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  • Posters Question Senate, Institutional Legitimacy

    This past Tuesday, at around 4:45 p.m., about a dozen posters appeared on the doors and windows of the GCC. Written in black marker on white posters, they bore messages like “REED SENATORS ARE CORRUPT,” “REED POLITICS ARE CORRUPT,” and “QUESTION SENATE.”   As traffic flowed in and out of Commons, students stopped to Snapchat […]

  • Theme Reveal Predictions

    Renn Fayre 2016 lurks around the corner as students start the spring semester; after seeing the success of Spring/Fall’s bioluminescence theme last semester, many students are wondering what the czars will choose for this year’s Renn Fayre theme.   Well, wait no longer! The czars plan to reveal Renn Fayre’s theme at midnight on February […]

  • Keefing Up with the Chief

    Chief Keef has had a rough year. In an attempt to build hype for Bang 3, his sophomore full-length commercial release, he relentlessly teased fans with audio snippets, drafts of album artwork, and the promise of a A$AP Rocky single that never fully materialized, all in addition to announcing an EP. Despite lowering his arrest […]

  • Thesis Christ

    You’ll often find Dylan Lowy ’16 watching basketball highlights or walking to and from the library in his Detroit Pistons jacket. In his senior thesis, history major Lowy explores the media portrayal of black activists playing in the NBA from the mid 1950s to the early 1980s, with a concentration on basketballers Bill Russell, Kareem […]

  • Hari Kondabolu Talks Institutional Diversity, Illuminati

    Hari Kondabolu stood at the front of Kaul Auditorium, squinting through spotlights to the   edges of the half-full crowd. “This space is too big,” he said into the microphone. “Comedy needs lower roofs, smaller spaces.” A popular figure in today’s comedy scene—he’s performed on Letterman, Conan, and Comedy Central—Kondabolu has no qualms taking potshots at […]

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Young Thug: Part 1

    It’s maybe the twelfth time I have revisited the video. Perched in the seat of a Porsche 911, our story’s hero—sporting his usual septum piercing and a dazzling, if not contextually confusing and irreverent, Egyptian cross necklace—bounces in time with his own creation. Young Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, demonstrates an incredible variety of kinetic cadence, […]

  • Ad-Hoc Committee Addresses Inefficiencies of Current Legislative Process

    This Wednesday, January 27th marked the third and final forum held by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Community Legislation to discuss proposed reforms to the Community Constitution. The forum reviewed several potential referendums to the current legislation, which were primarily focused on the staff’s lack of voice in the legislative process and the streamlining of the […]

  • The Closeted Conservative

    Dear Reed, As an overlooked, and frankly under appreciated, political minority on campus, I feel I need to set the record straight. I’ve had it. I can’t stand it anymore. While I don’t know if this is the forum to do so, I’ve decided I must say something as I see a new generation of […]

  • Earthy Undertones

    [Collective greeting], rejoice, for our own Reed College has been visited upon, as of last December the 14th, by a most holy of miracles. A bold hero swept into Hauser’s hallowed halls in a shower of nugs, bearing twin grocery bags of mother nature’s finest to the klamoring, kronically overkaffeinated denizens of the Stim Table. […]

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Spring/Fall?

    It wouldn’t be the end of a Reed semester without the burning of some thesis drafts and the popping of some champagne, and with classes winding to a close, it’s almost time to bundle up and get excited for a fun and safe Spring/Fall. “Spring/Fall is first and foremost a celebration,” says Czar Sierra Swann. […]

  • Math Professor Innovates New Quilting Method

      EDIT 12/04/2015: Irena has alerted me to inaccuracies within this article. I have updated the article to reflect the factually correct information that it was Ernest Haight, not Ernest Hale who pioneered early quilting methods. Haight’s methods also work more generally than I mention. Also, Irena just discovered Rita Hutchens’ book on Tubular Piecing, […]

  • Laverne Cox: “Ain’t I a Woman?”

