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  • Elephant (or Lawyer) in the Room:

    Campus SaVE Changes, the Sexual Misconduct Board and the New Role of Lawyers in Sexual Misconduct Adjudication On October 20th, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) published its finalized regulations on implementing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, including guidance on the provisions of the Campus Sexual Violence Act (Campus SaVE). While for […]

  • Clarkies: Why Can’t We be Friends?

    During the past two years or so, Lewis & Clark students have been a presence at Reed dances. During my freshman year, a Clarkie friend of mine would traipse over to campus on the occasional Saturday night, with a gaggle of friends, and we’d hang out at an SU dance. Unfortunately, Clarkies’ participation in dances […]

  • Das Rapist: Should Heems Have Performed at Reed?

    On Saturday, a concert was held in Reed’s Kaul Auditorium featuring Himanshu “Heems” Suri, a rapper formerly affiliated with the group Das Racist. Suri performed alongside Young Braised, who describes himself on Twitter as a “contemporary urban recording artist,” and SneakGuapo, whose most popular song on YouTube, “Suicide Capitol,” has about 9,000 views. Suri’s performance […]

  • Review of DHSM

    The Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy (or DHSM) is without question Reed’s most important piece of community legislation. Passed by both the Senate and the faculty in September of last year after more than a year of work by the Senate, former Assistant Dean of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (ADSAPR) Jyl Shaffer, the […]

  • A Mission for the New Senate

    Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault “What improvements do you want to see in Reed’s sexual assault policies?” “Do you know which demands on the petition from last year have not been met?” “Do you think that someone who has been convicted of sexual assault should be allowed to be an HA, senator, or J-Board […]

  • Diver Responds to Calls for Sexual Assault Policy Reform [Updated]

    On Tuesday, President Colin Diver sent an open letter to the Reed community broadly outlining steps the college will take toward reforming its institutional approach to sexual assault. In the past semester, Reed’s sexual assault policy has been criticized for insufficiently addressing the needs of victims and inadequacy in its adjudication process.

    The letter, distributed in the form of a campus-wide e-mail, comes in response to mounting pressure from various members of the Reed community advocating for reform of the college’s sexual assault policies. Specifically, the letter cites two petitions created by faculty and students calling for reform.

  • Sexual Assault at Reed:What I know and what I think

    When trying to understand sexual assault at Reed, it can sometimes be difficult to separate what we think from what we know. It is part of our mandate at Community Safety to gather statistics on campus regarding sexual assault, and from that information there are certain things I objectively know to be true. While I […]

  • Sexual Assault Debate Heats Up at Reed: Committee Expedites Recommendations in Light of Growing Unrest

    Amidst growing pressure from internal and external sources, the Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Assault (COSA) has chosen to expedite the submission of their findings regarding Reed’s procedure for the education, prevention, and adjudication of sexual assault. Initially scheduled for presentation by May 2 at 4 PM, members of the committee expressed a desire to […]

  • A Response to Administrative Responses

    In light of the on-going campus debate, lengthy press coverage, the publication of two honor cases in 2010 for sexual assault, and a record-breaking eleven reported sexual assaults this year, I found myself waiting and watching for the administration to chime in on the call and response. Following former Judicial Board member Isabel Manley’s letter […]

  • Shira Tarrant Addresses Men, Feminism, Sexual Assault Debate

    On Tuesday night, Shira Tarrant, a nationally distinguished expert on gender and sexual politics, spoke to a crowd of students and individuals from outside Reed in Vollum Lounge. The title of the discussion was Politics and Pleasure: Men, Feminism, and Social Change, though part of her lecture was devoted to giving suggestions on ways one can take an active role in stopping or prohibiting sexual assault and violence; the latter of which has become a controversial issue among students this past semester.


  • Setting Boundaries: Obtaining a No-Contact Order from Community Safety

    What happens if you feel someone in the community has, or is, acting dishonorably toward you or others? Well, of course, the Honor Council can mediate, and the J-Board can help you in situations where mediation isn’t appropriate—but did you know that you also have the right to a no-contact order for situations where neither […]

  • Returning to Independent Thought: Reed’s Dialogue About Honor

    It saddens me that so many Reedies have fallen out of love with the Honor Principle. After hearing opinions at last week’s Reed Union, I think that our frustration stems from fundamental problems in the way we talk about Honor, rather than problems with the Honor Principle itself. It does seem that the Honor Process […]

  • An “Honor Process” that Fails the Honor Principle: What a Senior Didn’t Know

    Until recent conversations with a significant number of Reedies, I hadn’t considered sexual assault to be a serious problem at Reed. Why?  Because I did not know. I’m not on J-Board or Honor Council. I am a regular thesising senior who has (albeit naively) assumed Reed to be an exceptionally safe place where students act […]

  • Towards a More Perfect Union: Community Gathers for Reevaluation of the Honor Principle

    A Reed Union on the state of the Honor Principle occurred Monday night before a crowd of over 400 students, faculty, staff and alumni, nearly filling Kaul Auditorium.

    The Union, the first since 2007, was proposed by members of Honor Council to discuss the “state of the Honor Principle.” Reed Unions are described by the college as “moderated discussion featuring panels of experts in dialogue with members of the audience” and are intended to serve as a Reed-wide forum for addressing topics of importance to the community.

  • On Sexual Assault and Alcohol Consumption

    I wrote this essay because I have not heard many male opinions on the subject. I know for a fact I don’t address the entirety of the issue because to do so is to presume too much. I don’t want to trivialize this issue either, but I do want to have an opinion. I know […]

  • Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus

    Feminist Student Union and The Sexual Assault Taskforce Provide Some Tips Reed culture takes pride in being unique. It’s not like other colleges, and that makes it more difficult to pinpoint aspects of rape culture. We don’t have boisterous frat parties with kegs and red plastic cups. Our atmosphere is more or less communal and […]

  • An Open Letter from the Ad-hoc Committee on Sexual Assault

    At the beginning of the fall semester, President Diver appointed an ad-hoc committee on sexual assault. The committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. As our work is well underway, and due to recent campus-wide concern about this issue, we wanted to inform the community about the particulars of our mission. The president charged […]

  • A Response to Manley’s Open Resignation Letter

    “Isabel is a hero,” reads one of the comments on post I made on Facebook of last week’s “Open Letter to the Reed Community.”  From that comment thread and several recent discussions with other Reedies, I am confident in saying that for many students that article hit right on the mark in describing the serious […]

  • An Open Letter to the Reed Community

    Dear Reedies, I am writing this letter to you because I want to explain why I am resigning from the Judicial Board and, more importantly, because I want our community to start thinking critically about the relation between sexual assault, the honor process, and the Judicial Board. During my three semesters as a J-Board member, […]

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