The Reed College Quest

  • Thesis Christ! Mick Song: Are transposable elements our enemies, friends, or frenemies?

    Ok, Mick. Give me second. What do you hate most about your thesis? Um, I feel like my thesis no longer reflects the person who I was when I chose to pursue this major. Intense. What would your thesis be if it was reflective of you now? It would probably still be about transposable elements. […]

  • Thesis Comic to Run on Crowd Power

    Hello, all you lovely Reed People. According to some awesome person who stopped me with the words “Hey! You’re that comics girl!” in the Theater Building last month, you probably all know me as That Comics Girl. For the last six months, I’ve been holed up in Papaccino’s Coffee House working on my thesis comic. […]

  • Cool Thesis of the Week: Randomness as Fairness

    Economic theory expects certain things of people: They will behave predictably, act to maximize utility, and if they can choose between getting money and not getting any, they will usually take the cash. However, says Justin Stewart ’12, there are well-known cases in which people regularly reject an offer of free money, against all the […]

  • Cool Thesis: Commercially Sexually Exploited Children In Portland, OR

    America’s news media loves horror-story narratives, and little makes for a better horror story than the commercial sexual exploitation of children. However, according to Rachel Cole-Jansen ’12, the media more often than not gets the story wrong. Rachel, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has spent her senior year at Reed studying children in the sex trade […]

  • Cool Thesis of the Week: The Complexities and Caveats of Microfinance

    Since the financial crisis, Americans have been constantly concerned with bad loans and borrowers who are unable to pay off their debts. According to Nisma Elias ’12, this doesn’t just happen here. Microfinance, a practice in which people in the developing world are given small loans to help them start businesses and earn an income, […]

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