Shoot the Jokes!

    This week, Senate heard grievances related to the prevalence of joke groups in funding poll, passed a firearms policy, and discussed fineries of the forthcoming student opportunity subsidies, or SOSs i.e., Senate could give you money to be on Senate if you need financial support. Da Business: Taylor Lee was appointed as Senate secretary, Barsha […]

  • Senate Will Fund Paradox up to $1000, Suggests S.B. Endowment Uses

    Senate voted to reimburse the Paradox up to $1000 in potential losses this summer and reported developments in deciding how to manage interest that the student body endowment generates. Summer Loss Agreement Senate approved a summer loss agreement with the Paradox that would guarantee reimbursement up to $1000 this summer in the case of losses […]

  • Senate Debates Keeping Paradox Open Through Summer

    Students and senators debated the merits of funding the Paradox to stay open during the summer, and ideas for putting the Endowment for Student Body Autonomy to use during the Senate meeting on Tuesday. Senate proposed providing up to 1000 dollars in funding to the Paradox so that they are able to stay open during the summer. But disagreement among those present at the meeting put this proposal back on the drawing board for Senate to further consider.

  • Senate Beat It, Just Beat It

    Liat Kastner ’16 will be the new Sustainability Coordinator, a position created last year for the purpose of directing sustainability initiatives on campus.

    Senator Andrew Watson ’14 said Director of Facilities Operations Townsend Angell reported a campus-wide drop in electricity use in 2013 from 2012 levels. Facilities has been making updates to campus infrastructure since last year.

  • Senate Beat: New Animal Policy

    Senator Adrian Dannis ’14 introduced a new Animal Policy draft at the Senate meeting Tuesday that would allow Community Safety and Facilities to designate off-leash areas for dogs and expand current college policy to encompass non-canine support animals. The policy draft, in part a response to the changes regarding support animals the Justice Department made […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy & Paradox Price Changes

    Senators and students debated the scope of the proposed weapons policy at the Senate meeting on Friday, November 22. Senators also discussed recommended changes to Reed’s financial aid policy for international students, the defeat of a proposal for a new board plan, and recently funded sustainability projects. The Paradox managers also presented several price changes […]

  • Senate Beat: Weapons Policy, Reed Union on Sustainability

    Senate discussed the newly announced and upcoming Reed Union on sustainability, the approaching discussion about establishing a weapons policy, and a controversy about the allegedly heteronormative wording of advertisements for the Pool Hall Tournament at its meeting last Friday. Upcoming Weapons Policy Discussion Dean of Students Mike Brody said that “in the aftermath of a […]

  • Senate Beat: Revising the Dog Policy and New Appointments Bylaws

    Senate passed new Appointments Committee bylaws at the Senate meeting last Friday, and Director of Community of Safety Gary Granger discussed his work on a revision of the campus Dog Policy.  Dog / Animal Policy Granger said that the current dog policy is outdated and has unrealistic expectations about enforcement. “It’s old. It requires me […]

  • Senate Beat: Gun Policy Discussion Upcoming; Appointments Committee Bylaws Changes Tabled

    Senate discussed and ultimately tabled a proposal to codify operating procedures for Appointments Committee, which appoints students to various campus committees and positions from Student Handbook editor to Student Sustainability Coordinator, in its meeting last Friday, November 1. Student Body President Ari Galper ‘14 closed the meeting with the news that a campus gun or […]

  • Senate Beat: New Murals, Pool Hall Improvement, and Divestment

    Announcements A total of ten applications were received for the position of Student Sustainability Coordinator, from which Dove Henry ’14 was chosen. The position of editor for the senior yearbook, the Griffin, was given to Natasha Lelchuk ’15. Student Body Vice President Paul Messick reported that the SIN code is still in the process of being […]

  • Senate Beat: Quest Reform and Pool Hall Firing

    Announcements The Bookstore Board met on Thursday to discuss finances. Textbook sales have been down since 2007, but an increase in used book sales makes up for this. The board discussed reducing its use of plastic bags by charging 25 cents per bag, and giving customers who bring their own bags 25 cents off per […]

  • Senate Blog: Paideia, Strategic Planning, and Triggering Events

    The committee on triggering events met for the first time today, March 8, to discuss guidelines for student groups to follow before putting on events. According to Senator Nina Liss-Schultz, the goal of the committee is to provide students with information about the content of an event before it happens; rather than to censor content. […]

  • Senate Beat: RD Patrols, Graffiti, and Sustainability

    A new program in which residence directors walk through dorms caused a stir at last week’s Senate meeting. The program, which has had Resident Directors patrolling dorms between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights for the past couple weeks, is intended to help promote integration of RDs into the community. But it also allows RDs to write up students who are using illegal drugs or alcohol and pass the information on to Community Safety—essentially giving them to power to issue AOD violations.

