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  • Letter: There is No Such Thing as Student Body Autonomy

    Next week there will be a Reed Union discussing the topic of student body autonomy. Lots of things come to mind when anyone discusses student body autonomy. Most often, student body autonomy seems to be brought up in the context of lifestyle choices of the various members of the student body. Shouldn’t we as adult students be allowed to live our lives as we see fit? Perhaps, but I don’t think that is what student body autonomy is at all. In fact, that strikes me to be more related to the personal autonomy of students. Such issues should, to my mind, not be discussed at the union because they fundamentally miss what student autonomy is, properly speaking.

  • Letter: What Kind of Awareness Does Nicholas Kristof’s Talk Raise?

    By Huazejia ’13 Nicholas Kristof’s talk was scheduled at 7 p.m. in Reed Kaul auditorium this past Monday. The talk was open to the public, and a lot of well-dressed folks started showing up even before 6:30. Of course, people would come early to his talk because he is not only the author of the […]

  • Letter: Solidarity with UNC Survivors and Landen Gambill

    TW: Discussion of Sexual Assault  Excerpt from Jezebel: “Last month, former University of North Carolina assistant dean of students Melinda Manning, three students and one former student filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on behalf of themselves and 64 other unnamed sexual assault survivors, alleging that university officials pressured Manning into […]

  • Letter: Reed Union Failed to Address Moral Obligations

    I left the Reed Union on climate change feeling about as frustrated as I usually feel when I engage with Reed as a thing. The event was advertised as “a forum for important issues of relevance to the Reed community,” which meant to me that we would be acknowledging and discussing our role in the “important issue,” our culpabilities and responsibilities.

  • Letter to the Editor: Teach Capitalism, Not Just Socialism

    My wife and I walked through your beautiful campus recently. During our stroll I perused the various placards on the student union building. One of the posters depicted in a lionizing way Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, all socialists and/or communists. This caused me to think. I understand higher education ought teach all views, I understand students are idealistic and enthusiastic and I understand that much of academia’s bent today is liberal and collectivistic. What I wondered was whether Reed College’s professors were offering alternative views for students to ponder.

  • A Letter from Honor Council on the Honor Process

    We, the student members of the Honor Council, wish to express to the Reed Community our appreciation for your commitment to honorable, reasoned, and respectful discourse. All members of the Honor Council were present for the Community Forum with President Kroger, and we appreciated the (generally) respectful and genuine expression of your ideas and opinions. […]

  • Letter: RE: Friday’s Senate Meeting

    Though I would be insane to disagree, I always feel somewhat uneasy when important community discussions end with extended remarks about how great it is that we can discuss these sorts of issues as a community. I suppose it’s because this is precisely the sort of conclusion one applauds when there is an overall sense that nobody can change what happened or what will likely happen again…

  • Letter: No Further Donations to the Annual Fund Due to Paideia Overreach

    I am addressing this email to the President’s office, the Development office, and The Quest, regarding the recent report that the President’s office has overreached its mandate to censor classes at Paideia, as reported in the Daily Caller. I will not be giving any more money to the college, and I will actively discourage my […]

  • Op-Ed: Reed Must Divest from Fossil-Fuels

    This semester, Greenboard is launching a campaign asking Reed to divest their endowment from fossil-fuel companies. The campaign will join hundreds of others across the country, taking part in a national movement of people who believe it is neither honorable nor wise to profit our education is likely subsidized in part by the profits of the very fossil-fuel companies that, if allowed to continue unhindered, will make that education useless. There are no jobs on a dead planet, as the saying goes.

