The Reed College Quest

  • Quest, Senate Debate Quest Reform

    Current and former Quest editors brought forth a proposal for Quest reform to last Thursday’s Senate meeting. The proposal, brought forward by Senator Shabab Mirza, would replace the system of electing editors in place since 1921 with one in which outgoing editors will appoint their replacements. The Quest Board argues that elections are an arbitrary […]

  • Op-Ed: Why The Quest Needs to be Elections-Free

    Rob Shryock is a former Queditor of Fall 2011. Between the time this article is written and when it is printed there will likely have been a vote on the proposal to allow members of the Quest Board to appoint their own successors, rather than have them be elected. The fact that this proposal will […]

  • Editorial: Reform Needed to Maintain Quest Quality

    The quality of The Quest has fluctuated wildly in its near century of existence. In recent years, it has published everything from coloring contests to articles on Pet Parade titled “Pawsitive Reinforcement.” Quest Board elections too often deteriorate into popularity contests and do not guarantee a high quality Quest. The method of choosing Quest Editors […]

  • “To indiscriminately report on the news”?

    The current Quest editors (who were won that position in an uncontested election) have made a decision about what kind of newspaper they want to run.  They want the Quest to be taken seriously

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