The Reed College Quest

  • Blue Heron Zine Review

    One of the many zines available for your enjoyment and education 24/7 with swipe card access in the infoshop is “Greenwashing and You!”, which examines the trend of businesses marketing their products as “green”. This appeals to consumers because if the products we already buy are “green”, we can save the planet without even changing […]

  • Blue Heron Collective Zine Review

    Surviving the Witch-Hunt: Battle Notes from Portland’s 82nd Avenue, 2007-2010 Reviewed by Andrew Barney Surviving the Witch-Hunt is a scathing condemnation of the now-defunct “Prostitution Free Zones” in Portland. Author (and sex worker) Emi Koyama uses material ranging from Yahoo! Group posts to police statistics to essays by herself and other activists in this fascinating […]

  • Fuckin’ Heteronormativity: How Does It Work?

    Hey Reed. It’s Blue Heron; maybe you saw our article in the Quest last week. Maybe you thought it was rad. Maybe you’re indifferent, confused, or even a little angry. Maybe you missed it and are now thoroughly confused.

  • Senate Votes Support of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

    Student Senate voted Tuesday, Nov. 2 to support the addition of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Emily Due, Andrew Barney, and James Shelstad, members of the Blue Heron Infoshop, brought the issue to Senate as part of their initiative

  • Gendered Bathrooms Make Blue Heron “Pissed”

    We’re pissed.

    How many times a day do you use a restroom in a public building on campus? Twice?
    Three times? Every time you do, you are forced to identify yourself as either male or female

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