  • Alumna’s Letter to the Editor: Kroger Means Well, But Falls Flat

    I grew up in the “Just Say No” ’80s, and I went to a Jesuit high school. While I spent most of my high school years avoiding alcohol and drugs because I had been told they were morally wrong and I could die if I were to use them (and the idea of disappointing my […]

  • An Alumnus’s Open Letter to the Board of Trustees

    I know I’m not the first to write you on this subject, and I shan’t be the last. In fact, I imagine that several of you have received some rather testy notes from students or alumni. In short, you’re getting yelled at. Probably a bit. But it’s hardly fair. You haven’t done any of this. […]

  • An Alumna’s Open Letter to the Board of Trustees

    Hello! My name is Rebecca Ok. I met several of you during the retreat in San Diego in 2008. I’m writing today to express concern over the increasingly disappointing way in which the Reed College administration has been approaching the fact of drug experimentation and underage drinking at Reed. Mr. Kroger’s censorship of a handful […]

  • Response from the Teacher of a Canceled Paideia Class

    I am the alumnus who was going to teach Adroit Anticipation of Awesome Altered Adventures 201. I’m not that bothered by the cancellation of my class, mostly because I titled it poorly and I am sympathetic towards the administration needing to distance themselves from anything that looks remotely like advocacy for breaking the law. I should […]

  • Wow


    The last two weeks have been plenty strange. From accusations that I’m a misogynistic, racist homophobe to (presumably) intelligent and thoughtful Reed students attacking speech regardless of context, the hysteria over the Nov. 17 comedy show has been quite a spectacle.

  • Editorial: Cut Candidates Slack on Bureaucratic Expertise

    The following editorial is not as cynical as it first appears. Bear with us. Elections Assembly this evening may have been an eye-opening introduction to Reed politics for the newer students in attendance. But upperclassmen saw it fit into a similar pattern to previous assemblies: First-time senatorial candidates take the podium with fire in their […]

  • Letter: In Addressing Controversy, Keep Reed a Safe Space

    By Neil Anderson About a week after his Saturday night display in the Student Union, a significant portion of the Reed community holds the belief Sal Rodriguez did not violate the Honor Principle. Although the question of Rodriguez’s potential violation is by the definition of the Honor Principle open for discussion, I find our hesitant […]

  • Why We’re Getting “All Activist”: An FSU Organizer Responds

    This article addresses the closing question, posed by Sal Rodriguez, in the Quest article about his performance on Nov. 17. As a member of FSU, I immediately mobilized around Sal’s act because his words caused immediate and dire harm to survivors and allies at Reed by triggering many people who both saw and heard about the show.

  • Letter: Free Speech a Necessity in Comedy Controversy

    For many, I think, last Saturday’s comedy performance in the SU was a reminder that free speech is not always an easy freedom to affirm. I’m referring specifically to Sal Rodriguez’s performance, which outraged a good portion of the audience and ended with one audience member coming up on stage, taking the microphone, and confronting him.

  • Letter: A Defense of Mary Poplin

    As a student who worked hard to help bring Dr. Mary Poplin to campus, I was disturbed by Thomas Willingham’s response to your article, “Is Secularism An Obstacle in the Search for Truth?“. I believe it was an unfair extrapolation of a fairly short article into a religious straw man argument. Thomas, while I understand that […]

  • Letters: Smoking and Secularism

    The subject of smoking on campus in closed rooms can’t be a new subject, as I observed nonchalant smoking and flipping the live butts to the floor in the pool hall during the recent’s parent weekend at Reed. Then, sure enough, speaking with current students, I found that smoking there is common.

  • Letter: Consent & Substance Use

    This past week while many of us sat ready to launch various criticisms (constructive or otherwise) at guest speaker Meghan McCain, I was in Eliot 314 taking part in a panel discussion facilitated by Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. The panel consisted of one Reed alumnus and White Bird paramedic, Garth Hope-Melnick, two professors […]

  • Editorial: An End to Senate Beat, But a New Beginning

    The way The Quest covers the Reed Student Body Senate is changing. Don’t worry, we’ll still be covering everything newsworthy that happens at Senate. But we won’t be doing weekly Senate Beat articles. Instead, we’ll run individual news stories on each particular thing that Senate does. The editorial board feels it is no longer useful […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Don’t Waste Free Tickets

    To the Quest: As people who do a lot to promote performances by off-campus groups on campus, and to make free attendance possible by members of the community, we would like to call your attention to a situation that disturbs both of us. FACT: 62 students, faculty, and staff members signed up to attend last […]

