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  • Curing Cancer with Hedgehogs

    I met up with Erin McConnell on a bright afternoon over some iced tea. Erin, a senior biochemistry major, is a delightful and expressive young woman with a love of books and the Russian language. She happily took time out of her busy schedule as chemistry social chair and her coordinating duties at Random House, […]

  • A Funeral For Olde Reed During RAD

    On Sunday, April 17, the beginning of Reed Admit Day (RAD), Fucking Shit Up Kollective (FSUK) organized a funeral for Olde Reed. A white hearse drove a casket to the Quad and the funeral commenced with a brief introduction from Student Body President Lucas Binion and co-host, Daniel Kaufman. The event drew both current and […]

  • In/Describable

    Art has the power to radically challenge the beliefs of its audience. In Reed’s spring faculty show In/Divisible, the cast and crew did just that, creating a play that challenged their audience’s beliefs about the draft. The show was inspired by professor of theatre Elliot Leffler’s observation that “we were approaching the 15-year mark of […]

  • Kookie Kollective

    Kyra Gutierrez, a first-year student, is single-handedly baking hundreds of cookies — and distributing them for free — to the Reed student body as part of Reed club Kookie Kollective. Founded by Gutierrez at the beginning of this year, Kookie Kollectiv has distributed cookies almost every Monday since the beginning of the semester. For Nitrogen Day, […]

  • OWL FIGHT 2016

    This is a satirical piece and not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings (but I still hate you MMA) ’Twas a classic tale of David and Goliath, except Goliath poured cougar piss on everyone and David lost. After their crushing defeat in last year’s Owl Fight, Reed MMA scraped together a victory this year against the […]

  • Darkmatter Performs at Reed

    It’s not often that Vollum lecture hall is filled with raucous laughter and standing ovations—but then again, it’s not often that Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian, who together comprise the trans South Asian performance art duo Darkmatter, come to town. But before Vaid-Menon and Balasubramanian even took center stage, Ah Mer Ah Su, an Oakland-based […]

  • The Times, Buildings, They Are A-Changin’

    The disparity in quality of on-campus housing has been a point of contention for Reedies since the dawn of time. Now, administrators have promised that Reed College is getting a facelift, with renovations to improve the cross-canyon dorms and the Sports Center on the horizon. In a recent interview with The Quest, Assistant Director of […]

  • “Do You Want Us Here or Not?”

    UPDATE: Student Body Vice President, Josh Cox ’17, recently announced that the Summer Housing cost will return to its previous price of $350/months. The mood in Eliot 314 was tense on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 9 as administrators and house advisors (HAs) met, along with a handful of Reed senators, to discuss a last-minute […]

  • Not the Trees!

    In 1922, Beatrice Olson wrote in The Griffin that “the most distinctive feature of the permanent structures on the Reed College campus is their subtle impression of beauty.” To John Peterson, who wrote for The Quest in the early nineties, those permanents structures were not the edifices in which students live and learn, but were […]

  • Jozwik’s ‘Psychosis’ Balances Coherence, Chaos

    This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, thesis candidate Jordan Jozwik (as director) and Lily Harris (as the sole actress) are staging a production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis. The play, famous for its unconventional structure and emotionally harrowing content, was the last work Kane produced before her suicide at age 28 in 1999. The play […]

  • “Witness Bahrain”

    On Friday night the Reed Socialist Alternative hosted a screening of Jen Marlowe’s documentary Witness Bahrain in Eliot. The film was followed by a Skype call with Marlowe herself, in which the audience of about six students were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the film. Here’s what you missed. In 2012, a year […]

  • In Memoriam

    This past Tuesday, Louise Rennison died. A prolific author—and former member of Women with Beards, an all-female feminist cabaret group—her most famous books were the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, the first of which was made into a 2008 film titled Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. Rennison was brilliant and bonkers, and Georgia, her most famous […]