    Thanks, once again, to the generosity of Gray Fund, activist and actress Laverne Cox came to Reed College on the evening of November 11. The event, which took place in Kaul Auditorium, was open to members of the Reed community, with proof of ID, as well as non-members with Reed sponsors. Thirty minutes before the […]

  • Playwright Nastaran Ahmadi Answers Questions on Exile

    After the Friday, November 13 performance of the recently debuted Exile, the theatre department held a “talkback” with the playwright, Nastaran Ahmadi. Sitting down in the black box next to Assistant Professor of Theatre and director of the play, Kate Duffly, Ahmadi fielded a number of questions about her creative process in writing Exile and […]

  • Exile: A Virtual Political Commentary

    The Reed theatre department debuted its newest production, Exile. The play, originally written by Nastaran Ahmadi, premiered this past Friday, November 6. Directed by Assistant Professor of Theatre Kate Duffly, the show stars Juliana Cable, Lily Harris, Kate Johnson, Jack Johnson, Ethan Sandweiss, and Kathleen Worley. Described on the Reed Fine Arts webpage as a […]

  • Saturday’s a Rugby Day

    It wasn’t the kind of rain you could turn your nose up at. Spectators were forced to turn up their collars and huddle together on the sidelines, with a fortunate few holding umbrellas, others holding choice drinks to warm themselves against the biting cold. A few students wandered out of the nearby dorms to check […]

  • Students Get Paid for Learning to Code

    The internships for the Software Design Studio (SDS) program are coming to a close this semester, marking the one year anniversary of the program designed to teach Reed students how to code by guiding them through real projects in paid internships. The program comes at a time when there is significant progress in the establishment […]

  • Judging A Book By Its Cover

    Academics tend to focus on the contents of books, but this time the bindings themselves are on display in the Library. “Books and Their Covers: Bookbindings in the Reed Collection,” an exhibit on the external aspects of texts, will be housed in the glass cases just past the entrance of the library until November. In […]

  • Financial Reform Brings Square to the Paradox, Drives Bakers Away

    With the start of a new semester, the Paradox has undergone significant changes, including the newfound acceptance of credit cards as well as the indefinite hiatus of the student baking program. Although these adjustments might appear superficial, both changes stem from a deeper issue — the Paradox’s financial troubles over the past few years. As […]

  • Early Autumn Bike Thefts Down From Last Year

    Since the implementation of Community Safety’s bike bait program, the amount of bike thefts has dropped to less than half of what it was this time last year, and has lead to several arrests.  According to Director of Community Safety Gary Granger, the number of missing bike cases during the first two weeks of the […]

  • Bike Co-op, Fellowship Named for Reed Legend Mark Angeles ‘15

    A new name for the bike co-op and a new fellowship have been dedicated in honor of recently deceased Mark Angeles, who graduated last year. Mark, who died tragically on May 27 when a tow truck hit him while he was riding his bicycle, was an active manager of the co-op. He also instructed the […]

  • “Two by Ionesco” Brings French Absurdist Theater to Reed

    The strangeness of time is a concept that almost all Reed students are familiar with. Sunny days out on the lawn make it seem like we’ve collectively blinked and it’s two weeks from Renn Fayre, but long conferences where there’s more silence than talking can make fifty minutes feel like a lifetime. It’s no surprise, […]

  • Jeremiah True ’18 Excluded from Campus, Honor Case Pending

    With headlines ranging from The Daily Beast‘s “Rape Culture Troll Threatens Reed College” to Daily Caller‘s “Student Barred from Class for Disputing Rape Statistics”, Jeremiah True ’18 and his story have trended locally and nationally. Now, he is excluded from campus with a pending Honor Case against him. His controversial petition to be restored to […]

  • Freshman Excluded from Conference, Petition Sparks Controversy

    On Wednesday, March 18, Jeremiah True ’18 sent the Reed Facebook group ablaze with a link to his petition entitled, “Restore Jeremiah Josias Luther George True to His Humanities 110 Conference.” True was excluded from his Humanities 110 conference on Saturday, March 14 by Professor of English & Humanities Pancho Savery. Savery decided to […]

