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  • Senate Discusses New Search for Dean and Addresses Clarkie Encounters

    This week, Senate primarily discussed the problematic presence of Lewis and Clark students at campus events. Announcements: Senate has chosen to give out stipends for summer experiences (e.g. internships) as the first student opportunity subsidy. You can read more about this in “rainingmoney.gif” elsewhere in this issue. Renn Fayre czar appointment applications are now open […]

  • New Firearms Policy Debated

    “We’ll talk about [the firearms and/or weapons policy] later, hopefully after I’m no longer President.” – Former Student Body President Ari Galper ‘14 at the November 8, 2013 Public Senate Meeting A little less than a year later, we’re still talking about a firearms policy, but hopefully this conversation is wrapping up. Before Kroger, Colin […]

  • Harm Reduction Booklets, Renn Fayre, and Student Responsibility

    In last year’s Renn Fayre water bottles, students received a harm reduction booklet­­essentially a guide on how to have a safe Renn Fayre­­sponsored by the Community Wellness department with the support of other groups on campus, such as Honor Council, Reed Student Advocates, the Sexual Assault Peer Educators, and more. Separately, a pamphlet by the […]

  • Summer’s Lea$e: Signators’ Training, Funding Poll, and Top 40

    Have you ever sat and looked at some perplexing student-built structure, or listened to a band in Winch, hung out in the MLLL, or eaten free BBQ on the Quad, and/or gone to Renn Fayre? If the answer is yes, you have witnessed what preposterously cool shit can take place when students get motivated and […]

  • Senate Beat: Special Snarky Edition

    Senate kicked off its last meeting of the semester with a speech from Student Body President Nora McConnell-Johnson ‘12 defending the accomplishments of this semester’s Senate and lambasting yours truly.  Calling this semester’s Senate “dramatically different” from previous senates, she noted that there had been no major drama and no alcohol at meetings.  She listed […]

  • Some Student Groups Suffer From Funding Poll Glitch: Senate will “let it ride”

    Mysterious technical problems in the Student Information Network (SIN) caused a number of student organizations to disappear from Funding Poll last week.  Affected organizations were re-added to Funding Poll by the SIN administrators, but only after many students had already voted. After discussing the issue with several signators and other observers on Wednesday the 7th, […]

  • An Introduction to Senate and Getting Shit Done at Reed: How an Idea Becomes a Reality

    In third grade, we all learned about how a bill becomes a law to the tunes of Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill”. Unfortunately, Schoolhouse Rock didn’t make a Reed College equivalent, because not many Reedies understand how to create change on their own campus. It’s probably a good thing nobody has made a catchy […]

  • Senate Beat

    Committee Reports: Honor Council has members! Adrian Dannis, Hannah Brannan, Hannah Fishman, Vas Srivastava, and Brandy Ryan have been appointed as non-voting members, and Bryan Moore and Mary Lindeblad-Fry have been appointed as voting members. Still looking for applicants are baby monies and Sin Webmaster! Pool Hall gets $800 for pool hall formal. DOTU gets […]

  • Election Blurbs

    Senate Candidates (4 seats)   Sarah Carlisle – 8 senate meetings Yo. I’m Sarah and I’m running for reelection to Senate. Here are four great reasons to reelect me: 1. I love being a Senator! I love working with my peers to make your life easier and this school better. This job means the world […]

  • Senate Beat

    This week’s meeting was short to allow senators/your beat writers time to grab food between the meeting and the Reed Union. mmm, Tom Yum. First up, unexpected visitors: Pedal Potential PDX came in asking to advertise off campus for a show on 4/20. Kent Coupe came in to announce that the House of Lords would […]

  • Senate Beat

    Senate began with a fuller house than usual alongside some wonderful decorations courtesy of RAW. Speaking of the aforementioned decorations, the Circus Man (who has a name, we are sure) was the first unexpected visitor of the meeting. He wanted to know if he could leave up his ultra rad tent thingy in the SU. […]

  • Senate Beat

    The meeting started out wet ‘n’ wild: Celia’s bottle of TJ’s sparkling limey water wildly sprayed everywhere, distracting Cori from her notes and the rest of senate from their bidness. Luckily, they had no bidness… LOLz. Part I: Committee Reports, HO! Diversity Committee is in contact with a buncha people including Louis Melendez (why was […]

  • Senate Beat

    Part I: The BEAT: Nothing Happened No really. At 16 minutes, 42 seconds, this may have broken the record for shortest Senate meeting ever. There are only two things you should know: First, next week’s Senate meeting will be moving to Eliot 314 to accommodate RAW. Second, you should apply for the following positions and […]

