FEB. 9, 2018 2 min read

Student Body President Nikhita Airi opened last Friday’s Senate meeting to a largely empty Student Union, seated behind a portrait of man said by senators to resemble Mike Brody.

Leading the agenda was Senate’s response to the trustees’ decision to maintain investments in Wells Fargo on the grounds of political neutrality. Since few were present for the discussion, Nikhita emphasised that Senate is happy to discuss the Wells Fargo decision at another time. She noted that a potential response from Senate would be to appeal the Wells Fargo decision as per the Investment Policy. This would lead to the formation of a committee of trustees, separate from the Investment Committee, responsible for revisiting the Wells Fargo decision. Although it was unclear in the language of the policy, Nikhita thought it safe to assume that Senate could initiate an appeal.

On an equally urgent note, Treasurer Austin Magleby advertised the numerous grants available for students experiencing financial hardship through the Student Opportunity Subsidy discretionary fund. Applications are open on a continual basis for grants up to $2000. For more information about this, Senate can be contacted confidentially.

The liaison to the Murals Committee announced that applications are open for the design of the murals outside the bookstore, within the Pool Hall, and along the bottom corridor of the GCC. Students interested in proposing a mural should check out their site for more details.

Two upcoming appointments were noted: Senator Andrea Herrera announced that applications for Assistant Pool Hall Manager will open soon on SIN; Senator Gabi Stonoha similarly announced that interviews for new Residence Directors would happen over the next few weeks.

Also announced were Game Night Thursdays at Cafe Circo, organized by Senator Nick Egan in cooperation with Cafe Circo, with details advertised around Commons. To finish, Vice President Natasha Baas-Thomas noted that Funding Poll will be open on the date of publication, running through Friday, February 9 at midnight.