  • Senate Beat: Share No More

    Either Reedies are getting better at sharing, or they’ve lost respect for the law. There have been five complaints from music distribution companies so far this year over students illegally sharing files, according to Tony Palomino, director of Reed’s Computer User Services. By this time last year, there was only one. “This year is lookin’ […]

  • Senate Beat: Blowin’ Smoke

    Cigarette smokers at Reed may soon find that their favorite campus hangouts no longer welcome them. Much of last week’s Senate meeting focused on the possibility that smoking may be banned from campus. Many students enjoy lighting up in covered areas like the breezeway between the Biology building and the library, but these same areas […]

  • Senate Beat: A New Hope

    There is a shadowy body that regulates your Student Body funds, appointments, and general goings-on. What is this mysterious group? It’s the Reed College Student Body Senate. Coverage of their first meeting this year can be found in approximately exactly five paragraphs.

  • Senate Beat: Jyl Shaffer is crowned “Sassy,” People Talk a Lot About AppComm

    This week’s Senate meeting opened with Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Jyl Shaffer, responding to her characterization as “totally adequate,” moving that she also be known as “sassy.” Dean of Students Mike Brody wondered if this title would carry over to the next ADSAPR, leading to Jyl express mock concern for her […]

  • Senate Beat: Nitrogen Day, Academic Advisers, and Sexual Harassment Policy

    Senate addressed Nitrogen Day funding, plans to evaluate academic advisers, and the revised Discriminatory Harassment Policy in its meeting this week. The meeting began with Chris Cogell, Signator of the blues-dancing club, checking in with Senate to make sure off-campus guests could come to an event being held this weekend in the sports center. Senate […]

  • Senate Beat: An Inquiry into Values

    Senate opened the floor on Thursday to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger and the dozen students in attendance to discuss Community Safety’s plan to have Student Patrol Officers report AOD violations. Senator Marie Perez claimed that Community Safety is hiring Student Patrol Officers because doing so is less expensive than hiring more Community Safety […]

  • Senate Beat, with Love and Squalor

    Senate discussed the implications of AOD violations for Housing Advisers, and a meeting between Student Body President Brian Moore ’13 and Student Body Vice President Aidan Sigman ’13 and Colin Diver regarding recent student arrests at its meeting on Thursday. Senate also voted to unfreeze Reed Shooting Sports Collective’s funds, which had been frozen after […]

  • Senate Beat and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    On Thursday Senate discussed next year’s theme dorms, Appointments Committee bylaw changes, free condom availability, approved the Top 40 budget, and allocated funds to Women’s Rugby for an event. Senator Dana Loutey ’12 addressed a proposed gender neutral bathroom in the chemistry building and said that she had sent out an email to chemistry majors […]

  • Senate Beat; or, The Whale

    On Thursday Senate discussed Honor Council and Appeals Board wage increases and increasing cigarette prices at the Paradox. Head Treasurer Adhikarimayum “Khagi” Khagemba ’14 also announced he would be resigning this month. Mark Hintz ’12, Paradox Manager, recommended raising the price of all cigarette brands carried by the Paradox by twenty-five cents, except Pyramids, which […]

  • Senate Beat: Breaking Dawn

    The majority of Tuesday’s lightly-attended Senate Town Hall meeting was spent discussing the Quest Board selection process. However, President Brian Moore ’13 reviewed a bylaw change requested by faculty. Moore later said in an email, “In effect Community Rights Subcommittee will publish summaries of all mediation attempts, not just successful mediations. This has the advantage […]

  • Senate Beat: Special Snarky Edition

    Senate kicked off its last meeting of the semester with a speech from Student Body President Nora McConnell-Johnson ‘12 defending the accomplishments of this semester’s Senate and lambasting yours truly.  Calling this semester’s Senate “dramatically different” from previous senates, she noted that there had been no major drama and no alcohol at meetings.  She listed […]

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