The Reed College Quest

  • Strains of Vapyr: On the Handling of Things

    It has lately occurred to me through situation and experience how little time most of our sort spends considering their handling of things. This is troubling, considering the criticality and complexity of all these things. The manipulation of the mind, at the very least, cannot be a simple task, but one of fine precision and […]

  • Homer’s: Get Some Dank in Your Tank

    You’ve been there before: it’s 2 A.M. and you either need sustenance, caffeine, or some sort of medicine because you feel like you’re dying. The solution to most of the problems that you could be faced with can be found inside the three walls and shelves that enclose Homer’s Hut. But Homer’s cannot be fully […]

  • Hands, Feet, and Mouths Ravaged by Coxsackie

    Reed’s Health and Counseling Center issued an advisory last week that there had been an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease among the student body.

  • Can you find the Health Center?

    Reed is mixing things up by playing a little switcheroo this year with office locations! If you were around last year, you may have encountered some major confusion with the new arrangements, but never fear – we’ve got it all spelled out for you right here. So now you really don’t have any excuse for […]

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