  • Survey Will Measure Campus Climate

    By Kathy Oleson, Melissa Osborne, and Crystal Williams Dear Reed Community, In a couple of weeks, you’ll receive an invitation to participate in the Reed College Campus Climate Survey. You’ll see flyers posted around campus and you’ll hear your professors, colleagues, and friends talking about the survey. And, we hope, you will be among those […]

  • A New Focus for PHAs

    by Peer Health Advocate Torrey Payne  Two weeks away from fall break, as the summer weather dims and the leaves prepare to change colors, the Reed College Peer Health Advocates are putting their first month’s work on the shelf and preparing to embark on another project. After wrapping up Sextember with HIV Testing Day on […]

  • Canyon Day Through the Ages

    In a school where traditions go extinct in a week and the ways of last term are dismissed as “Olde Reed,” the continuing existence of Canyon Day is something akin to a miracle.

  • The Honor Principle: Tool or Machine?

    The intended purpose of Reed’s Honor Principle was to suspend the college in a state of perpetual tension. By choosing not to codify it, as other schools had done, Reed’s founding president, William Trufant Foster, sought to make it more a tool of freedom than a machine of authoritarian enforcement.

  • The Student Services Approach to Alcohol and Other Drugs

    We approach to the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) within our community’s as a health issue. Punitive responses, while they have their place in discussions about AOD use in the community, are not our first response. The Student Services response starts with education through dialogue, discussion, debate, and a variety of programming modes. As our approach places community health and wellbeing at its core, we feel that it is necessary to engage the community in meaningful encounters that allow for a collaborative construction of community norms and expectations.

  • Editorial: Letter to the Incoming Class

    Dear New Freshmen, Coming as new students to Reed, you’ve doubtless already heard hundreds of versions of the liberal arts college ethos: Question everything. Never accept received dogma. Soon, you’ll be in Hum110 learning about Socrates, who showed people in ancient Greece that everything they believed was actually not based in sound wisdom. In a […]

  • Senior Debunks Reed Myths

    Dear New Reedies, You’re probably overwhelmed with advice at this point. That said, I’d like to take a shot at the semi-annual “an upperclassman attempts to impart wisdom” article and address a few things about Reed that – in this humble senior’s opinion – are either questionable, counterproductive, or patently false. I hope to help […]

  • A History of the Honor Principle

    Welcome to the 2012-2013 academic year. As we begin another semester at Reed, I would like to encourage everyone to pause and reflect on what it means to apply the Honor Principle in daily life as a member of a vibrant academic community. One way of understanding the role of the Honor Principle at Reed […]

  • Op-Ed: Why The Quest Needs to be Elections-Free

    Rob Shryock is a former Queditor of Fall 2011. Between the time this article is written and when it is printed there will likely have been a vote on the proposal to allow members of the Quest Board to appoint their own successors, rather than have them be elected. The fact that this proposal will […]

  • Editorial: Reform Needed to Maintain Quest Quality

    The quality of The Quest has fluctuated wildly in its near century of existence. In recent years, it has published everything from coloring contests to articles on Pet Parade titled “Pawsitive Reinforcement.” Quest Board elections too often deteriorate into popularity contests and do not guarantee a high quality Quest. The method of choosing Quest Editors […]

  • Op-Ed: Senate Too Slow on Student Body Wages

    Senate has demonstrated that it remains a sluggish bureaucracy. Student Body Wage Review Committee has failed to deliver a report on student body wages by the time it said it would. Not only do Honor Council members effectively make $1.73 an hour for their work, according to Quest research, but the Senate Secretary effectively makes […]

  • Op-Ed: Student Body “Autonomy” Is a Lie

    At Reed, we students are quite fortunate in that we are generally treated as adults, both by the faculty and by the administration. Our professors teach classes with zero “Scantrons” and with few multiple-choice tests, preferring to take the time to test our knowledge with more interesting and useful assignments. Even when the administration takes […]

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