  • Facebook Reacts

    On February 24, 2016, Facebook rolled out “Reactions,” a new extension of the “Like” button, launched to provide “more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in News Feed makes you feel,” according to the Facebook Newsroom. These new reactions have serious implications for how people communicate through Facebook and for how […]

  • Death to False Id-owls

    The first of two fake Doyle Owls—concrete casts created to delude, deceive, and dazzle credulous students—was duly destroyed as a false idol the night of February 12. It was a little under a year old. The false owl first appeared last April, when the group who then possessed the Real Beast stoked confusion across campus […]

  • Fire at Reed Faculty House

    This Monday morning February 22, a fire broke out at 3836 SE Knight St., a Reed-owned faculty house at the corner of SE 39th Avenue. Known as “The Dollhouse” to alumni and once rented to students, the late 19th Victorian was later purchased by Reed for faculty housing. The duplex, named the Hedger House, was […]

  • Meatsmoke

    The Meatsmoke Crew is a volunteer collective of alumni, students, and friends dedicated to what leader Jeffrey “Moose” Price ’03 describes as “bringing together Reedies of all vintages through fun and the shared ritual of eating together.” Meatsmoke comes to campus to cook for the masses during Paideia, Renn Fayre, and Reunions each year, serving […]

  • Renn Fayre Budget Isn’t That Scary

    After an ominous announcement at the February 5 Senate meeting, it wasn’t long before the posters started popping up, hosting outrageous slogans like “Kroger defunded Renn Fayre,” and “Kroger wants you to do lines on an empty stomach.” Rumors about the Renn Fayre budget have been a source of recent confusion on campus. However, Renn […]

  • Bullseye Glass and the Cadmium Blues

    Reedies may have noticed the recent emails from Reed warning of cadmium and arsenic effluents released by Bullseye Glass Co. at 21 Avenue and Powell. It is still somewhat difficult to tell what the actual risks are, but it seems clear that the numerous government agencies involved were slow to collect, react to, and disseminate […]

  • Senate Beat

    A lot happened in a short time this week, and it goes without saying that Senate had a lot to talk about at their first meeting last Friday. We’ve seen some pretty inflammatory posters, alleging everything from Senate corruption (probably not true?) to Senate eating their own boogers (DEFINITELY true) to Kroger defunding Renn Fayre […]

  • The Board Will See You Now

    Last Friday, February 5, the student life committee of the Board of Trustees held an open meeting for the student body to address their concerns. The committee consists of Suzanne Cassidy ’65, Matthew Bergman ’84, Marcia Yaross ’73, Deborah Kamali ’85, Alex Martinez ’73, and Adrienne Nelson. To start, the committee explained the Board of […]

  • Return to Zero

    A Japanese warplane has recently taken up residence in the Cooley Gallery at the Reed Library, and is scheduled to be burned on February 19. It is the artistic vision of Katsushige Nakahashi, a professor of sculpture at the Kyoto City University of the Arts in Japan. The project was generated as a reaction to […]

  • Alum Dr. Demento Reminisces On Reed, Radio

    There are a few events that, here at Reed, we mark our calendars by: Renn Fayre, Spring/Fall, RKSK, and for those of us on campus during Paideia, alum Dr. Demento’s Paideia speeches. After graduating with a degree in music in 1963, Demento has been giving lectures at Paideia for 43 years now, since 1973. This […]

  • Theme Reveal Predictions

    Renn Fayre 2016 lurks around the corner as students start the spring semester; after seeing the success of Spring/Fall’s bioluminescence theme last semester, many students are wondering what the czars will choose for this year’s Renn Fayre theme.   Well, wait no longer! The czars plan to reveal Renn Fayre’s theme at midnight on February […]

  • Keefing Up with the Chief

    Chief Keef has had a rough year. In an attempt to build hype for Bang 3, his sophomore full-length commercial release, he relentlessly teased fans with audio snippets, drafts of album artwork, and the promise of a A$AP Rocky single that never fully materialized, all in addition to announcing an EP. Despite lowering his arrest […]