  • Senate Beat

    Valentines Day with Senate was extra special. The lights were dimmed and each member had a flower by them. It was super romantic. I was definitely feeling the love. Until they announced the funding results, that is. Senate spent all weekend locked in Vollum 120 going over Top 40 budgets, the results of which were […]

  • Levin Resigns from Senate, Azrael to Fill Empty Post

    Last Sunday, Zach Levin announced he was resigning from his position as a student senator. “This decision was not easy. I realized that this semester is going to require more of me than I initially expected and I do not have the time or the energy that I would want (and expect myself) to put […]

  • Senate Beat

    The meeting opened with the President’s message and the on to Committee Reports!
    Basically, no one had anything to report. We didn’t get an update on what the Trustees talked about while on campus

  • Senate Beat

    Did you notice the absence of chill peeps this Monday at 5? That’s probs because they were all at the Senate Town Hall Meeting – where you should have been, too, duh. If you had been there, you would have been able to chillax with your lovely Beat writers. You would have been with us, […]

  • Candidate Blurbs

    Presidential Candidates Jenny Calvert-Warren I would like to be your Student Body President because I love this school. I want to have the opportunity to work my ass off in order to represent and support you. After spending the last two and a half years immersed in the Reed experience – which has involved wading […]

  • Senate Votes Support of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

    Student Senate voted Tuesday, Nov. 2 to support the addition of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Emily Due, Andrew Barney, and James Shelstad, members of the Blue Heron Infoshop, brought the issue to Senate as part of their initiative

  • Bylaw Revision Vote Fails

    Student Senate bylaw revisions failed to pass the two-thirds requirement three times at a public meeting Tuesday after lengthy discussion.

    The proposed changes would have vacant Senate seats filled by runner-ups from the last election only before fall or spring break,

  • Want to Run for Office?

    Beginning on Tuesday, October 25th, petitions will be available for candidates wishing to run in the upcoming election. Open terms beginning in the spring semester include President, Vice President, four year-long Senate seats, and Quest Board. Students may run for multiple positions, but may only hold one. Petitions can also be used to submit recalls, […]

  • Want to Be a Czar?

    Paideia Czar Be in charge of planning Paideia! It is suggested (although not required) that applicants apply in pairs. Applications are due at midnight on Oct. 31st; interviews to take place the evening of November 3rd. Winter Formal Czar Plan the winter dance, a Reed tradition! It is suggested that applicants apply in pairs. Applications […]

  • Student Positions Open for Appointment

    The Student Body Appointments Committee selects students to represent the student body on a variety of issues. Freshmen, please apply! This is a great way to learn about campus culture and become involved in the community. Go to to apply! If you have any questions, contact Nina Showell. All applications are due on 10/3 […]

  • Senate Beat: Back with a Vengence

    Let us preface this by saying that by the time you, dear Quest reader, read these accounts of Senate meeting they will actually be two senate meetings old. The time between the Quest deadline,

  • Senate Takes Stock

    Student Senate is keeping closer tabs on student organizations this semester. Top 40 groups will be required to compile an inventory of their current possessions before accessing capital improvement funds

  • Student Positions Open for Appointment

    The Student Body Appointments Committee selects students to represent the student body on a variety of issues. Freshmen, please apply! This is a great way to learn about campus culture and become involved in the community. Go to to apply! If you have any questions, contact Nina Showell. Current open positions include: Honor Council: […]

  • Senate Liaisons/Committee Appointments

    Admission and Financial Aid:         A. Campbell
    Alumni Liaison:            S. Carlisle
    Appeals:                R. Schwartz
    Bookstore:            T. Spillane

  • Funding Hell Results

  • Vote, Reedies! Polls close tonight!

    Everyone goes onto SIN and votes for their favorite organizations. After voting closes each group is ranked based on the number of Top 6’s, Approves, Disapproves, and Deep 6’s they received.

  • Madness and Terror: A Former Treasurer’s Recollection of Funding Hell

    Vollum 120 looked more like a war-torn battlefield than a classroom by the time we finished with it. Senators that had given up were passed out on the floor, and those still standing were red-eyed with exhaustion. Dirty paper plates, empty champagne bottles, and the remnants of a fifth of whiskey cluttered the room. It […]

  • Ass’t Treasurer Position Open

    Classes have started, but the key position of student body assistant treasurer remains open, said Cori Savaiano, head treasurer of the student body. Typically the assistant treasurer position is filled at the end of each semester. “None of the previous applicants were qualified enough for the position,” said Austin Campbell, vice president of the student […]

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