  • Doyle Owl Release

    Doyle Owl Commandments [reprinted from Douglas Squirrel]: In the last days ye shall find the great [stone?] OWL, whose name shall be DOYLE. And he shall pass through the water, yea, and the flame asuntouched, and the angel of GOD shall be with him in all things. And ye shall obey the COMMANDMENTS of the […]

  • CSOs Bait Bike Thieves with GPS Tracker

    Bike theft is not new at Reed College, but the bike baiting program that the Community Safety premiered in early January certainly is. Working in conjunction with the Portland Police Department, the CSOs initiated a sting designed to catch bike thieves. The sting involved planting a bicycle recovered from the Reed College lost and found […]

  • Students #OutofRespect Stage Sit-in

    Approximately one hundred students gathered in front of President John Kroger’s office this Tuesday calling for a reexamination of the processes for reviewing sexual misconduct. From 1-5 p.m. the students participated in a work-in and sit-in under the rallying call #OutofRespect. The event stemmed from the recent revelation that Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Andrea […]

  • Thesis Christ! Mick Song: Are transposable elements our enemies, friends, or frenemies?

    Ok, Mick. Give me second. What do you hate most about your thesis? Um, I feel like my thesis no longer reflects the person who I was when I chose to pursue this major. Intense. What would your thesis be if it was reflective of you now? It would probably still be about transposable elements. […]

  • What if Art is a Car Crash and We’re All Just Rubbernecking

    All four scenes, including three video channels and the fourth wall they’re being projected onto, take place in a parking lot. The projected parking lots are former Pontiac dealerships, purchased and refurbished by Jesse Sugarmann, an artist based in California, whose anachronistic bailout of one of GM’s sacrificial darlings commemorates the “life and death” of […]

  • Yes, But Is It Organic?

    Small Farmers Face Barriers in Embracing Organic Farming As a society we have effectively removed ourselves from where our food comes from. Since 1953, the percent of Americans that live on farms has decreased from 14 percent to 2 percent.  Through industrialization and urbanization, we have mechanized the food industry, removing ourselves from an integral […]

  • Hello, from Judicial Board

    Conflicts are an inevitable part of living in a community governed by an Honor Principle. Sometimes resolution to these conflicts can be accomplished through informal communication or formalized mediation through Honor Council. The Judicial Board (J-Board) is another mechanism at your disposal for resolving conflicts, especially if you want the other party to be formally […]

  • Art Exhibit Overview: Laura Heit’s “Two Ways Down”

    Every summer the Edith Feldenheimer Gallery in the Studio Art Building invites an artist to display work in the student space. This year, Laura Heit, an animator and professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was asked to install a recent work.  Heit’s work addresses topics ranging from the political to intimate spheres, (sometimes […]

  • Unused Bikes to be Donated on September 30th

    Upon taking their bikes out of storage at the end of this summer, Reedies found tags attached to their bikes saying that if they were not moved by September 30th, they would be removed from storage. This more proactive approach was a surprise for many.  Regulations regarding bike storage have been in place for years, […]

  • Reedies March in Solidarity With People’s Climate March

    Sunday, September 21 was world history’s largest day of climate change action. 2,646 events took place in 156 countries. Activists in London, Taipei, Paris, Jakarta, Delhi, Bogota, Melbourne, Portland, and many more cities hosted marches and demonstrations to call for government action to curb carbon emissions, address climate change, in solidarity with the central march […]

  • More CSOs Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    The Reasons Behind the Extra Patrols Something is up in Asylum Block. The Community Safety Officers have been brightening Foster/Scholz/McNaughton far more frequently this year, as often as six times a day in recent weeks. We talk about it in passing in the common room. Visiting friends sometimes stop and ask us what’s up. It […]

  • Homer’s: Get Some Dank in Your Tank

    You’ve been there before: it’s 2 A.M. and you either need sustenance, caffeine, or some sort of medicine because you feel like you’re dying. The solution to most of the problems that you could be faced with can be found inside the three walls and shelves that enclose Homer’s Hut. But Homer’s cannot be fully […]

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