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Students #OutofRespect Stage Sit-in

Student protesters gather in front of President John Kroger’s office to voice their concern about the administration’s processes for addressing sexual misconduct. Photo by Mick Song

Protesters call for reevaluation of sexual misconduct investigation procedures Approximately one hundred students gathered in front of President John Kroger’s office this Tuesday calling for a reexamination of the processes for reviewing sexual misconduct. From 1-5 p.m. the students participated in a work-in and sit-in under the rallying call #OutofRespect. The event stemmed from the […]

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Thesis Christ! Mick Song: Are transposable elements our enemies, friends, or frenemies?


Ok, Mick. Give me second. What do you hate most about your thesis? Um, I feel like my thesis no longer reflects the person who I was when I chose to pursue this major. Intense. What would your thesis be if it was reflective of you now? It would probably still be about transposable elements. […]

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What if Art is a Car Crash and We’re All Just Rubbernecking

Production still, "We Build Excitement (Pontiac, MI)," digital video, 2013 

All four scenes, including three video channels and the fourth wall they’re being projected onto, take place in a parking lot. The projected parking lots are former Pontiac dealerships, purchased and refurbished by Jesse Sugarmann, an artist based in California, whose anachronistic bailout of one of GM’s sacrificial darlings commemorates the “life and death” of […]

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Yes, But Is It Organic?

The marionberry picker located at Frank Meyer’s farm. Photo by Sally Turley.

Small Farmers Face Barriers in Embracing Organic Farming As a society we have effectively removed ourselves from where our food comes from. Since 1953, the percent of Americans that live on farms has decreased from 14 percent to 2 percent.  Through industrialization and urbanization, we have mechanized the food industry, removing ourselves from an integral […]

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Hello, from Judicial Board

Members of the Judicial Board, from left to right, top to bottom: Evvy Archibald ’16 (Chair), Katie Schmitz ’16 (Chair), Rebecca Forman ’15, Orla O’Sullivan ’16, Justin Fishman ’16, Ben Morris ’15, Sophie Bucci ’17, Michaela Adams ’17, Elaine Andersen ’16, Tanner Hanson ’16.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of living in a community governed by an Honor Principle. Sometimes resolution to these conflicts can be accomplished through informal communication or formalized mediation through Honor Council. The Judicial Board (J-Board) is another mechanism at your disposal for resolving conflicts, especially if you want the other party to be formally […]

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Art Exhibit Overview: Laura Heit’s “Two Ways Down”

Photo by CJ Davis.

Every summer the Edith Feldenheimer Gallery in the Studio Art Building invites an artist to display work in the student space. This year, Laura Heit, an animator and professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was asked to install a recent work.  Heit’s work addresses topics ranging from the political to intimate spheres, (sometimes […]

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Unused Bikes to be Donated on September 30th

If your bike has one of these tags, you need to email with the code printed on the tag by September 30th.

Upon taking their bikes out of storage at the end of this summer, Reedies found tags attached to their bikes saying that if they were not moved by September 30th, they would be removed from storage. This more proactive approach was a surprise for many.  Regulations regarding bike storage have been in place for years, […]

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Reedies March in Solidarity With People’s Climate March

Greenboard members march in Downtown Portland in solidarity with People's Climate March in New York.

Sunday, September 21 was world history’s largest day of climate change action. 2,646 events took place in 156 countries. Activists in London, Taipei, Paris, Jakarta, Delhi, Bogota, Melbourne, Portland, and many more cities hosted marches and demonstrations to call for government action to curb carbon emissions, address climate change, in solidarity with the central march […]

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More CSOs Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

On Director of Community Safety Gary Granger's map of campus, a cluster of green pins on the dorm MacNaughton marks of hotspot of marijuana-related AOD violations that have prompted extra patrols in the dorm.

The Reasons Behind the Extra Patrols Something is up in Asylum Block. The Community Safety Officers have been brightening Foster/Scholz/McNaughton far more frequently this year, as often as six times a day in recent weeks. We talk about it in passing in the common room. Visiting friends sometimes stop and ask us what’s up. It […]

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Homer’s: Get Some Dank in Your Tank

The solution to most of the problems that you could be faced with can be found inside the three walls and shelves that enclose Homer’s Hut.

You’ve been there before: it’s 2 A.M. and you either need sustenance, caffeine, or some sort of medicine because you feel like you’re dying. The solution to most of the problems that you could be faced with can be found inside the three walls and shelves that enclose Homer’s Hut. But Homer’s cannot be fully […]

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Glitch Wall Sparks Backlash, Ideas

Santi Leyba’s ‘14 mural, which was installed spring break of 2014, lives on the upper floor of the GCC.