  • Thesis Christ

    You’ll often find Dylan Lowy ’16 watching basketball highlights or walking to and from the library in his Detroit Pistons jacket. In his senior thesis, history major Lowy explores the media portrayal of black activists playing in the NBA from the mid 1950s to the early 1980s, with a concentration on basketballers Bill Russell, Kareem […]

  • Hari Kondabolu Talks Institutional Diversity, Illuminati

    Hari Kondabolu stood at the front of Kaul Auditorium, squinting through spotlights to the edges of the half-full crowd. “This space is too big,” he said into the microphone. “Comedy needs lower roofs, smaller spaces.” A popular figure in today’s comedy scene—he’s performed on Letterman, Conan, and Comedy Central—Kondabolu has no qualms taking potshots at […]

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Young Thug: Part 1

    It’s maybe the twelfth time I have revisited the video. Perched in the seat of a Porsche 911, our story’s hero—sporting his usual septum piercing and a dazzling, if not contextually confusing and irreverent, Egyptian cross necklace—bounces in time with his own creation. Young Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, demonstrates an incredible variety of kinetic cadence, […]

  • Ad-Hoc Committee Addresses Inefficiencies of Current Legislative Process

    This Wednesday, January 27th marked the third and final forum held by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Community Legislation to discuss proposed reforms to the Community Constitution. The forum reviewed several potential referendums to the current legislation, which were primarily focused on the staff’s lack of voice in the legislative process and the streamlining of the […]

  • The Closeted Conservative

    Dear Reed, As an overlooked, and frankly under appreciated, political minority on campus, I feel I need to set the record straight. I’ve had it. I can’t stand it anymore. While I don’t know if this is the forum to do so, I’ve decided I must say something as I see a new generation of […]

  • Earthy Undertones

    [Collective greeting], rejoice, for our own Reed College has been visited upon, as of last December the 14th, by a most holy of miracles. A bold hero swept into Hauser’s hallowed halls in a shower of nugs, bearing twin grocery bags of mother nature’s finest to the klamoring, kronically overkaffeinated denizens of the Stim Table. […]

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Spring/Fall?

    It wouldn’t be the end of a Reed semester without the burning of some thesis drafts and the popping of some champagne, and with classes winding to a close, it’s almost time to bundle up and get excited for a fun and safe Spring/Fall. “Spring/Fall is first and foremost a celebration,” says Czar Sierra Swann. […]

  • Math Professor Innovates New Quilting Method

      EDIT 12/04/2015: Irena has alerted me to inaccuracies within this article. I have updated the article to reflect the factually correct information that it was Ernest Haight, not Ernest Hale who pioneered early quilting methods. Haight’s methods also work more generally than I mention. Also, Irena just discovered Rita Hutchens’ book on Tubular Piecing, […]

  • Laverne Cox: “Ain’t I a Woman?”

    Thanks, once again, to the generosity of Gray Fund, activist and actress Laverne Cox came to Reed College on the evening of November 11. The event, which took place in Kaul Auditorium, was open to members of the Reed community, with proof of ID, as well as non-members with Reed sponsors. Thirty minutes before the […]

  • Playwright Nastaran Ahmadi Answers Questions on Exile

    After the Friday, November 13 performance of the recently debuted Exile, the theatre department held a “talkback” with the playwright, Nastaran Ahmadi. Sitting down in the black box next to Assistant Professor of Theatre and director of the play, Kate Duffly, Ahmadi fielded a number of questions about her creative process in writing Exile and […]

  • Exile: A Virtual Political Commentary

    The Reed theatre department debuted its newest production, Exile. The play, originally written by Nastaran Ahmadi, premiered this past Friday, November 6. Directed by Assistant Professor of Theatre Kate Duffly, the show stars Juliana Cable, Lily Harris, Kate Johnson, Jack Johnson, Ethan Sandweiss, and Kathleen Worley. Described on the Reed Fine Arts webpage as a […]

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