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Strains of Vapyr: Week 11


SKYWALKER OG INDICA-DOMINANT HYBRID THC% N/A PURCHASED AT: N/A METHOD: Vape bowls, 1.1g joint, 2.8g joint TIME: 4:20PM, 8:30PM CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: Dabs MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “Take Care of Business” by Danger Mouse & Jemini A strong, obviously proud descendent of the mighty OG Kush and the less known but just as mighty among the […]

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Strains of Vapyr: On the Waning of Your Interest


There are two kinds of interest I mean. One is your interest in my articles, which may very well be waning as you think my humility might, though I cannot and will not speak anything against this lofty disinterest but will only let my words speak for whoever will accept them. The second kind, the […]

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Interview with Adam Groce


  New to Reed, Adam Groce is a visiting professor in the Math Department. He currently teaches Math 121: Introduction to Computing and Math 387: Computability & Complexity. Now that you’re here, what do you think of the environment at Reed and the kind of students you’re seeing in your classes? It’s great. The students […]

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What if Art is a Car Crash and We’re All Just Rubbernecking

Production still, "We Build Excitement (Pontiac, MI)," digital video, 2013 

All four scenes, including three video channels and the fourth wall they’re being projected onto, take place in a parking lot. The projected parking lots are former Pontiac dealerships, purchased and refurbished by Jesse Sugarmann, an artist based in California, whose anachronistic bailout of one of GM’s sacrificial darlings commemorates the “life and death” of […]

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Yes, But Is It Organic?

The marionberry picker located at Frank Meyer’s farm. Photo by Sally Turley.

Small Farmers Face Barriers in Embracing Organic Farming As a society we have effectively removed ourselves from where our food comes from. Since 1953, the percent of Americans that live on farms has decreased from 14 percent to 2 percent.  Through industrialization and urbanization, we have mechanized the food industry, removing ourselves from an integral […]

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Hello, from Judicial Board

Members of the Judicial Board, from left to right, top to bottom: Evvy Archibald ’16 (Chair), Katie Schmitz ’16 (Chair), Rebecca Forman ’15, Orla O’Sullivan ’16, Justin Fishman ’16, Ben Morris ’15, Sophie Bucci ’17, Michaela Adams ’17, Elaine Andersen ’16, Tanner Hanson ’16.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of living in a community governed by an Honor Principle. Sometimes resolution to these conflicts can be accomplished through informal communication or formalized mediation through Honor Council. The Judicial Board (J-Board) is another mechanism at your disposal for resolving conflicts, especially if you want the other party to be formally […]

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Art Exhibit Overview: Laura Heit’s “Two Ways Down”

Photo by CJ Davis.

Every summer the Edith Feldenheimer Gallery in the Studio Art Building invites an artist to display work in the student space. This year, Laura Heit, an animator and professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was asked to install a recent work.  Heit’s work addresses topics ranging from the political to intimate spheres, (sometimes […]

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Unused Bikes to be Donated on September 30th

If your bike has one of these tags, you need to email with the code printed on the tag by September 30th.

Upon taking their bikes out of storage at the end of this summer, Reedies found tags attached to their bikes saying that if they were not moved by September 30th, they would be removed from storage. This more proactive approach was a surprise for many.  Regulations regarding bike storage have been in place for years, […]

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Reedies March in Solidarity With People’s Climate March

Greenboard members march in Downtown Portland in solidarity with People's Climate March in New York.

Sunday, September 21 was world history’s largest day of climate change action. 2,646 events took place in 156 countries. Activists in London, Taipei, Paris, Jakarta, Delhi, Bogota, Melbourne, Portland, and many more cities hosted marches and demonstrations to call for government action to curb carbon emissions, address climate change, in solidarity with the central march […]

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More CSOs Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

On Director of Community Safety Gary Granger's map of campus, a cluster of green pins on the dorm MacNaughton marks of hotspot of marijuana-related AOD violations that have prompted extra patrols in the dorm.

The Reasons Behind the Extra Patrols Something is up in Asylum Block. The Community Safety Officers have been brightening Foster/Scholz/McNaughton far more frequently this year, as often as six times a day in recent weeks. We talk about it in passing in the common room. Visiting friends sometimes stop and ask us what’s up. It […]

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