The mural, created by a multi-media artist, is a visual assemblage left for us to read. Personally, I never extracted much from the composition or detail of the previous mural. Many voices rang out for and against the new upper GCC mural on Reed Relieves, an internet forum of questionable integrity. It struck me that […]

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Igor “Yes Man” Vamos Pulls Divestment Prank

Igor Vamos pranked Reed with false divestment announcement

  In his commencement address, Igor  Vamos ’90, claimed Reed College was divesting from heavy oil and coal. KBOO community radio received a press release corroborating the announcement. Mandy Heaton, Reed’s Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs, released a new press release on Reed’s website, reproduced below, asserting that the announcement was a prank. More on this story […]

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Strains of Vapyr: Pineapple Thai


By Dankretius A Lament From Dankretius To those who would oppose my art, Belittle and begrudge my words, And sever my broadsheet arms That once lived in 2-wide splendor, Make yourselves clearly known To the task I here attempt: One of observation and acute Focus, appreciation with reasoned Correlations, using a method Of judgment and […]

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Money, Power, and a Banana Suit: or Why You Should Run for Senate


This isn’t your high school student council. It’s not Game of Thrones, either (I’m looking at you, Andrew Watson). It’s the Reed College Senate of the Autonomous Student Body, and you should consider running for election. Now, your first question might be, “Wait… Why isn’t this article about pot?” Please try as hard as you […]

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Strains of Vapyr: Durban Poison, Dogshitcherrypie, and Sour Diesel


DURBAN POISON (FLOWER) SATIVA ~PURE~ 21% THC–0.13%CBD~~0%CBN PURCHASED AT: Five Zero Trees, 10209 SE Division St #100, Portland, OR 97266 METHOD: 1.3g joint, vaporizer TIME: 5:33a.m. CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: a few ice wax dabs MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “Low and Easy” by Spoonbill This was intense. Perhaps due to the late hour in which this strain […]

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Brutus Tells All


Colin Trevor (left) as Cassius and Andrew Watson (right) as Brutus. Photo by Stacia Torborg. Julius Caesar performs April 10, 11, and 12 at 7:30 in the PAB Studio Theatre. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Tickets are $3.00 can be reserved online at “Brutus is just as smart as Caesar. People totally like Brutus just […]

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HUMPLAY Cancelled: Vollum Infested with Bees


Despite rumors of cancelation due to “problems with bees,” HUMPLAY will for sure happen this year! (Friday, April 18 in Vollum Lecture Hall at 7 p.m., with a pre-show open rehearsal the night before at 9 p.m. for those who want to avoid the large rowdy crowd.) Direktors Elaine Andersen, Emma Cytrynbaum, Taylor Pope, Mikela […]

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Paradox Loses Hundreds of Dollars to Thievery


Thieves have stolen hundreds of dollars this semester from the cash register behind Paradox Manager Anna Baker (right) and employee Chloe Truong-Jones (left). An unidentified thief stole approximately 180 dollars from the Paradox’s Olde Shop on Monday night, leaving employees with an empty cash register the next morning. This theft comes on the heels of several […]

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Strains of Vapyr: Space Queen, Norwegian Kush, and Jack Herer


Surprisingly fruity for such a savory smelling bud when pulled through the whip of a nice vaporizer. Bowls that lasted for 3-6 tokes packed with other strains (on a below suggested temperature) last for 12-14 tokes with Space Queen even on a higher temperature, all without accumulating too much ashen plant matter, thus avoiding ash mixing with the vapyrs, a charred impression on the lips, and a smoker’s taste on the tongue.

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Senate Beat: Animal Policy Passes; Student Body Endowment Reform


Announcements The topic for the Reed Union to be held this semester will be “Questioning the Curriculum: Gender Studies and Ethnic and Race Studies at Reed.” The union will be chaired by professor Margot Minardi, and will begin with a panel consisting of professor Paul Currie and students Delali Ayivor and Anika Ledlow. As part […]

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A Cue for Reason


Speaking now is a fascinated lover, yet honest critic, of the pool hall. I aim to show you how the pool hall is back in leather chaps with an attitude of kick-ass reform! Formal has held firm as a Reed institution these many years, but it has recently received some negative comments regarding the way […]

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Tessa Hull’s GCC Mural Replaced


This spring break, the mural proposed last spring by student artist Santiago Leyba and later approved by the Art Collection Management Committee and the student Senate, was installed in the Gray Campus Center (replacing the large wall painting by Tessa Hulls). Tessa Hull’s work was painted in 2006 as part of her Studio Art thesis. […]

