The Reed College Quest

  • The Ballad of the Wandering Vapyrist

    Strains of Vapyr Week 8 Once, or twice, it may have been Upon a time or upon a whim That a wandering vapyrist was seen And all the Venti followed him Aeolus ushered forth the fire And he kept well his sacred craft And in the face of cold desire He exhaled, choking, as he […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: On the Handling of Things

    It has lately occurred to me through situation and experience how little time most of our sort spends considering their handling of things. This is troubling, considering the criticality and complexity of all these things. The manipulation of the mind, at the very least, cannot be a simple task, but one of fine precision and […]

  • Strains of Vapyr: Week 6

    UNKNOWN UKNOWN THC% NA PURCHASED AT: Found on the ground near the Birchwoods, wrapped in Saran wrap. METHOD: Bong rips TIME: 7:25PM CONSUMED DAY OF, BEFOREHAND: Pipe rips MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: “El Cuarto de Tula”by Buena Vista Social Club The smell was very traditional, a classic kush odor full of sweetness, slight earthiness, balanced and even. […]

  • A New Era of Smoking

    On December 9th, 2013, Mathematics Professor Irena Swanson implored the Community Affairs Committee (CAC)—a legislative body that represents the view of the faculty to the Student Body Senate and reviews all enactments of the Senate—to begin working with the Senate on a new smoking policy. She alluded to grievances of faculty members who could not […]

  • Community Safety to Unveil Pool Hall Smoking Sign

    Last week, Vice President Ed McFarlane received a letter from the Multnomah County Department of Health. The Department of Health had received an anonymous complaint about smoking in the pool hall, which is illegal in any indoor area. This will add fuel to the fire that is the debate about smoking in the GCC pool […]

  • Smokin’ In The Rain

    Senate has put in a proposal to the Community Affairs Committee for the building of a covered smoking structure. Rain is an obvious problem for smokers, and a survey taken last year indicated that 70% of students felt that “there were not adequate covered spaces on campus for smokers,” sparking the new plan. The covered […]

  • Student Body President Nora McConnell-Johnson Addresses Smoking on Campus

    Though I feel like I really connect to the student body through my (amazing) biweekly SB Info links, I’ve decided that it may be time to take the conversation in a more serious direction. At this week’s Senate meeting, we began a discussion about smoking on campus. While it was our best-attended meeting of the […]

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