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Title IX Complaint Prompts KRRC to Erase Select Graffiti


Student members of the KRRC spent the weekend painting over pieces of graffiti in the KRRC studio and record library in response to a Title IX complaint filed at the end of last semester. The complainant alleged that graffiti in the KRRC was misogynistic, sparking an investigation by the administration. An investigation led by Director […]

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Update: Senate Accepts CAC’s Last-Minute Smoking Policy Concessions


Senate voted at its February 23 meeting to disapprove the CAC’s smoking policy draft and to approve its own version. Senate voted 6 to 3 today to approve a set of smoking policy concessions offered by the Community Affairs Committee in an emergency meeting that the CAC convened Wednesday afternoon, after Senate voted at its public […]

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An Obscure Home for Advanced Computation

center for advanced computing slider

Tucked on the outskirts of Reed’s campus, past the DoJo and the Arts building, sits a modest, seemingly displaced house. Set apart from the neighborhood surrounding Reed, its purpose is unclear; a sign on the front of the house reading “Center for Advanced Computation” is the only indication of its status as Reed’s computer science […]

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Senate Attempts to Dodge Faculty Showdown in Smoking Policy Debate


Senator Andrew Watson (center) speaks at the special February 14 Senate meeting on smoking policy in the Chapel. Senate made a subtle gamble to tip the legislative scales in its favor on Tuesday as it moved to amend the Community Affairs Committee’s most recent smoking policy draft to bring the proposal closer in line with […]

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Old Bones Return Home: Gary Snyder ’51 Accepts Award


Despite the snowstorm, poet and Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Snyder ’51 drew a sizable crowd to his reading last Friday evening, where he accepted the Thomas Lamb Eliot Award for Lifetime Achievement. Snyder is one of the first three alumni to receive the award, along with ex-Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig ’65 and award-winning […]

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New Vice President Gets to Know Us


Lorraine Arvin, Reed’s new vice president and treasurer, arrived at Reed four weeks ago. She comes during the last semester of Ed McFarlane’s 41-year term in the position, and will work alongside him for the remainder of spring. After McFarlane announced last year that he would be retiring, a search committee chose Arvin as his […]

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Startup or Journal? Student-Founded Table Talk Blurs Lines


If Maya Frodeman ’15 and Ben Moe ’15 have the anxiety typical to first-time startup founders who have yet to find funding, they don’t show it. Posters for their startup-cum-journal, Table Talk, which seem to have appeared on every step and in every bathroom on campus in recent weeks, describe the venture as “Reed’s new […]

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The Smoking Issue

Smoking Map 1

Introduction This week, we (the Quest Editorial Board) invited members of the community to submit letters to the editors on smoking policy and culture. We received letters from students, faculty, staff, and alumni young and old. These letters can be found below, along with maps depicting the footprints of potential smoking policies. We also wrote reviews of […]

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“Go Forth and Suck” Says Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian


Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian began his lecture last Friday night with D.J. Detweiler’s remix of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” the chorus of which is played alternately on recorders and air horns and is exactly as bizarre as it sounds. Its significance became apparent only after Ohanian outlined his lecture on the platform that net neutrality […]

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Reed Union Tackles Divestment


Students protest the college’s investments in fossil fuels during Noize Parade on Dec. 2. For the second semester in a row, the Reed Union Committee hosted a community forum on sustainability at Reed. The union began with a short introduction from the Environmental Studies and Political Science Assistant Professor Chris Koski, who acted as moderator, […]

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Tea Bus Brews Harmony


A small school bus attracted curious passersby on Monday, from its spot on the corner of the Quad. A sign that read “Free Tea” convinced them to climb inside. Thirty-year-old Colorado College graduate Guisepi Spadafora has been serving free tea out of his bus (named Edna Lu) for five and a half years. He says […]

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Pool Hall Formal Draws Diverse Crowd

Pool Hall2

Grandiose plans for this year’s Pool Hall Formal prefaced the event, with the goal of recreating an Olde Reed vibe. But the night proved to have the same focus as always: billiards, booze, and beauties, but not necessarily in that order, depending on which attendee you interview. Organizers had hoped to harken back to legendary […]

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Spring Fayre is Renn Fall?

Ye OLD Renn Fayre

Students ascended the dance floor last Saturday night, eager to experience the cathartic release that Daft Ball is known to provide. In the midst of the dance, the theme for this year’s Spring/Fall was announced: Ye Olde Reed Renn Fayre. “Olde Reed is a rebirth of an idealized vision of what Reed is,” Renn Fayre czar […]

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